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White House Backs House Bill To Crack Down On Asylum Fraud


More good news.

White House Backs House Bill To Crack Down On Asylum Fraud

Will Racke, Daily Caller,  July 28, 2017L

 The White House signaled Thursday that it will support a House Republican proposal to overhaul the U.S. asylum system, saying that stricter rules are needed to prevent fraud and abuse in the the asylum claims process.

The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act, sponsored by Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, would raise the standard for proving a “credible fear” of persecution in an asylum applicant’s home country and limit when immigration authorities can use parole to admit immigrants into the U.S.

The White House sees the bill, which passed the House Judiciary Committee in a party line vote Wednesday, as a bulwark against potential transnational gang recruits entering the U.S. under the guise of asylum, according to a senior administration official.

“The asylum process right now is extremely prone to fraud and the amount of fraud found on those applications is enormous,” the official told reporters Thursday. “People can game the system by filing applications and then just disappearing [into the U.S.].”

While immigration hawks have largely focused their attention on illegal immigration and, to a lesser extent, the number of legal immigrants admitted every year, the asylum process has also come under fire from critics who say it is too easily abused. Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge and currently a fellow at the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, argues that the standards for proving a credible fear are too low.

“In the credible fear process, however, the alien is not screened before entering the United States, and there are significant weaknesses and vulnerabilities in verifying the alien’s identity and screening his or her claim for fraud after the alien enters this country,” Arthur wrote in an April report.

The main vulnerability in the asylum system is that that asylum officers often have to rely solely on an applicant’s testimony, which can be nearly impossible to corroborate, Arthur says. Compounding that weakness, many asylum applicants are then released while they await a determination from an immigration judge, with no way track those who fail to return for court hearings.

“Aliens found to have credible fear are often released from custody before their asylum claims are heard in immigration court,” Arthur wrote. “This is significant from a fraud standpoint because … a finding of credible fear can be made without the alien presenting any corroborating evidence, or even identity documents.”

Johnson’s bill seeks to raise the evidentiary standards for proving credible fear by requiring an applicant’s statements to be “more probable than not true.” That subtle change would make it easier for immigration judges to suss out inconsistencies between testimony and other evidence of persecution. The proposal would also tighten the rules governing the use of immigration parole, an authority the Obama administration used to admit thousands of Central American migrants from 2014 to 2016.

The asylum bill could become an afterthought given the slate of contentious immigration legislation scheduled to be taken up by Congress in the coming legislative session, including two enforcement bills: Kate’s Law and the Davis Oliver Act. However, the White House says it will push for asylum reform along with the higher-profile measures.

“We are extremely hopeful that Congress will reform our asylum procedures to end asylum abuse, asylum fraud and the gaming of the system so it can be used as properly intended,” the administration official said. “This will also be an important to tool to preventing gang infiltration of this country.”

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    “No Democracy, we just want islam” fine, that is all the evidence required to determine those saying that are unfit to live in a Democracy, deport them to an islamic nation immediately.
    “The White House sees the bill, which passed the House Judiciary Committee in a party line vote Wednesday, as a bulwark against potential transnational gang recruits entering the U.S. under the guise of asylum, according to a senior administration official”. All person who belong to an international gang dedicated to the overthrow of elected governments, are excluded form entry to democracies. That simply means no muslims allowed as they demand the over throw of all governments with a dictatorship disguised as religion, islam.

  • Jeremy Steering

    “Fraud”? Europe can tell you all about “asylum” fraud. People have moved around the world for centuries, but there are proper channels for prospective immigrants: applications to the authorities, work permits, visas, security vetting, financial checks. Virtually every one of the millions already in Europe and heading here has chosen to bypass these procedures and plans to enter the continent illegally – because the vast majority know full well that they have no claim to asylum whatsoever, but the lure of Europe’s absurdly generous welfare systems is too hard to resist.


    • Suresh

      Muslims ingenious Liars and will do anything to hoodwink infidels to get in for free cash, house and women to rape, assault.

      sweden in attempt to reduce muslim immigrants agreed to allow only children.

      And now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children (24 – 44 years olds) threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

    • Cai

      The main problem is not these nefarious ‘asylum’ frauds but the ridiculously idealistic soft and ‘compassionate’ systems in the once relatively harmonious countries in the West. Who can blame anyone for using all means possible to gain entry to Utopia (by comparison to the country they rightfully belong to). Entitlement to free money, free housing, freedom to intimidate, etc, etc, etc, free, free, free. On top of that they are treated like an endangered species – believe me the people of the West will very soon be the endangered species if this madness doesn’t stop, yesterday preferably!!

      The West needs to grow a set, be realistic as opposed to idealistic and PROTECT their legitimate citizens from the holocaust that will come if the present invasion continues.

  • felix1999

    NO MUSLIMS should be coming to the U.S..
    They are the ones SLAUGHTERING others!

    • America for Americans NOW!

      NO ONE should be coming to the U.S. We’re full. Sorry, No vacancy!

  • santashandler

    This reform should have been done a long, long time ago. The ‘gate’ has been left open for so long, it may take years before we see any real progress, provided this does go through.

  • Invest in Louisville Sluggers!

    Asylum fraud my a s s. We do not need ANY more immigrants. Build camps near their homeland for them to stay in until things get better. Assassinate their nations leaders if needed, and help build stable nations. All of that would cost a fraction of allowing the to destroy our nation, which they have nearly done already. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are dirt cheap compared to the damage the rapefugees and illegals from the south have done to our country. I’d like to take a bunch of our politicians in a room and use a bat on them. When I emerged, there would be nothing but a pink paste on all surfaces of the room. We’re ruled by BLITHERING IDIOTS! Especially the Rs – I expect the Ds to be blithering idiots, but the Rs could make things better and they refuse to do it. I guess for some reason we deserve this BS.

  • Racheljdavis

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  • Weirdest year yet!

    Couple divorcing over Trump politics. Totally gorgeous doll-baby woman – seems like a lot of the gorgeous ones are conservatives:

    • Fred

      The liberals are repulsive, aren’t they?

    • Erica Ling

      Perhaps they understand the implications of Shariah law for women more than most . With the liberals / Democrats in power, its adoption over the Constitution will be inevitable.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Muslims lie in order to spread Islam. It is called taqiyya.

  • jeffs2001

    use by permission from Catfish
    Well, I tried to keep it short. the stages I think we need to go through to rid ourselves of the curse of islam.

    The summary is, that we make the USA an increasingly hostile environment for muslims, such that not only do they cease to attempt to come here, but that they actively seek to leave. Then the hardcore that remain are forcefully removed and islam proscribed as a terrorist organisation.

    The issue is, how to reach that goal, and you have to take several steps.

    1. Remove ‘Human Rights’ legislation to get the lawyers out of the way.

    2. End legal aid for deportation cases.

    Then, move on to explicitly targeted action against islam and / or its behaviour, starting with actions that are difficult to ‘condemn’.

    3. Instigate a Taskforce to investigate and forcefully prosecute all cases of the industrial scale child abuse in the US. Automatic deportation at end of sentence. Loss of citizenship. Loss of citizenship if applicable.

    4. Instigate a Taskforce to investigate and prosecute all cases of FGM. Automatic deportation at end of sentence.

    5. So called ‘honor killings’ become ‘premeditated murder of a family member on religious grounds’. Automatic deportation at end of sentence.

    6. Immediately ban ‘sharia courts’ for prejudice against women, and acting as a foreign agent by observing a set of laws which have zero jurisdiction in this country.

    7. Prosecute bigamy. Automatic deportation at end of sentence.

    8. Limit child support to 2 children (that is an absolute necessity).

    9. Prosecute marriages between cousins

    10. Ban halal on the grounds of animal cruelty. Rigorously enforce that.

    11. Investigate the funding of, and close down, ‘islamic charities’ linked to terrorism / extremism (they all are).

    12. Investigate the funding of, and close down, mosques linked to terrorism / extremism (they all are).

    13. Ban the teaching of religion in all schools. Faith schools can remain, but read on…

    14. Investigate and close down all faith schools found to be teaching values incompatible with the laws and cultures of this country. That rules out islam, while allowing Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Sikhs – who do assimilate – to retain their religious teachings.

    15. Reinstate the Sedition laws. This is the initial step towards the actual banning of islam.

    16. Use the Sedition laws to remove all imams / close the remaining mosques, ban the muslim Council’s, like CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood and any remaining ‘muslim organisations’.

    17. Revisit the practice of ‘transportation’, as used when basically deporting convicts. Make it the equivalent of deportation for USA born muslims.

    18. Ban islam and transport any remaining foreigners to a middle eastern or African country.

    The objective is to start with actions that will gain widespread support, and reveal the truth about islam, which will make further actions more ‘palatable’ to the US electorate.

  • jeffs2001

    Tribal voting can damage our large cities, where Muslims congregate rather than assimilate. They are trying to make the US into a caliphate.
    Their new leader, Linda Sasour, with all her lies, are brain washing the Liberal lemmings. they are falling for her BS, hook, line and sinker.
    Reverse immigration, voting rights only granted 10 years after becoming a naturalized citizen, including command of the English language, no automatic citizenship through birth if your parents are migrants. That reduces the incentive for the Left to flood the country with Muslim’s and their ability to command the Islamic block vote.

  • Meg

    Line up buses and take them to a military base. Load them on a military transport plane and take them all back to the middle east.


    “Aliens found to have credible fear are often released from custody before their asylum claims are heard in immigration court,” Arthur wrote. “This is significant from a fraud standpoint because … a finding of credible fear can be made without the alien presenting any corroborating evidence, or even identity documents.” Well, isn’t that great?! So, in essence,ISIS fighters who come in wearing western clothing, shaved beards, and pretending to be juveniles (when in fact they might be older adults) can come right in and fill out the paper work but NEVER show up for a hearing. This is just asking for more trouble and more terrorism in our country. We need to protect our country from future terrorists and that means making it tough for those that pretend to come into our country because of a fake war in their country ….for example many Middle Eastern male refugees claim that they are from Syria, yet its a well known fact that the majority of those refugees are not from Syria, but from other Middle Eastern countrier ( ONLY 10% OF REFUGEES ARE FROM SYRIA, 90% ARE FROM NO. AFRICA, PAKISTAN, INDONESIA N OTHER PARTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST

    Syria’s war-torn nature, it is difficult – if not impossible – to properly vet these refugees for Islamic terrorists who might sneak through the pipeline.

    So, YES, I’m all for taking ‘stricter measures’–our families lives are at stake.

  • Platopus

    We need a citizen review board for every one of these applicants

  • Larry Moran

    We don’t want you! Go home. Stay there. Write when you get work.

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