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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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Washington Post warns of “islamophobic” “backlash” after Somali-Muslim cop guns down yoga instructor who called 911 for help


It’s a win/win for the Muslim world every time there is jihad carnage. Jihad terror results in more sharia enforcement.

After every heinous Muslim attack (including September 11th), the knee-jerk response by media and cultural elites is a nonexistent  “fear of reprisal” and cries of “islamophobic” tweets that offend Muslim hair-trigger sensibilities. Never does the Muslim world self-reflect. Never do Muslim leaders say, we have a problem, this is evil and we have to be good. We must expunge Islamic texts that exhort to holy war and hate.

No, always, it’s the same thing. Blame the victims.

“Already, hateful posts criticizing Islam and sharia law are filling social media in response to the police shooting.”

Tell it to the dead in the cause of Islam.



After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash

By Katie Mettler, Washington Post

When Mohamed Noor joined the Minneapolis police force and was assigned to patrol the city’s southwest corner, the Somali community there — the nation’s largest — threw a party for him to celebrate.

He was the first Somali American officer to serve in Minneapolis’s fifth precinct and one of fewer than a dozen Somali American officers in the department. His presence on the squad brought Somali activists some pride and reassurance at a time of Islamophobia in America and nationwide racial tension stoked in part by shootings of black people by white police officers.

Now that same Somali community is bracing for a backlash against Noor that has already begun.

On Monday, multiple media outlets named Noor as the officer who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman in the city’s popular Fulton neighborhood over the weekend, an incident that has grabbed global attention and thrust Minneapolis into yet another uproar over police violence.

Officials have not publicly confirmed the officer’s name.

Tom Plunkett, an attorney who said he to represent Noor, said in a statement that the officer “extends his condolences” to those mourning 40-year-old Justine Damond’s death and “takes their loss seriously.”

“We would like to say more, and will in the future,” Plunkett said. “At this time, however, there are several investigations ongoing and Officer Noor wants to respect the privacy to the family and asks the same in return during this difficult period.”

Although Plunkett did not respond to requests to explicitly confirm that Noor fired the shot that killed Damond, several Somali leaders in Minneapolis said in interviews with The Washington Post that they were aware of the officer’s involvement.

“There is no question that he is the officer,” Somali activist Omar Jamal told The Post. “We knew this right after the shooting, but we didn’t want to release the name.”

The Minneapolis Police Federation declined to comment and referred questions to Noor’s attorney. A spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department directed inquiries to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the agency investigating the shooting, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday morning.


  • Gale60

    No body cameras. No patrol car cameras. No apparent and reasonable reason for shooting. Came out of no where. Victim reported crime by callng 911. Prior complaints about the Somali-American officer. Officer touted as first Somali American officer by powers that be previously. Someone has some explaining to do…

    • States Rights

      It’s bigger and more extensive then we can imagine, since 2001 the Muslims have bought off entire segments of American society from our media, to the government, local states and politicians. Our Homeland Defense is a joke. All of these Muslims need to be deported, they are all part of the plan to take over America. Why do liberals and communist put up with this religion and treatment of gays and women? It’s simple, they have been bought off and promised they will be placed in charged. So don’t ask where NOW, the media or anyone liberal is when something like this happens. They are supporting the Muslim invaders against us.

      • NickandLynds

        The craziest part of this story is that the mayor is a lesbian who brown noses the Somali community at every opportunity, including putting in place an annual “Wear a Hijab Day” for municipal workers. She apparently put pressure on the PD to hire this guy as the first Somali police officer even though there were serious doubts about his qualifications.

      • You are exactly right! Muslims have infiltrated our government, our education system – with their “oil money.” All helped by our infamous “Muslim in chief,” Obama. I am convinced he was a Saudi plant…

    • dad1927
    • tatka150

      Not only explain. Someone should be responsible for hiring the savages to police and arm them.

    • Drifter12

      If this is being looked at with some kind of question mark, just imagine how bad it really is…

    • dad1927
  • Voytek Gagalka

    “Backlash”? Not big enough! Not sufficiently existent! If only that could change…

  • Suresh

    what do you expect when you employ a muslim as police officer or in any security based establishment even after dozens of muslims killing infidels including fellow officers?

    Swedish police are begging for help

    …because of this kind of stupid appeasement policies.

    • NickandLynds

      This guy was apparently the first Somali hired by the police force and the mayor (a lesbian) pressured the hiring board to ignore reality and use whatever mental gymnastics they had in their arsenal to make him into not only an acceptable candidate, but one of the best they had ever seen, so that the mayor could suck up to the Somali community for votes.

  • Jan Morrissy

    Like hell those body cams were off. Both of them? No. They may have been deleted and, in that case, they may be able to retrieve some of the footage.

    • This may be the case. We should expect to never see that footage. Further, the bleeping guy can tell us what happened. Eh? And, let’s talk to witnesses.

  • Nefarious420

    Wow, backlash on social media, yet I have not heard any of the propaganda media even mention he was muslim, or that is a possibility of why he killed that lovely pajama clad Yoga instructor and wrecked a family. Oh No, the poor muslims will be judged because one of their own followed the Koran.

  • peakpower

    It’s about time we had a backlash against Islam. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    • Palm Beach Bum

      We’d have to get the democrats out of the way first.

      • dad1927

        Every election, a pile go home

  • Joseph Guerra

    Where are you now, Black Lives Matter?

    • santashandler


    • Craig

      The woman was white, so they don’t care.

    • Fred

      They are too busy planning a terrorist attack on whitey.

  • anthony edwards

    Another vile case of stonewalling and cover up …Similar to the Idaho 5-year old raped by Muslim boys … And to top it all off .. the murderer is on a paid vacation right now …

    • tatka150

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He should be in jail on vacation. Together with the bitch who hired him.

  • paul bay

    Don’t blame the Somali Muslim cop. It is his right under religious freedom in this country to practice jihad even if it kills!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Good, it is about time there was a a long vicious widespread backlash against the senseless violence that these invaders brought to America. First thing to trash is every lame stream media outlet for being stupid bigots.

  • paul bay

    Where is CAIR in all this/ The silence is deafening

    • Rico Warner

      When you are converted under diress don’t ask the converts to take a stand.

    • dad1927

      where did he get the lawyer??? Right!

  • wildjew

    OT: what is this all about?

    Linda Sarsour‏Verified account

    .@jaketapper joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online. Welcome to the party.

  • wildjew

    Ben Shapiro Retweeted

    Bethany S. Mandel‏ m3 minutes ago

    Bethany S. Mandel Retweeted Linda Sarsour

    Welcome to the alt-right @jaketapper. You’re invited to our Seder next year.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Mark Goldberg

    The backlash that they keep pretending is ‘going’ to happen is merely the sober realization regarding the dangers such people bring, and the necessity to weigh risks and benefits. They do not want any such sober reflection, as they only deal in victims and victimizers. Here, the good people who in other circumstances would be urged to demonstrated against the police officer if say, he was white, and he had killed a black, latino, or muslim, as opposed to this case, where it seems… and I offer, seems, that the cop was grossly negligent.

  • Teac Smith

    There should be a backlash and not just because a decent person was killed by a worthless pos muslim. The backlash should come from the fact that there are muslims at all. The only thing muslims do is kill humans. These parasites must be removed from the face of the Earth

    • Rick Shaw

      The only Just backlash should be that Karma direct all savage/primitive/sex crazed/blood thirsty muslim violence, toward the traitors of the free world, a.k.a self hating, islamo-Nazi supporting, anti west “progressives”, where ever they may be!!!

      Wouldn’t it be grand if the progressive scum wold be the only ones to suffer from their deranged, self hating/pro muslim psychosis?

      Unfortunately, islamo-Nazi violence is indiscriminate and targets patriots/innocents and treasonous progressives, alike

    • dad1927

      They Mayor and police chief there are MORE at fault. He can’t help what He is.. They put him over us!

  • santashandler

    An investigation. Gee, not much to investigate. A woman comes out in her bath robe to talk to cops about her 911 call and she is gunned down. No threat to the officers. No threat to anyone else. Seriously. What’s to investigate. Oh, maybe she offended the ‘devout’ officers’ sensibilities with her perfume.
    And the Somali community is worried about backlash on them?? The balls. Interesting how, the Islamic police officer managed to get a lawyer within hours of the shooting. Its also very telling how the police Chief/mayor have stumbled over each other to ‘demand answers’ to show they really care. And yet, not one of those self-serving bastards has proposed, or offered to set up a fund for the shooting victim. Every one involved should be investigated for what looks more and more to be like a cover up. Trump should immediately send an FBI team to that town to remove the police chief from power and to start a civil rights violation investigation

    • Of course a cover up…we gotta “cover up” what Muslims do, just like in Europe!

      • santashandler

        Europe can accept it and bow down to it. We won’t in the U.S.

        • Kris

          I bet America will, too cucked, too afraid to be called racists and losing that comfy place to sleep.

          • santashandler

            Though the U.S. has lost it’s way, my money is still on this country. There are those who will give in to keep that “comfy place to sleep.” But, there will be a point…….

          • Ludlow Porch

            A point to what?

          • santashandler

            A point at which the non-liberals/conservatives/God-fearing working people have had enough

          • That point IS coming soon, Kris! The New Civil War & just as bloody! We don’t care THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! 🇺🇸👏

          • santashandler

            If that’s what the liberals want, that’s what they will get. But…..they should be careful what they wish for.

          • Josephineaanaya

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          • CreoleGumbo

            I agree with you Kris. What really impresses me is how fearful Americans are of being labeled with the R word and all the other words with the phobia suffix.

          • dad1927
          • Rob Porter

            I agree, the absurd fear if being called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ – something I reject with contempt – all too many Canadian and Americans falls for. The lack of will to fight back and reject politically correct nonsense is appalling.

          • NEVER, Kris. This IS America, not Europe. We are not afraid of those Muslim rats and we WILL fight back! 🇺🇸❤️👊💥☠️

        • Ludlow Porch

          Won’t? The U.S. is following in the foot steps of Europe daily! The media has us so afraid of the words Bigot, Racist, Islamophobe. That it is just a matter of time we will all be bowing Eastward 5 times daily and letting our wives, daughters and sons become receptacles for Muslim semen!

        • You got that right! They say: “Behind every blade of grass is an American with a gun!”

          • santashandler

            Maybe more😊

      • Kalambong Kalambong

        You guys are looking at the wrong angle —

        The murder case and the subsequent dilly-dallying is not a cover up, but A Precedence

        From now on, moslems who are involved in killing non-moslems must be protected by all means

        Any and all criticism on the case must be treated as HATE SPEECH

        • anyonebutmarkeyforsenate

          You may have hit the nail on the head…..

        • CreoleGumbo

          I think you are right. This may just be a test run.

        • Ludlow Porch

          There are still a few American Patriots who still have there Scrotum intact! Who are willing to risk all, to make sure that Muslims carry their penis and balls around in a ziplock bag!

          • Back2Reality

            And how are you going to carry out this war? I ‘m guessing you’re going to be at the front line. Just wondering how many will join you? Judging from your last answer, um, facts aren’t your best attribute – no doubt war mongering is. Which is odd, didnt Jesus say love thy neighbour (I dont think he meant purely in zip codes). A war with Islam would pretty much obliterate 2 billion women and children. Please tell me – you praise a God that tells you to do that? I would like to disagree – I dont believe any God would tell you to do that or even think it let alone celebrate it. A half billion innocent children – who’ve never seen a movie, had running water or even been able to dream they’d ever even have ajob, own a car or a house. And you want to obliterate them. What threat are they to you, your house, you BBQ, your pool, your passport, your freedoms. they probably don;t even know half the luxuries you had today that you didn’t even appreciate – a working restroom, a bed, a mattress, AC, a 401, the right to ownership of shares, aren’t they suffering enough already?

          • Another Muslim sympathizer??? Glad there are more Patriots than the likes of you. See Bill Warner & Richard Spenser on YouTube to learn about Islam’s plan for YOUR future…

            The rest of us Americans WILL be on the front lines defending our children, our Constitution, our Nation. 🇺🇸❤️👊💥☠️

            Stay in bed you coward; we who have children & grandchildren have got it covered! Believe it!

            PS Warn your miserable “Muslim friends” to GET OUT NOW! 🇺🇸💕

          • Back2Reality

            Firstly, what a shame that you have an Irish surname and drag it through the mud like that. What an awful shame.

            Where are these front lines you’re talking about – the golden orb that Donald shmucked himself by fondling it with the biggest sponsors of extreme islamic hate groups ? Oh no, of course – they sell us oil, they must be the good guys!!!!!

            Imagine if Europe and the USA were independent of their oil, and um, stopped handing over trillions of dollars because we got free energy from the sun? OH HELL NO – that’s a libtard agenda – you’d rather keep driving on poison and funding the Saudi’s and Qatar’s – but I’m the one defending Islam.

            You need to stop and take a check of your own dumbness.

          • America IS moving toward “energy independence.” Elon Musk will soon be offering low cost electricity to all the world.

            But, why can’t you defend our country? Haven’t you seen the destruction of Europe right before your eyes?

            Do you think YOU are safe from the Muslim infiltration in America? Always remember God helps those who help themselves. I thank God every day for President Trump and his Travel Ban – the first step in taking back our country from the Islamists.

            You better check in with St Thomas Aquinas to find out about a “Just War.”

            Btw, the “front line” will be on every corner, on every block in America, and we will be there.

            Again, warn your Muslim favorites to spare themselves – Warn them to Get Out Now! It won’t be pretty. You can pack up, too. We don’t need traitors here in America! 🇺🇸❤️👊💥☠️

          • Back2Reality

            I travel to Europe a lot and split my time between the two and it is absolutely not falling to pieces? When last did you go there. You are completely deluded – there is no way that travel will do anything except add inconvenience. The 9/11 plane highjackers came from SAUID ARABIA.

            What you’re really thankful for is have a president that justifies your xenophobia. I don’t need to checkin with anyone – if you think 1.9 billion people want to pick a fight with 350m Americans then you’re cracked.

            As for now lumping me in with them – lady – you be crazy! XD Stop drinking whatever it is you’re drinking – its deluding you.

          • Oh really? Sweden is the “rape capital” of the world because of who! Because of Muslims! Germany is overrun – Italy is overrun. Where do you go in Europe? Certainly not to these countries nor England with their new Muslim mayor of Londonistan.

            Yes, inconvenience them, time and time again. I hope so. Let them get the message: Muslims ARE NOT wanted here with their Hijra!

          • Back2Reality

            Sweden is not the rape capital of the world – if you’re going to quote numbers at least try to understand what you’re talking about. According to the FRA study there’s a strong correlation between higher levels of gender equality and disclosure of sexual violence.[255] This, and a greater willingness among Swedish women to report rape in relationships,[256] may also explain the relatively high rates of reported rape in Sweden, which has a long-standing tradition of gender equality policy and legislation, as well as an established women’s movement,[242] and has been ranked as the number one country in sex equality

            I travel mostly to Ireland, the UK, Germany and Italy (which is purely social). They are not overrun, dangerous or anything other than completley pleasant places to visit. I have colloeagues and co-workers in Munich, Frankfurt, in and around London and Italy. I have not heard of any rampant in creases in crimes. You’re only inconveniencing a handful of countries – not Saudi Arabia, Kuewait, Qatar, the UAE,

            The six predominantly Muslim countries which fall under Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban all have one thing in common: the Trump Organisation has not done business or pursued potential deals there.

            Almost all other terrorist attacks and shootings and mass killings in America and the UK are by citizens of both those countries – CITIZENS you idiot.

          • I don’t believe you and your “travel stories.” New Years Eve celebrations in Germany were a sexual nightmare. Children in a Manchester concert were massacred, by your “friends!” We don’t want them here! They can take their Imams and go!

            It IS NOT a “right” to come into OUR COUNTRY and the Supreme Court has backed that up!

            So, you are a world traveler with NO LOYALTY to any country? Then you better be traveling when “it hits,” because IT WILL! 🇺🇸💕

          • Back2Reality

            How do you mean you dont believe my travel stories – are you so gone past deluded that you think Europe has ground to a halt and you cannot move between them ? That’s so bad – that’s literal insanity – people travel across Europe every day in the MILLIONS.

            Firstly, I travel through Europe all the time. Secondly, the New Years eve story in Germany has been proven and proven and proven to be a fake

            Secondly, the horrible and insidious Manchester bomber was BORN in Britain – so no travel ban is going to change that. Seconly, a Welsh man drove a car into a group of British muslims in London – but no doubt you think thats fine.

            Thirdly, there are 2.3 million muslims living in the UK, which makes up just 4.4% of the population. If every muslim is so bad – wouldn’t there be millions and millions of crimes and murders going on every day. FACT: THERE ARE MORE IRISH PEOPLE IN UK JAILS THAN THERE ARE MUSLIMS. FACT. END.

            Dont get too heated by the Supreme Court – its not banning muslims – its temporarily allowing a block of some countries that Donald Trump doesn’t have business ties to.

          • Good at “name calling,” but not much else. “Those banned countries” do not have the means, the records, nor the desire to allow us to vet their citizens properly, “that’s why” their travel is banned. However, I am happy whatever the reason & I want the Ban expanded! Saudi Arabia & the other countries help us with vetting and they “take back” the Muslims we deport! We have 2 bases in Qatar, in cooperation with the French & British.

            Yes, remove them all “citizens” or no. Don’t ever trust a Muslim!

            I hear Ireland is having their trouble with the Muzzies, also. Will you skate out on them, too?

          • Back2Reality

            At least your honest – you’re admitting that you’re driven by full hate of 1.9 billion people who’ve never done anything to you or any other American. You’re not going to get “your” ban or deportations. And no Ireland is not having problems – where do you get this crazy nonsense from?

          • Yes, I am openly “Anti-Islamist.” I use my real name and picture. So, I say to them “Bring it.” My Dad was a Marine in WWII and he raised no coward.

            Freedom is not free, everyone must stand and be counted or we will lose our Constitution, our Nation. We must be aware of the encroaching menace of Islam. Remember, “they” declared War on us, as their Imams preach “Death to America,” all across the world. It is “they” who have openly declared their plans to “take down America” and impose their Sharia upon us.

            We don’t want their indoctrination, their “religion,” their Muslim way of life, their 7th century ideology inflicted upon our children and grandchildren.

            Yes, get them out now! Deportations and Bans have begun and the many millions of Muslims & their relatives are “on notice” that their Hijra WILL NOT WORK here in the USA!

          • Back2Reality

            Your dad must be so disappointed that he fought for so many people’s freedom and his daughter believes its ok to share this much hate and intolerance. “They” are not one group with the same single shared ideology. What you’re dscribing – and actually this whole hateful website – is not shared by the vast majority of Muslims. There are people born in America that are Muslim – 3m in fact – the US government cannot strip them of their automatic US citzenship.

            As I posted earlier – more Americans are killed by Americans that anyone else – why can’t you focus your hysteria on that?

          • You are a foolish, cowardly, uneducated man. Blinded by a false loyalty to murderous people infecting the world over with their “ideology.” Don’t ever trust a Muslim as there are no moderate Muslims! Whoever they pretend to be, they will stand together and stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Their Number One overarching command is to spread Islam, by deceit, by infiltration, by emigration, by force. Give away some other country NOT MINE!

          • Back2Reality

            I am not a coward, I am not uneducated and I am not loyal to any murderous people. You’re blind. I have actual Muslim friends here in the United States. It’s not “your” country – you share it with 350 million people – and you call me uneducated?? Have you ever met a Muslim person? I have – I work with people who Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu. I know entire Muslim families – kids that grew up in the US, went to school in the US and that I enjoy spending time with in and out of work. I trust them because I have to work with them and they’re honestly the nicest people I’ve met.

            On education – I’m a consultant hired to help companies increase growth and revenue. I have lived on 3 different continents and I grew up in an Irish Catholic family.

          • You know, I spoke with a Londoner who sounded just like you, another sympathizer…

            Found out he is ’employed’ by Muslims – so how could he speak against them? He has to “kiss up,” too.

            You have fallen under their deceitful ways. You have fallen for the Muslim taqiyya. Yes, they “appear” to be nice people, until they receive the call to attack…

          • Back2Reality

            I am not kissing up or a sympathiser. I would stand up for a Jewish person, a Sikh or a Catholic just as much. You are preaching hate against 900 m children as well as US citizens. I haven’t fallen for anything.

          • More than 30,000 attacks since 911, across the world, by your “poor, misunderstood ‘friends.'”

            Right… Here is another American who “has had enough:”


          • santashandler

            Make that two….

          • You got it wrong. My Dad fought for OUR Freedom, our American way of life, for me, for my children and grandchildren. 🇺🇸

            No, he DID NOT risk his life for “so many peoples’ freedom,” but for our own.

            You may not be aware that, yes, criminal Muslims ARE being deported, citizens or not. A woman who lied on her citizenship papers, a terrorist, is being deported, after living in Evergreen Park, near me, for years. Those FGM ‘doctors,’ in Michigan are being deported and good riddance to them all.

          • Back2Reality

            He did – he did it for the freedom of Europeans just as much Americans. I have no problem with law offenders to be deported but you cannot strip US born citizens of their citizenship – it is not possible.

            As for terror attacks – those 30,000 terror attacks are mostly against OTHER Muslims. You cannot – and are completely wrong and un-Christian to blame 1,900,000,000 people for the actions of less than 1%.

            The US has killed more people in Iraq and Afghanistan than ANYONE else – but you are afraid of them? They should be afraid of Americans – oh wait they already are. No wonder they want to attack the USA.

            If you said “deport all Canadians” or “All Norwegians” or “all South Africans” – wouldnt you be giving them justificaiton to hate you back? Where is all this hate going to lead to? Peace? A better society? Cop on.

          • Again, YOU are giving My Country away. YOU have NO RIGHT to do this! We Americans WILL NOT tolerate terrorist attacks upon our people. We WILL NOT allow threats upon or the indoctrination of our children. We WILL NOT allow our Rule of Law nor our Constitution to be subverted by those who want to impose their Sharia.

            Why do YOU have a problem with this? Yes, this IS My Country, as the emigrating Muslims will soon find out!

            YOU better wake up and return to your mystical island and work to protect that! They are invading Ireland, too.

          • Back2Reality

            Get a grip – you’ve let your emotions get out of hand. Muslims make up less than 1% of America and less than 5% of Europe. Nobody is giving your country away.

          • You must not have seen the Newt Gingrich video I posted above. He says “We are at War” and we have to rethink our ideas on citizenship regarding these Muslim attackers. I agree, if they hate us and what we have here, they must go!

            Remember, their goal is to Islamacize the West. They have come to North America to do just that. The largest Mosque on the entire continent is in Dearborn, Michigan. This IS by design.

            Do we sit back & just let them take over?

            No. We must stand together and use our combined strength to maintain our own civilization.

            They can take the “easy way;” they can GET OUT! They have several Muslim nations to choose from…
            OR they can face War on the streets of America. Their choice…

          • Back2Reality

            I saw the Newt video – I’ve never had much time for the guy. A man who’s been married more often than cities I’ve lived in. The USA is not at war with Islam. It is with Al Qaeda and ISIS but they are not countries. The USA is not at war with any country (Cuba & North Korea maybe).

            They come to America to seek work and a better life, just like the Irish, Germans came. And when they came, “nativists” burnt down their Churches – which is why an Irish Bishop built St Patrick’s in NY – to send a message.

            St Patrick’s is one of the largest Cathedrals in the world. There are 47m Irish Descendants in America and only 4.5m in Ireland. And yet we didn’t completely Irish-a-cize America. Maybe Manhattan and Westchester.

            The constitution doesn’t let you pick what religions come in and Muslims are not being banned.
            Forget Newt’s nascent populist BS – he cant test for Sharia, we’re not at war and he’s just wrong. And nobody IS being deported (if they’re a citizen).

          • I don’t care how many women Gingrich has slept with, it’s not my business.

            However, it’s good to know I am not alone in my appraisal of Muslims and the threat they present.

            My paternal German ancestors died in the religious wars, in northern Germany.

            My maternal Polish ancestors fought Muslims at the gates of Europe. So, my DNA “was there.” This struggle feels familar to me.

            I will not stop defending my family, my people. I am totally serious. My body literally stands between them and the “enemy.”

            Those who have plans to impose their culture, their Sharia Law upon us had better think again…

          • Back2Reality

            Nobody has attacked you and nobody has forced Sharia law on you….

          • Back2Reality

            I understand from reading this site that you’ve been led to believe that every Muslim person is out to kill you. I had lunch at a Muslim food truck today and most of our finance team is Muslim who come from families who emigrated from across the middle east and live in America. Their kids are born American kids. You can’t think that about all people all the time. You sound like you’re angry 2/47 but I’m very doubtful that ALL muslim people have done something to you to give you that reason to have this fear.

          • They “tell us” in their own words what they are about. I, for one, take them at their word. I will never convince you, but hopefully, someone else will have their eyes opened to the Muslim threat that surrounds us. I can not rest until this “problem” is resolved.

            President Trump has come forward and this year’s immigrants have been capped at just over 50,000. Muslim Travel has been down, even from countries “not on the Ban.”

            There is still more to be done, but this is a start.

            It’s unfortunate that I must feel this way, but I accept it because “facts ARE facts.”

          • Back2Reality

            I’m leaving it here: 1 fact: if 1.9 billion people wanted to destroy Europe, it would be destroyed. You’re positing what ifs. Actual Americans have actually killed tens of thousands of actual Americans and hundreds of Thousands of Muslims. I know you’d be only too happy to hear but the war on Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria = 100’s of thousands of dead muslim children, women, teachers, nurses, doctors. You’re accusing a majority of people judged by some fringe lunatics sponsored by Saudi oil money but America has killed hundreds of thousands. Tough justice.

            There’s no way Europe could stand up to that. You’re looking at grossly, insanely psyched up numbers about Europe being a warzone. I wouldn’t let my mother stay there or visit the contient if it was.
            You’re looking at the actions of a few individuals….If anyone looked at the actions of the “few” Americans who’ve killed so many but nooo that’s sacrosant.

          • I think you are living in a fantasy world. Europe is on the brink of a Civil War and believe me, we are next.

            A woman told me Obama was a Muslim, I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s true. He infiltrated our government, even Homeland Security, with Brotherhood operatives. She was right.

            General Flynn was drummed out of the Trump Administration because he knows who all these Muslims are.

            My sister-in-law worked for a law firm in Illinois. A notice flashed on her computer saying “STOP – Go no further. This Mortgage is covered by Sharia Law!”

            It is a battle for the soul of America and even “regular citizens,” like me, realize it.

            You do understand we are on a site discussing the Jihadi act of a Muslim Somali policeman, against an unarmed woman, on American soil. Right???

          • Back2Reality

            How can Europe be on the brink of a Civil War – can you define what this looks like? Europe’s armies are not actively present – where is this civil war coming from? I mean, Europe is not one country, how can even be in civil war?

            The Republican alt-Right have been labelling Obama a Muslim to gear Christians against him. he was an incredible president, father, husband. The US economy soared from day 1 for 8 years until this quarter. If it didn’t – please tell me why Forbes, WSJ, the BBC etc all agree. Please dont tell me about an Alex Jones conspriacy type site. I understadn that a lot of people in the Mid-West and other states didn’t see their fortunes rise. thats unfortunate. But to claim – WITHOUT any proof is just horrible.

            You realize that flynn is just another Islamaphobist – trying to start his political career tapping int o the Breitbart set.

            Barabara – look at it – the only thing you’re offering is your sister-in-law saw a flashing sign that said a mortgage is covered by Sharia Law? What does that even mean? Sharia Law is not a legal system or financial system in the US. Or anywhere outside of a Muslim country and then only in a few. I think you’re beyond paranoid.

            I’m saddened that you can watch a US statesman like Barack Obama fight ISIS, support the Saudi’s in Yemen, get behind the Arab Spring across the middle east in a small hope of seeing democracy. And then on the flimsiest recommandation a “friend told you he was a muslim.” That is deluded right there.

          • The citizens of Europe are at the end of their rope. Their countries are on the brink of bankruptcy, providing welfare for the millions of migrants streaming in.

            Property is being claimed by their governments and given to the immigrants. Necessary repairs are then billed to the owner.

            Bands of caucasion men are hunting down migrants. One man took it upon himself, to run down Muslims. There are more than 54 Sharia courts in England.

            Finally, England has voted to leave the EU – because of the migrant debacle and the “refugee” demands coming from Brussels.

            The Number One Reason Donald Trump won the election is because of his stance on Muslims.

            Obama’s first speech was in Egypt where he praised the Islamic Brotherhood, even having them in the audience. No, he is a traitor, no doubt about it.

            We will hear from General Flynn again; in the meantime I am glad we still have Sebastian Gorka. 🇺🇸❤️👏

          • Back2Reality

            The EU is growing at a phenomenal rate. Socialised healthcare and education sees countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland (#1), Ireland, Norway etc at the top of the world’s education stats whilst also being the safest countries in the world to live despite the fact that most people dont carry guns. The Irish rank and file police force is NOT allowed to carry a firearm and yet it enjoys extremely low rates of crime. Germany’s economy is out performing – they dont even have to pay interest on borrowings.

            You’re letting others deceive you and fool you: Europeans enjoy the safest space to live in the world where murders and gun deaths are below 10% of the US per 100k. The Dutch are closing prisons. You’re outrageous in the absolute lies. You’re active on this site – which is 100% bullshit.

            Yes, there are white extremists, especially in Eastern European states who think that they are Arayan or something and think it’s ok to kill foreigners. The funny thing about Brexit: its about being anti-Eastern European, not anti-Syrian – that’s just a new plug-in.

            I’m sorry that the right keep telling you that Europe is failing and that the religious are telling you the world is ending – I’ve been hearing that since the 1980’s…

            Finally on England, its the UK btw – goodbye, good riddance. England lied to itself. England didn’t like being a peer level of countries it thinks its superior to. It has ALWAYS had a choice over who can live there – Belgium has a 90 day policy: find a job get out.

            The IMF downgrades UK performance again:


            Please watch this as a British journalist tears asunder the stupidity of racist brexiters:

            The UK’s economy is starting to tank – and unless they reverse Brexit, they will become one of the poorest countries in Europe (which is a continent, not a country).

            Every single statement you’ve made is erroneous. And FYI – Gorka is Hungarian, like George Soros.

          • santashandler

            Thank you

          • santashandler

            You think God was against the patriots who fought for independence for this country. Were those who fought to make this an independent country, “war mongers?” There have been thousands of terrorist attacks since 911, with the overwhelming majority committed by Muslims and you’re worried whether Jihad Johnny has ever seen a fu*king movie. Unbelievable. I hope you don’t live in the freedom loving U.S., because if you do, you just spat in the face of every military member fighting for your right to vomit that filth. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Back2Reality

            I’m sorry but you don’t get to own the definition for patriot or right vs wrong outside of your own circle – that’s where you step off from legitimate argument to lunatic.

            Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that on an average day, 93 Americans are killed with guns

            Read the real news from Europe if you’ve been convinced by the Bannon’s and Alex Jone’s hatred derived bullcrap:

            Armed toddles kill twice as many Americans each year….


          • santashandler

            Yeah, ok. Great statistics. First of all, many of those are accidental and suicidal deaths. You show me statistics, Mr. Leftist, where law abiding citizens who are authorized to carry, are committing crimes with guns on a daily basis. You can’t do it. And if you are relying on the CDC for your stats, you’ve got big problems. YOU are the one who’s the lunatic.
            How many people are killed in traffic accidents each year? Thousands. Overwhelmingly due to negligence. Probably some like you. So, is your lame argument that we should ban all cars just because of the high death rates involved with them. How many people are killed each year by knives in places that have banned guns. Hundreds. You want to ban all knives too.
            And you describe that I don’t know what the definition of a patriot is, yet you refused to cite it yourself. Brilliant. It’s because you either don’t know, or don’t really care what a patriot is. You hate them all. Please. Next time you see an active duty military member, tell him or her those exact sentiments.

          • Back2Reality


            Accidental….right…Firstly Santash – you dont get the right to define me. I didn’t say we should ban knives or guns – I was pointing out that people are being whipped up into mass hysteria about Islam need to get some grip on reality – that they’re more likely to be killed by another American (accidental or not). Secondly – hanving pretend Christians declare that all Muslims are evil is atrocious, stupid and probably creating more risk for Americans to be attacked by extreme fundamentalists created by this…

          • santashandler

            Since your so ‘enlightened’ Why don’t you read a verse, any verse from the Koran. You’ll find in short order there is a reason for the sentiment against Islam. Oh, you probably won’t. You’ve already drank too much Islamic Kool Aid. How many Christians, or Jews do you see that are declaring open warfare on Muslims. That’s right, none. How many muslims have killed, or tried to kill Christians and Jews since 911. Countless. Your a complete jackass. And i can certainly “define” you based on what your saying. If you don’t like it, there are several Islamic countries you can chose from to go to where there is no free speech.

          • Some “traveling Irish guy” has decided that we Americans have no right to defend our own country, no right to protect our own children from a suffocating ideology that intends to enslave them. He thinks any craven slob should be able to enter and do whatever they want in My America. He has no sense of our history, our bravery and fortitude, does he?

          • santashandler

            None. Nor does he care

          • Ludlow Porch

            They have not suffered enough! But you “bleeding heart Liberals” will suffer right along side of those that Satan has spawned! Muslims suffer the lack of “luxuries” as you put it, because they chose that way of life! A life that is opposite of the only true Living God, Jesus Christ! The Muslim culture, does not breed innocence, it promotes death and destruction and has for over 1400 years! The threat to me and all of humanity, comes into play with their Sharia Law, accept it or your head will be removed. Your love for Muslims is a love for a lie and liars. Death to ISLAM!

          • Back2Reality

            How can all Muslims be evil you totally reckless fool – So God allowed billions of people to live, die, live die across the middle east and do nothing? How could he? There were less than 50 m on the planet at the time of Jesus – how could allow this to happen.

            You’re hysterical and out of control. If all Muslims were evil and every evil person killed and destroyed then the death toll in the US would be way higher. Moron.

          • Here is another American hero working for OUR NATION! 🇺🇸💕

        • dad1927

          I am sure PM Turnbill of Australia won’t want to hear that, and will be pursuing anti liberal goals.
          Oh yeah.. They pissed of the Australian Prime Minister

          • Mariehhuie

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      • Rob Porter

        I am just so pleased to see that this case has gained international
        attention, once again discussed this morning on BBC and the Australian
        Prime Minister has expressed his disgust. No longer can the Minneapolis
        police and mayor fluff off this case of a Muslim police officer,
        Mohamed Noor, simply deciding to riddle with bullets and murder an infidel woman,
        Jessica Damond after SHE called 911.

        And this was the officer over whom they made such a fuss when he became a police officer. Why? Because he is a Muslim, you know, one of those people who constantly go around assaulting and murdering people, yet are treated like royalty by imbecils of the left.

        • santashandler

          I hope this case bites the police chief and the mayor in the ass. Hard.

          • Rob Porter

            Listen to her words, watch the expression on her face, this is through and through a liberal ‘wet’ who has never experienced the harsh side to life. Just a total ‘wet’ who has never grown up.

        • I see you in Australia are struggling with this “protected class,” too.

          • Rob Porter

            I’m not Australian, am disgusted by Australia’s cowardly responses to Muslim aggression and pitifully weak responses to hate-filled statement by Muslims that go unpunished, but as a South African presently resident in Canada, someone needs to tell me how much better the U.S. and Canada are doing in regard to confronting Islam instead of pandering to these savages and molly-coddling them. Right now we have this disgustlngly cowardly and unprincipled Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis acting like an imbecile and Muslim sympathizer, and all over the U.S, not least in New York, Boston and Los Angeles there are mayor of similar bent who could bring misery upon their citizens.

            When someone in the House of Representative either last or this week wanted to have a study of Islam established (no doubt in order to gain an understanding of why Islam is it so hostile, hate-filled, bigoted and vile), the bill failed to pass. Why? Because there are too many stupid, ignorant of Islam and politically correct fools in the House. Muslims should not be permitted to enter Western countries. A young girl in Idaho ot raped and then urinated on by Muslim migrants boys and all the spineless police and authorities have done is try to cover it up and display hostility toward the girls parents. Let Muslims do that to my grandchildren and then have police and others cover for Muslims, and I promise you one thing, I will go out and kill the Muslims. By now only an ignoramus, doesn’t know that Islam is at war with the West, mass migration of Muslims, al hijrah, commanded in the Qur’an, deliberate and yet these backward people, many with horrible and hostile attitudes – from mostly useless parasitical people who nevertheless consider themselves ‘superior’ – are treated with kit gloves, millions of Americans fawning over them and wanted to give them free entry. Who but imbeciles allows into their country people from whom among whose numbers emerge murderers and rapists who hate us because we are not Muslim and regard Mohammad a useless piece of pigs droppings, and endeavour to take over host countries? Yet all over the country there are people like Barack Obama, a Muslim supporter and lover – and like the very disgracefully stupid Justin Trudeau in Canada.

          • Tragically, we had Obama, that Muslim rat, and you have your Trudeau, but there are many more other North Americans like you and me who will stand together against this Muslim scourage! The Travel Ban is just the beginning! 🇺🇸🇨🇦

          • NSNZ

            We, in New Zealand as well :(

      • Ludlow Porch

        Don’t mind that at all! Just as long as it’s a 6 foot deep cover up of a Muslim!

      • Daizys Loyd

        How about you post your real picture, Fatima and show yourself for who you really, huh?!?!

        • That is my ‘real picture,’ taken with a little cell phone, on the walking trail. More pictures under ‘albums.’ What is your problem with my picture?

          • Daizys Loyd

            Well, if you’re A REAL Barbara, I have no problem with you whatsoever! Often time, these maggots post under American sounding names and proceed to feed people what they want to feed them. But they don’t have the gut to post as who they truly are. My apologies.

          • Thank you. Apology accepted!🙋🏻

    • NickandLynds

      I’m not certain this is true, but I thought I heard on the local news here in Oregon that the Somali police officer had turned off his body cam immediately before the incident.

      I’m nor surprised about the lawyer. I’m sure the union hires one for all policemen who have been involved in a shooting.

      • santashandler

        Yes, apparently the body cams (of both officers) were turned off. Strange.

      • moose

        I’m on the East Coast here in the states and I heard that his “body camera was off”….too. Its surprising how quickly this story has fallen off the “radar”…..You know these muzzies are like roaches, if you see one in your home, you know you’ve got a nest of them somewhere else…….where’s the RAID when you need it?

    • gfmucci

      The FBI…right, our elite force of law enforcement whose training manuals were stripped of all facts of Islamic doctrine and practice – to go in blind as if the murderer was just another Presbyterian boy scout.

      • santashandler

        Well, either them, or let the locals do it. And from the looks of their judgment, it doesn’t appear to be too good

      • Rob Porter

        Right now the FBI is a pansy organization in dire need of an overhaul, not least with serious instruction of Islam by Robert Spencer. Until this happens the FBI will be a dead loss and Trey Gowdy will have cause to continue saying that “this is not the FBI I knew”.

        • Drifter12

          Treat them as a criminal organization and you will have it right…

    • dad1927

      Noor said he heard a noise, so he blew her away…..

      We really need to vote the mayor out along with her murderous police chief.
      Don’t worry. They can go to planned parenthood for work.

      • Rob Porter

        You can count the Toronto police chief in this utterly useless lot. He has political correctness down to a fine art. I was informed that he would be very good, but he turned out a dead loss with whom political correctness trump the law.

    • Robert Taylor

      The police chief is a lesbian. She and Noor should have a meeting at the top of the IDS tower, going down please…….

      • santashandler

        They are definitely both going ‘down.’ Just a matter of to what depths……

        • dad1927

          usually they throw these liberals off the rooftops.

          Here is what your tax dollars bot for Minnesota St Thomas University. Nothing for the Hindus, Jews, or Christians. Racist BAST**ds!

          • turkeychoker

            What is that a picture of ? A Moslem shower ? I`ve been to Japan & seen/used their version of a potty. Hong Kong streets smell like a potty. But I`ve never seen such contraptions. New Zealand,Australia,Taiwan,Samoa,& the Philippines, all utilize a ‘normal’ receptacle for p&poo. Moslem shower,combo p&poo stall seems to fit the bill.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Those are muslum foot baths. They’re becoming commonplace allah across the world.

    • Apothis

      Yes the lesbian police chief should be removed for a complete lack of leadership and professionalism. Another failed lefty experiment.

    • Rob Porter

      With the Prime MInister of Australia outraged by this murder and international news organization like BBC reporting on this case, suddenly Minneapolis police chief and mayor have their hands uncomfortably full. I don’t believe that this case is going away any time soon, but if Constable Noor is allowed back on the street, let’s hope that some sniper riddles him with bullets.

      • dad1927

        May be better if he is on the streets. He might take out some liberals while he is the sharia police

    • NSNZ

      The “religion of the permanently offended”.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The F-I_B is hardly trustworthy anymore.

      • santashandler

        Probably true. But, who else can give an objective investigation. Certainly not anyone from Minneapolis, or anywhere in Minnesota.

        • dad1927

          Minneapolis is totally a rigged game.. She had her civil rights violated by a muslim. That means the Feds can come in and investigate the mayor and police chief. That way they can do federal jail.

    • dad1927

      Come on! She disrespected islam and the Somali. Wrong dress, and yelling! The loud noise was her Australian babbling. He as an unstable cop with an IQ of 50 was completely within his sharia law to blow her away! The libtard mayor and dyke Police Chief cop have pushed their agenda and a white girl dies. (What credentials did the dyke have that the mayor wanted this lesbian liberal PC crazy?) Many have been killed, but this one won’t go away.
      50 million a year paid out on civil suits in Minneapolis.
      Whats the big deal? Next time Minneapolis should not be voting for the lunatic DFL members.. Wait till the civil suit on this one mayor! Of course he must be found not guilty, as there has never been a conviction for any reason against the cops.

      His friend who discussed his wife leaving turns out to be a Somali with felony. Noor plans on helping these people how? I don’t want to know, I bet.. They better not get in this cops way…

    • CreoleGumbo

      Yeah. The only thing that can be “investigated” is what the two officers have to offer as an excuse.
      How on earth could a woman in her PJs be feared? She could not have been hiding anything and what cop shoots someone because he “heard a loud noise” just BEFORE she got to the car?

      I wish there was a cash prize offered for the details of the other 2 complaints against Noor.

      • santashandler

        The smell of this case is getting worse by the day.

  • boocat

    No dash-cam on?? They are heading to a reported crime scene and all their cameras are off? (I heard on Fox the headlights were off, too) Sounds hinky to me

    • NickandLynds

      The policeman perp had also shut off the camera that he was wearing prior to the event.

  • Palm Beach Bum

    He wanted to punish her for going outside without proper attire. Men are supposed to do that where he comes from. Democrats are to blame for this, and the “officer” should be nailed to the wall.

  • Zola

    As long as jihad is part of the Islamic faith, we don’t need them armed, need them in our government, or really need them at all.

  • Jackie Puppet

    And CAIR’s response is…crickets…

  • lori58

    it is not about him being a muslim………….its about him killing an innocent….even his car mate is stunned…….

    • Craig is shariah law, as she was dressed inappropriately and the muslim was gaining a place in the goat-raping muslim ‘heaven’ by punishing her. That is why their body-cameras were off.
      Soft-brained, cowardly people like you, making excuses for the murderous muslims and communist democrats, will be the downfall of freedom.

      • santashandler

        That’s exactly what this is. Why is there no rush to help the victim’s family. Instead, we keep hearing how the officer has a lawyer and “is sorry.” And how the rest of the filthy ones are ‘worried about backlash. Really? FTS!!

        • Craig

          I am with you, santashandler.

      • lori58

        im not making any excuses……but since you seem to have a issue with muslims…… know you can join the army and go kill yourself a shitload full of em, right…..or are you the real coward?

    • NickandLynds

      It should not have been a surprise to anyone: he had an acknowledged history of abusing women on the job, including 3 reports filed against him for such conduct.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Katie Mettler“They fear this will be just another event used to create animosity toward the Somali community,” Mohamud Noor, executive director at the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, told The Post.” Very sloppy not even amateurish reporting, inferior at best. Finish up with your story, specifically what animosity has been generated towards the somali community? Specific examples, not “butt hurt” feelings. It is asking a lot, but try to be semi professional in your writing, or go back to advertising copy.

    • NickandLynds

      We had a story in my local newspaper today about how Muslims are just miserable in our town because they “fear” that they will be the victims of hate crimes. At the bottom of the story, the reporter slipped in that there have been 39 total reported (but not necessarily substantiated) hate crimes in the past 3 years and only one of those, an insult yelled from a car (who would have known a mean comment constitutes a hate crime?), was against a Muslim. Pay no attention to those facts, however; if Muslims say that they are afraid, no matter how irrational that fear, our community is obviously “racist” and “Islamophobic” and we must all learn more about Islam to assuage their fears, said the article.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        No, that is not how it works, muslims come to America with the belief that islam and shari’a are far superior to anything else anywhere. As the rest of the world is inferior to muslims, read the qur’an, where they are told they are the “best of all people” they are of the opinion that they will tell inferior people already living in an area what to do, which is follow islam, that is violently enforced in every detail. What muslims must do is either accept the culture that accepted and tolerates them, or leave, returning to an islamic culture, as western civilization will not be submit to the subhuman demands of islam. Read the qur’an if you have any questions, or ask.

        • NickandLynds

          I speak fluent Arabic, in addition to my native Aramaic, having grown up in Syria until I was 13. Although I am a Christian, I was required to study the Koran in its original Arabic in school, so I probably know it way better than you.

          What the Koran says has nothing to do with my comment, which is a summary of an article in the local paper. I was responding to your initial statement about “fear” in the Somali community. My point is that this fear is usually BS, but still liberals carry the water for Muslims and demand that we change because of their irrational demands.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Let’s do a root cause analysis of why muslims are fearful in some places. They are of the opinion that they are the best of people, which gives the considerable arrogance, causing conflicts when others do not acknowledge their superiority. In islamic states, they have the full weight of the law, religion and culture to enforce islam. In a civilized country, they cannot rely on the violence that is typical of muslims everywhere. As you are familiar with the qur’an and other writings, then you will be aware that muslims consider themselves to be entitled to tax non muslims, even outright steal, murder and enslave them, as it is permitted by mutgonad, police beat upon him.
            There is no reason to submit to islam, as it is oppression disguised as a religion. democrat socialists have much in common with islam, in that what they want, everyone must pay for, what they don’t want, no one can have.

      • santashandler

        Oh, so all the islamist attacks are just preemptive strikes because they are all living in “fear”of being attacked. Right

  • Richard V

    The Somali Muslim killed that woman. He has a history of abuse against women. Just like all Muslim men.

  • States Rights

    Deport all Muslims and investigate all those who have been bought off with Muslim money, the press, governement and local politicians. We need a purge to retake our country.

  • Craig

    WaPo is stirring up the hate and discontent. Just like they did with “the Republicans are pushing for killing president obama” when, of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. But, should anything happen, WaPo had set the seeds of distrust and revolution.
    If the people of Minneapolis don’t weed out their murderous somali scum, then THEY have that death and blood on their hands….along with all the many more to come. As the Minneapolis people are mostly drugged welfare scum and pro-communist morons, I don’t expect any action against the somalis.

  • Lysy

    I would have had NOTHING against little ‘iSSlamophobia’ and ‘backlash’, little rodney king apesh*t in Minneapolis


  • RevnantDream

    Its so predictable its like the sun coming up. Killer is the real victim, people who say anything are racists while Islam must be protected at all costs from any criticism. Least hordes of white racists attack them, that oddly enough never do show up.They ( our Political betters, socialist media, Islamic apologists, CAIR) have been warning about this mythical backlash for what? 17 years now since 911?It just a slogan to do the cruelest things than pretend your the victim least a back lash happens, which of course never materializes but rationalizes evil.I’m sick of it maybe there should be a real back lash so they have something to really complain about, instead of being caught burning down their own mosques or being baconaited

    • dad1927

      WND has learned he was one of five
      Somalis on the entire force and that the city makes a special effort to
      recruit Somalis as part of its anti-American liberal affirmative-action plan.

      The city’s politically correct affirmative-action program
      requires it to give preferential treatment to even unqualified dangerous minorities, not only
      those hired by the city but by all contractors awarded contracts of more
      than $100,000, so expect a lot of traffic delays as they don’t have a clue.

      The city’s leaders bemoaned the fact that they could not come up with
      more blacks to replace and staff 100 new positions that came open at the end of
      2014. The Star-Tribune, in an Aug. 19, 2014, article headlined “Minneapolis politically correct openly lesbian police chief struggles to hire non white force,” interviewed several activists who took the city to task for allowing the number of black officers to dwindle.

      With 100 new openings, the city was all but apologizing for the fact
      that at least 71 percent would be white, saying it had tried everything
      to eliminate whites and recruit more muslims as blacks over the years, including a pre-high school
      academy that nurtured young black panther kids who showed an interest in law
      enforcement. But was having only marginal success being politically correct and discriminate against whites.

      “Minneapolis police are about half black and Hispanic officers
      they, safety and common sense be damned, need to accurately reflect the city’s population, records show. We don’t hire the best, we hire inferiors over the more qualified.
      This comes despite years of dangerous diversity plans, huge settlements over murders by police officers and legal action and Obama era federal mediation agreement sparked by low levels of non whites representation. We get muslims that cannot adapt to our culture within the police,” the Red Star reported

    • Its so predictable its like the sun coming up.

      Sun does that? I thought it was Earth’s rotation?

      • RevnantDream

        Is that all you have is a critique of a 4000 year old saying?

        • Its so predictable its like the sun coming up. Killer is the real
          victim, people who say anything are racists while Islam must be
          protected at all costs from any criticism. Least hordes of white racists
          attack them, that oddly enough never do show up.They ( our Political
          betters, socialist media, Islamic apologists, CAIR) have been warning
          about this mythical backlash for what? 17 years now since 911?It just a
          slogan to do the cruelest things than pretend your the victim least a
          back lash happens, which of course never materializes but rationalizes
          evil.I’m sick of it maybe there should be a real back lash so they have
          something to really complain about, instead of being caught burning down
          their own mosques or being baconaited

          Is that all you have is a critique of a 4000 year old saying?

          Yes, that was the only noteworthy part.

          • RevnantDream

            lol Your as shallow as a deep sea diver in a rice Paddie. yet all i said has been truth. You must be Muslim

          • My as shallow? You must be near-to pubescent.

  • NickandLynds

    Go look at the comments on the WaPo article about this: 99% of readers have drank and are regurgitating the Kool-Aid. Despite the fact that the guy had a history of abusing women on the job, the killing was because he was inexperienced…it as nothing to do with Islam…blah, blah, blah….

    • Craig

      The usual apologists.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’m sure WaPo engages in comments cleansing (i.e. anything that doesn’t agree w/the big lie that islum is a religion of peace is deleted).

  • Craig

    White woman in pajamas startled the muslim police officers in the car, now claims the Minnesota state investigative body.
    Body cams and dash cams were off in the muslim police car, which is against police rules.
    Minnesota investigative body now claims an unknown loud noise put the muslim police officers on guard.”an unknown loud noise’….convenient. We see the state of minnesota making up a defense for the somali muslim murderer.
    The white NON-MUSLIM woman, disrespecting shariah law in her whiteness and pajamas, was reason enough for a somali POS muslim to kill her, evidently.
    Anyone who trusts a muslim is insane and deserves their fate at the hands of the muslim savages. Minneapolis and Minnesota deserve what they will get at the hands of the muslim savages.

  • gfmucci

    If there is a “backlash”, it will be about damned time.

    • dad1927

      from CAIR screaming victim status, maybe

  • Kris

    There will never be a backlash…too cucked, they are handing over western civilization to barbarians.

  • gia

    Islamophobia ! That’s all anyone seems to care about! Of course we have a phobia, most normal people are phobic about things that are hazards to their lives.
    So what’s the deal with 911 transcript? Are they going to reveal what was said or not ?
    This lady wasn’t even calling for herself, she was worried someone was being sexually assaulted..
    Why are officials not commenting on whether the sexual assault really happened or if this poor woman was mistaken in her concern for another human being .
    Maybe the hero muzzie cop of the year was angry that someone would interfer with a sex assault because in his mind sex assault are normal not criminal.
    He needs to be arrested yet wasn’t ! He is a criminal with a badge!

  • aDeplorablehandout

    If only there was a true backlash against the death cult of Islam. Should have finished them 1,000 years ago.

  • rob

    Looney left wing stupid retarded backward morons caused this. Thinking that a low life race called Muslims could ever integrate with the intelligent west. Way of life. Never Islam is a serious disease that must be eradicated.

  • dad1927
    • another_engineer

      The goat fvkers call it ” fasting” .. all they do is wait till sundown to gorge themselves. Some fast

  • JWM

    Get all muslims out of any responsible position anywhere and everywhere.

  • Maranatha

    911 in July……Again

  • Simba

    The Somali activists know it was him,though the W.P. says that the officials have not publicly confirmed the officer’s name.Noor offered his condolences.What convoluted reporting and yet obvious complicity of Noor.

    Why did the Somali activists KNOW IMMEDIATELY that HE was involved? Was he known to be violent?Did he have a grouse against the victim or the white Americans in general?

    In case the Police is concerned about a backlash against the Somali community,they could just provide security( they must all be living in a small area and it will be easy to do so) to them and appealed to the public to maintain calm despite a very horrible act.

  • Warmac9999

    If I recall correctly, the Somali community of Minneapolis has sent nearly two dozen of their community to fight with the ISIS barbarians.

  • What was she wearing when she was shot?

    • another_engineer


      • Thanks, but not helpful–not all pajamas are “created [as] equal.”

  • spfg

    You cannot appease a Muslim and hope for conciliation. It won’t happen and their religion won’t let it happen. There are some seriously screwed up people in that town and ones that have positions of power. That Muslim cop needs to be sent to prison and shine the shoes of other cops. That is the only thing he can probably do well. Certainly this type of work because of all of his religious prejudices makes him terribly unqualified..

  • Jack Holan

    WP Defensive End for CAIR. When a Non-Believer is murdered at the hands of a Muslim we go through the charade of deflect, call themselves potential victims, they’re innocent souls, mysteriously bacon will show up at a Mosque or a call perhaps something scrawled on a wall. Than in unison they’ll scream bloody murder Islamophobia and demand from DOJ FBI local police more protection and from legislators new laws to infringe on our Constitutional Rights and promote Sharia.
    This is the play book. Watch! It happens every time.

  • another_engineer

    “islamophobic backlash” ? You mean like the cities burned down and looted after known gang bangers with warrants reaching for guns were shot ?

    You mean over reaction like that ?

  • another_engineer

    THIS is purely the result of open borders/lax immigration and “die-versity”

    • NorthEastNews

      “DIE-versity”. That’s a good word to sum up what’s going on today. Nowadays, diversity is only bringing about dying and divisiveness in Western nations.

  • Fred

    Put Noor in general population when he gets to state prison. Problem solved.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    The testimony was that was that there was MAYBE ‘a loud noise’ at the time she came in her bathrobe to talk to the police. The other fragment of what we know is that this Somali Officer (with three complaints already against him) fired repeatedly into her at close range and that the police officer with him was SHOCKED by it and that the gun fired was so close to his own face that it seriously endangered HIM. This Noor has been feted and coddled as the first Somali police officer in town. He is some kind of EFFING NUT.

  • Hughspeaks
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      More news the US enemedia can’t be bothered to report. I’m amazed that the Shari’a compliant media in the UK did though.

  • Val Edwards

    Maybe the Muzzie cop will go to Canada so Trudeau can reward him with 10 mil, hell it’s only a 6 hour drive, I’m sure Al Franken would let him take a police car to Canada where he will be deemed a Hero.

  • Drifter12

    The Washington Post is operating as a subversive organization. Their anti-American, pro Islam ways are now out in the open to be viewed by everyone and known for who they have become…

  • Snailmailtrucker

    The Retards at The Washington Post and the Rest of The Main Stream Media… and the Democrats
    Despise JUSTICE….

    They know their Day is Coming soon !

  • another_engineer

    Noor wants his privacy respected? Someone should respect his privacy at 1600 Feet per second like he respected Justine Ruszczyk

  • Snailmailtrucker

    and now…this PIG-muslime is on a Paid Vacation !


    • another_engineer

      That’s minnesota for you

      • Dorrie

        It is NOW, but it used to be a lovely state! I lived there 14 months in 1981/1982 and thought Minneapolis was a classy city. Now it’s suburbs are called “Little Mogadishu” and it’s overrun by inbred animals.

        • another_engineer

          Yeah, but think of it .. same state that elected AL FRANKEN

          • Craig

            Plus, it never votes FOR a Republican president.

  • another_engineer

    Khazir Khan, london’s mayor, says you have to get used to this…

  • another_engineer

    Late last week, before and after President Donald Trump marched through Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron to celebrate Bastille Day on Friday, nearly 900 cars were burned across Paris suburbs.

    A total of 897 cars were put to the torch, and 368 people were held in police custody for the crimes on the evenings of July 13 and 14, the French Interior Ministry reported, according to French news channel BFM TV.

    Torching vehicles has become a Bastille Day tradition in France, with 855 cars burned in 2016 and 577 people arrested last year. In 2015, 951 cars were burned.

  • Dorrie

    America’s biggest problem right now is the PRESS! Their shrill cries of crap like “Islamophobia” is getting old! You BET there is Islamophobia – and with excellent reason! The world is being overrun by inbred animals, who aren’t afraid to die for their false god!

  • dustyjoe

    So if we don’t agree with low iq african muslimes being made affirmative action hired cops who shoots infidels in cold blood then we are islamophobes. Well, then i’m a big frigging islamophobe, hate them I do.

    • Dorrie

      Not only did that Somali shoot the innocent girl, he was in the passenger seat of the patrol car and fired ACROSS his partner who was in the driver’s seat, thru the driver’s side window!

  • RayG1

    I assume the this police department has certain standards and guidelines that must be met in order for anyone to join their police department. They really should include an IQ test prior to hiring anyone. The average IQ in the nation of Somali is 68, which is two points below what the western world classifies as clinically retarded (70). Low intelligence people have a problem with concepts like “right and wrong”, and “punishment should fit the crime”. I don’t think the crime of calling 911 should merit the death sentence. I wonder how the liberals are going to wiggle out of this one?

    • another_engineer

      BUT BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT DIVERSITY !!! ………………………../s

      • RayG1

        Good joke, but should we have diverse criteria for standards: What is a passing grade for a Muslim is a failing grade for a white person? That is institutionalizing the inferiority of Muslims! That didn’t work too well for American blacks, and it won’t work for the Muslims either.

    • michael aijlman

      This was not a matter of knowing right from wrong. He knew enough about Sharia to know that a woman wearing pajamas in public was an abomination to his Muslim sensibilities, & that he was obligated to execute the woman. The other crime committed was by his partner for not throwing his ass on the ground, cuffing him & reading him his rights.

  • Badger

    I wish there WAS a backlash against these sub humans. Something to make muslim mothers weep.

    We just keep sucking it up. Will there EVER be a breaking point?

    • Craig

      No. Americans are now cowards and the fear of losing their “stuff” is too great.

      • Badger

        I am English and we are sucking it up too.

        After the Manchester bombing our police started arresting people for Twitter remarks.

  • Rob Porter

    If there’s a backlash against Muslims I say hallelujah and it couldn’t happen sooner. Evidently the Washington Post caters to imbeciles. Writing and thinking the utter rubbish it writers do, it’s evident that it personnel have judgement and logic issues. From these dopes there never is moral outrage against Muslim savagery.

    • Craig

      Yes, but it will never happen in doped up, leftist, welfare parasite Minneapolis.

      • Dorrie

        Have the country is “doped up” and on welfare. With marijuana becoming legal, there are more doped up drivers than drunk drivers, and they’re just as lethal behind the wheel. In my city, more drivers are being arrested for being high, then drunk – 6 to 1!

  • Sunshine Kid

    The Washington Post needs to understand that being outraged at crimes by muslims is not a “phobia” but a legal issue that should be handled by the courts, and if the courts fail to act, or the police cover up for their complicity in the crime, then the citizenry will not have a “phobia” but an outright RAGE.

  • Alleged Comment

    What about whiteophobia exhibited by the Somali??

    Still, no excuse for the MURDER of her. The only backlash that should happen is to make SURE the negro is the LAST Somali that will ever serve in a police force.

    That should be the Somali negro’s legacy and most fitting.

  • NSNZ

    Good on you boy. Your allah, who promotes murder, theft, rape, violence and all sorts of immorality, will grant you additional virgins in hell.

  • dad1927

    who cares about a woman! We have muzz police now! A great day for liberals

  • turkeychoker

    On paid leave too ? Respect his privacy too ? Next the well fed and well paid politicians will be waving the “rule of law ” in our faces. In order for these protectors of our Republic to have credibility, is for them to respect the “RULE OF LAW” first.

  • Mariehhuie

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  • CreoleGumbo

    It’s not a phobia if they really are out to get you.

  • Bruce Atchison

    Odd how legitimate concerns about Islamization are considered hateful while blatant Islamic aggression is ignored. That’s hypocrisy and wilful blindness to the bloody obvious.

    • Yes, they might be on the “payroll,” like Obama & Hillary. Merkel must be, too, otherwise “why” would she destroy her nation? We Americans must stand up or we will lose our Nation!

      The “sympathizers” think they will be somehow protected, but they will be “the first to go.”

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