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Chinese deity is covered in sheet after Muslims protest


The Chinese must be “Islamophobes,” daring to build a religious deity taller than a Muslim structure. That is forbidden in Islam.

The rampant destruction of the religious statues, icons and the like by Muslim supremacists is prescribed under Islam. “Allah ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols.”

There is a fatwa (a legal ruling under Islam) calling for the destruction of religious icons, statues, artifacts etc. of non-Muslims. This is part of the ummah’s campaign to falsify all other religions. In the early days of Islam, the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, destroyed statues and criticized sculptors. In his fatwa, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said of the prophet Muhammad that sculptors will be among those receiving the harshest punishment on Judgment Day. Devout Muslims of the Taliban have destroyed the iconic Buddhas of Bamiyan, smashed down the fabled “end of the world” gate in the ancient city of Timbuktu and even called for the destruction of Egypt’s ancient pyramids and the Sphinx. Churches and statues across Europe have been vandalized and  destroyed.

Indonesia: Chinese deity is covered in sheet after Muslims protest

August 10, 2017, By Robert Spencer:

“Actually we can allow them to build the statue, just not as high as it was and it should be in the temple, not outside. We are tolerant.”

This laughable protestation of “tolerance” is in accord with Islamic law, which stipulates that non-Muslim structures must not be higher than Muslim ones, and that non-Muslims must not make any public display of their religious observances.

“In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest,” by Russell Goldman, New York Times, August 10, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

HONG KONG — A 100-foot statue depicting a Chinese deity was covered with an enormous sheet this weekend in East Java Province, Indonesia, after Muslims threatened to tear the colossus down amid mounting ethnic and religious tensions across the country.

The Islamist campaign against the statue, a depiction of the third-century general Guan Yu, who is worshiped as a god in several Chinese religions, began online and soon spread to the gates of a Chinese Confucian temple in Tuban, near the Java Sea coast, where the figure was erected last month.

On social media, Muslims assailed the statue as an “uncivilized” affront to Islam and the island’s “home people,” and a mob gathered this week outside the East Java legislature in the city of Surabaya to demand its destruction.

Statues deemed un-Islamic have been destroyed or vandalized around the country in recent years, and several Chinese temples have been set on fire. Covering the statue with a large white tarp was a stopgap measure proposed by the temple’s officials after a governmental religious body pushed them to find a solution….

In recent years, Muslim extremists have pressed for the adoption of Islamic law, or Shariah, throughout Indonesia. A civil court found the Christian governor of the capital, Jakarta, guilty of blasphemy against Islam in May. Islamists falsely claimed that President Joko Widodo was a Chinese Christian during his 2014 campaign….

“It is growing religious intolerance, making their own interpretation of the Quran and using that hostile interpretation against the Chinese temple,” said Andreas Harsono, the Indonesia director for Human Rights Watch. “They say that it is showing that China is dominating Indonesia.”

Didik Muadi, a Muslim who organized the protests against the statue, said Muslims would destroy the figure themselves if the government did not intervene.

“Actually we can allow them to build the statue, just not as high as it was and it should be in the temple, not outside,” Mr. Didik told the news site Tempo. “We are tolerant.”

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  • Trump can’t ban islam

    better not to provoke muslims. after 9/11 americans started to declare that usa will not be at war with islam. it seems americans had learned a lesson

    • DancerTiffy

      I know. We’re watching the world’s premier ignorant savages take over the world.
      WE are leaving the age of logic, science and reason and entering the new age of barbaric religious fundamentalism.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It’s not “religious fundamentalism” that’s the problem it’s islum. Islum has ALWAYS been barbaric, from the moment muhamMAD slaughtered/enslaved/expelled all the Jews in Medina/Khybar to the present day.

      • Lamarr01

        You left out art, creativity, beauty, and love. Not to forget: democracy, representative government, social justice, technological advancement, the scientific method, and truth. And then there is free will, self-determination, personal responsibility, and religious tolerance, gender equality, peaceful coexistence. Respect for knowledge, history, individual differences..

  • DancerTiffy

    Are you kidding me? China is going down as well?? Unbelievable.
    Western Civilization has collapsed and now here goes China as well.
    For some reason, I thought china was immune. I was apparently wrong about that.

    • shpongl3

      It’s Indonesia and it’s already lost.

      • DancerTiffy

        OH. I thought it was china. Yes, indonesia is in the final stages of their islamic takeover.
        If this was in China, like I thought, then all would be lost.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Indonesian has been a muslum hellhole state for decades, if not centuries.
          As is usual, the Indonesian genocide of between 200,000 to 800,000 assorted unbelievers (mostly Catholic) in islum in E. Timor, in the 1970’s is covered up by the enemedia. It’s really incredible how many muslum genocides of the unbeliever in islum are completely ignored by history (e.g. E. Timor or the Bangladeshi genocide of ~2.5 million Hindus).

          • Lilith Wept

            It’s all part of moslem propaganda to cover this up, and to completely re write history. When Islam takes over a country it obliterates all traces of the native history, it’s culture, traditions, holidays and laws, and replaces it all with Islam………

            Look at for some jaw dropping delusional,lies by moslems attemptingto re write history to make Islam look good, and make it look like that everything that is good or be if it’s mankingd was invented by moslems, is a result of Islam.
            Remember Hitler said if you repeate a lie often enough, people will come to be,ieve it as truth and that’s what moslems are doing.
            They have to do this as the truth about Islam is horrible and more people are waking up to the truth of what Islam really is, they are finding out for themselves, reading the Hadith, the Koran and the Islamic histories….reading things a That haven’t been re written by Moslems or changed to make Islam look good.
            Islam can not co exist with the Western world, and you can’t integrate moslems into the Western world. They are direct polar opposites. It has to be one or the other. Any compromise only harms the Weatern ideals of individual freedoms and rights, and supports and assists Islam and the spread of Islam in the West. Islam has the goal,of spreading Islam through out the entire world, maki g every country, every government an Islamic country with Sharia as its legal system, and converting every single person in the world, by any means that is successful….this includes lies, swearing false oaths, denying that they are a Moslem, using charitable contributions, tithing to support jihad and the spread of Islam , gaining control,over our education system to teach Islam to our children, and most importantly, to use our Freedoms and our laws against us, to the adbpvantage of Islam. To hide behind the freedom of religion when Islam is not just anreligion but a militaristic, seditious and political,ideology, that has a small,amount of religion that Mohammed made up so as to attract followers to,swell his army and to fully control those followers…..So to force them to do what Mohammed wanted, to get what Mohammed wanted, to make Mohammed powerful, wealthy and have a large army to steal wealth from caravans, cities and especially Jews….get revenge on those who insulted him, to get as many women as he could, to enslave people……
            Islam should not be recognized as a religion in the USA and so it should not have the protection of the Freedom of religion and it should not have the special privledges that religions have in the US, the exemption from taxes……..
            Mohammed called mosques the headquarters of Islam………
            In France, the majority of the mosques that the police inspected contained weapons, jihad and terrorist materials, terrorism teaching materials and supplies……

    • Suresh

      Its not china. They won’t tolerate such shhit. But America ? Not so sure.

      Muslims In Indiana Are About To Riot After Seeing What Massive Sign Says That Popped Up

      Too many Left/liberal support islamonazis , patriots don’t protest , they think their guns will save them !

      • Sgtsnuffy


      • Speak the Truth

        They need a larger billboard, with more space to include additional attributes, such as his necrophilia.

    • Sgtsnuffy


    • Mack Pooh

      No!!! You are not wrong. Research will show that islam is not tolerated in China. The largest countries who have communist or social tendencies, Russia and China, execute islamists or muslims quite often…..

  • santashandler

    Well, this wasn’t on Chinese soil. It was in Indonesia, which is pretty heavily Islamic. So, it’s no surprise. However, would this same practice fly if the muslims demanded it within China’s borders

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Remove the sheet, the first muslim that touches the stature gets removed forcibly, along with every other who tries as well.

    • Lisacmckinnon


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      • Mahou Shoujo

        A $2.00 condom from a vending machine is better value.

    • ninetyninepct

      The first Muslim bastard that touches it gets shot. We are tolerant.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Indonesia has engaged in pogroms against ethnic Chinese unfortunate enough to reside in that islamic pig’s anus state.

  • Lauren Janell

    “Allah ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols.”

    Except the Kaaba. Right?

  • Indonesia was once a vibrant center of Hindu and Buddhist culture, but now it is lost and ruined forever to the darkness of Islam. :(

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      We can already see the encroachment of islum on Thailand and Burma now.

      • ninetyninepct

        And the POS SOB in Canada has the so called border wide open to his lousy stinkin invaders. What used to be a well recognized and respected RCMP have now reduced themselves to valets and social workers. Screw the law as long as the invaders promise to vote Liberal.

  • 1064nm

    That last quote, “We are tolerant” is the world’s biggest Pinocchio nose-grower.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL. Maybe muslums earn virgin rewards points for every lie they tell to the kafir al najjis — and double bonus rewards points if it gets published by the leftist atheist news outlets.

  • Mack Pooh

    I want FRONT ROW tickets to this show……. Unlike ignorants here in the United States, China will NOT put up with islam in its country, and most certainly will NOT, by ANY stretch of imagination, allow islam and its muslim filth to establish ANY type of recognition within its borders. Christianity in its many forms is being abolished in America making way for an islamic adherence…..

  • Alleged Comment

    The world has gone MAD!! Moslem Assured Destruction.

  • Ihaveacataddiction

    The dumb Muslims and their phony, hate-filled religion. They are rabid animals who need to be killed

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    So now the male deity is wearing a burqa ?!!
    Oops,… Muslims re-offended !!!

  • Bezukhov

    Have faith. Guan Yu, and His brothers Zhang Fei and Liu Bei will rise up and deal with this insult.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I had thought the Chinese were mostly Buddhists? So who or what is this deity?

    • andrew


  • Mahou Shoujo

    muhgond, police beat upon him, is covered with sheet all the time.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Kudos to the ethnic Chinese for having the stones to put up this statue in the islamic pig’s anus state of Indonesia. I just hope there isn’t some sort of violent backlash from the muslum vermin who run Indonesiastan.

  • SK

    It’s Indonesia. For a minute, I thought China had lost their will to resist Islam. I’m pretty sure the Chinese don’t play with the muzzrats.

  • Christian Gains

    The ASTONISHINGLY HYPOCRITICALNESS of ISLAM is FULLY DEMONSTRATED by the FACT that Mohammed snatched an IDOL off the shelf in the KABA, [out of the 250+ idols there], (this particular IDOL was known as a minor “god” in Saudi Arabia, {but had been a MAJOR “god” in Babylon 1000 yrs. PRIOR}, and was transported down to Arabia when Babylon was destroyed; It was believed to be the “god” of perverse sex)…

    Mohammed then demanded that ALL other idols be destroyed, so that ONLY the IDOL of “allah” was worshiped! What a crock! IDOL worship is STILL IDOL worship, no matter HOW ELSE they try to describe it!

    TRUE History DOES have a way of kicking liars in the butt quite regularly!!! LOL!!

    ISLAM is nothing, more nor less than PURE, UNADULTERATED PIG POOP! NOW you know WHY they hate pigs so…They don’t want ANYONE to know that they worship one! LOL!!!

    BTW…”tolerance”, (in the Muslim World), simply means taking your time when rapping infidels! Or partaking in other such filth!

  • Lilith Wept

    This is what angers me…the moslems threaten violence if their demands aren’t met….the moslems will treat the statue down if the government doesn’t remove it……And every time a government gives in, it encourages moslems and makes them feel even stronger, and so they make ore demands, and ore demands and this is now they change a couple try’s culture, traditions, way of ,ice and laws so they are ore Islamic…..all that is preparing the way for when moslems take over that country….then any of the country’s native traditions, laws , holidays etc are completely obliterated ……and the people are forced to convert, or if they are Jews or Christians ( if the moslems are feeling generous and allow this) they can become shimmies and lay an outrageous jizya and live as third class people in their own country ……..Look at what happens as moslems settle in a country, the population grows, ( all the while the moslems are demanding more and more changes to the native laws, culture etc, to make it more Islamic ,making laws to put moslems and Islam is a superior and special preferential status, while denigrating and making inferior all other faiths and people) until the moslems are strong enough or become the majority and they take over that country. , .. ……

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