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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Historical Ignorance Is Bliss – The Example of Scotland

[ September 25, 2017 ]

YouTube REINSTATES Pamela Geller’s Account, thanks to YOU

[ September 25, 2017 ]

My Story

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic State Threatens Prince Henry, Promises to Send Him to “Hellfire”

[ September 25, 2017 ]

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares Donald Trump to Islamic State

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: Why Is the 9/11 Museum Bringing in Dishonest Islamic Apologist Haroon Moghul to...

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

Canada: Muslima who screamed “I’m going to kill everybody” and attacked non-Muslims with golf club says she accepts only Sharia, not Canadian law


It isn’t just Rehab Dughmosh: Islam teaches this kind of supremacism, and the superiority of sharia over all “manmade” law. That means that there will be much more of this, and many more Muslims besides Rehab Dughmosh who deny the authority of the nation’s laws over them. What will governing authorities do then?

“Accused terror-attacker refuses to attend court,” by Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun, August 15, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A woman who openly pledged allegiance to ISIS refused to leave her prison cell Tuesday to attend court.

Rehab Dughmosh — who faces 21 charges, including terror-related offences — allegedly entered a Scarborough Canadian Tire store on June 3 and swung a golf club at staff.

“I’m here for Syria. I’m going to kill everybody,” she allegedly shouted.

Dughmosh, 32, has told court in the past she only believes in Sharia law and not the Canadian justice system. She also refused to show up for court last month.

On Tuesday, she would not leave her cell to attend court at 1911 Eglinton Ave. E., and court guards can’t use force to remove a prisoner from her confines without an order issued by a judge, said federal Crown attorney Bradley Reitz….

Grant added Dughmosh also needs an assessment to determine her fitness for trial.

“Her mental health needs to be addressed,” Grant said.

During a previous court appearance, Dughmosh told court that she “meant to harm those people” during the Canadian Tire store attack.

She also said she would do it “again and again.”

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  • John Tune

    Canadians are such liberal wussies!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing they are still free!!!!!

    • Suresh

      When you allow muslims in you get more sharia and jihadi attacks.

      Jihadis in America are working steadily to takeover and impose sharia drip by drip and Left/Liberal useful idiots are helping them out of ignorance or cash or stupidity.

      Welcome to Islamic state of Michiganistan and it will soon have Muslim brotherhood approved Muslim stealth jihadi Governor

    • Pray Hard

      They’re not free.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Just ask Eric Brazau or Mark Steyn what their evaluation of freedom is in Canada in the 21st century.

    • Suresh

      Left/liberal feminazis who support islam are now going after hot & sexy women and want to ban them from social media , public space!

      Hard to believe ? check

      And why is that ?

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        • DemocracyRules

          Block User

    • Yannick

      With all due respect, I wouldn’t laugh, sir.

      Sweden is probably the closest parallel.

      You need to start inquiring about planning permission for Mosques in your local area and resist them

    • Eugene Kaptur

      They are FREE because the United States provides protection for them, the Boy Scouts of America are a better Armed Forces than what the Canadians have! Shame, since they were a force to recon with during WWII, how things change in a few decades!

      • Michael Garfinkel

        It’s been seventy-five years since Canadian forces stormed the beaches at Dieppe, France – where they were handily defeated. They got their revenge in Normandy two years later.

        But that Canada, and that Canadian generation, is long gone.

    • Why do you insult all Canadians? America does not seem too free either these days – not since you people voted in Obama TWICE.
      Humility is a virtue!

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    she has mental issues, it’s very clear. anyway in the west there is freedom to follow islam and mohammad

    • NickandLynds

      She’s free to follow what she wants, as long as she doesn’t break the law. She is also subject to the prevailing law of the land. She can’t pick to which legal system she is subject, moron.

    • Pray Hard

      You have mental issues. Why haven’t you committed suicide yet?

  • Suresh

    When you allow muslims in you get more sharia and jihadi attacks.

    Jihadis in America are working steadily to takeover and impose sharia drip by drip and Left/Liberal useful idiots are helping them out of ignorance or cash or stupidity.

    Welcome to Islamic state of Michiganistan and it will soon have Muslim brotherhood approved Muslim stealth jihadi Governor

  • Eli Cvetic

    You ppl love Moslems and refugees so much, now enjoy this mess.

  • putupjob

    when she’s in a jail cell, she can believe whatever she wants to believe and she can subscribe to any system of laws as she wishes.

  • sirock

    Hopefully she can become Obamas new golf partner

  • Let some more Muslims into your country, Canada. They assimilate so well.

  • Pray Hard

    So, OK, feed her to a polar bear.

  • santashandler

    She accepts only sharia law. Even better. Let her be judged under sharia law, then stone her.

    • DemocracyRules

      Yes, good point, Her own testimony would not be admissible because she is a woman.

      • santashandler

        Yes but, she doesn’t see that now. A feminist probably spoke in her ear and told her it is far better to be tried under sharia than to be tried under the “racist, misogynistic” democratic system.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • DemocracyRules

      That Putrid Little Vomit Comet.
      – qualifications to rule: Crazy, Stupid, and Stoned.

  • Poppey

    I wonder how many more years will pass before these rejectionist rag heads are parted from the statement head gear at arrest and especially in any Western court.

    When they see time and again their Islamic supremacist tantrums rewarded by us dumping our values to appease theirs they draw the not unreasonable conclusions that we don’t really mean what we say.

    This impression cost peoples lives – our people.

    • Nabi Rasch

      No. They draw a ‘reasonable’–the ‘logical’–conclusion by any cultural standard. It’s our people that have sabotaged their own reasoning.

  • DP111

    Lots of Muslims suffer from mental health problems. Most of them do.

    • KitteeK

      But only we understand WHY they do. And it has everything to do with everything about islam; not as the left believe, in spite of islam !

  • Handsome Jack

    If it was a 1 iron, she didn’t mean any harm because nobody can hit a 1 iron. sk/off

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    OK, chop his head off .

  • Nabi Rasch

    Canada’s lost. Further gone than most people–especially Canadians themselves–realize.

  • Lars Toftdahl Andersen

    There was a time when … if you are in Rome, then you do as the Romans. If you really need to live under Sharia law, then you go to a Sharia country, simple as that. You obey the laws of the country you live in. Otherwise you are a criminal or an enemy of the State

  • Michael Copeland

    “If we are practicing muslims we are above the law of the land”
    Mustapha Carroll, CAIR Dallas

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The only thing that Canada has in its favour is chronic apathy of Canadians towards everything.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Apathy is the only value the craven, corrupt, dying, atheist West has left.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Regrettably, that is the major force in the west.

      • Dorrie

        Not all of us in the West are atheist. And those of us who aren’t, are keeping the wolves at bay, so to speak, far more than many are willing to believe – with the power of our prayers. :)

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The islamised, atheist West is no longer the free world because you can’t facilitate the spread of islum on one hand and claim to represent the free world on the other — despite any lies to contrary.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s always a mental health issue when muslums enslave/murder/persecute people of other faiths or no faith at all — but only for the corrupt, craven, cowardly atheist left and never for the victims.

  • DemocracyRules

    She is free to do this
    – in her home country

  • Deplorable/dx

    TURDeau !!!

  • Yannick


    Muslimists appropriate barge and try to break down flood defences.

    Local Iman claims it’s time to Ram a Dam.

  • Ruger 1

    Well if she doesn’t want to except Canadian Law.. Then Canada Should have the Balls to ship her worthless ass to Syria!!!! But under Trudeau… Hell probably just give her a Multi- Million Dollar Settlement for her pain & suffering!!!!

  • Eugene Kaptur

    Thankfully the Canadian Government can SAVE money for a Court Appointed Psychiatrist, since the woman is a Muslim, she’s obviously insane!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Alas Canada.

  • Alleged Comment

    By her OWN words she should be BANNED from your country. DEPORT HER IMMEDIATELY! And the spoilt brat Justin Trudeau who is bringing these type of DERANGED, DEMON and DELUDED people as your next door neighbor.

  • Peter Joffe

    I am happy with this but Sharia law belongs in Barbaris where this terrorist woman came from. Deport her now before she has children that become citizens by birth. Canada’s stupid Prime Minster is a hazard to peace in Canada and all terrosim there is because he allows it,. Islam has no place in the modern world.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Muhammad said women are deficient of intelligence!

    Pull on an Islamic head dress raise your hand and scream “Look at me, look at me, I agree with Muhammad, I am STUPID!”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’m surprised there aren’t more Lorena Bobbits in the muslum world.

  • hal8196

    evil works in incremental steps…

  • Michael Garfinkel

    I have been suggesting for years that regulations be instituted for the registration and use of golf clubs.

    Now, perhaps, this is an idea whose time has come!

  • Om Prakash Sharma

    Despite so much of problem in Sharia for women why these women still prefer Muslim Husbands? Has any body given a thought to it? Is sex by a circumscised person the only craze? Do they not need any freedom? I am actually confused

  • MrsVL

    Canada is on the road to look like Europe! They’ll be next. Wonder if the people will cower like the Europeans or fight back.

  • Stephen Silverstein

    I’m sure that Canada’s idiot PM, Pinocchio, will pardon this pos.

  • Joseph111

    you know, the Canadians could save a lot of time, money and aggravation with a single bullet to the head of this whack-job …

  • Brock Bronson

    Even though the McDonald’s employee admitted to saying what he said the crown refused to prosecute, all because the rcmp fucked up the case

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