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UK: Two Muslim teenage brothers killed waging jihad in Syria were “radicalised” UNDER THE NOSES of police and social services


“The panel concluded Jaffar was ‘not at risk of being drawn into terror-related activities’.”

This is no surprise. The British authorities refuse to recognize jihad for what it is. So of course they can’t see the signs that a Muslim is growing more devout and ready to kill for Allah. The willful ignorance of British officials is driving their country to destruction.

“Two British Muslim teenage brothers killed fighting with extremist forces in Syria were radicalised under noses of police and social services says report,” by Thomas Burrows, MailOnline, July 27, 2017:

Police and social services failed to prevent two teenage British Muslims being radicalised before they were killed fighting with extremist forces in Syria.

There was ‘no recognition’ Abdullah Deghayes, 18, his 17-year-old brother Jaffar and their three siblings were becoming vulnerable to radicalisation in Brighton.

When their elder brother Amer Deghayes, a former finance student, also travelled to Syria to fight for the al-Qaeda linked group Jabhat Al Nusra, they failed to stop his two younger siblings.

A Serious Case Review has now highlighted how the agencies failed to spot the tell-tale signs of radicalisation.

Abdullah and Jaffar boarded a £59 one-way flight from Luton to Istanbul and then went to Syria.

Both were killed just a few months after their arrival in the war-torn region – Abdullah by a sniper while chasing retreating forces in Lakatia in April 2014, and Jaffar six months later during a close-range firefight amid the ruins of Idlib.

Amer told ITV News in 2014 that he was prepared to suffer the same fate as his brothers, saying he had promised Allah he would continue on the path of jihad ‘until I get killed’.

Missed opportunities to intervene in the Brighton siblings’ lives were highlighted in the report following the deaths in 2014 of Abdullah and Jaffar, who were referred to as W and X.

In 2013, concern was raised by a school that some young people were converting to Islam and some had been paid by a relative of the brothers to attend a gym behind a place of worship.

The report said no further information was obtained about the activities at the gym.

The second opportunity came in the same year after Jaffar was referred to a panel following an ’emotional’ comment he made about Americans when he called them ‘terrorists’.

But the panel concluded Jaffar was ‘not at risk of being drawn into terror-related activities’.

The report said: ‘Both these instances were missed opportunities to learn more about the activities of the young people and to understand the links between young people in Brighton.’

It added: ‘Moreover at that time there was little local or national knowledge or understanding of the risks to children from being exploited into radicalisation to go and fight in wars elsewhere in the world.’

The report’s authors said they were unable to point to how the brothers were radicalised and news that Jaffar and Abdullah had gone to Syria came as a ‘total surprise and shock’ to professionals….

  • jkarna

    Good riddance and enjoy Hell with your prophet.

  • Mick

    Why no mention of the mosque they attended. Why no mention of the parents. There is no integration with the Muslims, we do not know what they are learning in the Saudi funded mosques and madrassas. Why is the British police and social services to blame?

    • Pray Hard

      Why? Because they’re leftist @$$holes who are enabling and complicit.

  • Pray Hard

    Of course, they were. Dead moslems? Cool.

  • Poppey

    These two little scrots were responsible for their home town of Brighton being placed on the list of 43 other towns and cities in Britain {as of Jan 2015 } qualifying for government funds to spend under the “prevent” scheme {hated and campaigned against by the loony hard left} intended to forestall youngsters becoming radicalised.

    Their efforts at becoming Jihadists were dismissed by the “right on” PC city council who a few years earlier advertised for, get this, a “Chair” for the Diversity Celebratory Committee. The wise stewards in that place thought those brothers were just “practicing their religion” by traveling to Turkey which they were CERTAIN was peaceful.

    The Sussex police who are responsible for that town were ordered to save some £70 million from the budget in 2015, one effect was { I was told by a retired officer } traffic cops were reduced from over 300 to just 27. We can guess the rest.

    In my view, muslim Jihadists could devastate 25% of that town { and it’s large gay population } with bombs, arson and riots and the political right would still get all the blame. Honestly, sometimes I think the left should have to pass an IQ and balanced judgement test before being eligible for public office.

    • Sonyajjohnson

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    • Jessicajlight

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  • At least they are “good” muzlums now.

    • Sage Nighthawk

      Yes they are now “good and DEAD muslims”! Praise God in heaven!

  • Mahou Shoujo
  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good thing they were eliminated from the gene pool.

  • Sage Nighthawk

    GEE, that’s to damn bad that two TERRORISTS brothers from England were killed in Syria fighting for the muslim world domination, NOT! I thank God in heaven that both of these muslims are now dead and are in HELL for their actions against humanity. These two idiots got exactly what they deserved, DEATH! I don’t feel bad nor do I care about them or their muslim family’s loss. Go to hell muslims! NO 72 virgins for you, just damned to hell for eternity. Thank you my God


    Thank goodness that these Muslim trash brothers were killed—NO big loss…..
    2 Less savages to worry about.

  • Joe Stephens

    Too bad they didn’t make it. People who join a radical, violent organization to go and kill people should not be allowed back into the country they came from. They should also be stripped of their citizenship. Let them stay in the hell hole they went to.

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