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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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FGM doctors plan religious freedom defense, Dershowitz on legal team


This is a crucial case. If the FGM doctors really claim religious freedom to justify their savagery, and win, the precedent will have been set that one can break any existing laws if one’s religion demands it. The doors will be opened for jihad activity, wife-beating, and every other criminal action justified by Islam. It is a massive blot on Dershowitz’s career that he would get involved in this and take this stance.

“Cutting Young Girls Isn’t Religious Freedom,” by Kristina Arriaga, Wall Street Journal, August 24, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

Earlier this year, a 7-year-old girl from Minnesota entered an examination room at a clinic just outside of Detroit. Thinking this was a regular visit, she allowed the doctor to remove her pants and underwear and place her on the examination table. Suddenly, while two women in the clinic held her hands, the physician spread her legs and cut her clitoris. Two months later she told investigators the pain ran down to her ankles and she could barely walk.

In April Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who allegedly performed the procedure, was charged with conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, the owner of the since-closed clinic, was also charged. Investigators suspect Ms. Nagarwala may be involved in 100 other cases, and the trial starts in October. This marks the first time a female genital mutilation case is going to federal court. The lawyers for the Michigan physician will argue the girl “underwent a benign religious procedure.” This is a dangerous hypocrisy with far-reaching consequences.

Female genital mutilation has been illegal in the U.S. since 1996. Yet a 2012 study in the journal Public Health Reports estimates that more than 500,000 girls in the U.S. have undergone the procedure or are at risk. These girls live all over the country, with larger concentrations in California, New York and Minnesota. Most go through this process in secret, and only 25 states have laws that criminalize the procedure. In Maine, the American Civil Liberties Union has opposed a bill to do so on the ground that “the risk of mutilation isn’t worth expanding Maine’s criminal code.”…

The physician’s lawyers announced they will craft a religious-freedom defense. And they may be astute enough to get away with it. The all-star team includes constitutional law scholar and O.J. Simpson lawyer Alan Dershowitz, along with Mayer Morganroth, who represented assisted-suicide champion Dr. Jack Kevorkian for more than 15 years. They are funded by an international Muslim organization called Dawat-e-Hadiyah….

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  • Transpower

    Dershowitz is a moral relativist, not an absolutist.

    • wilypagan

      He’s just mad he was circumcised and wants to take it out on American girls. Dershy, blame Yahweh.

  • Kojak

    Just one more example of the savagery of Islam & the savage beasts that practice it.

  • Suresh

    why just FGM , they will ask for stoning women for adultery, beheading infidels for blasphemy (any truth about Islam is blasphemy like in pukistan xians/hindus are attacked on false accusations)

    Jihadis in America are working steadily to takeover and impose sharia drip by drip and Left/Liberal useful idiots are helping them out of ignorance or cash or stupidity.

    Welcome to Islamic state of Michiganistan and it will soon have Muslim brotherhood approved Muslim stealth jihadi Governor

    unite , fund conservative websites to keep fighting,informing and educating, share the info and make sure to never vote for pro-islam politicians on both sides.

  • Robert Bruce

    Wow, so the Jewish can cut their son’s dick off but the muslims are bad because they do the girls….if mutilation is bad- make it all bad. Stop picking and choosing. And I’ve read atlas shrugs. She is rolling in her grave with the greed and avarice the right shows now.

    • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      You are clearly a moron. In the spirit of genital mutilation, cut off your schlong so there’s no danger you will reproduce .

    • mjazzguitar

      No comparison.

      • Robert Bruce

        you need to restring that

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          If you can’t tell the difference between a penis and a vagina you need a lot of help little Mahmoud.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      If you would stop molesting little boys and go out with a woman sometime you might notice their equipment is different from yours.

      • Robert Bruce

        you have tranny in your name, and your saying that? I post my opiniions under a real name not a coward like you so fuckoff

        • Dorrie

          LOL!! “tranny” and “Tyranny” are 2 different words with 2 different meanings. Lay off the bong, little man!

    • Mdog

      You can tell Mr Bruce has never made a woman “happy.” That’s why he doesn’t know the difference.

    • Camelo Humping

      You need to go play with your allah dildo.

    • Robert Bruce

      well aren’t there a lot of anti-muslim morons online today….first off I done more women then you’ve met in your meger life….and my whole point was about the devaluing of men as opposed to women. I was circumsized ( I’m not jewish) and didn’t have much say then. And even though you devalue men’s mutilation, the laws should apply to both…period. You don’t see the damage it does to men until they are much older, and yes it is comparatible asshole….the usual dribble from morons on here. AND because of the mutilation to men, the laws are already in place to allow this to women…which is the whole point of the article….fuck are you stupid!

      • Dorrie

        Why are you commenting to YOURSELF? And as far as male circumcision goes, it does NO damage, but instead prevents several types of disease. It is ALSO a sign of God’s covenant with man (whether you’re a Jew or not).

        You seem incredibly confused in talking to yourself, as well as regarding male circumcision. It doesn’t compare even REMOTELY with female genital mutilation, which literally removes a sexual organ! And you’re even calling yourself “stupid,” which in fact is TRUE!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Keep on bending over for your muslum masters dipstick.

      • go_chap

        As you know, male circumcision removes foreskin. FGM removes clitoris!! It is as if the tip of the male penis was cut off to reduce his sensation from sexual activity. Removal of male foreskin is not the same as removal or partial removal of female clitoris!! In any event, there are lots of inconsistencies in American law. Crack cocaine versus powdered cocaine comes to mind and many people think thats just fine. So lets use the “same reasoning” here. Mutilating females is wrong. Its the law. We can change the law if we do not like it or violate it at our peril.

  • Halal Bacon

    Gee, I thought Jew lawyers were haram?

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    I am such a fool for believing that Derschowitz stands for anything. He put on a good show for a minute there.

  • wilypagan

    Just when I thought Dershowitz was coming over from the dark side, he supports FGM. What a putz.

    • susan

      what a strange doctor it smiles at the camera like a murder is about to happen!! burka worn by m2f transgenders.

    • Cain Abel

      Think about it: FGM and Islam connected in a high media impact case.
      Could be devastating.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Where is the line drawn at “religious freedom”? If any one islamic “religious practice is allowed, then soon all of the horrors of shari’a will be pushed for. Stoning of women, divorce without any settlement. child abuse and honour killings, among other islamic “religious customs” are not part of civilization. An educated person who supports such subhuman behaviour is not educated, they are suckers and fools.

  • Jeremy Steering

    If it really is nothing more than “a benign procedure” (which it isn’t, it’s barbaric butchery of young girls) as the conscience- and moral-free lawyers claim, why was it made a criminal offence by US lawmakers 20 years ago?

    Of course it is actually a “cultural” issue: here in politically correct Britain, despite FGM being illegal for more than 30 years, shamefully there have been NO prosecutions, even with 5000 reported cases a year. Yet neighbouring (non-PC) France has made more than 100 high-profile ones. It’s generally accepted here that nothing has been done because it is a practice exclusive to Britain’s two main ethnic groups, black African and Muslim, and to target the criminals – which in the eyes of the law, they are – would run the risk of offending these two “cultures”. It’s inexplicable for most of us that this fear clearly overrides any concern for the health and welfare of young girls.

  • Evangeline1031

    We must speak up for defenseless children and our nation’s future about this. We should start now, letting our representatives know how we feel about it. I too, am disgusted that I imagined for a second Alan Dershowitz cared about anything besides his own bank account. Some things are just true.
    It is also nauseating that “feminists” say nothing about this. They show themselves to be cowards to the core! Next time I encounter a “feminist” I am going to ask them why they don’t scream and yell about the mutilation of a girl child by her dominant masters and submissive females. Grotesque to the maximum.
    God deliver us from these crazy people and their enablers.

  • Alan G

    Time for Dershowitz to screw his head back on right and rethink this!
    I know liberals are mentally challenged quite often – but this is outrageous.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Guess they pay their lawyers well :)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Dershowitz, ethics and morality for sale to highest bidder.

  • Mdog

    Dershowitz caught a lot of heck from the mob for appearing to stand against the Trump lynching. I think this is his way getting back some of his leftist street-cred, and to keep from getting lynched himself.

  • Henrik Arboe Jensen

    Amaricans just have to get used to risotto. Risotto with clitoris.with the face smile doc on there mind.can just about anything be more like a tintin insane long as the politicians OWN daugthers do not suffer.

  • Mundus

    Shame on them!

  • go_chap

    I must be in the twilight zone. I cannot be living in the real world. Jehovah witnesses are prosecuted for refusing to give blood transfusion on religious grounds, and religious rights don’t apply. Mormons wanted legalize polygamy and the US Supreme Court struck it down. Now we are learning that foreign religious customs trump US law!! There is something sinister going on here. Dershowitz is virtue signalling. He is doing what the Jews did when Islam occupied Spain. Despite the virulent hatred of Jews in Islam, they are always ready to take money or services from wealthy Jews who could pay jizya (tax).

  • bannedquran20

    It’s unfortunate but in this case, the muslim zombie will get away with it, which means one foot in the door for sharia law and you know (for those that are sane) what that will mean neighbor, don’t you now??

  • James Stamulis

    Okay then my Christian religion justifies a Crusades against the demonic Islam! Two can play that game!

  • goob


  • notme123

    Are mooslimes males circumcised? I thought that was a Jew/Christian practice. So, the only reason to circumcise females is to hurt.

    • Dorrie

      Yes, they are circumcised. But FGM isn’t circumcision, it’s MUTILATION.

      • Robert Bruce

        there is no difference it is still a middle eastern practice that has no value.

        • Dorrie

          WRONG. There is a WORLD of difference between male circumcision and female genital mutilation. ZERO COMPARISON! If you think they’re the same thing, you’re clearly either a juvenile with no teaching in human anatomy, or you’re a mentally ill adult who can’t be taught.

  • rsklaroff

    I diagnosed Dersh last year:

    Prof. Dershowitz, the Dem-Rep gap on Israel is too wide to straddle
    Dershowitz commits polemical malpractice when he declares that he supports Israel while empowering her anti-Zionist enemies.

    He continues to evince why he is a core-Dem, despite attempts to exude “reasonableness.”

    • Dorrie

      Of course he is! He said, “I voted for Hillary Clinton with ENTHUSIASM!” He is basically a Marxist.

  • Hollywood supports FGM. No protests about it just as Hollywood ‘tards do not mind Muslims taking infidel sex slaves and raping infidels with the blessing of Allah.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Hollywood wants to get in on that action (infidel sex slaves and raping infidels).

      • Too true. #pizzagate and the #Clintons with #Weiner …. off the #CNN #BBC hit list. But Nationalist pride is not allowed by CNN and BBC.

  • ben t

    Where does Dershowitz draw the line at using “religious freedom” as a Constitutional defense? Limb amputation for theft? Stoning for adultery? Family honor killings? I used to have some respect for him but he has just pissed it away.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    A great line someone wrote here:
    “Virtue in the middle” said the devil as he sat down between two lawyers.

  • Lalu Prasad
  • normie

    If you open the door to one barbaric Islamic practice then every one of their Sharia Law’s horrific beliefs will be allowed. Wife beating, honor killings and the list goes on. These defense lawyers, if they win, will go down as lawyers who used our constitutional laws to tear our culture apart. I see no argument that justifies their defense. It is against the law now. There is a difference between freedom of religion and religious freedom, at least to me. How can any judge at the end regardless of all the legal manipulation by so called experts ever allow this practice to legally take place in the US. If this is successful then a lot of men could convert to Islam just to benefit from the Islamic beliefs. I can see this happening. What a legal way to beat your wife, have 4 wives and dispose of her with a legal honor killing. THEY MUST NOT WIN

  • Davywidetie

    This is NOT religious freedom in particular because it is primarily done to an unwitting, 5 year old who has nor ral knowledge than what she has been lied to about.

  • Although well spoken, Dershowitz supported Obama big time. He placed huge ads in Israeli newspapers on why Jews should support Obama as well for his second term! I always suspected Dershowitz of being one of us who can’t be trusted but that pretty much sealed his fate with me. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and will do anything for fame and fortune. This FGM case will be huge so he’s thrilled to represent the darkest Muslim criminals who practise it, just like he was thrilled to represent the murderer OJ Simpson.
    Once upon a time I idolized him. Now I know better….

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