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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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Pamela Geller, Rebel Media: Silicon Valley’s war on free speech


From Rebel Media:

On Friday’s show, Pamela Geller and I discussed the silencing of conservatives by private corporations

Conservatives have had their YouTube videos demonetized, PayPal accounts terminated, and their social media profiles banned.

Pamela explained how this is part of a larger left wing attempt to crush the First Amendment.

The Rebel has also been victim to these attacks:

Our DNS servers were shut down without warning, rendering our website inaccessible to certain parts of the world.

All of this has ramped up in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, which the left has been exploiting to silence their opponents.

WATCH to see why the left is referring to Charlottesville as the “Reichstag moment”, and how they are creating a “Nazi boogeyman.”

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Keep backups.

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  • Guessed Worker

    Great interview. Ezra was sharp as a tack on the Left’s use of the Charlottesville episode to demonize all conservatives. They aren’t concerned about presenting factual and objective news, that’s why there was no news of Antifa’s role there. This is about shutting down anyone who doesn’t sing to the Left’s tune.

    How many far Left blogs or websites have been shutdown, cut off from PayPal, or otherwise scrubbed? None I’m guessing.

    • Inmate of Diversityland

      Having a monopoly over the structures and levers of internet communication, the tech companies now have the ability to control political discourse to their own ends.

      There are legal issues involved. The government must respect our First Amendment rights, but does that apply to privately owned companies? Something needs to be done about this and soon.

      • Guessed Worker

        Well, if the government can step in and force a Christian baker to make wedding cakes for gay couples, I would think they could step in here and force American companies to recognize our free speech rights. Particularly since these companies are specifically providing speech services.

        • santashandler

          Yes. Absolutely! If not, then every freedom-loving American should protest outside their headquarters on a daily basis, in the same fashion as the left does with their ‘in-your-face’ approach.

          • Sunshine Kid

            And the civilized right needs to give the uncivilized left a taste of their own medicine. We need to go after erring judges as well.

      • Forrest Grump

        According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, private companies can dictate their own news policies; the First Amendment applies only to our federal government. I feel, however, that such entities as Google have the moral obligation to publish thoughts from all sources, even if they are considered offensive to Google. Google is in effect a type of news agency, and sadly has seemed to follow the current policy of propaganda production by the MSM, instead of sticking to what was once subjective news. CNN and others in the MSM have become nothing other than propaganda mills for the Democrat Party.

        Note that Jeff Bezos has joined the fray. Bezos, the boss of Amazon, owns the Washington Post, a far-left liberal rag. This is no surprise, considering that virtually all of the Silicon Valley mega-companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) lean heavily to the left, and God help employees who dare to have thoughts bordering on conservatism.

        • CNN and others in the MSM have become nothing other than propaganda mills for the Democrat Party.

          When did that occur?

  • Suresh

    Left/Liberal/feminazis will impose sharia everywhere if there is no resistance to such stupidity. Just like they banning a Model on Instagram for being too hot and sexy

    CAN IT get more Ridiculous ?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if Silicon Valley’s fascist censorship is somehow related to Shillariah’s idea

    “to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming,
    so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we
    abhor.” to shut down any and all criticism of islum?

    Read more at:
    Somehow I doubt Silicon Valley companies all just independently decided to shut down all criticism of islum simultaneously.

  • Ichabod Crain

    Amazing how well Pamela can think on her feet, whether with a friendly or with an adversary. She has an agile mind.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      True dat. I’ve seen her go up against the interrogators of the enemedia (in particular the Crescent News Network) — who ask nothing but leading questions.

  • wildjew

    President Trump dropped the ball in his response to Charlottesville. There were no ‘very fine’ people marching with those Nazis. Conservatives like to argue Nazism is a leftist philosophy. Problem is, they have attached themselves to the political right. They did this in Germany. They are doing it here with Trump and the Republican party.

  • joc22

    If a media company or business was to open conservative right social media and or a Paypal operation, it would quickly become more popular than facebook, twitter or paypal

  • joc22

    What is needed is an organization to create a right view media operation like facebook, twitter and a operation similar to paypal. If created they would very quickly have a lager operation the any of these left leaning operation

  • scrubjay

    IT’S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC and Amazon Over ‘Hate Group’ Designation

    This story over at PJ is a few days old but it is what is needed to make these money machines disgorge the wealth they have accumulated from smearing legitimate conservative political opposition. I hope that Pam and Robert and other groups like FRC file similar suits. It’s time to pile on.

  • az

    Mark Zuckerberg and his lefty pals are in bed with the fascist dictatorships of Merkel, TURDeau and other progressive liberals. The globalists command that any opposition to their policies should be silenced, in a democratic fashion of course, not to raise suspicions of foul play/totalitarianism.
    After all, all good modern dictators have a spice of democracy in their rules. Putin has it, Maduro has it, and a lot of Latin American, African and Asian “democracies” have it.
    The silicon valley corporations and to a much bigger extension, the European ones, are just following that strategy by the book.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Mr. Levant is the hero of Canada — and aside from Eric Brazau there is no other in the whole of Canada.
    Thank you Ms. Geller and her moderators for believing in free speech enough to allow it in your comments.

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