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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’

The Atlantic: Great American Solar Eclipse is RACIST


On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will arrive mid-morning on the coast of Oregon. The moon’s shadow will be about 70 miles wide, and it will race across the country faster than the speed of sound, exiting the eastern seaboard shortly before 3 p.m. local time. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people.

You can’t make this stuff up. The left is nuts. Batty, deranged, loco, loony but above all — evil.

And they call our sites “extreme.” SMH

American Blackout

A tour of the solar eclipse’s path reveals a nation that fought to maintain a different sort of totality.
A total solar eclipse as seen from the window of a plane
Sergei Karpukhin

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will arrive mid-morning on the coast of Oregon. The moon’s shadow will be about 70 miles wide, and it will race across the country faster than the speed of sound, exiting the eastern seaboard shortly before 3 p.m. local time. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people.

Alice Ristroph Aug 18, 2017 Science

Atlantic: The Eclipse is Racist, Solar System has Implicit Bias

August 20, 2017, By Daniel Greenfield:

Stop watching the eclipse. It’s racist.

If you want evidence that the American leftist cult has reached a point of fanatical unreason every bit as bad as the darkest of dark ages, here’s a sentence from the Atlantic’s piece on the eclipse.

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will arrive mid-morning on the coast of Oregon. It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people. Presumably, this is not explained by the implicit bias of the solar system.


We can’t rule out the possibility entirely. It’s presumably not the case. But you never know with white supremacy. It could be embedded in the very orbital trajectories of the solar system. We really need some intersectional astronomy to figure this one out.

The article is emblematic of the sort of deranged racially toxic revisionist history that fills American Studies. The formula is simple. X + Racism = topic. Take anything, link it to racism, write about it to show how racist America is.

Even an eclipse.

Oregon, where this begins, is almost entirely white. The 10 percent or so of state residents who do not identify as white are predominantly Latino, American Indian, Alaskan, or Asian. There are very few black Oregonians…

From Oregon, the Great American Eclipse will travel through Idaho and Wyoming. (It will catch a tiny unpopulated piece of Montana, too.) Percentage-wise, Idaho and Wyoming are even whiter than Oregon. And as in Oregon, but even more so, the few non-white residents of Idaho and Wyoming are not black—they are mostly Latino, American Indian, and Alaskan…

Err and so what?

The premise of the American left’s racist witch hunt for the last two generations is that if you can show black people aren’t doing somewhere or being something, then… racism.

Except Idaho, Wyoming and Montana are lightly populated. Period.

And they are more likely to have Latinos than black people for obvious geographical and commercial reasons. They’re rural areas with a lot more ranching.

Are we meant to feel guilty because Montana has more American Indians than black people? Is this a reflection on the eclipse’s internalized racism?

After Wyoming, the eclipse will go through Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri… Bruce Springsteen, after reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, wrote an album of songs too bleak for a studio, much less an arena… The album went platinum, and it is called Nebraska.

1. I figured that this revisionist garbage would at some point incorporate the ur-revisionist history of Stalinist America denier Howard Zinn.

2. There’s a green plant in my living room…  the flag of Saudi Arabia is green…. the wearing of the green… the Emerald City of Oz… Racism!!!!

The total eclipse will be visible from Lincoln, Nebraska, the state’s capital, which reports a black population of 3.8 percent. The city of Omaha has a greater black population, about 14 percent. It is home to many of the refugees from Africa and elsewhere that Nebraska has welcomed in recent years, many of whom now work in slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants. But Omaha is about 50 miles northeast of the path of totality.

The case for the implicit bias of the solar system is getting stronger than ever.

From Kansas, the eclipse goes to Missouri, still mostly bypassing black people, though now much more improbably…

Hmm… we really need a civil rights investigation of this eclipse.

Moving east, the eclipse will pass part of St. Louis, whose overall population is nearly half black. But the black residents are concentrated in the northern half of the metropolitan area, and the total eclipse crosses only the southern half.

The most obvious explanation is that the white racists conspired for the last few generations to keep black people out of the path of the eclipse. They didn’t want black people to enjoy the liberating powers of the eclipse.

Either that or Alice Ristoph is a race-baiting leftist lunatic.

We report. You decide.

…after Tennessee, the shadow regains some speed and travels over white people only again for a while

Ugh. White people.

  • Michael Buley

    Well said: topic + racism = racism. Anything becomes racist. Everything is racist. Even the universe. Must be run by white males.

    I can’t think of a day this year when I haven’t shaken my head, astounded at what is happening and where it appears we are going.

    Boycott the eclipse. Sit for the eclipse. Kneel for the eclipse. That will change things. That will show the universe and solar system that we’re just not going to put with it. Isn’t the clear goal of all of this to destroy whites? They are the enemy, and their existence — like the infidels’ existence is the source of Islam’s perpetually being at war — is the source of all evil. Conservative whites are the very worst. Leftist antifa whites, hiding behind their masks every time … they have some worth for now. But only for now.

    • Handsome Jack

      All those paintings show Jesus as a white male so there you go. I think Oral Roberts once offered pictures of Jesus back in the day, but I couldn’t afford one.

  • Michael Gerardi

    There are only two appropriate responses to leftist accusations of “RRRrrrrRRrraaaayyy-cism!”:

    1) point at the accuser and LAUGH (this gets them every time–leftists HATE being laughed at), and
    2) a big “STFU!”

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    What is so bizarre is that the article can even be tongue-in-cheek but the FACT that the author would even THINK such a thing is the sign of a deeply disturbed individual.

    • Suresh

      That is why I call them Left/liberal Loons.

      Send them Free coupons for Iced coffee in one of these top 3 chains with muslim staff they make special Islamic spiced coffee

      Left/Liberals Love it ! Psst …don’t send them the article link till they drink the Iced coffee. LOL !

      Its Cultural thing you know !

  • Michelle

    Classical leftard rubbish , facetious or not. It simply proves just how straight jacketed is their capacity to think and see Obvious to all non leftards but not to them and they have the nerve to think that they exemplify the best of humanity? Yjey are the ones pushing the new dark age and the new holocaust.

  • santashandler

    So, why don’t the leftists sue the sun and the moon for conspiring and not ‘dropping by’ a few black neighborhoods. Perhaps they can take it to the newly formed ‘Alpha Centauri Intergalactic Court’ and have the case heard there. They can refuel and dump a few liberals along the way on planet “Snowflake.”

    • herdzcatz

      They could protest the sun and moon…and then get funds from Soros to deface them and eventually dismantle and warehouse them. Hey…no more global warming! Bonus!

  • Tilt

    “progressive” lunacy seems to be reaching the point of overkill (or so I hope…) from which more and more sane / sufficiently reasonable Americans, that were inclined to vote for the Democrats (due to habit/peer pressure, psychological needs, ignorance or a combination of the three), will re assess their positions and walk away from the “progressive” mental asylum…

    The four things Trump must do in order to silence the rabid, hate crazed “progressives’ in the media and to be able to move on with his agenda are: a) Ratchet up the fight against Antisemitism (crack down on the Neo Nazis – the deranged MSM will have to support Trump all the way on this important endeavour + It’s the right thing to do…)
    b) Soon after the Neo-Nazis are dealt with nationally, with visible results, crack down equally hard on the ‘Antifa’ Communist/Anarchist traitors (Like in New jersey that put ‘Antifa’ on the terror list), c) Crack down on gangs and reach out to minorities with massive government programs for saving the inner cities (War on drugs and illegal gang weapons, open up the public school system, introduce professional training programs for assured work on infrastructure programs etc) and d) Trump should assemble a robust media situation / war room that will swiftly (seconds/minutes) react and debunk every lie/half truth/exaggeration/minimization/omission and bias emanating from the MSM against him/his family, his administration and America – A Facebook page that will be dedicated for this purpose and will be a one stop shop for every American seeking the non MSM filtered narrative (a.k.a the truth…) will over time (within a few months) dramatically weaken the influence of the MSM and might even eventually force them to adopt a less one sided approach to “reporting” the news…

    • David

      What do you mean “open up the public school system”? They’re not going to bus kids from out of the district into my district unless they pay us the full costs which can include building more buildings.. This problem won’t be solved by spending money, or any other way, because it’s unsolvable, and we won’t pull down everything else in yet one more bigger effort to try.

      Nice sentiment though.

  • Based on leftist rhetoric, the only logical conclusion is the universe must be racist… which fits in with the alt-right ideology, very successfully.

    Makes me happy to be a libertarian.

  • livingengine
    • sodacrackers2

      Racism is in bho’s head, rent free.

  • Scriba

    I just looked up at the night sky and it was black. What am I to think?

    • Tweetertots

      The night sky is racist!!

      • herdzcatz

        NO…it’s just that night skies matter.

    • felix1999

      All I know is crime is higher at night and in cities… hmmm

    • Drew the Infidel

      Perfect time to go spotlighting. Odd, but no mention of the great hunting in those areas affected by the eclipse. Wait, the Outdoor Channel is racist? You know, black bears?

  • RBLan

    I’ll tell you what the problem is: the political left has completely internalized the foundational premise of postmodernism:

    Reality is socially constructed.

    Not just social reality, all reality, including physics is socially constructed. (Look up the ‘Sokal affair’.) This means that if and only if enough people think it, it is real. The problem with thinking of the exact path an eclipse totality must take, is that first you must be able to calculate the relative positions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. This is known as the Three Body Problem and in order to do this you must solve the following set of white racist differential equations. If whites do it, you get a white eclipse path because remember, the reality is socially constructed. Of course there are perfectly good black differential equations for this, which would socially construct a black eclipse path, but they are hardly known for obvious reasons: the white supremacist cultural hegemony. True story:

  • felix1999

    Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States is also a history book used in Common Core. It’s horrendous.
    Short on facts and heavy on revision.

    • sodacrackers2

      Common core has got to go!

      • turkeychoker

        Agreed, but what the system does is just change the name. The entire system of government education needs shut down. Private schools are cheaper(about $1500. / student in our area, compared to $9000. / student in public school) and actually teach. I`ll spend $1500. any day to have my kid be taught academics. And we did. Yanked that boy out of public sch. in 3rd grade.My goodness, you`d a thought I`d peed on the school house door knob. They pitched a fit,threw us under the bus,labeled us as bad people,nazis(thats a favorite)caused a few friends to abandon us.Found even more friends,nation wide. So, “Outcome Based Education” became “Common Core”. revised. More evil than it`s predecessors.

        • sodacrackers2

          I hear you. Our children all went to Catholic school as do our grandchildren, so far helld to very high standards. I am already telling my kids to keep their children out of most universities.

      • It is part of the atheistic cultural marxist agenda bent on destroying ‘the family’ and democracy….

        • sodacrackers2

          They are doing a terrific job trying to convince some very gullible people that bad is now good and good is bad, choosing the youngest among us to indoctrinate. Better that a millstone….

          • God’s wrath eventually will come as a big surprise to them…

    • turkeychoker

      The title alone should cause alarm. The public school system should be shut down immediately.The Dept. of Education closed permanently. Our benevolent big brother Government should back off. It is incompetent of running any enterprise including the real business of governing.

  • These people could have fried their brains on Mexican drugs.

  • Charles Power

    Of course the articles are quite right. The coast-dwellihg left is fond of celebrating diversity as a virtue, but in fact it is simply a chsracteristic which tends to be most intense in, surprise, coastal areas. In other words, this is self-serving sanctimony. Plenty of flyover country is pale-skinned. In my own Maryland, the rather inland Garrett County is 98% white, and not only that, mostly the progeny of northern European Protestants. Amazing number of churches, but I’ve never seen a Catholic one, and I think one could forget about a synagogue, or even a minyan. And you know what? The folks are all woderful, eager to help the tourists of all colors and creeds who come there for relaxation or sport. It’s just that families stay for generations, and nonwhites tend not to move there. So while the eclipse may progress from coast to coast, in between are more white people than a coast dweller finds decent.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Methinks certain cretins who live among us have a very poor grasp of the term “space race”.

  • Lynn D

    Well I guess the Arctic and Antarctica are racist as well. Good grief! All that WHITE snow!

    • turkeychoker

      I`ve heard , nevermind. This is so over the top, it has to be a joke. Who said liberals don`t have a sense of humor ?

  • I read most of the Atlantic article. I must be trigger-happy.

  • VoiceInDesert

    Wow! Will some leftest please tell me what is NOT “racist”?

  • hal8196

    Would someone get Jackson, Sharpton, Maxine Watters and Al Gore to comment on this?…we do need a good laugh…

    • Tearlag

      It’s so obvious to anyone not a ra-a-acist: A White obviously racist fizzisist aimed a sooper powerful ray gun (a white invention) at the moon which made it move in front of the sun in such a direction that only White people could see it.

      • bluewren


  • az

    Yeah, leftard mind washing agenda at work.
    Soon, in the line of the greatest Islamic scholars of our time, they’ll prove earth is flat, god created man , and woman exists to serve man (this one proven by the best feminazi whores of islam). All done scientifically of course.
    Along the way they’ll still have time to insert race in it, and somehow prove that whites ruined everything and diversity was always the right answer.
    In other words, in the line of Islam worst practices, rewrite history/science to serve your leftard agenda.

  • Ichabod Crain

    The eclipse is obviously a portent, a warning for Whites – being eclipsed by the Darkness…

  • shirley versace

    well, there is a solar eclipse in Africa next year and there will be no White people to see it… is that a problem?

    • selwap

      I PROTEST!!!!!!!

      • shirley versace

        me too…it’s outrageous and has me triggered, Bigly :)

  • Pro Patria

    This eclipse means that God only loves white people, according to left extremists?
    I suppose “they” are going to take down the moon now…
    Shadow or sun = Black and white…DOH

  • James Stamulis

    The left is completely insane and needs a collective LOBOTOMY!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    The Racist Left sees everything,… EVERYTHING,… through the lens of RACIST glasses !!!

  • Stephen Honig

    This is by far the ultimate in insanity and I don’t man it figuratively.

  • joanofark06

    OMG! Just when I can’t shake my head anymore, for all the ignorance I read daily, this was almost topped the cake!

  • Om Prakash Sharma

    The eclipse is not racist. The article is

  • Fred

    The Atlantic is a worthless liberal rag.

  • Maranatha

    Which one exactly morons?….the Sun or the Moon??

  • Tim

    Has someone told Maxine Waters? Maybe she can “impeach” the moon.

  • CrystalDawn0603

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve EVER read.

  • I think this guy is pulling EVERYONE’s leg. As I read through this, I kept saying “This so off-the-wall, it’s gotta be satire.” Yeah, I know, with liberals, it’s hard to make the differentiation.

    It looks like he sold the Atlantic a bill of goods and is fooling a lot of people on the Conservative side as well.

    Some of his other articles are:
    Trump Speech Sends DUmmies Into Deep Angry Depress…
    Desperate DUmmies Latch Onto Laughable “Hate Crime…
    “Anyone else having a mental health crisis over th…
    DUmmies Angry Over Being Scammed by Jill Stein
    “Donald Trump Can be Deposed, Even Without Impeach…
    DUmmies Deeply Depressed Over Trump’s Inauguration…

    The neat part is, as with articles on “climate change”, he salts his work with enough scientific buzzwords to make it appear to be “settled science”.

  • Charles Martell

    We was Kangz and sheeeeiiiiiitttttt.

  • Moshe

    Well… it’s a blackout after all, isn’t it? How can you see black people during a blackout? Naturally, Ra (the Egyptian Sun-god) makes sure the black people won’t be included. :-)

  • Elena

    **yawn** Solar eclipse. So what? It’s a normal part of the universe in which we live.

  • BMW45ACP

    Well then that makes the entire galaxy racist because, well, it’s black! Wait, the stars are white!, oh never mind, now you’ve got me thinking like a Lefty Looney Liberal Zombie with a foil hat!

  • Chet

    Lady, take it up with God Almighty, creator of the universe and all things contained therein.

  • Jackie Puppet

    I’m a just a tad surprised that BLM/Antifas/DisruptJ20 didn’t organize party buses to go to the moon to “counter-protest”.

  • Chris Wolf

    Senator John McCain so dramatically said “Thumbs Down!” to the plan to repeal obamacare, the namesake of his famously celebrated political ally across the aisle, former “president” Hussein Obama — who’s treason in eight years in office provided the espionage intelligence to our enemies around the world, the cyber intelligence, codes and passwords at work against us when a civilian freighter rammed the U.S.S. John McCain, killing a dozen American sailors.
    obama, he’s your boy, Senator!

  • Mack Pooh

    I have said it multiple times, it is only a matter of time that we will be required to call tires on a car TIRES OF COLOR. And while this article is plain simpleminded and stupid, black idiocy is growing faster than lightening strikes….

  • Chris Wolf

    General obama was a real lousy general.
    President obama was a real lousy president.
    barack obama is a real lousy P.O.S.

  • Chris Wolf

    It’s a reflex of the Leftist enemedia shell game carnies to scream Trump’s doing exactly what obama did in Afghanistan!
    Except for the one minor detail that escapes their apprehension: Trump plans to win the war, while obama set up our troops for failure — and death and dismemberment.
    obama: Still at-large.

  • herdzcatz

    I live in the northern part of St. Louis County where the sun was 99.9% covered. How racist can you get??? I am shaking my head at the Atlantic’s idiocy…and even more at anyone who took it seriously!

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