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Turkish Women March in Rights Protest in Istanbul


Hundreds of women in Turkey took to the streets of Istanbul to protest against violence from men — and against the idea they’re supposed to dress conservatively, just becauase that’s how men want them to appear.

The march was dubbed the “Don’t Mess With My Outfit” campaign.

Hundreds of woman rallied in the streets of Istanbul to protest how Turkey’s male-dominated government was wearying them with conservative fashion demands.

And the protest was joined by members of the gay and transgender communities.

Reuters has more:

Women chanted slogans and carried denim shorts on hangers as examples of the type of clothing some men say they find unacceptable.

“We will not obey, be silenced, be afraid. We will win through resistance,” the crowds chanted, holding up posters and LGBT rainbow flags.

Istanbul has long been seen as a relatively liberal city for women and gay people.

But critics say President Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist-rooted AK Party have shown little interest in expanding rights for minorities, gays and women, and are intolerant of dissent.

Protesters say there has been an increasing number of verbal and physical attacks against women for their choice of clothing.

In one incident in June, a young woman, Asena Melisa Saglam, was attacked by a man on a bus in Istanbul for wearing shorts during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Video of the incident showed the man hitting her while the bus driver watched.

“Are you not ashamed of dressing like this during Ramadan?” the footage showed the man saying.

In another incident, Canan Kaymakci, was harassed on the street in Istanbul when a man accused her of wearing provocative clothing, saying she should be careful because she was “turning people on.”

Another woman, Aysegul Terzi, was called a devil and kicked by a man on a public bus, also for wearing shorts. Footage showed the man telling her that those who wear shorts “should die”.

Saturday’s march was joined by several members of the gay and transgender community, after Istanbul’s pride march was banned by authorities late in June.

Since Erdogan took office nearly 15 years ago, restrictions on wearing the headscarf imposed by Turkey’s secular 20th century leaders have been eased and more women in the mainly Muslim country have chosen to wear it.

Saturday’s march saw several women protesting against the criticism they have faced for choosing to wear headscarves.

  • Suresh

    Wait till Erdogan starts his sharia police to beat up these non-burkahed women like saudi , he has just got started.

    And did you know Turkey allows harvesting of organs from refugees and killing them in the process

    And that includes killing children too ! And even UN was aware of it for over 3 years but keeps blaming syrian govt !

  • gh

    These poor women. Fighting the inevitable.

    All over the world, the trend has started reversing. UK has started adapting islamic values, and thus, the value of women dressing conservatively. In india, the bollywood actresses are now regularly condemned if they show off skin, because of which, they are slowly starting to cover up. In belgium, sweden et al, there are places where non-muslim women know for a fact that they would need to cover up. Even billboards showing female skin are imperiled at times.

    We can not stop this, I’m afraid. Legal homosexuality and women dressing how they want, are temporary, transient phenomena, in the greater realm of things. They had their time, and now the trend will start reversing, until the moment arrives where one would not be able to tell the difference between islamic values and non-islamic values, in regard to the same.

    In this world, there would be a significant overlap between the muslim mindset and the non-muslim mindset, with both disallowing female skin show and homosexuality. In india, muslims have long managed to twist the hindu values to the point that now hindus consider covering women up is the way to be. Not entirely of course, but the conception is the same.

    Every day that passes with islam being legal, inside non-muslim nations, is just a little more progress toward eventual islamic hegemony over the west. There is no way to escape islamization, as long as our mentality remains the same and islam remains legal.

    • Michael Gerardi

      There is a way: CIVIL WAR.

  • Scott Wallace

    I think one of our best hopes is full scale revolution by Muslim women. Documentaries on Muslim women indicate as a group they are anything but happy. Besides being treated as a slave (work and sex) they feel manipulated and lied to. The physical abuse doesn’t terrify them as much as it wears them down. I’ve watches dozens of documentaries and what comes across is the sexual harassment they experience by other men ANYTIME they are out in public- with or without their familial men. BTW- studies indicate the men think they like it (BS). In a religion obsessed with the control and sexploitation of women Muslim men are masters of grooming and manipulation. Conversely western women are so stupid they don’t understand how Muslim women are treated. That’s why Linda Sarsour is mostly popular with western women. About half of native born Muslim women know what the reality of gender relationships are in the Muslim world.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Good heavens, muslim women not subservient, grovelling and still alive. Lets see how long that condition persists.

    • Simba

      M.S. , please read this:– With this scenario,Erdogan will have to relent.Mind well Turkey today has better relations with Russia,despite the downed plane–due to compulsions for both nations-and now with emotional relationships,these women will win.

  • gia

    I am glad to see this hopefully nobody gets hurt.
    This is how awful it is to be Muslim, they cannot take responsibility for their own sexual control , must blame women, which is actually common of men in many cultures but for muslims it’s an agreeable truth .
    A civilized man controls his impulses, respects a woman’s right to her own body and appreciates her beauty , and wouldn’t want to destroy it.
    I believe that some of us are more modest then others but if a woman feels comfortable in less clothing it’s her option.(I’m modest won’t wear bikini in public etc) for me it’s just a choice.
    These women should have the same choice as I do.

  • ties

    Looks like the CIA is still playing games in too many company

  • pdxnag

    Do Muslim men seek only to see men when they walk about any town? Is that more or less abnormal than mingling with goats? Depends on what is normal?

  • Dennis Durkop

    History repeating itself as this happened in Iran after the Shah was ousted as just need to kill and rape the Turkish women and they will all start wearing burqa! If women are not willing to kill the Muslim men you have no way to maintain your rights! Erdogan is a barbarian at heart in support of Sunni Sharia Law per the United Nations radical Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) whose long-term goal is to put all the world’s unbelievers under oppressive sharia and take all their money and property raping their females and taking all as slaves!

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  • Ninsuna

    How refreshing it is to see women in the world who actually have valid reasons to hold a protest march!

    Now, if only Muslim women in some other Islamic countries would simultaneously decide to go Loreena Bobbitt …

  • Patriotliz

    Those women “choosing” to wear head scarves are doing so to protect themselves from the Muslim pigs who will rape women for not wearing the head scarves.

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