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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Department Seek to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance

Erdogan THREAT: “No European, no Westerner will be able to safely walk the streets, anywhere in the world”


Ankara, Turkey, 04.01.2017: “The minarets are our bayonets. The faithful are our soldiers. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar.” So said the Turkish president during his presidential campaign 20 years ago. He was charged and jailed for this statement by a secular political system in Turkey that he later changed to accommodate his brand of dangerous political Islam. One of his political supporters, Aslihan Dede, 21, a student journalist wearing a Muslim head scarf in Istanbul, said with a self-convinced glee “He is one of us” — meaning President Erdogan is a certified Islamist in power in a major NATO ally country with immediate aspirations for membership into the EU, the world’s most exclusive political club for democracies! He lifted restrictions on Islamic headscarves and pumped religion into schools, slowly reversing the 95-year old legacy of secularism in Turkey founded by its first president, Kemal Pasha Ataturk. Erdogan and his party have won nine straight elections, drawing their strongest support from poorer and more religious Turks. Meanwhile, he put in an administrative and political stranglehold on the remaining Greek Christian minority in Turkey, ensuring that the very old and traditional Christian Ecumenical East-Catholic Church of Istanbul will be finally eliminated after its current and last Patriarch, Bartholomew, dies in office. The few coastal Greek communities have all largely abandoned Turkey in the last 25 years.

Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington and author of “Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam Is Reshaping the World” detected this pattern of pan-Islamic populism sanctioned at the ballot box, which uses and abuses the vehicle of democratization to placate Western powers with a veneer of legitimacy, all just to ensure a gradual political victory for Islamism, if not also at the point of the bayonet in the street. The so-called ”Islamic State” draws strength from ideas that have a broad resonance among Muslim-majority populations, in Turkey, and in Egypt and elsewhere in the Islamic world. For this reason, Turkey’s cynical Islamist president supported the dreadful ISIS in the early years when he was hoping to see a minority Alawite government in Syria overthrown by a hardcore Sunni Muslim rebellion from the desert dustbins of the wide open Syrian countryside. In this way, he was hoping to demoralize Turkey’s own Alawite minority, which looks up to the Syrian Alawites as their brethren. In a sign of how committed Erdogan is to Islamism – he still remains the most outspoken supporter of Mohammed Mursi, the jailed Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt who was toppled by the Egyptian army in 2013. Erdogan’s government hosts prominent Brotherhood leaders in exile. This author believes that President Erdogan has engineered or instigated a military coup against himself in Turkey last year in order to flush out his enemies inside the Turkish military and then eliminate them (which he did).

The dictatorial appetite of Erdogan was satisfied for now by the referendum on the expansion of presidential powers in Turkey, held earlier this year (in April). The changes to Turkey’s political system proposed by Erdogan (and adopted following the successful referendum) eviscerate the power of both the legislative and judicial branches of the government in favor of the executive, which will be concentrated in the hands of one person (Erdogan). The new presidential term limits allow Erdogan to remain in office as late as 2029. Erdogan has also abandoned an ambitious foreign policy that boosted Turkey’s economy by securing the flow of foreign capital. Instead, he replaced it with crude nationalism. He rails at neighboring countries on various pretexts, even at America for protecting his chief domestic rival who lives in exile in Pennsylvania (Gulen). He still has a low key Kurdish insurgency to deal with, as well as various sorts of blowbacks from returning terrorists who used to receive covert Turkish government support abroad. And above all else – Erdogan has been cynically exploiting the millions of Turks who live in Europe as his power play’s exponents. He would incite them so they hold rallies and he would send money to open schools in Europe where only Muslims need apply (madrassas). Every little incident in Europe involving Muslims his government uses as a pretext for a verbal onslaught against the Europeans. He is an absolute danger to the West, far greater than Saddam Hussein of Iraq used to be. Erdogan’s ironically named ”Justice and Development Party”, or AKP is a mere nationalist platform of yes-men from which the little Turkish Mussolini can tune his loud pitches on the open strings of his Islamist followers.

So, all things considered, it ought to come as no surprise that Erdogan issued threats to Westerners, as reported in the article translated below.

ERDOGAN more vitriolic than ever before: If the EU continues like this towards Turkey, Europeans will not be safe to walk the streets!

Europeans will not be able to safely walk the streets if the European Union continues to maintain a hostile attitude towards Turkey – this according to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It was during a speech in Ankara that he said that “Turkey is not a country that you can push around, whose honor you can toy with and whose government ministers you can simply expel!” – said Erdogan.

“If you continue to behave in this way, no European, no westerner will be able to safely walk the streets, anywhere in the world! We as Turkey urge Europe to respect human rights and democracy.” – said Erdogan.

Turkish President stated this in the midst of increasing tension in relations between Turkey and the EU in recent weeks, which came on the heels of the official banning of numerous public gatherings for Muslims who support Erdogan in Germany and the Netherlands, which some Turkish ministers were hoping to attend.

Turkish officials have responded to heavy criticism from European capitals, and Erdogan has accused Germany of using “Nazi practices,” which caused outrage in Berlin.

The renewal of tensions with Europe takes place less than a month before the scheduled referendum in Turkey on April 16, in which citizens will declare on the proposed expansion of presidential powers in the country.

The president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, warned Erdogan that he risks destroying everything that his country has achieved in recent years.

European countries, however, have not granted permissions for Turkish public rallies to be held in support of Erdogan’s referendum in Turkey, which caused an even deeper rift in relations between Turkey and other countries.

“Stop the terrible Nazi comparisons! Do not cut ties to those people who want a partnership with Turkey. Follow the rule of law and of freedom of the media and of the journalists. And free Deniz Jucel.” – said Steinmeier.

Deniz Jucel is the correspondent of the German “Welt” news service who holds both Turkish and German citizenship but was arrested last month in Turkey.
Turkish Mussolini, Erdogan, Poster

  • santashandler

    “Not be safe to walk the streets,” eh? Sounds awful like a direct threat coming from a major European leader. Perhaps if he keeps this up and backs up his words with action, he might have his clock cleaned….

    • OrangeEnt

      By the Europeons? Not likely, they’ll – or more correctly, their leaders – will bow and let him have his way….

      • Tm.

        The Europe of now is not the Europe of Centennia past. They are liberals. They are deficient in many things, particularly in common sense. I could very well be wrong, but I feel they have destroyed themselves. It does not take a scientist to know that the strong shall overtake the weak, that a common bond is important to hold people together, that numbers may well determine success. I have never understood why the left has done this. It must be the oil.
        The Europeans of today do not seem strong, or particularly courageous. Wheras the others are strong, or appear to be so. The truth can be painful.

        • Anna Moolenaar

          Thnx to Herr Merkel , the She Devil and EVERYONE around´s her , all walked on het rope to destroy , OUR CIVILISED COUNTRY´s. !! rules by stupid´s.,…..

        • It’s a comin’

          At least twice we have saved Europe. Next time we will be forced to incinerate them due to radical Muztards taking control of their nukes.

          • IceCube

            Funny how ppl from usa allways talk like they had nothing to do with any of this when the fact is you have been #1 in most of this whole mess from day one.

          • Hortance

            What? Islam was attacking Europe over a thousand years ago, you dope.
            Don’t come on an American Conservative website and try to get over as if we are as ignorant and uneducated as your average Arab Muslim.

        • Karen Squires

          Iron mixed with clay.

    • Tobias Keith

      Turkey is not Europe. It straddles the European continent, but it is clearly a moslem nation, more so now with Erdogan.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Quite a few Northwestern Europeon countries look more and more like Turkey every year.

    • Daniel Dolz

      what would happen if an european leader says that?

  • Devolutionist

    Yeah we really like you Erdoe. Like to see you strung.

  • Hans Pfall

    Can’t say they’re hiding their intentions. No “taqiyya” here. So next time you hear some leftist wuss on TV waxing rhapsodic about “moderate” Moslems and how only a small minority are “radicalized”, remember…you won’t be able to walk the streets safely ANYWHERE in the world.

    You don’t negotiate with gangrene.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      >… You don’t negotiate with gangrene …

      Recep Tayyip Erdoğa is worse than Hitler but the West will never do anything against that monster

      The so-called ‘western leaders’ are too scared of the moslems to do anything right

      • Anna Moolenaar

        U ARE SO RIGHT.!! our poliTRICKERS are EUnuchs, no ball´s nothing.!!

      • Hans Pfall

        Hate to admit it, but so far you have been proved right. I hope this changes…but I’m not holding my breath.

        • Helentlankford

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        • Stellawsmith

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          • Stephen Honig

            Stop your lying bullshit! If what you said is true, your family would be working for you and you wouldn’t advertise your lies.

          • Hans Pfall

            Stop yelling at Stella. I want her to take me for a ride in her Land Rover Range Rover.


        • timothius

          You’re not alone, Hans!

          • Hans Pfall

            Thank you, brother.

      • sodacrackers2

        I don’t know that they are afraid or if they use each other, one hoping for one world government, the other hoping for a world caliphate, both hoping to use the chaos they are creating.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      islam belongs in usa now. Islam will be part of westerners daily lifes. one morning westerners will wake up with the prettiest sound for many, the muslims calling from their minarets and it will be normal then

      • Babydoll

        It’ll never happen as long as the 🇺🇸 Trumps over islam every time!

      • Douglas Lloyd Anderson

        I’ll be killing muzzies on the street with a bat well before that ever happens .

      • Donna Whiteman


        • Daniel Dolz

          already happening in europe dude

      • James

        If Islam wants a fight, there are still some non-Muslims in the world willing to give it to them. Islam has its jihadis, but the normal people also have their Charles Martels, their General Shermans, and their Pattons.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Wow! A real drug fueled hallucination. All that will happen over my dead body or hell freezing over, whichever comes first.

      • roccolore

        Muslim fascists like you are the bigots who hate America and Europe, but love all the welfare benefits.

      • BikeIce

        Why don’t you go back the the Islamic hell hole you came from……..their will NEVER be Islamic/Sharia Law ruling the USA.

        • Daniel Dolz

          there already is a soft sharia. most important aspect of sharia is: you cannot criticize islam. Then cames jizya. You are already giving welfare and evt cards to them. in europe is even worse

          • Mark Duncan

            Muzzrats are subhuman. Mohammed was a disgusting, murdering, raping pedophile, who worships Satan. Allah is Satan.

            There, shitstain. Someone do something to me. See, fucktard, no Sharia.

          • Daniel Dolz

            a keyboard warrior

          • Mark Duncan

            A dick smoker.

      • Hans Pfall

        LOL. The man misunderstands. Western LEADERS are afraid of Islam. We The People with the blessings of the Lord God are not. Moslems and their moon god will be as successful conquering America as the prophets of Baal were when Elijah challenged them to a barbeque.

        Read all about it here, verses 18-46:

      • Hortance

        One morning all of you 80-IQ inbred morons will arise to the gloom and despair of again living in countries where people still dig holes for a toilet and where sex relations with goats and camels is legal.

      • spfg

        It will never be a part of my life! It is so sad for you to think outwardly you consider yourself holy therefore are holy but in truth Our God the Most High God see’s the heart. The “heart” of Muslims are like a dirty, smelly, filthy, dead corpse with maggots tearing away the rotting flesh with only the bones left!!!

  • disqus_MGDxkELpy4

    European leaders are not being held to account therefore, the population does not think that ‘walking the streets’ is an important freedom.

  • guymacher

    The West must teach this Muslim barrow a lesson. The sooner, the better.

    • Daniel Dolz

      the worse enemy of the west is itself

      • guymacher

        tragically true

  • Mark Goldberg

    Europeans aren’t safe on their streets. The Jihad threat being the newest cultural immigrant these last 20 yrs or so, has brought confusion and deterioration of the sense of belonging and sanctity of national pride.
    And the denial of all the reason for the threat is so well stated by Ertogan- accept him, them in toto, or be afraid, be very afraid.
    Ok… now. That seems fairly clear.

  • Michael Buley

    The enemies of freedom identify themselves so clearly and repeatedly. The enemies of all non-Muslims. What do world leaders do?

    Well, over here in America, Rubio offers a bill that makes it a crime to ‘discriminate’ against any ‘minority.’ Unlimited in scope.

    • yes

      And this is precisely the mentality that will eventually be our downfall.

      We can not discriminate against muslims, no matter how many times they bomb us, rape us, and terrorize us.
      We can not take away their equal rights, no matter how much they despise us and sabotage our system.
      We can not take away their religious freedom, no matter how many times their islam calls for our murder and subversion.

      We are psychologically handicap. If we do not change this no-discrimination, equal rights and religious freedom mentality, our future generations will not have the western civilization that we know of today.

      Note – I understand that it might be hard for some, but we absolutely must let go of ridiculous conspiracy theories, like frankfurt school, karlegi plan, NWO et al. When we put the blame on these, not only do we lose credibility, but to an uninitiated person, we provide nothing but confusion. Blaming these silly theories distracts us from the actual reason–the mentality–mentioned above. Therefore, it only harms the cause and is counter-productive, and as such, must be avoided.

      • Michael Buley

        Agree completely with much of what you say, and that Western civilization as we know it — civilization itself — is in danger. Will it take generations, plural? Not in Europe.

        I think there is great value in being aware of Kalergi and Frankfurt. I think when we realize the extent and scope and long-standing nature of it all, it helps us to be aware of what we’re up against. Knowledge here is power, not crippling. We have been swimming in these things for decades now.

        I hear too many times how world leaders are ‘ignorant’ of what is happening, that somehow they are blindly and naively importing these Muslims. They’re not ignorant; they do it with full knowledge of what is happening.

        When we realize that this is quite intentional, we can quit relying on these leaders to change anything. They won’t. They want a one world government. No conspiracy theory; it has been expressed and planned for, for a long time. The idea isn’t to flaunt knowledge or confuse, but to educate. that is how I look at it. And it’s not to educate others, so much as myself. We each need to figure out the best way to educate on this. Attacking, and criticizing, does nothing. And we don’t need to refer to kalergi or frankfurt to educate.

        In the end, this fight won’t be waged by the uneducated, uninformed, uninterested masses.

        However we get to where we rise up against Islam — all of it, any of it — we need to get there, and soon. It is, as you know, not a religion by any stretch. It is a political ideology bent on ruling the world. It is pure evil.

        We are on the same page, absolutely, about the threat of Islam.

        • hmmm

          I knew precisely that this would be your response and we are in 100% agreement save for the part of the aforementioned theories. I think we can and should have a rational discourse here –

          Let us start with frankfurt and karlegi – What percentage of the individuals, both elite and common, do you think are aware of these terms, and are acting on it?

          Note that after you mention the percentage, you will need to follow through with evidence, and not rely on me to ‘connect the dots’ so to speak. The point being, kindly do not put something out vaguely, and then automatically infer a positive association, claiming that this is the very reason, without there being substantial, undeniable causation of the same.

          Note – In the interest of a productive debate, I would request you that we both keep our responses short and to the point, and not digress.

          • Michael Buley

            I don’t concern myself with how many people know or don’t.

            I’m not sure what you’re after. I learn the things I learn for myself, and my own putting the pieces together. If the Kalergi plan and Frankfurt school are pieces of the puzzle, that’s all I concern myself with.

            The important thing isn’t how someone gets to the realization of what Islam really is, but that they do. Knowing about Kalergi isn’t critical at all to seeing Islam for what it is, and resisting it wherever we can.

            Each of us knows things and has studied things that others haven’t. It’s the great benefit of exchanges on these boards. The articles are interesting and helpful; the comments by people are much more informative.

          • rgn

            Well see, as expected, you did not substantiate your claim. If you can not corroborate it, then why dwell on it? And as you said – “Knowing about Kalergi isn’t critical at all to seeing Islam for what it is”

            So why mention it?

            The point is simple – Instead of going down the road of these silly theories, we should concentrate only on the actual reason, which is the prevailing mentality of our civilization. Since these theories are non-essential, and distracting, at best, we should refrain from indulging them.

    • wilypagan

      Little Marco is a dipshit. He uses his Cuban origins for political gain. He needs to be primaried next election.

      • Recall election now!

        Why wait?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I never realized what a vile little pustule he is until recently.

  • EB

    I believe that this is probably one of the top 5 most dangerous men in the World. Turkey quite probably the most unpredictable after North Korea. However, all the wrongdoings and evils being done count for nothing when Turkey has US bases, US agreements and other Western World allies. A blind eye will be turned to all the horrors, the evils, and all the transgressions. Erdogan knows that and will exploit every advantage it gives for his own (Islamic) agenda.

    • IceCube

      erdogan and merkel would make a good couple, if they would then adopt soros, juncker and macron what a wonderful family that would make.

  • Dr. Hansen

    Erdogan should try to crawl up his own asshole and stay there

    • Anna Moolenaar

      Hear hear.!!

  • Ralph Forshaw

    thats Turkey off the holiday destination list

    • Anna Moolenaar

      NEVER EVER, !! Look on your streets , u save´d your money , U are there without a plane ticket . lol

  • wilypagan

    Trump needs to move our bases and weapons out of Turkey to (a newly formed) Kurdistan and help the Kurds establish and maintain a free Kurdistan. They are our only decent allies in the area. I love it when they send their women to finish off those ISIS scum.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Free Kurdistan”, the irony of that statement will no more be palpable than if it comes to fruition. I have no doubt Kurdistan will be called an Islamic Republic and will have little or nothing to do w/freedom and/or liberty.

      • wilypagan

        Actually, I know a number of Kurds who assisted the US military and they are quite secular.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I can’t help but notice how many muslum states are secular in the 21st century:

          • wilypagan

            Maybe a free Kurdistan would be a first. The US should refuse to support or ally with any country or government that is a theocracy or gives preference to muslims.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            As if any muslum state isn’t going to give preference to f’ing muslums. Get REAL.

          • wilypagan

            I was thinking more along the lines of giving preference to no religion.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The vast majority of Kurds R f’ing muslums. Why would I be insane enough to believe they’re any different than the rest of the muslum scum? Do they have a different set of books they find holey? Do they not take muhamMAD as their most holey and perfect man? Have ANY of them renounced islum’s vile Jew hate? Have any of the them renounced their holey prophet’s timeless calls for jihad against the unbeliever in islum? Just because one group of muslum psychopaths persecutes another group of muslum psychopaths doesn’t make either of them my friend or ally. It’s not as if the SA were the good guy nazis in WW2 because the SS exterminated them.

          • wilypagan

            Most of them I met are similar to Jack Mormons and they have fought and translated for US forces.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Tell it to the millions of Armenian and Assyrian Christians slaughtered by f’ing Turkish AND Kurdish muslums in Turkey/Armenia.

          • wilypagan

            Wasn’t that a hundred years ago? What about now? Kurds and Turks are not allies.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            As of 2012, Kurdistan was already considering instituting a blasphemy law (it might already be law by now):

            This article also discusses the persecution of non-muslims in Kurdistan (in 2012):

            “Today, Othman explains, Yazidis are the “underdogs” of the society, seen
            literally as devil worshippers by many Muslims due to their reverence
            for Tawûsê Melek, who in Islam represents the Fallen Angel — Satan.”

            I don’t give a FFF if muslum Kurds are allies of muslum Turks — because they’re all enemies of the free world.

          • wilypagan

            Thanks for the info. I was not aware of this. Jeez, just when I think I might have found a secular group of Muslims… What about the communist group? I think they were called the PKK or something like that? Do you think there is any chance they could wipe out religion in a free Kurdistan?

    • pipo

      Long time ago in London I had a nice evening out with my Turkish girlfriend and her Turkish friends and I mentioned Kurdistan, and all were laughing as if I was mad. We had just another drink!.

  • 762x51FMJ

    We have wild Turkeys.. they attack at the nursing home and when they get off the school bus. The city relocates them but even more show up each year and Geese…. Around Thanksgiving.. Usually In a deep fryer wrapped in bacon…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    All the turkey is saying is the already obvious and fully apparent. western europeans do not value freedom as all, they are content to have some on tell them what to do. When that something is following sharia, its culture, dietary and oppression of women, they will unquestioningly do so, as submission has been bred into western europeans just as violent arrogant ignorance is bred into muslims. There is no fool like a western european fool.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It will happen that no muslim anywhere will be able to walk the streets in safety, anywhere in the world.

    • tatka150


    • Rob Porter

      The sooner this happens the better. Hopefully, someone will blow to smithereens with a double-barrel shotgun Recep Erdogan’s miserable face.

      • sodacrackers2

        Obama’s most trusted partner!

  • Dave Cody

    The eu has already given their countries to sharia so no sense whining about it now ….it’s over …..prepare to become Muslim under sharia …u brought it their so it’s now your way of life !!!!!

    • Anna Moolenaar

      Pitty for the PATRIOTS Like me and many more, we lost from our poliTRICKERS PITTY for our GEERT WILDERS the biggest party PVV but ignored like a PARIA, even so if your boss know u vote PVV he will kick your ass , !!!

  • NoBamaYoMama

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the AntiChrist!

    • VoiceInDesert

      Not sure about that. Erdogan makes himself too obvious. The real antichrist (the lawless one) will make himself known with counterfeit signs and wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10; Revelation 13:13-14).

  • These words will NOT be forgotten.

    • Alzheimers leftists R US

      Leftists will forget them. Just like they forgot 9/11.

  • Tm.

    I have noted that in general, the Muslims do not lie about their intentions. Indeed they are proud of their ideas. The West gives them wide birth, they are afraid of them, for a variety of reasons. In addition, the left, over the decades has beaten down Caucasian men, or so it seems to me. Caucasians and/or Christians cannot speak, whereas Muslims are free to speak. The world is a mess. It will not come to good end. No empire lasts forever or for long, no man lives for long, and a rulers sons may be toppled by those who are stronger, or more ambitious, and there are always such men waiting in the wings. Would have gone much better if we all respected one another and let one another live. If men had devoted their energies to medical research, and to how we can survive cataclysmic events. Mankind is sad and doomed. We have learned nothing. We seek our own destruction.

    • COL Joseph A. Masterson

      Nice platitudes, iffens, couldas and wouldas there. It would be nice for once if someone, MORE THAN SOME ONE, a whole damned BUNCH, starting with the jellyfish in Congress and the Senate, get their heads out of their asses and start acting like what American forefathers who established this government were like! The gravy train is about to be derailed and all they can do is line up for the next congressional cocktail party! And I don’t mean the snowflake approach “If we would just be nice, everyone would love us and there would be peace” bullshit! Primary your representative and senator, and seriously think of having a “RECALL” election for those not up for re-election!

  • Jeff Moffitt

    Destroy islam!

  • Commieobamie

    And NATO turns its head and ignores this moHOGmad demon SLIME.

  • Sammyb

    He should be tried in the world court for his crimes against humanity, a thug.

  • Palm Beach Bum

    Where’s Hillary Clinton when you need her?
    – We came, we saw, he died.

    • COL Joseph A. Masterson

      Not sure where she IS, but damned sure where she needs to be ~~Guantanamo “GITMO” would be a great vacation spot for her~~and Slick Willy, and the “apple that fell from that tree” is acting more screwy every day!

  • Michelle

    A real pity that all of these Shiite suicide bombers always forget about him.

  • Alleged Comment

    Only scared and defeated people talk like this. I think this guy is GOING DOWN. I’ll say my goodbyes now……

  • Peter Joffe

    Erdogan is a terrorist as dangerous and evil as the Ayatollahs of Iran. Turkey will fall and Erdogan with it as civilization departs from the Arab Middle East. Islam is the cause of most, if not all the strife in the world.

  • Rob Porter

    How long will it be before Donald Trump calls an end to Recep Erdogan’s insane, hate-filled, mentally retarded Muslim rantings? In the name of sanity, when will Turkey be kicked out of NATO. No wonder Trump in the past expressed negative views toward Turkey. This enemy is in NATO and that is an absurdity.

    • To actually do that would plunge the USA head on into a regional war in a divided country. Half the country will not support Trump in such an endeavor.

  • aebe

    When Erdogan does weasel into the EU , there’ll be no borders between members , making the invasion even easier

    .Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights… Carry

  • Drew the Infidel

    Erdogan is certainly correct in what he says about people being able to safely walk the streets anywhere in the world. We all saw how his protection detail attacked the peaceful demonstrators in DC on his official visit there and are now facing charges for it.

  • felix1999


    “This author believes that President Erdogan has engineered or instigated a military coup against himself in Turkey last year in order to flush out his enemies inside the Turkish military and then eliminate them (which he did).”

  • jerrys

    “The Muslim protagonists of today realize how close they were several times in the past to conquering Europe as the next step in world conquest. What they see today is a very realistic opportunity to succeed where their ancestors failed.”
    Islam is the most dangerous thing that the world has ever faced, Stalin and Hitler were insignificant compared to the engulfing and mendacious tentacles of Islam

  • conan_drum

    Erdogan is gathering increasing powers to himself just like Hitler did and is the dictator of Turkey. He is more of a Nazi than any of his critics.

  • James Stamulis

    NATO calls this POS an ally? That threat can go both ways little man!

    • John Flynn

      from my understanding, Turkey has the second-largest amount of soldiers in NATO….if i’m correct, that’s scary!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The PRC had the largest standing army in the world, but they still didn’t win the Korean War and what little they did win came at a huge cost.

  • Annie

    “No Westerner will be able to walk the streets anywhere in the world”…….
    says Erdogan.

    “Right back at ya” ……… say locked and loaded Americans to that Muslim POS.

    • Fred

      Any one of those savages come near me or my family my partners will make it unsafe for them to exist- Smith and Wesson


  • jkarna

    At least, the madman is telling the truth. How will his thugs distinguish between Muslims and the infidels on the street?

  • Benny Rothman

    The caliph has spoken…it shall be done…Behold the Caliph of the Pan Arab world…May he rot in hell….
    Puck Islam

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • edbo


  • Connor Larkin

    With the EU’s leadership what it is, chances are better than average that they’ll admit Turkey. Erdogan has unsuccessfully agitated for that for some years. If Turkey is actually admitted, it’s game over and lights out for Europe.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    He’s pissed because his Swine didn’t want to fornicate and he couldn’t find a human child.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    A muslum accusing anyone of being a nazi is like David Berkowitz accusing Charles Manson of being a mass murderer.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    More dangerous than N. Korea

  • Stephen Honig

    Erdogan and Obama are kissing buddies, so you also know that Obama is working with Soros to destroy the West.

  • pipo

    Let take them (The Turks) the message and that is no Turk can walk safely the streets of Europe.

  • Mark Duncan

    Erdogan does believe he is God. Seriously, he thinks he is God.

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