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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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“Drawing is illegal in Islam”: Muslims enraged as Muslim cricket star draws a picture


Islam is against art. It is against music. It is against love. Even this small gesture of good will by a Muslim was excoriated by other Muslims.

Drawing Is Illegal In Islam: England Cricketer Moeen Ali Trolled On Social Media,” Outlook, August 3, 2017 (thanks to Lookmann):

England all-rounder Moeen Ali was trolled on micro-blogging website Twitter over posting a picture of a sketch he made of West Indies legend Viv Richards.

Ali who had made the headlines last week with his heroic performance against South Africa in the ongoing Test series was trolled heavily by the Twitterati’s for sketching Richards, as Muslim laws say sketching is Illegal.

Moeen posted a photo of him holding his sketch while asking people to bid for the drawing to raise funds. Moeen twitted saying “Please do support @CricketUnited and bid on my drawing of Sir Viv to support @PCA @Chance2Shine @LordsTaverners.”

But his noble gesture took an ugly turn when few of his followers criticised him for going against the traditions of Islam. Some of the people went onto say that he is going to be punished for his ‘sins’.

  • Hugo Cabret

    MUSLIMS kill more MUSLIMS than all other ethnic and religious groups combined. This sure sounds like the same cannibalism of urban American blacks on blacks. American Black Live Matter N-O-T to blacks; Muslim Lives Matter N-O-T to other Muslims worldwide. I wonder what Louis Farrakhan and his “Brotherhood” have to say about these FACTS.

    • Daniel FX Dravot

      You must be aware that citing facts, logic, employing maths and rational dispassionate argument makes you bigoted, racist and deplorable.

  • Sheumais

    Someone should explain to these idiots they are creating images by taking photographs, which both have posed for and shared. That is creating an image, just like drawing, so they are both guilty of the same sin.

  • obathos

    I’d better hide my extensive stick figure catalogue of the prophet and his several post goat-wedding, honeymoon, intimacies…

  • tomatodon

    Islam is such a backward thinking approach to life. Muslims need to drastically reform their faith which does not appear possible. They cannot exist in the present time and co-exist with the rest of the world.

  • peakpower

    OMG……Islam is so stupid. It can’t be overstated. These idiots don’t even know why Mohammed forbid drawing. It was because he was no good at it. What ever Mohammed sucked at he forbid so it didn’t make him look inferior. It’s that simple. Mohammed sucks at it it’s made haram………

  • Ziggy46

    Islam is a step back in time, a time of enforced ignorance, oppression, and illiteracy. Judaism, Christianity evolved while Islam preferred to remain stagnated, adrift in a world of nihilism, not creativity. This is Islam’s malignant intent to afflict Western Democracy with the same tyrannical doctrine.

    This cricketer will feel the wrath and perhaps lose his life for daring to draw, to be creative by betraying his antipathy to the tenets of Islam. Although, he may not be guilty of this slander it does not matter to Islamism.

    We witness this in our society, those bent to shackle one’s freedom of speech and individualism; not via only Islam but other offshoots of those repressive leftist progressives and every radical-propagandist who loath this Constitutional Republic. They are embedded within out government, its agencies and our educators. As mentioned the likes of BLM and other subversives are of the same psyche, lawless fanatics of deep-rooted bigotry; Enemies of the State. The latter was endorsed by our former president as were the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Daniel FX Dravot

      Calling someone a racist doesn’t make them one. Islamophobe is a word invented by the Muslim Brotherhood that turns English on its head for the purpose of stopping specific lines of inquiry in public discourse. As if Islam was a race.

      The West has become so psychologically weak and feeble that calling someone a name to shut them up seems to actually work in many arenas. How often have we heard some pathetic millennial putz saying he’s ashamed God made him a man.
      God’s doing a lot of bragging either.

      Q: What’s the difference between a Muslim and a vampire?
      A: At some point a vampire will stop sucking your blood.

      • Ziggy46

        Thanks, Daniel, I needed a good laugh this morning. Great post, as well, indeed the West has become feeble and weak in more ways than one, it is utterly pathetic. Millennial putz, I love it, and you hit the proverbial putz on the head. I am tired of those of us being labelled as racist or Islamophobes for our incisive perception of Islam, as mentioned, it is not a religion or a culture, it is a cult, a cult of bloodletting.

  • gia

    For now it’s killing each other over petty things like the horrid crime of drawing!

    Rape is ok, stealing from infidels ok, honor murder completely acceptable . Expressing ones self grounds for arrest joyfully listening to music considered evil and a death warrant may be the consequence.
    No pork, pray only towards mecca never take the prophets name in vain , and never ever feellove for anything or anyone except Allah and his devil prophet!
    Sick death cult !

  • Lauren Janell

    Ok. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything is haram in Islam except for raping, killing and bitching

    • Lamarr01

      And lying, stealing, and extortion.The only cultural artifact that will remain is the AK47. They are also against dancing except by a bacha bazi boy.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It’s hilarious because it seems like women can’t publicly dance or dress provocatively, but little boys can.
        For example, the Taliban machine-gunned belly dancers for being un-islamic, but obviously don’t have any problems w/dancing boys or pederasty. Ditto for places like Iran.

        • marlene

          Bacha boys. Every Saudi prince has one.

        • wheredidhopego

          Probably not really so “hilarious” to the poor little boys and women. Just sayin’…..

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re right it’s not hilariously hypocritical at all.

    • gia

      Yup. Lol..

    • Linda Lee

      i was going to say something along this line. You are exactly right. Conclusion: That’s a useless society.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst


  • Mahou Shoujo

    The butt hurt always offended muslims will find something to complain about, even if they have to lie about it.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I don’t care if this muzzie rat painted a Rembrandt or a Picasso. FFS, Hitler was a painter, did that make him a good person?

  • Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul, same as Liberalism, and Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan, thus, all the Perversions, Atrocities, and Insanity within that sick Cult of Satanic Death! Islam stays pissed, so what the hell is new?

  • marlene

    Humanity is illegal in islam!

  • Ichabod Crain


  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Ha ha ha ha !!!
    He should be FIRED, released from team !!!
    He insulted the easily offended murderous ISLAMIST !!!
    Ha ha ha ha,…. his OWN KIND !!!

  • bill sexton

    This is another sick thing i just learned about Islam. Wow, the left with all its art lovers will certainly be shocked at this revelation. Is drawing worse than raping little girls, cutting off your wife’s nose and plucking out her eye balls, or throwing gays off buildings as punishment for their sins? It would seem Art is more sinful. What a disgusting thought.

  • MrsVL

    Since drawing is outlawed, I guess Islam will remain in the 7th century, never to progress. So there will be no engineers, as they have to draw graphs and maps for their work. They will never have any intellect or as drawing anything is a part of learning! They will stay in the dark ages forever!

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