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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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The First Survey of Muslim Opinion In France Reveals Love for Sharia and Bin Laden


Dateline, Paris, France 2016: There is a reputable think tank in France called “Institut Montaigne.” The Institut Montaigne is a French think tank founded by Claude Bébéar in 2000 (he is a successful French businessman – a Warren Buffet of France. He is the founder and former CEO of AXA, a global financial services giant based in Paris). The Institut Montaigne was founded with the aim to promote both competitiveness and social cohesion and to help shape public policy to improve both economic and social environment in France. In translation – this means that the entrenched parasitical interests of profit and money wish to pacify French patriotism in order to allow the world to run over the nation of France in the interests of worldwide economic profit. The true capitalists of the West (masters of the democracy of the stock-exchange) have long ago betrayed the national interests of the countries in which they began. Still, Institut Montaigne is not as bad as it could be. It leans conservative, even though it is on the fence about many important issues on which the Left must be opposed because they lead to the ultimate suicide of France and the West. It almost broke a taboo in conducting a survey of Muslims. So this think tank produced recently an important survey of the French Muslims in which some startling findings were presented. Chief among them is the preference for Shariah Law over any other among a full third of the French Muslims – and that Bin Laden’s Islam of no compromise is craved by a half of young French Muslims! The secular education system fit for spiritless materialists has failed! The emperor has no clothes! French culture, French literature, French history and the biographies of prominent men of French history – absolutely DO NOT inspire the immigrant Muslims in France – but ISIS and the Islamic culture of violence does!?

Benoit Rayski wrote a cynical assessment of the Institut Montaigne survey on Muslim attitudes and preferences because the reality of the situation forced him into the cynical corner. The cowardly LEFT misrepresents survey results to make the public drugged by lies into the sleepiness of the oblivion in which the West will perish unless an awakening is made to happen somehow. Rayski is a historian, a somewhat conservative writer, and journalist, one of a few Frenchmen with public access that are unafraid to speak up.

Of course, we would be reasonable to assume that those Muslims who responded to the survey better or more favorably to France’s interests are not clearly separated from their brethren that are openly supporting the radical Islam sentiment. A sizeable chunk of them could be considered as leaning radical, at the end of the day – just as their sympathies lie against Israel, which is always a solid litmus test of bottom-line Islamic attitudes.

How can France survive as a nation? Bear in mind that nations are NOT economic units (contrary to what the Left will falsely make you believe) but political, cultural and ultimately – spiritual entities or unities emerging from the depths of political history! No economics can ever create a nation! So, economic immigration is a death-knell for every Western nation. It is a sign of an inorganic state of the West, because economics by themselves cannot be in the interest of any nation, just as people need food but don’t live just to eat! That is what history proper teaches us. How can we make the Left understand its errors? Are surveys enough? Of course, no….

Muslims of France: the survey that surprises? No, the survey is scary!

Often, just as it is in the case of gifts, everything is a matter of packaging. The gift papers are, according to the designers who designed them, more or less pretty. And there – this is the Journal du Dimanche – which presented a terrible survey in packaging that has been treated so that the appearance is full of charm. But inside, it’s all but a gift …

In the “one” of the newspaper, this title appeared as a result of the published survey: “Muslims of France, the inquiry that surprises”. And we rush – a surprise, it’s always tempting – to see. The investigation for the survey, thorough and meticulous, was carried out by Ifop for the Institut Montaigne.

And, in a first impulse, we let ourselves be taken in by the packaging. The figures that are highlighted give off the sweet and soothing fragrance of the roses of our gardens. Coeducation ? “Do you agree to go to a mixed pool?” Answer: 75% yes in men, 56% in women. It’s good, no? “Are you in favor of wearing the full veil?” Answer: 65% not in men, 61% in women. It’s not too bad, right?
But we have the temptation – diabolical, not to say Islamophobic – to tear the wrapper in order to savor indiscriminately what is inside. The same figures quoted above say that 25% of men and 39% of women refuse to go to a mixed swimming pool! It’s worse, isn’t it? They also say, in these figures, that 20% of men and 39% of women agree on the full veil! That too is more or less good, isn’t it?

We continue ? Yes, and it will be even better. 29% of the Muslims and Muslims surveyed say that the Sharia is more important than the law of the Republic! Yes, 29%, that is to say a third of the population who declare themselves Muslim … This figure is not worrying: it is appalling. And to add to this – a [Muslim] declaration of war on France, for it is specified in the survey that this devouring passion for a rigorous, fundamentalist Islam is overrepresented among young Muslims: 50% of the under 25 years fervently advocate it!

I’m sorry to have to remove the veil (no pun intended) which is the subject of this survey’s investigation … Sorry also to say that, alas, there is nothing, strictly nothing, surprising in this survey. We all know, and for a long time, what is the status of Islam in France. It was subdued and seething: the figures, naked and cruel, prove it. So much the worse for the obtuse and blind supporters of the “no amalgam Islam”, the so-called religion of peace and love.

It is true that the expert of the Institut Montaigne who comments on these damning results tries to relativize them with a new concept. For him, we must just see the consequence of a breath of revolt which he calls “Islamic pride” (very naive). A bit like the “gay pride” that allowed homosexuals to show themselves and assert themselves. Do not stop here. Will we see one day a “catholic pride”, a “jew pride”, a “french pride”? And why not a “corsica pride”? Ah! But that’s already done.

macron and institut montaigne
Institut Montaigne supported the French candidate Macron for presidency of the 5th republic.

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  • Charles Martel

    The French need to be reminded that they saved Western Europe from the gradual conquest by Muslim warriors at the Battle of Tours in the 8th century, and that Islam still calls for its conquest. That enemy is within now and growing in population while the French naively think Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité sentiments will save them

    • Zavrzlama

      Exactly! But it´s already too late! They´re simply too numerous now. 5 and a half decades of massive muslim breeding on french soil has caused irreversible damage to this country! In the elementary schools and Kindergardens of France, muslims are already the majority now. In about a maximum of 10 years, France will be completely messed up! Especially after 5 years of being ruled by Merkel! Actually Le Pen could only save this country then by performing a second Holocaust on the muslims living there, which will be impossible to do, because you simply can´t deport or kill so many. Especially not in 5 years ahead! France definetly had its chance for rescue now, but sadly they voted for Merkel, so it will end in a total desaster.

      • Terence Franks

        France voted for Merkel ?! – i thought it was Macron !

        • Duchess of Pork

          Are they not one and the same? A Merkron?

        • Zavrzlama

          Macron is nothing but a servant of Merkel. He´s like some kind of prolongued arm of her.

  • Michael Copeland

    Western journalists and politicians love surveys, and erroneously suppose that their efforts can make a difference to the attitudes revealed.
    The painful truth is that surveys are irrelevant. Islam is not defined by surveys. Nor is it altered by them. Islam gives muslims NO OPTION.

    “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision.”
    Koran 33:36, part of Islamic law.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims are all brainwashed, though in their case, it only takes a light rinse. The inbreeding and repeated pounding their heads on the floor has rendered them incapable of anything other than submission. Survey’s of muslim opinion are studies in foregone conclusions.

  • Zavrzlama

    I was in France yesterday. My observations in the streets showed me that french women definetly reveal love for muslim arab guys as I have seen at least around 20 such couples (mostly younger people below 30). But here is what really shocked me. I took this photo secretly on the tramway yesterday. It´s the international tramway line that connects the german town Kehl with the french city Strasbourg, crossing the (not anymore existing) “border” via a bridge over the Rhine river. It´s a good example of the border-less policy of the EU when you have a french tramway line reaching out into Germany which allows people to travel between these 2 countries very easily without any border controls. We entered France from Germany via this tramway because we didn´t want to drive around in Strasbourg with the car and lose time and money on finding a parking lot. When we were travelling on the tramway back to the town of Kehl in Germany, still in the city center of Strasbourg in France, that arab guy entered the tramway. He was somewhere between 20 and 30 years old but I couldn´t be very sure about his age due to his large beard. But the look in his eyes was very unfriendly and arrogant. He had an athletic body, wearing a football-shirt featuring the name of algerian football-player Mahrez on its back, shorts and an electronic tag on his left foot!!! It was the first time ever I have seen somebody with an electronic tag in real life. I know France uses this ridiculous device to “control” suspects of terrorism or criminals charged for rapes and other attacks. As if this could prevent him from doing trouble if he wants!!! So basically you have here a potential terrorist wearing an electronic tag but travelling completely freely on a tramway between France and Germany, entering Germany completely unvetted and uncontrolled (he got off at the tramway at the terminal station in Germany like we too)!!! Germany obviously has no problem (despite its own problems) that criminals from France wearing electronic tags can enter the country whenever they want without any control! It´s beyond absurd!!! Half an hour after we came back to Germany, we again crossed into France, but this time by car and not into a big city but out in the countryside, where we re-entered France to eat diner in small french village. In that village I didn´t spot any arabs, but was very surprised to learn that the restaurant we ate at did not offer pork at all. It was clearly an all-french restaurant run by real french people serving french cuisine, but interestingly without anything conatining pork on their menu list! I really didn´t expect Sharia laws already reaching so deeply into the small french villages as well! So yesterday we crossed an international border 4 times. 2 times by tramway and 2 times by car. And all of these “border” crossings was without any control or vetting! And remember France is in state of emergency! It´s soooooo doomed!!!

    • Terence Franks

      Very disquietening to hear this – it’s the madness of the EU !

  • If you think France is bad, just go to Britain or Germany…the extremism is far, far worse.

  • Roy Jennings

    Like all Westernized countries , France is in total denial of the enemy within.
    The further implementation of Sharia and further Islamic influenced terror attacks are not `ifs` but when they will happen.
    With bewildering support from authority the west will submit to Islam within 2 decades.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has got one and they all stink.

  • bannedquran20

    The ghost of the past will not save you france.

    • Terence Franks

      And unfortunately,ditto for Spain !

      • bannedquran20

        You got that right neighbor!

  • jjeffs63

    France has a 10% Muslim population abetted by generations of immigration from their North African colonies. If you believe the matrix relating %Muslim to anti-social activity easily retrievable on the internet as I do, France is past the tipping point. Sweden, with perhaps a bit lower percentage, but lax law enforcement has become a virtual hellhole. 2nd in rape worldwide only to Lesotho, thanks to “foreigners”. Knowing what we know, can anyone give me a reason why ANY Muslim immigration is permitted?

    • Terence Franks

      That’s what all sane thinking Western people wish to know – why invite in hordes of Islamic people who wish death upon the West – it certainly makes no logical sense – except for the implementation of the Coudenhove – Kalergi plan !

  • notme123

    Just proves that mooslimes are invaders whose only intention is to take over.

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