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College Removes 9/11 Memorial of American Flags For Fear of Offending Muslims


Southern Methodist University prevented a student group from prominently displaying a 9/11 memorial that featured almost 3,000 American flags to honor those slain, according to a Wednesday report.  They banned the memorial on Dallas Hall Lawn so as  to“avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing.” Who is offended by American flags and memorials to victims of a major jihad attack on American soil?

That’s it. We are done. Cooked like the Ramadan goose.

College Relocates 9/11 Memorial After ‘Triggering, Harmful Or Harassing’ Speech Policy

August 2, 2017: By By Rob Shimshock, Daily Caller:

Southern Methodist University prevented a student group from predominantly displaying a 9/11 memorial that featured almost 3,000 American flags to honor those slain, according to a Wednesday report.

The school blocked its Young Americans for Freedom group from displaying the memorial on Dallas Hall Lawn because of a July 2017 policy that stressed its desire to “avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing” in the location, according to The College Fix.

The college will allow the group to display the memorial at a different location, but the two groups have different opinions concerning why the request for the first location was denied.

“All approved lawn displays, regardless of sponsoring organization or subject, now will be located on a larger site, MoMac Park,” said SMU in a statement posted Tuesday to Twitter, describing the policy edited in July. “The policy has been further updated to better reflect [the balance between freedom of speech and freedom from coercion/harassment] and to remove the poor wording regarding triggering or harmful messages.”


“This new location is far less prominent than the iconic Dallas Hall Lawn, which thousands of students, faculty and local residents pass by every day and serves as the heart of our campus,” said the SMU College Republicans on Facebook in response. “This is disappointing considering that the purpose of the many displays that our organizations construct is to generate respectful, diverse dialogue so that our campus will be a center for thoughtful and engaging discussion that inspires and informs the ‘World Changers’ we are all striving to become.”

The statement is signed by representatives of SMU’s College Republicans, College Democrats, Feminist Equality Movement, Mustangs for Life, Turning Point USA, and Young Americans for Freedom chapters. Drew Wicker, president of the school’s College Republicans, told The College Fix that the groups did not want SMU to “go the way of UC Berkeley, Middlebury or Evergreen College.” (RELATED: Evergreen State President Doesn’t Seem To Understand Free Speech)

The actual policy was removed from the university’s site Tuesday, according to The College Fix.

Pro-life crosses displayed on Dallas Hall Lawn have previously generated controversy for members of SMU’s community.

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  • VLParker

    Pro-life is anti-woman? Considering half of the babies murdered by abortion are female that argument is beyond stupid. Leftists are just plain evil. They hate freedom, they hate capitalism, they hate America.

    • Susan P

      It has been my experience that those who are pro-abortion turn a blind eye to all that disagrees with them. Logic and truth are not what they want to hear. I support the Life Begins at Conception Act

      In the Roe v Wade opinion, the Supreme Court left open a way to overturn the decision without having to take another case to the Supreme Court. Congress can overturn the decision and end legal abortion for any reasons other than preserving the mother’s life, incest or rape simply by passing the Life Begins at Conception Act. Part of the Roe v Wade decision is based on the fact that science had not, at that time, established when “life” begins and the infant/fetus can be legally declared a separate living being with Constitutional rights.

      We already have laws on the books all over the USA in which a person who murders a pregnant woman is charged with 2 counts of murder; one for the woman and one for the unborn infant. Yet, abortion law allows that mother to “murder” her own child. This inconsistency needs to be corrected. Also, experience has shown that where aborted fetuses are often alive outside the womb, they can be saved with prompt medical treatment or, more often, are murdered by the medical personnel who did the abortion. Passage of the Life Begins at Conception Act would immediately put a stop to it all and give us one consistent law. At conception, the infant is a “real” person, not a mass of tissue, and therefore has Constitutional protection to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The “mass of tissue” is and always has been a LIE. That is why those who are pro-abortion do not want photos of fetuses shown.

      With the advancement of birth control methods, there is no excuse for conceiving a child you do not want. Yes, rape and/or incest (which is often rape as well) are not prevented by contraceptives. But, sexually active women are simply being irresponsible when they become pregnant with a child not wanted and seek abortion to relieve themselves of their “burden”.

  • Fred

    All freedom loving Americans should boycott the school.

    • Suresh

      When citizens are organised , aware and willing to fight this using the Legal methods its possible to win against the Islamonazis just as Parents of san diego school did

      Its a lesson on how to fight back and win. Its far more difficult in Europe due to Pro-islam Left/liberal Loons running the govt.

      • felix1999

        How strange!
        The message I receive when I went to you link:

        “Your access to this site has been limited

        Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

        Reason: Manual block by administrator”

        I am the administrator and didn’t block that!

        • Suresh

          “administrator” refers to the website administrator. Its a paid member driven website. Free users can get temp blocked for periods ranging from 15 – 30 days.

          you can request removal of block by sending email to davelaw2004 at gmail com (administrator of that website)

          with ” Please remove block ” and give your IP address in the
          email copy .

          Or… pay $2 as donation and get 1 year access .

      • CreoleGumbo

        Unable to open the link because access to the site is “limited.”

        • Suresh

          Its members driven website.
          send email to davelaw2004 at gmail com
          with “please remove block” with your IP address in email copy.

          ….or pay $2 as donation and you’ll get 1 year fulltime access without any blocking.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      Can someone from Dallas, Texas change the nameplate from “Southern Methodist University” to “TALIBAN“, please?

    • Drew the Infidel

      Q: How do two SMU students change a flat tire?
      A: One holds the drinks while the other calls his daddy.

    • Juanita

      Parents and counselors should discourage high school students from applying. ALUMNI NEED TO CANCEL ALL SCHEDULED GIFTS AND NOT GIVE ANOTHER PENNY UNTIL THIS POLICY IS REVERSED.

      Those students who are in a position to transfer out should do so.

      People publicize this mess and let the country know what these spineless administrators have done.

      Students, now is the time for a large peaceful ongoing protests! Do not let these “worms” get away with this.

      • Fred

        Best post of the day!

  • Topaz

    It’s not right to ban a memorial to 3,000 people who died because some are afraid of triggering “harmful, harassing messages”.
    By design, memorials are NOT meant to make people feel warm and fuzzy….they are meant to honor the dead, to bring attention to the atrocities and hate that caused their deaths. People need to remember what happened, so they can prevent similar events from happening again.

    It doesn’t matter what if some people might find the memorial harmful…3,000 people died on 9/11, and this college has every right to put up a memorial to them.
    This memorial may not make people comfortable, especially because it’s a reminder of how far jihadists will go….but as I said, memorials aren’t supposed to be comfortable.

    They are reminders of how low humanity can sink, and a monument to the innocent people who happened to be there when that hatred exploded. It’s a reminder of the victim’s lives, and a demand for remembrance and prevention.

    No one likes to face innocent deaths or jihadist murders, but not allowing those flags to be put up doesn’t do justice to the people who died on 9/11. And it doesn’t do justice for people who need to learn about what happened that day.

  • mmmmm

    Trump Pushes Bill to Cut Legal Immigration in Half in 10 Years

  • TD

    “Who is offending by American flags and memorials to victims of a major jihad attack on American soil.”
    America/NATO helps 1 Jewish State (Israel and rightly so) VERSUS 3 Muslim states that America helps!
    Bosnia, Kosovo and Kuwait owe their existence to American foreign policy.

    Many Muslim leaders conveniently leave that part out, because they want to scape-goat Jewish people, Zionists, and promote their racist Jewish conspiracy theories; which is what inspires hate crimes in the form of terrorist attacks!

    • Suresh

      Its sharia/Islam drip by drip . In America we have Islamonazis demanding we stop honoring American soldiers during Memorial day and instead honor Jihadis killed by American Soldiers just the way Palestine govt does to its jihadis !

      Hard to believe ? check

      And why are such scumbags who cannot even respect our soldiers deported after rescinding their citizenship rights & for supporting jihadi terrorists ?

  • gia

    Our country is full of traitors, this is just one sign that we are losing the war against hostile invaders a.k.a Muslims.
    What a slap in the face to all those who risked their lives that day and many days after the first crucial confusing nightmare!
    The families of the victims, must feel nothing but continual heartache when stories such as these emerge!
    How can we forget the broken twisted bodies the horrific sight of people leaping to their deaths!
    Our liberty and our country crumbled that day, and now years later this is what we have to witness.
    Who the f cares about Muslims they are out to kill the very people who will stop at nothing to spare their feelings when the only feelings they have are hatred vile hostility and the feeling of superiority and smugness as the world submits to isla!m .
    Don’t surrender !
    Be a brave American.
    Don’t forget the faces of the terrorist who tried to destroy us!

    • TD

      Let’s also remember that 9/11 was a inspired by people who grew up on Muslim Nationalism and Judeo-phobia; who then took advantage of a broken immigration and TRAVEL system to infiltrate our land.
      (Sound familiar, Europe?)

      I’m an immigrant too, but “open borders” with no laws is bad even for true immigrants.

      • gia

        Absolutely , America was smug in the belief that an attack on this scale would never happen.
        Though some would say we hard a warning but failed to heed that warning!

        Nothing wrong with immigration, but alot wrong in the vetting process.
        You would think 911 woke up everyone, to a realization of what is at stake
        Instead it’s getting worse , thank Obama for that!

        • santashandler

          Yeah. The U.S. got real patriotic for about 15 minutes, then it was back to lattes and televised sports. If an event like 9/11 is not strong enough to keep people angry enough to change, no event ever will.

          • felix1999

            Remember the “God Bless America” on the capital steps?
            What a joke. They are so ANTI-Judeo Christian it’s horrifying!

          • gia

            Was it 15 minutes seemed a lot less . Your right 911 should have been the moment of realization.

        • spfg

          Nothing wrong with immigration, but alot wrong in the vetting process.

          Any Muslim brought into this country is a threat to our way of life because they oppose everything we hold dear and cherish. Islam is for haters of the One True God and those with a criminal mindset pretending to be holy…

          • gia

            Immigration of non Muslim.

        • turkeychoker

          True, Obama ignored laws to set in motion illegal immigration. It`s OUR fault it continued.

          • gia


        • Jason Tupperman

          I don’t know who or which political party changed the immigration laws that restrict White Europeans getting a “green card” favouring nationals of (mainly?) moslim countries just for the sake of “diversity,” I’ve told that the same applies to Canada. A Pakistani has therefore more probabilities of getting a work and residence permit than a Dutch or Belgian citizen. I know of some cases of favouring Afghans, Moroccans and Filipinos (among others) who did get the papers while other Europeans didn’t “qualify” and this happened BEFORE 9/11 under George W. Bush. I don’t know if things got worse under Obama, they probably did. Muslim Immigrants like the Chechnyan Tsarnayev siblings for instance (as well as to countless other followers of the “prophet” have hardly been an asset for the US. Rejecting Europeans has been a loss…

          • Jason Tupperman

            there is a little error, I forgot to insert the word “been” in “I’ve been told…” etc.

          • gia

            Me neither. I am surprised at that.
            There are many things we don’t know, I’m not a conspiracy theorist ,but something isn’t right.

          • Susan P

            I believe that would be the Obama Administration. A conscious decision was made to ignore the Immigration/Nationality Act of 1952.

            The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law was ignored by the White House during Obama’s 8 years.

            Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic.

            All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited..Enforce the law!!

            Islam is a theocracy, i.e. a form of government masquerading as a religion. It fully intends that all the world bow down to Islam or DIE. Therefore, it advocates the overthrow of the USA government by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.”

    • Craig

      Sooner or later, you are going to have to have another civil war and rid America of the muslims, communists and welfare parasites. If not, you might as well sell your guns and buy a koran and a hadji man-dress.

      • gia

        Most likely.its close to that right now.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      3000 pictures, now think of the 2.5 million Hindus slaughtered by muslums in Bangladesh in the 1970’s. What kind of wall would you need for those pictures? If all the names of the Hindus were listed on something similar to the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. the wall would be nearly 50 times as long.

      • gia

        That’s impossible to imagine.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Remember how in the beginning they tried to sell the lie on how many Muslims (from Pakistan among others) died on 911 attacks as well? Now you have it: it was apparently the BIG LIE if now memory of them could also be “offensive to sensibilities” of barbarians!

  • DemocracyRules


  • Patrick Hillis

    ok so I am going to say it, the domed tops of every mosque offends me as they look like a giant penis…yes I know that sounds preposterous or God forbid Islamaphobic but you know what, IDGAF as I am also sick and tired of these people and those brainless liberal snowflake twits who defend their ” I am offended” crap, well everything about them offends me and I made a list
    1.) their unsanitary practices ( they dont use toilet paper) they don’t believe in washing their hands which is why I will never eat in a restaurant with Muslim cooks.
    2.) the backwards way they in one breath say they are Godly or Holy men but seeing anything more than the eye slit through a Hijab on a woman makes them go into a lust filled frenzy
    3.) that they believe it is perfectly acceptable for a grown man to marry a 9 year old and have sex with them
    I could go on and on about all things repulsive and disgusting regarding Islam and Muslims but I can hear the heads of the liberal snowflakes exploding already… and its a wonderful sound

    • Michael Buley

      But … you’re American. You’re free. You’re a male. If you’re white to boot? You can’t be offended … it’s against the law for Americans to be offended. New rules, you see …

    • Craig

      Don’t forget…in Mecca, they kiss a stainless steel vagina…too funny.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is why Christianity is losing out to everything, it refuses to acknowledge the difference of right from wrong.

    • santashandler

      Christianity has been real good at turning a blind eye for far too long to this kind of garbage.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Christianity has been overrun by non thinking addle minded people who do not realize that there is most definitely good and evil in the world, choosing to believe that love conquers all. It never occurred to these milksop christians, that Christianity is not all about waiting for a miracle.

    • Susan P

      Please do not insult Christianity just because ignorant snowflakes believe that if we all are just “nice” enough to Islamics then we can all be friends. True Christians, who still attend services weekly (or more often) and still believe all that the scriptures tell them, are smart enough to not believe the “if we make nice, we have nothing to fear” propaganda pushed by the socialist who are trying to destroy the USA.

      Three years ago I walked away from a church I had been a member of for more than 45 years because the minister started preaching blasphemy and no one in the congregation but me was disturbed by it. Then I moved to another state and am now a member of a congregation that simply would not tolerate a blasphemous minister. We may be few, but real Christians are not refusing to acknowledge the difference between right and wrong. Sadly, far too many churches have surrendered to political correctness and turned their backs on the scriptures.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You are absolutely correct, my intent is to draw attention to the insipid Christians who think they are following scripture when they are being weak and stupid.

        • Susan P

          All who call themselves Christian or think they are being Christian are not really Christian. This Summer, my Sunday School class has been studying the Old Testament and God’s Urgent Call. It is amazing how many times the Israelites turned their back on God and disobeyed his laws, worshipped idols and generally had to be reminded just who God was and what he expected of them. God allowed the Israelites to be taken over and oppressed for a generation or two and then would send someone to rescue them. But, a generation or so later they would again ignore God and the pattern repeats. Every generation seemed determined to make the same mistakes.

          I see today’s churches who profess to follow Christ’s teachings in the New Testament doing the same things. They know what they are supposed to be doing, but turn away in the name of adjusting to new attitudes of society instead of following the scriptures. This generation’s version is called political correctness.

          • Dorrie

            I agree with everything you said, yet how many Christians mix God’s precepts with Paganism when they celebrate “Christmas” and “Easter”? Both are Pagan based holidays, sold to Christians as something else. How many Christians blow off the Lord’s Sabbaths, claiming He changed Sabbath from the 7th Day to Sunday, a day named to worship the sun. How many Christians ignore the Lord’s Feasts, claiming they’re just for the Jews, even though Yahweh created them before He created man (there were no Jews when He gave Torah to Moses) and if you’re studying the “Old Testament” which is really Torah and Tanach, you’ll see that when Moses was given Torah, God clearly stated it was for the Israelites AND the “strangers that traveled with them.” Nearly 3 MILLION people fled Egypt, not all were Hebrews.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Christianity and Judaism have a loving forgiving basis for their beliefs and expectations. muslims have physical, mostly sexual gratification as the source of their belief. muslims will never become human as they define themselves as animals.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Sensitive barbarians.

    • Michael Buley

      yes. a little bit of an oxymoron there … lol … oh, poor murderers / rapists / pedophiles … so sorry your sensitive murderous feelings were ‘harassed.’

      • Craig

        We are not allowed to disparage our muslim rapists and murderers.
        Anti-American democrats are the enemy.

  • Pray Hard

    SMU is full of spoiled little rich cucks. It’s also where the GWB library is. In other words, it’s an NWO hot spot.

    • Michael Buley

      that’s all these universities are anymore: bastions of America haters, teachers of communism, socialism, globalism, etc. They are truly anti-American.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Muslims deserve to be offended… that is the least they deserve.

    Are nazis ‘offended’ by the cemeteries in France? Who cares if they are?

  • realeyes

    The conquest of the United States has been ongoing for several years, mostly since the big 0 took office in 2009. The spineless and traitorous leaders of “higher” education have surrendered to the jihadists, and the jihadists will continue to exploit the weak PC culture of the left until we find ourselves without free speech and living under Shariah law.

    Islam is a world conquest political ideology and seditious. There is no compatibility between the U.S. constitution and Shariah law. Founded by a murderer, they’ve increased by means of intimidation, violence and war since their beginning.

  • santashandler

    Just disgusting. Not only should there be protests at the school but, any and all federal aid the school gets should be immediately terminated on the grounds it is hostile to the sovereignty of the U.S. and it’s citizens. Then, have the IRS conduct a THOROUGH investigation going back twenty years. If the school owes as much as .20, it should be shut down.

  • Michael Buley

    For those who find the American flag offensive, get the H out. That’s about all I have to say any more. Get out. Shut up. Deal with it. And the rest of us stand proudly FOR this great country, for America, for freedom.

    • santashandler

      Makes me want to put my flag out right now!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims are laughing at the fools of Americans who can be so easily intimidated, having no values they are willing to stand up for, caving in to every nasty look. Really, are Americans really that afraid of a pile of dirty rags so as to surrender their beliefs and culture in exchange for not affronting a hateful bigoted cult of beggars and criminals?

    • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

      Coming soon to a cirty/province up here if Twikle Toes and his cult of Libtards are voted more time to destroy Canada..

  • Robin Martz

    That guy at the end of the article?? HOW DID HE GET THERE???? HE CAN SUCK A DIRTY SOCK!

  • smart guy

    This is the left liberal Christianity that has gone bankrupt. They have lost all common sense and therefore have lost all the common people. Ignorance is strength. “Do not give what is Holy to dogs or swine” Methodists have abandoned reading the Bible.

  • Craig

    The Methodist church was the one that told their membership to turn in their firearms during the Bill Clinton era.
    Several Methodist churches had firearm burnings in their church yards.
    The Methodist church told their membership that your 1040 form is your ticket to Heaven.

    You can see where the Methodist University got its cowardice and stupidity from.

  • felix1999

    Guess Southern Methodist University is not a CHRISTIAN University.

    • Craig

      It is a liberal university, just like the Methodist church is liberal above all.

      • felix1999

        So I see…

    • Apostates!

  • iprazhm

    Southern Methodist University is a private research university in Dallas where administrators are SO AFRAID of Islamic terrorism, they wont honor Americans killed by Islamists, on our own soil. WE ARE IN A WAR AND OUR GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT OR DEFEND US FROM IT> WE MUST PREPARE TO DEFEND OURSELVES AND STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER’S FREEDOMS AND VERY LIVES, OR CONTINUE TO LOSE OUR COUNTRY TO THESE SAVAGES.

  • T.A. Parnell

    Hard to understand how this law school could bow down to these goat humpers

  • Alleged Comment

    I don’t see NO FLAGS! Now they have OFFENDED ME!!! So, up they go. (Using the same logic).

  • Poppey

    From the outside, this seems to me to be an opportunity for all those who care to remember those who fell victim to Islamic terrorism to put down what they’re doing and stand up for what’s right despite the snowflakes.

    The person each little flag represents is someone as loved and missed to a family somewhere as my only son remains to me. It’s surely time for all of us to turn round and say ” This one step is one step too far ” because where does this cringing stop ? Whose memorial will be next ?

  • Robert Batchelor


  • Sunshine Kid

    Those who do not respect the American flag deserve no respect at all. Why tear down a display because a FEW might be offended? Are the leaders so much of a pansy that they whine of a screw can set them off? Perhaps they would rather hear the chambering of a few million guns getting ready to defend our right to honor our flag?

  • Lynn D

    This article had me feeling absolutely disgusted at SMU and I’m not even in the USA. . I would love to email the appropriate person at the White House and let them Know how offended I am as a foreigner about this bunch of snivelling shits at SMU

    • Why not SMU? They made the decision, not the White House.

      • Lynn D

        I was hoping that the powers that be in the White House would take exception to this anti American gesture, and publicly shame them

        • There are worse things happening in the US and the White House has a hard time just surviving the cultural Marxists trying to destroy Trump and the rest of the country – and Canada is not far behind.
          Have a nice day.

  • Karen

    That was a significant event in our history, & deserves respect. The college should be ashamed of itself.

    Americans are not going to put up with our flag & memorials being deemed “offensive”. Kapernick can’t get hired anywhere because of it.

  • Grumpy

    Better stop all those Memorial Day (US) and Remembrance Day (UK & Commonwealth) events in case the Germans, Austrians, Turks, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and sundry others get upset too.

  • James Stamulis

    Methodist is no longer a real Christian faith anyways for they have sold out Jesus in favor of the one world religion the fake Pope Francis is pushing so this doesn’t surprise me at all. They have shown their true colors of treason and cowardice.

  • Tm.

    All the broken bodies, all the blood, the innocent victims, the falling man, our citizens, their bodies strewn amongst the rubble. Suffering beyond our comprehension. And it is this that they do not wish to remember, to honor. Why then, to all, who partook in this disgrace, may God look down on them and judge them. Give up who you are, release your memories and one day you will awaken and not know who you are. This bears the fingerprints of the left. Washed our minds till we are mindless zombies.
    Southern Methodist university indeed. What’s next? Should we not remember Pearl Harbor? We left God, and He has given our minds over to forgetfulness, to foolishness.

  • Southern Methodist University has chosen to dance with the devil instead.

  • papa doug

    This university should lose all it’s funding both public and private for offending all Americans!

  • Rob Porter

    These Americans are disgusting cowards. Muslims take delight and open rejoice in the violence that took American lives, yet these cringing cowards don’t wish to offend Muslims whose brethren committed atrocities.

    • Dorrie

      I just wonder why the students aren’t protesting about it. They’re cowards too!

  • Steven

    What is wrong with these idiots? Can I say they are in fact Americans? No, it does not seem so.

  • SMU needs to be relocated to another country to avoid offending Americans.

  • oldfiredog

    SPIT !…..Just SPIT !

  • andrew

    I, am a 68 y/o American Citizen, a Veteran, . enjoying the retirement I’ve earned over 50+ years working.
    I’ve played the game, with a mostly level head, minding my own business for the most part, and getting along with all stripe of my fellow man and woman. Black and white, Hispanic and Asian, et. al.
    Mutual respect being the common thread in all cases.

    That is, until this islam thing came along some years ago and started its belligerence. It is really getting obnoxious, which is putting it very mildly.
    islam, will not take away my calm outlook on life. Life itself is a bumpy road, with no promise of calm seas or smooth sailing all the time.
    However … Push a civilized man or woman far enough, and you are going to get a reaction sooner or later… islam is pushing… relentlessly… Our government, is doing next to nothing to mitigate the issues.

    I would rather not contemplate the civil unrest that is brewing. Thinking that it is likely to bud and bloom into a full-blown civil war against the ever expanding islamic scourge.
    I like the thought that God Almighty has apparently enlisted Mr. Trump. and is paving the road to revival
    of some sanity in this country… Giving America a final ? chance to come to her senses.

    We the People, need to align behind our President, and our Constitution. Granted, not all of us agree with everything our President is doing, and that is the source of the healthy exercise of freedom we value.
    Allowing this so-called “deep state” or Obamas’ ” Shadow Government ” to exist, is NOT helping the concept of freedom. it has been tried, and found to be counterproductive.

  • Susan P

    Freedom of Speech is in the Bill of Rights and is a God given right of all people. Freedom from being Offended is NOT a right anywhere that I know of. Apparently, these students value free speech and free flow of ideas even if they disagree with the ideas. SMU is making a huge mistake as they are stifling free speech in an effort to prevent conflict of any kind; even civil discourse that is non-violent.

    Personally, I think every student who disagrees with this new policy should withdraw and demand a full, 100% refund of all money paid for their education. They should also petition that state and federal funds be withdrawn from the school. Take away their income and then the administrators of this school just might wake up and do the right thing. That is respect and follow the Constitution and forget about being “politically correct”. I declared “political correctness” to be an attack on the 1st Amendment the very first time I heard the term. That was in the 1970s. My opinion has only been reinforced with the passage of time and all the damage that political correctness has done in this country. It is TRULY an ATTACK on our Constitutional rights and should be set aside immediately. No where is there a “right” to not be offended. That is impossible because no matter what you do or what you say, someone, somewhere will chose to be offended by it.

    • Poppey

      Well said Susan P, right on target.

  • Can we now assume that SMU is now a non-christian, progressive Democrap college?

  • KitCarson CarsonCity

    Evil WINS when good men do nothing.

  • karl59

    One cannot compromise with people who are bent on your destruction.

  • Josh Bedford

    The displaying of a memorial for 9/11 is not islamophobic or intended to trigger anyone. Despite the fact that the perpetrators were muslim, the memorial does not mention that fact. So, should we remove all holocaust memorials in fear of offending Germans?

  • Karen Poxon Beckwith

    There are many more Americans offended that you don’t allow the flags! How can less than 1% of your college decide what does or doesn’t happen on your campus? Your lack of spine will come back to bite you, whether it’s parents not wanting their children to go to a college run by wimps. Or veterans ashamed of your decisions sending their kids elsewhere.

  • Jim McCormack


  • Bruce Atchison

    Muslims are ALWAYS offended. That’s because their barbaric and poor excuse for a religion forbids so many things. Their god demands total obedience but without the love and logic required of the real God.

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