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Sharia UK: Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Speaking About Her Faith with a Muslim Loses Again in Court


Apparently it is now illegal in the UK for Christians to speak about their faith with Muslims. I’m sure there is no prohibition on Muslims speaking about their faith with Christians. The UK knows who its new masters are, and sharia is coming fast.

“Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Sharing Faith Loses Again in Court”, by Samuel Smith, Christian Post, July 29, 2017:

A Christian therapist in England who was suspended after being accused of evangelizing to a Muslim colleague has suffered another loss in court.

Victoria Wasteney, the former head of Forensic Occupational Therapy at a hospital in London, was issued a nine-month suspension by East London National Health Service in 2014 after an eight-page complaint was filed against her by a Muslim colleague named Enya Nawaz.

As has been reported, Nawaz and Wasteney, a born-again Christian, developed a relationship while working at the St. John Howard Centre in East London and at points discussed religious differences.

Nawaz’s complaint accused Wasteney of trying to convert her to Christianity. Wasteney reportedly offered to pray with Nawaz, gave her a book authored by a Muslim convert to Christianity and invited her to an event organized by her church.

Wasteney was also accused of putting her hand on Nawaz’s knee while in a prayer and asking God to come to Nawaz.

Wasteney was initially thrown off by the allegations because she thought they had developed a good relationship. She told the Daily Mail in 2015 that she only put her hand on Nawaz’s knee to comfort Nawaz when she was dealing with health problems.

“I put my hand on her knee to comfort her and asked if that was okay, and said, ‘Would you like me to pray for you?'” Wasteney told the Daily Mail, “She said yes, so I asked for God to bring peace and healing. She left the office afterwards and said she was okay.”

Wasteney has denied that her act of giving Nawaz the book I Dared to Call Him Father, was an attempt to convert her.

According to The Telegraph, an East London NHS Foundation Trust disciplinary hearing in February 2014 upheld three charges against Wasteney and found five charges to be unsubstantiated. In the hearing, Wasteney was convicted of “gross misconduct.”

In October 2015, Wasteney won the right to appeal the NHS’ action to the Employment Appeal Tribunal on the basis of religious liberty. However, Judge Jennifer Eady ruled against her in April 2016.

“What the court clearly failed to do was to say how, in today’s politically correct world, any Christian can even enter into a conversation with a fellow employee on the subject of religion and not, potentially, later end up in an employment tribunal,” Wasteney was quoted as saying at the time. “If someone sends you friendly text messages, how is one to know that they are offended? I had no idea that I was upsetting her.”

According to the U.K.-based Christian Legal Centre, Wasteney filed for an appeal against Eady’s 2016 decision and appeared in court Thursday. However, a tweet from the advocacy group on Thursday explained that Wasteney’s “permission to appeal has been rejected” and the “legal battle goes on.”….

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  • Joel Busher

    ironic – A Christian suspended for talking Christianity to a Muslim in hospital called St. John Howard Centre., St or Saint is Christian reference….The END TIME WAR being waged is BETWEEN CHRIST AND MUHAMMAD – MY MONEY IS ON CHRIST AS THE WINNER.

    • Suresh

      you must be special kind of stupid to try to convert a Muslim while living in Islamic Republic of Britainstan !

      Even Cloony realised this and did what every Rich Left/Liberal pro-immigration loons do when they realise their life is at risk

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Never approach a muslim for any reason, they are minions of hell looking for anything to destroy.

    • santashandler

      Good observation. Yes, very ironic.

    • amongoose

      And my soul.

    • Steve

      That is certainly a bit of black comedy.

  • GrnBeretVet

    Muslims realize no power is gained unless through Cultural rule. Muslims will continually spread their culture slowly and effectively among the public, by means of “Education” and the media everywhere, only then can Muslims gain political rule. Islamic Centers will assign scholarships and give scholarships to five (5) students every year. Imagine if they do it nationwide; five years from now (Muslims) will have an army of Lawyers, Politicians, Doctors, and Journalists and of Teachers (Educators) who teach at universities and all other levels of school, who can educate people about Islam and conveniently elevate Islam covertly above the United Kingdom educational level in which we are now experiencing. They will infiltrate our government to gain power in order to reconstruct our very laws to their advantage changing existing law and replacing it with Sharia law.

    • OverIt

      They have openly stated this to be their intention. Yet leaders in the west “know best” and don’t believe that these same-as-us people would do anything of the sort, and anyone repeating the Muslims own claim is derided as a scaremonger. Yet it IS happening, and will continue to gather momentum at an ever increasing speed until it is too late.

  • This is just so stupid and always one sided because as you point out, they wouldn’t dare punish a Muslim for evangelizing to a Christian.

    Then there is that other major crime of putting your hand on someone’s knee. Lol.
    She didn’t claim it was either violent, intimidating or sexual. So what exactly was the problem there. That it was associated with being prayed for? So in their minds that deserves a nine month suspension from your job.

    Nuts. These people are being screwed and are presenting themselves for more and more because of some perceived guilt trip. As if the inadequacies of the Islamic world are the fault of Europeans or something.


    I think this article puts the story in a honest, balanced & correct light.
    It seems judges, people need distance to their work & a reality- & self-check.
    Obviously, judging from Muhammad & Islam’s censored history & news a justice-system that is influenced by Muhammadism is a moral farce & an epic fail.
    I thought about the balance & interconnection between creation of religion & reality-checking just recently, but had no opportunity to share my insight on this.
    Religions get created. That’s a fact so we have to be open to that. Open to the fact that religions get created.
    Secondly when a religion is created, we should have a reality-check.
    Matter of fact, a reality-check could be the initiation, the start for a new religion.
    Religion should lead in ethics & the formula I came up with contemplating the concept of ethics is: human rights plus ecology.
    So I started human rights the new religion.
    But in course of my reality-check I didn’t come up with any evidence for a deity.
    I doubt any credible person will present a proof for the existence of a deity to us.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

  • 10poundBrain

    Should have beat her with a folding chair instead. The trouble would be the same and she would have gotten more satisfaction.

  • Post a meme! Fight back! Now!

    ‘Nawaz’s complaint accused Wasteney of trying to convert her to Christianity’. Oh the horror of it all.
    Can I complain about dawah stalls in the high street? Of course not. That would be racist.

  • Martyman39

    Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave.

  • Bronish

    Gotta know the enemy…..the Islamic, but of course, is simply applying taqiyya…the art of the lie. Islam is powered by Satan, the Father of Lies.
    I would never engage any Islamic unless directly lead to do by Yeshua, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    • Kunta

      Are you sure she wasn’t doing that of which you speak? We don’t know where this will lead. Have faith, as the Bible tells how it will ultimately end. I see news reports of the fact that there are Muslim converts to Christianity, on a daily basis. It WILL end how it is supposed to. We may not like what is in between, but never fear.

      • wilypagan

        One doesn’t convert the enemy. One kills them, They convert only long enough to kill you.

      • OverIt

        They’re converting to Christianity in an attempt to persuade the authorities that it really is unsafe for them to return to wherever they claim to have fled from. Once granted a visa, they revert back. This is permissible according to the Koran.

  • DeeDee32

    This whole issue was contrived. More than likely the person, Nawaz, talked with some of her fellow muslims and they urged her to file a suit. I understand from an employment perspective there are certain basic rules within an organization about evangelizing, speaking a foreign language to or around your co-workers, etc., but Wasteney was obviously set up. Wasteney was lead to believe she had a good relationship with Nawaz. If Nawaz was so terribly offended, why then didn’t she just excuse herself and walk away?? Nawaz sat there while Wasteney asked if should could pray for her, to offer her comfort. This whole incident is blown WAY out of proportion. If anything, the court should have dismissed the fraudulent case and instructed Nawaz to grow up, put on her big girl panties and stop baiting those who will have genuine empathy for others. PS – NEVER be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ ;)

    • OverIt

      That’s one of the scariest aspects of this case: that the judge submitted to what was obviously a set up. I’m starting to seriously wonder if some of these judges have been got at, somehow.

      • Alicejsepulveda


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      • David

        We do have the best lawyers and judges that money can buy, after all.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The US can compete w/that statistic I’m sure, maybe Francistan as well.

          • David

            I know. I was being sarcastic. Islamics ignore the law anyway, and profess to not being tied to any legal system but their own (sharia) law, but they will use the law to its most extreme when it comes to fighting against the system, or making phoney claims, or claims of bias and imagined slights, such as the case posted here. Cases like this should be thrown out of court immediately, without recourse to appeal. All they do is make loads of money for the sharks – er, lawyers.

        • Lamarr01

          The lawyers and judges prefer to walk the streets in safety from Muslim knife attacks. A judge that convicts a Muslim rapist can have the rapist’s extended family following him around for years threatening his wife and children.

          Under Sharia, the proper punishment is to stone the Christian woman to death after a brutal gang rape.

      • JohnLobo

        No. They are just cowards.

    • Terrordactyl

      Muslims will never be friends with ppl outside of Islam. They use deception to destroy from inside.

  • Suresh

    British voters elected Pro-islam politicians to power they deserve what they get living in islamic hellhole called Britainstan !

    Its like all rights and freedom are to be given to Muslims and non-muslims do not have any rights as dhimmis ! And Left/liberal pro-jihadi loons allow it !

    Infidels do not even have right to protest against crimes committed by Muslims . If they dare try it they get harassed, jailed or killed

  • Stan Britaini

    Nurse Khan will be with you when she’s returned from saying her prayers, sir.

    • Steve

      Here’s an interesting article that may or may not be true – going with the state of real vs fake news. It also brings to mind that it was possibly a lie for this doctor to get into our country. The reality is no one knows. That burden of proof is the legacy of the muslamist toleration of evil. Muslamists are the true walking dead.

    • ChezGuerre

      Yes, your Honor, I did tell Nurse Khan she had a nice ass but then, you know, every time I saw her she was on floor with her cute ass stuck in the air and I thought she was trying to tell me something.

  • CReX

    The UK is doomed and they deserve all of it because they knowingly allowed the scum of the earth, a.k.a devil spawned muzlims, into their country

    This poor woman should ask for asylum in Trump’s America (she should go to Texas, Arizona or Missouri), Australia or NZ on grounds of religious persecution

    The Muslim woman in this story is actually a venomous viper and the “judges” are worse scum then the damned muzlims…

    Islam and Muslims are a pox on humanity

  • Mahou Shoujo

    ‘Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.’” -Matthew‬ ‭16:21-23. Remember that , when dealing with muslims, they are demon worshipers, make no mistake, grovelling britainsitan now is a dirt kissing vassel state to islam.

  • Emmett

    So now the U. K. ENFORCES SHARIA LAW !!!!

  • santashandler

    “If someone sends you friendly text messages, how is one to know that they are offended? I had no idea that I was upsetting her…..” She probably wasn’t. Enya was probably ok with it the entire time. In fact, Enya is probably the one who started the whole religious “conversation” with Ms Wasteney in the first place. She probably kept urging her to share more and more about her faith to her until she had enough to go on to file her lawsuit. She was an opportunist. Pure and simple.

    • OverIt

      My thoughts too. Either that, or she casually mentioned the conversation to a third party, who provided all the necessary outrage and insisted the Enya file a lawsuit. So when are the lawsuits going to start coming against the many ways various Muslims are trying to convert those of all other faiths to their cult?

      • santashandler

        Yes. Good point. Christians and Jews should file so many lawsuits as to clog the courts with them

    • Dan Knight

      santa … think you nailed it.

      • santashandler

        I just call a rat when I see one.

    • gia

      Trickery! Deceit lies! she knew what she was doing. Now this women’s life is ruined!

      • KitteeK

        For the ‘major crime ‘ of ‘ offending a Muslim’ !
        If this isn’t sharia then I don’t know what is.

        • gia

          Yes soon offending a Muslim will bring a punishment globally that requires such offenders be sentenced to death. The population is going to decline dramatically across the globe.

          • KitteeK

            Helping the globalists de-population plans along. ? They know an outright war with the West won’t be successful due to Western military superiority so planned it this way no doubt. Nightmarish future at this rate. We need the treasonous politicians out NOW!

          • gia

            Hey I’m not in on it. I’m just predicting what I see to come if things don’t change

          • KitteeK

            Sorry , a misunderstanding. I did not mean that to come across as you!
            I shall edit my comment

          • gia

            Don’t worry about it.
            I’m fine.

          • KitteeK


    • Steve

      No one knows with them and that is their burden. The best one can do is to leave them to their segregation that they have chosen.

  • Ziggy46

    Well, this woman’s right to free speech and religion when it comes to the UK’s government, law-enforcement and finally, the blind, minion judiciary has come to naught. Her being a Christian is not afforded the human rights handed to Muslims in this decrepit, leftist progressive, pathetically bigoted, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic nation.

    Britain is in its death throes and deservedly so; its gormless leadership is rife with apologists, appeasers and is submissive to this Islamist cult of barbarity and depravity.

    In fact, anyone in the UK may be charged, indicted for participating on this site or others daring to criticize this cult of bestiality. The demise of Democracy is not occurring solely in the UK but throughout the Western Democracies but for a few in which having gonads and standing up to this contagion holds more weight than Islam. Some leaders have you-knows; however, they are far and few between.

    • Margaret Robinson

      Wrong ziggy. In many ways we r not appeasing Islam we are submitting to sharia law and currently living under their godless laws.

      • Ziggy46

        Hi, Margaret, I did not omit submissive but yes, you are right regarding the Sharia Law. I am not certain the number of Sharia courts there but quite a number from what i have discerned. I did not mention Sharia, but will remember not to specify it. I suspect you are in the UK, my wife is English, she visits London once a year, it scare the you-know out of me. Although, one cannot let these scum, as you are more than aware, frighten us to the point of bowing to their godless laws and intent to do so. Take care.

    • James Jones

      It must be remembered that the globalist are the ones intent on world domination . That doesn’t mean to say that islam hasn’t got that same goal in mind but it is the globalists facilitating the muslims with this invasion so that so much chaos is created , they will then be able to step in with their ” solution ” . The muslims think they are in charge , its their time to advance the world wide caliphate ; but they don’t realize that they are just tools to the elites , to be used for a purpose by people that couldn’t care less about them and their stupid religious beliefs . Unfortunately for Christians , these elites regard them as an hindrance to their agenda and therefore the fewer left the better ; but while they have been ” laying ” plans , God had his plan in place thousands of years ago and it is being fulfilled before our eyes .

      • Ziggy46

        Well said, James Jones, excellent post.

      • Dutch girl

        I completely agree. the NWO uses islam to walk Christianity of stage and when the burden of islam is so clear they will come with their solution; and it will be no religion at all. One exception that people are allowed is to praise the NWO. Islam will be marched from stage after Christianity is gone and the NWO is firmly in place. Imagine no countries, no religion, no heaven only sky and no possession too…

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    Here we are. Christians may not even spread their faith anymore while Democrats send their unsolicited dick pictures around.

    • santashandler

      Oh yes. Isn’t that what we pay taxes for

  • Dan Knight

    Sharia compliance … nothing less. …

    Those involved should be worried about their immortal souls. …

    No one drawing his last breath while defending the Hate-ideology of Islam can look forward to an easy afterlife.

  • gia

    Wait so what about the lie that God and allah are one in the same?
    Just a difference of language .. surprise ! You shouldn’t ever talk about God to a Satanist for that’s who allah is…
    ( As I type allah and God autocorrect will not capitalize God but will auto capitalize allah)
    So now even my tablet is biased??? Oh well I keep fixing it myself switching it up to the right thing allah no capital a, God capital G ….
    This muzzie b…. I…t…c..hh .. I am not that patient or good like the nurse I would slap her without hesitation, cause if I’m going to go down because my country is full of Muslim butt lickers then it better be worth it!!!!
    My patience is dwindling just reading this …. And who would want a muzzie nurse ?? It will be of no surprise when she accidently on purpose overdoses people in her care … And the friggin piece of crap probably doesn’t even speak full English yet hand her an important job where humans depend on othes ?
    I would think of a way of suing this hospital for forcing me to endure a Muslim … I would shriek and cry and claim she hurt me … Then sit back and collect the cash…

    • santashandler

      Yes but, as soon as you said ANYTHING about the muzzie rat nurse, there would be a national outcry. She would claim hostile work environment and there would be a news conference held by every corrupt muslim group this side of Damascus. The nurse would then be escorted out of the hospital by armed MI6 personnel (for HER safety, you know). Then, the daily chanting in the streets by the filthies in dirty night shirts, demanding justice for Nawaz would rise to a crescendo until the offending patient was removed. The nurse would sue not only the hospital, but the gov, claiming that the gov let a hostile patient stay under her care, knowing it was detrimental to her health, thus causing her serious condition. Then, after her $10M+ court victory, she’d do the talk circuit promoting a book on “my struggle” and how she “overcame” hate.

      • gia

        Amazing ! Every single thing you said I could see it unfolding , exactly as you describe.whats wrong with this world?
        It’s being run by demons.

        • santashandler

          I stretched it but, yes, I’m afraid you are right. I wish I was completely wrong.

          • gia

            It could be a tv script law and order or some show like that! (I don’t watch alot of tv anymore) fine tune it a little throw some action scenes in … I can see

  • smart guy

    Start a boycott, Since Britain has become an Islamic hell hole we need to boycott Britain. There is no freedom of speech in Britain. And since Pamela has been barred fro England then we American Tourists need to boycott Britain.

    • Margaret Robinson

      Then you hit us. Our people, who like you are trying our best to stop this invasion. Have you read 2030 your children’s future in islamic britain. Throughout our countries there is an unexpressed rage at what is happening and it will surely break through in some way soon. Until then we must unite to help each other. Then we must organise together on the same day, to express this rage and stand against the liberal left and their multiculturalism. The appeasement to Muslims is already forcing submission by indigenous peoples to Sharia Law. Hate laws in the UK prevent people venting their rage. If a remark is even perceived to be racist it can result in a prison sentence. No witnesses or evidence required. While muxlims can parade in their hundreds waving racist placards saying fxxc the police, uk, troops, etc they are never called out such is the fear of being labeled racist or Islamophobic and these leftie nutters are the biggest obstacle

  • Alleged Comment

    Gosh…. that’s better than throwing a Bible at their heads, don’t you think?

  • dogtrainer1

    As a Christian, I used to speak to folks, about Jesus Christ. Never pushy, on my part, however, I know scripture pretty well and had read the Koran about 40 years ago. After the response of Muslims, who I felt That I had a secure friendship with, I decided to stop discussing Religion at all. I am afraid that my attitude has changed to “Everyone has a right to go to Hell, in their own way”!!!!! MOZZLETOFF…

  • Drew the Infidel

    If you read any of the guides on etiquette, such as Emily Post or Amy Vanderbilt, they will tell you that the two poorest subjects for conversation are politics and religion. If you are trying to talk to a raghead about such subjects, you might as well be talking to the soda machine. How many Thanksgiving or Christmas family gatherings have been ruined by heated discussions on such?

  • Roy Jennings

    Total victimization from a Muslim whose victim was only offering love and kindness, and a chance to evaluate Christianity. The Muslim/authority re Islam alternative is simple. NEVER question Islamic ideology or you will be subjected to verbal and potential physical abuse and a visit from the police as a result of sharia blasphemy laws.
    The World is in a very dark place when the very authorities that are supposed to protect everyone from fascist and hateful ideologies actually protect the latter. If this continues full out war against Islam will explode within the next decade. Submission or eradication seems to be the only viable answer unless authority introduces enforceable legislation to stop the Islamic advance.

  • ChezGuerre

    A muslim snowflake!
    So sensitive.
    When two-by-two Mormons front up to me with the “Good News”, I just say “No thanks guys”; when they bang on my door I don’t answer it; I’m equally polite to all proselytizers. Simple.

  • VoiceInDesert

    What effect has Brexit on the UK? Perhaps little or nothing. The UK had supported muslim immigration, and its courts esteem islam higher than the Judeo-Christian persuasion. It is now illegal for Christians to share their faith with muslims. Goodbye freedom of speech, hello sharia.

  • GandalfsTrouserpress

    The Peaceful Ones are prone to luring you into a situation where they can then use what you have said or done to their own advantage and to your detriment.
    This lady was naive and well-meaning but it has shown that any attempt to work or live alongside many of the Peaceful Ones is fraught with danger.
    Islam is different to other religions.

  • JUSTsss

    No matter what the devil has done here using this woman against Ms. Wasteney, God will honor her. On the other hand I’m sad for the end of this moslum who is using typical islam against someone who tried to bring her true salvation.

  • Simba

    I wonder what would have been the verdict ,had a Muslim tried to convert a non-Muslim.The non-Muslim would have been told that the Muslim has a freedom to practise and preach with an intention to spread his religion.

    This political correctness or appeasement is bordering on madness.People have told me that one has to think many times before speaking one’s mind on any subject.

  • Political_qrm

    So a Christian SPEAKS about her faith, is suspended from her job, labeled an islamophobe. which will prohibit her from getting another job in her field. A muslim KILLS people in a terror attack based on koran teachings and they’re misunderstood or suffering from a mental illness.. All the excuses for islam…..

  • Fred

    You just can’t trust a muslim “friend”.

  • Cardin Drake

    Slow suicide of the west continues. How dare we try to teach a woman that she does not have to be a 2nd class citizen?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Always remember the Koran’s urging of muslims to lie to infidels.

  • jacky paul

    What an interesting case this is going to be..I’m not religious..but I have always taken “i will pray for you” as a nice gesture..if she loses the government are going to have to ban lots of things..Street stalls with pamphlets and books promoting Islam..if not other words recruitment..”open days” at mosques..blatant recruitment.that takes some cheek doesn’t it..thanks for letting us in to your Christian country and having a place of worship..but we’d now like a 5 acre mega mosque..AND Islamic centres everywhere AND an open day handing out leaflets dissing on westerners and their lifestyles… going to have to call the police out…we all know what they’re like…smelt she could get a shed load of money and played victim.

  • jacky paul

    Sorry for autocorrect errors..should have other words…not if not other words.

  • Bruce Atchison

    This shows me how biassed the socialists are. People are free to say whatever the government wants them to say. I can only see bloodshed and misery ahead if this trend of Islamization continues unchecked. And the irony is that the enablers of Islamization will be some of the first to be exterminated when Islam gains the upper hand.

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