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Alabama: Hamas-CAIR enraged over bacon found in Muslim family’s sandwiches at McDonald’s


Destroying everything American.

When have we even seen Muslims explode (if you’ll pardon the expression) with this kind of rage over the jihad terrorists who supposedly twist and hijack their religion?

“Bacon put in Muslim family’s sandwiches at Decatur McDonald’s, Alabama group says,” by Howard Koplowitz,, August 1, 2017 at 3:12 PM Posted on August 1, 2017:

The Alabama chapter of a national Muslim organization is calling for an investigation and firings after it said a Decatur McDonald’s put pieces of bacon in a Muslim family’s McChicken sandwiches.

Khaula Hadeed, head of the Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Tuesday that bacon was found in 14 sandwiches ordered Monday by the family at the McDonald’s on 3342 Point Mallard Pkwy. SE. Islam forbids adherents from eating pork, including bacon, and Hadeed called the incident “an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.”…

Hadeed said the family was visiting from New York and stopped by the McDonald’s after a day at the Point Mallard Water Park.

“They ordered 14 sandwiches. They started noticing it tasted different to them. They eat McChicken all the time at McDonald’s. They knew what they ordered — they know what’s in the sandwich,” she told

She said a small piece of bacon was found underneath one of the sandwiches. The family then opened all the other sandwiches, which also had bacon.

“It doesn’t sound like a mistake, especially on 14 sandwiches,” Hadeed said.

She said CAIR-Alabama wants an investigation into the incident, including looking at the closed circuit cameras in the restaurant and kitchen. Hadeed said any staff involved should be fired.

She said an adult vomited twice after the incident….

  • Hugo Cabret

    Calling out BULL$HIT on this. This a phony stunt and fraud to fuel “outrage” so Muslims can claim phony bigotry and play the poor supposed peace-loving victims. The bacon was put on there by the Muslims themselves, just like the gay guy writing “faggot” on the cake from Wegmans, a syringe in a Pepsi can, or a finger in Wendy’s chili.
    All of these are frauds. McDonald’s should counter sue the lying Muslims for fraud and defamation.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      Wendy’s got a
      salute ?

    • roccolore

      The cake incident was Whole Foods.

      • Hugo Cabret

        Thanks for the correction, but I think you got the point.

    • Suresh

      Send them Free coupons for Iced coffee in one of these top 3 chains with muslim staff they make special Islamic spiced coffee

      Left/Liberals jihadis Love it ! Psst …don’t send them the article link till they drink the Iced coffee. LOL !

    • Eileen Ross

      Simple. Deport them ALL!!!!!!

    • santashandler

      McDonald’s SHOULD counter sue. But, remember. This is the new era. McDonald’s will kow tow and offer the animals $200K and lifetime food to go away.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      The US constitution protect islam and muslims. Islamophobia will not be tolerated. Homos used the “homophobia” tactics and made homosexuality law of the land. Muslims will use the “islamophobia” tactics and will make sharia law of the land too

      • JUSTsss

        Blah ha ha ha ha ha eat bacon and become a man goat boy.

      • Janet

        Bla bla bla! Sharia the law of the land? Not in this country sweetheart so don’t hold your breath! The USA will never be an Islamic country. Never!!!

        • Trump can’t ban islam

          USA is bombing muslims countries since 1990. But now islam still rule the middle east and is taking over and ruling europe also. Islam is growing in USA also, minessota, hamtrack, etc are muslim also

          • roccolore

            Muslims like you are fascist bigots.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Now just do as the men in the little white suit tell you. They are only trying to make you get better.

      • turkeychoker

        The Constitution is holier than your stinking queeran. How dare you even mention it. You and all moslems don`t respect it. You believe your comic book quran is law above our Constitution,now you want to use OUR Constitution against us ? Our Constitution doesnot protect those who would try to overthrow our Government. Have a BLT & think about it, or have someone with an IQ explain it to you.

      • dad1927

        wait till they start throwing the gays of buildings. Let see the gays support them then!

      • roccolore

        Muslim bigots like you hate the Constitution and want Sharia instead.

    • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

      McDonalds should have enough dough to keep these moochlims from bringing home the bacon! Pardon my expression.

    • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

      It seems like a long ride to come all the way to little Alabama from New York City for a water park and some sandwiches?

    • dad1927

      likely moham put it there

  • IceStation Bratwurst

    They cook the chicken in the same grease they use to cook the McRib. Soooo…… What are you doing eating any fast food if you have a strict diet? Unless you are just looking to provoke a fight…

    • JUSTsss

      Which means they eat BACON all the time!

    • Drew the Infidel

      Don’t you just hate a picky eater? I do.

  • Scott Wallace

    Black Jack Pershing approved a Spanish technique for handling the hostiles in the Phillipines by burying Muslim opponents “late”, naked turned away from Mecca and with pig’s blood all over them. The left has tried to debunk this. It’s in Pershing’s autobiography. BTW- it worked. At first the Muslims fought harder and then their soldiers started to desert. Something about “no virgins for you in paradise”.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      25 years – all quite on Mindanao
      island —

    • Robert Hope

      He also threw a pig in the grave with the body so that when the Muslim stood in front of Allah he would be asked ” What are you doing with the pig ? “

    • frenchie mama

      i suggested this on Trump’s page while discussing how to kill and deter terrorists. Take their nirvana lmao!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Thanks for taking the time to inform Trump. I’ve always been meaning to write him an email re: what I think of US funding of islamic states, but never have.

  • Scott Wallace

    Do they melt like vampires?

    • Suresh

      Send them Free coupons for Iced coffee in one of these top 3 chains with muslim staff they make special Islamic spiced coffee

      Left/Liberals Love it ! Psst …don’t send them the article link till they drink the Iced coffee. LOL !

  • Fred

    What a bunch of crap.

    If the food wasn’t so unhealthy I’d encourage patronizing McDonald’s.

    • Covadonga

      They have really good salads and things. So the food is not necessarily unhealthy.

      If you haven’t been in a McDonald’s recently, you haven’t been in a McDonald’s. It’s totally different from the way it used to be when I was a kid, or even in college. Decor is modern and chic, too.

      • Fred

        Fast food places are good for me to avoid.

        Plenty of choices out there.

  • Bill K

    Eat a fine Muslim restaurants if you are so concerned. Another example of how unbalanced these people are

  • Hezakiah

    Why were they eating at a place that isn’t halal?

    • frenchie mama

      Selectively Muslim when it’s convenient, or when a lawsuit with McDonalds will pay them to go away.

    • santashandler

      Because the closest halal place was being used as a staging area, making bomb vests for the next attack.

  • Allen Burrell

    “Lovin’ it”

  • christian vidal


  • pdxnag

    No non-Muslim is forcing any Muslim to remain Muslim, and explode for the sake of exploding on non-Muslims. Don’t explode, choose apostasy — and freedom.

  • Meoldfart Fartme

    what-sa-matter! muzzy can no find a hala restaurant that servers “nice warm” – camel piss

  • Lalu Prasad

    POTUS help is needed to send them back.

  • ServosT

    The safest thing to do is round up every moslem living in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe and cattle car them to Yemen.

    • The real and only Toedeladoki

      Horizontal or vertical i really do not care , it will happen anyway in the future !

  • Robert Hope

    These idiots picked the wrong fast food chain to try and swindle. Many people over the years have accused McDonald’s of a wide variety of food related offenses and all of them have been shown to be bogus. If you or I told friends we got sick from eating McDonald’s , we would not be believed. Their standards are that high.
    Nowhere in the story does it say that they told the clerk that they wanted no bacon on their McChicken because it doesn’t come with bacon. Furthermore ask any kid who has worked at McDonald’s preparing the food and they will tell you they have no idea who is ordering the food.
    This is just another horsesh*t story amongst many horsesh*t stories that come from that culture. If CAIR is that upset they could tell Muslims not to eat at McDonald’s and that would make the rest of us happy.

  • Protect Yourself !

    Go back to New York and leave Alabama alone.

  • Delilah

    boo fricking hoo.

  • Dano50

    If these people get a penny in compensation, I’m going to go into every restaurant I can, eat a few bites, ask if it’s halal food, then sue their butts if it is because they’ve been sneaking halal food in everywhere.

    The Earl’s restaurant chain is one caught.

    Campbells products are another.

    All sorts companies are secretly pulling this crap on the rest of us and it’s time they freaking get called out on it.

    • Jeremy Steering

      Call them out for sure. I used to eat occasionally in Kentucky Fried Chicken until I grew suspicious when I kept seeing the bizarre sight of veiled Muslim women stuffing chicken under the veils, but had never seen any in nearby Macdonald’s. I looked at its website, and discovered that many of its outlets serve halal meat. Never again!

      • Dano50

        Didn’t know about KFC.

        I’ll still ask, “Trust but verify” and darn sure add them to the list.

        These companies quietly going halal are all those baby steps taking us to those slippery slopes, if you’ll pardon me mixing my metaphors and what not.

      • Dano50

        This video talks about some companies that are Halal compliant, but don’t put the label on. Although it seems to be slanted towards liberal attitudes on the matter.

        Apparently “Cadburys” is an other company that will be getting a complaint from me.

    • Celina

      Campbell’s is sneaking halal to us?? Where does it tell us on the can?

      • Dano50

        If they’d print it on the can, it wouldn’t be sneaking it, would it?

        In any case, when I found out about it, I sent the company an email protesting, and got the typical “We take pride in servicing all our customers” bull.

        I heard about it from an Australian group protesting halal, did a bit of digging, and found out they weren’t lying about it.

        Which is why I wrote Campbells.

        Told them their soup had been a staple in my home ever since I could remember Mom buying the stuff over 50 years ago, and told them I would no longer be buying any of their products.


        It only makes sense that they wouldn’t want to reveal their stuff halal.

        How many people here would buy any of their meat products if they knew the animals were slaughtered under duress?

      • Dano50

        I’m not sure if this was the site where I found out about Cambells, but it’s pertinent anyways, showing what Australia’s dealing with.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          She didn’t know about the E. Timor genocide committed by f’ing Indonesian muslums in the 1970’s? AUS (G-d bless ’em) was the country that stopped it. The UN did NOTHING.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          If she comes to Minneapolistan her and her husband have the opportunity to be killed by muslum police officers — in a ver multicultural and diversifying kind of way.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Too bad this will never happen in the Islamic Puppet States of N. America — or Canada.

          • Dano50

            It will if we get our butts in gear.

            I’ve already emailed several of these companies.

            What’s it take to send one email a day?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I don’t buy any Campbell’s products, I haven’t for years due to their halal certification.

    • usnpao

      What’s the big deal about halal. It just means that the animal was slaughtered in a certain way. It’s the exact same meat in every other aspect. Do you get this irate with kosher food too?

      • Dano50

        Read up on it.

        Companies are basically being blackmailed into being halal compliant.

        And the big beef for me is, I used to ranch, and the cattle industry had to put up with all sorts of P.E.T.A. protests about how we were treating our animals so they didn’t suffer.

        And now Islam gets to come along and basically hang up a screaming animal, cut it’s throat, and let it freak out until it bleed to death?

        You want to do it, fine.

        But I DON’T and don’t want to be supporting it.


        If you do a bit of digging, you’ll find, as usual, Muslim money is being funneled to terrorist organizations.

        Let’s put it this way.

        I never EVEN TRIED marijuana, because I knew, if you bought so much as a joint, you were financing the slaughter of people, by the cartels trying to control their territories.

        If you’re fine with that, go ahead and smoke your dope.

        I’m not, and at least I KNOW, what “cartel” products not to buy.

        And as far as Kosher food, well, all the Muslims and liberals sure seem to be pushing to boycott Israel products.

        If Muslims can dish it out, they can bloody well take it.

      • Dano50

        Also, regarding Kosher food, if I had to pay an extra fee or tax on products I ate because Israel or Jews demanded companies to be kosher compliant, then yes, I’d be irate with kosher food too.

        Why for instance, is Cadbury’s or Kellogs halal compliant? Or Nestle’s? They aren’t big in the meat side of things as far as I know.

        They, most likely like so many other companies, were sent some Muslim letter saying, “Nice business you got here. Be a real shame if we raised a stink about it being Islamophobic.

        Something else that might be of interest to you; I spent almost two years in Muslim countries, and the deal with halal is, if they suspect something they’re about to eat ISN’T halal, all they have to do is say their version of “Grace” over the meal, and it becomes halal.

        If you do a bit of research, you’ll find Muslims aren’t just trying to make the preparation of meat halal. They’re also demanding how products are stored and transported is halal compliant as well.

        So drivers and trucking companies are being accosted into being “Halal compliant,” paying a yearly fee.

        Grocery store chains are being hassled too.

        Basically, it’s one freaking big scam.

        The Muslim guy in one of the videos I posted even used typical taqiyya diversion when making his case. “Eating a halal chocolate bar isn’t going to turn you into a Muslim.”

        We never complained it was.

        What we’re mad about, is being FORCED to FUND Muslim practices, some of whom have already been caught funneling money to terrorism.

        And no I’m got going to look it up for you. You’re obviously online so have the same resources.

        I recommend avoiding any known conspiracy nuts, like Alex Jones, or liberal sites like CNN or CBC and the like, and skip using Google as they just got busted for censoring their search engine.

      • spfg

        Halal is food prepared by the devil. Kosher is bible based. Big difference!!!

      • michaelofsydney

        Rubbish! Halal is food sacrificed to the DEVIL

    • mezcukor

      We should sue them. All the kebab places at gas station serve hallal meat and there are NO sign that warn people that it is hallal. And many middle Easter restaurants do the same: NO sign

  • Baine Sumpin

    Truthfully, Alabama is no place for a Muslim.

    • santashandler

      Yeah, WTF?

  • Dan Knight

    Agree with others … bet this is a deliberate lawsuit set up.

    Obviously there is no reversing this strategy.

    We have no way to sue to stop halal meat from contaminating the food supply.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Prove that the bacon was not put in by the people complaining. Everyone with a functioning brain knows that bacon is common in many restaurants, muslims are not that stupid. This is a case of some one deliberately looking for a lawsuit.

    • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

      Of course they are that stupid. They only checked the sandwich after they said it tasted strange.

  • frenchie mama

    Planted the bacon to get MONEY.
    These same type ppl pack the dodge caravan in Toronto area in Canada, with as many family members as they can, then “create” a car accident to sue for each family member. Because of this habit by certain migrants, cough cough, we have the highest MANDATORY insurance rates in North America. Truth hurts.
    McDonalds better set a precedent on this and not bow.

  • Lauren Janell

    No doubt they added the bacon themselves all in an attempt to stir up some sh*t

  • DemocracyRules

    Oh, Boo-Hoo
    Bacon! bacon! I’m gonna die! I tell you, I’m gonna die!…
    Hey, wait. I didn’t die. In fact, it tastes pretty good… Darn, I hate the USA…

  • santashandler

    Well, maybe if they had better diet choices and not going to McDonald’s, they wouldn’t have had this problem. Doesn’t the Alabama chapter of CAIR have a list of restaurants its members can go visit when they are out of town? Ohhh……forgot. They’re too busy planning the next attack and lawsuit to file to worry about that sort of thing. Meanwhile, their brothers throughout the world are eating human flesh and they are outraged about a little pig meat in their chicken sandwich. Unbelievable. ‘Hey as*holes, get over it. Nobody is buying your story. If you don’t like it, GTFO of America and go back to the barren, no pork wasteland you came from.’ Cheers!

  • InfidelCrusader

    I smell another faked incident of “Islamophobia”. I’m not buying it.

  • spfg

    Islam is a criminal religion. All aspects of Islam is pure wickedness to lie cheat and steal. the illegitimate prophet was a deviant of the worst kind worthy of death.

    • Public_Citizen

      You are mistaken, and buying into moslem propaganda when you state that Islam is a religion.
      It is a Blood/Death Cult that has a thin religious veneer [designed to fool the gullible and credulous] consisting of religious elements purloined from pre-existing Legitimate Religious Sources that were know in the Arab World prior to Moehamed [police beat upon him] founding his murderous and Satanically Inspired Cult.

      • spfg

        Ask any Muslim. I know what it is!!! Stop splitting hairs dufus..

        • Public_Citizen

          It isn’t “splitting hairs” as long as the practitioners of this Cult are afforded specific tax exemptions that are intended to benefit Legitimate Religious and Social Organizations.
          It isn’t “splitting hairs” when the practitioners of this Cult are granted license to build the places where their Cult Activities take place over the Legitimate Objections of the Citizens who live in the vicinity of the intended facility. Practices which include the auditory assault of everyone in the vicinity, often at times of the day when local ordinance prohibits other forms of noise generating activity, such as ~permitted~ construction and heavy maintenance activities.
          It isn’t “splitting hairs” when Islam has as its number one activity and goal the overthrow of legitimate governments [Including That of the United States of America] and the suppression and extermination of all other forms of thought and modes of worship.
          When you state, in public and in print, that Islam is a religion, criminal or otherwise, you are doing the work of moslem propagandists and Islamist apologists for them.
          You can expect to be called out on it, publicly and in detail, by those of us who have had more than enough of these minions of Satan and have started to push back.

          • spfg

            How do you define a religion??? Christianity and Judaism strictly followed have similiar demands on its followers. There was a great deal of Christians persecuting Christians during the middle ages if they did not tow the line. Look, I know Islam is not a take it or leave it religion as we define a religion. It is based on a totalitarian ruthless level of control over its followers. Just because a religion is evil does not means it is no longer a religion. You can’t tell me that Naziism was not a religion either. All it is is simply changing or expanding the official definition of its meaning…Our Constitution parallels the teachings of Judaism and Christianity and yet it rules how we govern…Kapish???

          • Public_Citizen

            Nazism was a Cult, still is, always will be.
            You see, I can tell you something that you think is irrefutable is, in fact subject to disagreement.
            Our Constitution does not “parallel” the teachings of Judaism, and it certainly does not parallel the teachings of Christianity. The foundation upon which our system of law is built is primarily Mosaic Law, the Law of Moses which is also the foundation for the legal system of Judaism.
            Notice I said ~primarily~. It also takes inspiration from Hammurabic Law, the various Law Codes of the Greeks and Romans, and the early documents that form the basis for The English Codes of Law. You will also find, to a lesser extent, hints of the Teutonic Codes as well.
            You ask how I define a religion.
            Quite simply actually. If a system of teaching and beliefs tends to work for the elevation of a society and views the spiritual and physical well being of the individual as an objective to be worked towards and encouraged then that fits within my compass of what may legitimately be viewed as a religion.
            Any system that elevates the state above the individual is to be viewed as suspect on its face, and requires a deep examination of its philosophy and principles before it may be removed from the suspect category.
            Any system that requires absolute and unquestioned obedience and/or places the individual where the least wrong footed move may place that individuals health, liberty, and life in jeopardy is most likely a Cult.
            Systems that thrive on Blood, place any person leaving that system for any other system or no system under a death sentence or practice the abomination of chattel slavery is automatically placed in the category of Cult.
            Islam meets my criteria for a Cult on both of the latter criteria.
            Further, all of the religious elements of Islam have been demonstrated to have been purloined from pre-existing Legitimate Religious Sources that were known on the Arabian Peninsula before Moehamed [police beat upon him] was constructing his self justifying theory of why his band of thieves, extortionists, rapists, slavers, misogynists, torturers, and murderers should be allowed to prosper.
            One further note on Islam. If you take out all the religious elements of the Koran what is left is slightly over half of the entire text. That portion is accurately described as a Manual For Terrorism.
            I know of no other “religious” text for which that statement can be made with any degree of accuracy.

          • spfg

            I really am not sure who you are trying to impress here but I am not. It must be yourself. Ask any Muslim if Islam is a religion or a cult and they will say it is a religion. Even in the old testament when Israel spent the fourty years in the desert and also during the time in the promised land if they deviated from the Word of God By violating the Sabbath or going against Moses in Exodus 16 look at what happened to them. They died all of them. Even when they at first came to the promised land and because of a lack of faith and did not believe that they could defeat the tribes already settled there God punished them by making them spend 40 years in the desert until they died off. Death happened at many different intervals while they lived in the desert for not obeying God. Too many to mention. So was Judaism or Christianity a cult back then and not a cult now??? Islam is a religious cult with punishments similar to the same punishments that occurred to the Israelites out in the desert and up until Christ came to save us and beyond…

          • Public_Citizen

            I’m not trying to “impress” anyone in the customary usage of the word.
            What I ~am~ trying to do is impress a little knowledge on those who have accepted without question more than a millennium of propaganda.

            “”Ask any Muslim if Islam is a religion or a cult and they will say it is a religion.””
            The same question may be asked of the members of almost any cult and you will get the same answer. Those under the influence [usually negative and suppressive] rarely question these influences. Moslems are under a death penalty for questioning. Christians, on the other hand, are constantly questioning and examining.
            Addressing the chastisement of the ancient Jewish peoples. That was done by the will of God, not the will of man. It was done in order to improve the Jewish peoples and make them fit to enter the Promised Land. And for those of you who try to equate Old Testament Biblical punishments with Christianity, not going to happen. Christians have a different Covenant and a different set of rules to live by than those imposed during the Old Testament Times. I would recommend reading the appropriate chapters anyway because there are some instructions on the ordering and regulation of a household that still make perfect sense today from a sanitation and general health perspective.
            Islam is a Cult, always has been, always will be, unless and until it goes through a process similar to the Reformation that the Christian Church went through.
            All of the religious elements of Islam have been purloined from already existing Legitimate Religious Sources that were known on the Arabian Peninsula in the time of and before Moehamed was putting together his band of thieves, cut-throats, rapists, sadists, slavers, misogynists, and murderers. If you remove these “borrowed” elements what is left is a little over half of the text and what remains is a Manual For Terrorism.
            The purpose of these elements is to provide an external appearance of religiosity and self justification in order to fool the gullible and credulous and to facilitate the control of subject peoples.

          • spfg

            Addressing the chastisement of the ancient Jewish peoples. That was done by the will of God, not the will of man.

            Where on earth do you think Mo got his instructions from? An Ant? Besides, were there not 12 tribes instead of one which is Judah the one you are referring to? The other 11 were in fact not Jewish…Hello??? Could they be like European maybe. Jacob had four wives. A little bit of diversity I’d say. Wouldn’t you agree???

            And for those of you who try to equate Old Testament Biblical punishments with Christianity, not going to happen. Christians have a different Covenant and a different set of rules to live by than those imposed during the Old Testament Times.

            Yeshua many times stated: I did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfil it. What law do you think he was referring too??? The Law of Moses perhaps! Even the apostle’s many times and Paul referred to the Law in New Testament times. The only different is Christ became our sacrificial lamb. Nothing else. One Covenant compliments the next. Nowhere are these covenants abolished or done away with. Also with your way of thinking I guess celebrating Christmas and Easter is just fine with God’s approval. Wrong!!! He absolutely detests that! The old holy days still apply and are critical if you call your self a true christian to celebrate them…

            Islam is a Cult, always has been, always will be, unless and until it goes through a process similar to the Reformation that the Christian Church went through.

            Islam is a totalitarian religious mindset with the goal of world domination by worshiping a god that dominates its adherents and creates a warlike attitude once when the numbers support it. They will honor a god of fortresses…

          • Public_Citizen

            Have a nice life.
            I try to avoid arguing with raving lunatics whenever possible, and you my friend are very close to the raving category.

  • Public_Citizen

    McDonalds isn’t that parsimonious with the bacon on their sandwiches.
    This has the look and ordure of a planned and planted incident, for the purpose of advancing moslem aggression.
    Besides, if you don’t want bacon, stay out of ‘Bama, and every other state south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
    This is a good time to open an industrial size drum of Public Law 414 Whoop Ass.

  • Janet

    Oh boo hoo! Anything so they can sue. It would have taken some time to intentionally put bacon pieces on 14 sandwiches. Was it done on purpose? Who knows but you can bet they’ll say it was traumatic and they deserve compensation for it. They really get off on suing people. Just saying….

  • Roy Jennings

    Total and utter fake news. Unless its the quietest MD in the World, most sandwiches are made prior to sale especially McChicken as its very popular. The chances of all 14 having bacon (if any) are little to none. Even so sandwiches are prepared behind the front counter making it almost impossible for the preparation to have been done in the knowledge they were for a Taqiya touting family.
    The most dangerous of all Jihad is the constant use of the victim card by many of of the 1.6 billion (and growing fast) Mohammadans. This is a deliberate and calculated attempt to persuade liberals the only way to prevent the so called victimization of Mohammadans is to introduce the Sharia blasphemy law. The UK and Canada are well on the way to making any criticism of Islam illegal. This should be of more concern to everyone than even terrorism. Terrorism will never bring the West to its knees. Sharia blasphemy laws as an integral part of a countries jurisdiction will destroy us from within.

  • Robert Hope

    With regard to the halal food issue , I would never eat halal food.
    Observant Muslims follow the Koran explicitly and the Koran mandates wiping their ass with their left hand. It doesn’t say ‘ use your left hand if there’s no toilet paper ‘ , it says ‘ use your left hand’, A curry shop in London was inspected by a health inspector and he found a jug under the kitchen sink with brown finger prints and smears all over it. When asked to explain, the shop owner said he was an observant Muslim and followed the Koran. The halal slaughterhouses are filled with observant Muslims and I sure as hell don’t want to eat meat that some guy handled after wiping his ass with his hand.
    I will never eat halal food including things like donairs from shops run by Muslims. My health means more to me than that.

  • Robert Batchelor

    If I had a dollar for every time my fast food order has been screwed up over the years, I’d be a lot richer today—but I never went crying to the press or called 911 to complain about it. This is simply absurd. Demanding an investigation and that the employee (s) be fired is not just a little over the top—-it borders on insane.

    This why sane people cannot assimilate or coexist with Islam. The insane must be defeated.

  • peakpower

    I say put bacon on every sandwich served to muslims at restaurants. Whatever keeps them out of the public sphere.

  • SheGaveBirth2sAtan

    It’s hard to see where the guy at the grill somehow knew this order was for moochlims and decided to add just a smidgin of bacon to each sandwich. They’re not allowed to leave the grill unless it’s break, lunch, or bathroom and it’s so fast paced that no one would have the time to check each individual’s religion first and figure out how to piss them off.
    McDonalds should just use something like obamas adage “there’s not a smidgin of corruption in these fine establishments”

  • sirock

    BTW since when has McDonalds started selling meat that was Halel ? Sounds like they are setting McDonalds up for a law suit

  • dad1927

    there is pork byproduct in the meat and oil

    How stupid are they> Almost every processed food in America contains traces of pork. There is NOTHING processed without it. Tell them!

  • Apothis

    I would bet money this was perpetrated by the Muslim family.

  • Louis Boo

    If they are so worried, they need to check the sandwich before consuming it. It is a McDonald’s after all, and they can mess up anything. They do it to me all the time when I can’t eat meat on Friday, and ask for an egg mcmuffin without meat, I sometimes get meat. Big deal. Take it off and move on.

    • Dorrie

      Why can’t you eat meat on Friday??

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        In public schools in Caliphornia it used to be fish Fridays, because at some point in the obscure past of Catholicism they deemed it wrong to eat meat on Fridays.

        “The penitential days and times in the universal
        Church are every Friday of the whole year and the season of Lent.
        Abstinence from meat, or from some other food as determined by the
        Episcopal Conference, is to be observed on all Fridays, unless a
        solemnity should fall on a Friday. Abstinence and fasting are to be
        observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday” (Code of Canon Law 1250,


  • GR Arnold

    Then Muslims need to STOP going to McDonalds and this won’t happen, It’s that simple.

  • Michael

    Islamafauxbia, a hoax. They use mixed grills as well and devout Muslims know not to eat where beef and pork are cooked on the same grill.

  • Merchantseamen

    MacDonalds will fold like a cheap suit. Please, please don’t sue me. Here we will give you 5 millions to go away. What makes you think they have any backbone? They would stand up if the stockholders en masse threaten to divest their stock.

  • pwrserge

    Who cares? Muslims don’t have rights.

  • Lyn Patricia

    Sounds like a hoax to help perpetuate the myth of hate crimes against Muslims

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