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[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 19, 2017 ]

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Trump Remaking State Dept to Reflect “America First,” “DoS Officials Nervous”


The State Department is has long been compromised — State Department careerists work for the countries they are assigned to, not to America, and that’s the problem. The State Department is the problem. We need patriots and freedom lovers in state craft, not Muslim Brotherhood lackeys.

President Trump is attempting to overhaul the State Department and leave his “America First” stamp on the cumbersome bureaucracy — a move that is reportedly making former officials very nervous.

The left-leaning Hill are quaking in their jackboots declaring:

Trump’s war on the State Department

The Hill, July 2017:

President Trump is seeking to radically remodel the State Department in an unprecedented way, according to former officials from administrations of both political parties.

The administration’s efforts, which include a proposed budget cut of nearly 30 percent, a hiring freeze and a potential reshuffling of offices within the State Department, have left scores of positions unfilled, demoralizing the staff that remain.

Past GOP presidents have also sought to cut the State Department down to size, and even current employees have acknowledged bureaucratic problems at Foggy Bottom.

But some former officials describe Trump’s efforts as something unseen before — a war of sorts on the State Department that if carried out would leave it hobbling.
“My suspicion is that within the White House, particularly amongst the nationalist faction … that this seems to actually be a concerted effort to diminish the role of the State Department in U.S. foreign policy and hamper its abilities to pursue policies that would be considered overly globalist,” said Stewart Patrick, who served on the policy planning staff at the State Department in the George W. Bush administration.

“They also don’t see much use, frankly, in diplomacy,” said Patrick, now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The White House, which has sought to promote an “America First” policy at home and abroad, isn’t worried about been perceived as taking unprecedented steps at the State Department.

“The president was elected to shake up Washington, not continue business as usual,” a White House official said. “He’s promised to spend more at home and less abroad, and his budget reflects that.”

At the same time, they reject the idea that diplomacy has been sidelined.

“The president has used diplomacy with China to bring unprecedented pressure on North Korea and its nuclear program. The president has used diplomacy to get NATO members to contribute more to defense,” the official said. “The idea that diplomacy has taken a backseat just does not square with reality.”

Trump is now on a trip to Paris, where he will attend the Bastille Day parade. He held a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

The Trump administration’s efforts to remake the State Department include a March 13 executive order that set forth a branch-wide reorganization review that could result in a reshuffling or elimination of agencies and offices.

The administration is mulling a proposal that would relocate the State Department’s bureaus of Consular Affairs and Population, Refugees, and Migration to the Department of Homeland Security, according to CNN.

There is also the possibility of a merger between the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), an independent agency that receives guidance from the secretary of State.

Trump’s budget proposes steep cuts to foreign aid, which has sparked concerns among lawmakers.

“My one sense is that the knives are out for USAID in the White House,” said Gordon Adams, a senior White House official for national security and foreign policy budgets during the Clinton administration.

  • Ebayer

    Drain the swamp, bay bay!

  • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ


  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Their track record is none too good.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      as an American Citizen – never go the dos embassy – go to the British Embassy for better treatment

    • harbidoll


  • Ron Cole

    These, the dos, are the creatures at the very bottom of the deep sewer.
    Were are studying how to eradicate them without disturbing the slime.

  • Lou Sander

    Drain it! Listen to the swamp creatures scream!

    • Annabholland

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  • ddi92234

    I worked for the State Department for one year. You could get rid of more than half of the bureaucrats and still have too many. Remember, many of the state department employees are paid to collude with the Russians!

    • harbidoll

      the Russians, China, $audis——-

    • ProudInfidel

      And the most disturbing part is this all began under Bush Sr.(Mr New World Order himself), was continued under Clinton and expanded out of control under Globalist Liberals like Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and the Coup De Grace administered by none other than… Obama/Hillary/Kerry and the gang…How Rex Tillerson is going to get it straightened out in only 4 years is going to be amazing to watch. Best of luck President Trump, Sec’y Tillerson..hope you can do it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If they weren’t democrat traitors and muslim sympathizers, they would have nothing to be concerned about. As is, there are too may skeletons falling out of the closets as President Trump opens them.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      the “bone” yard !

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Taxpayers are still getting the “bone” even under their administration.

    • santashandler

      Besides those skeletons, maybe they’ll find some of Hillary’s emails?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The problem is not really lack of evidence, it is lack of will power to do anything about what it already known.

        • santashandler

          Oh yes. THOSE dirty words…..

        • wilypagan

          True, since RINOs are also involved in the treason, they will protect their own.

    • You need to include the republican traitors as well.

    • JimfromCTown

      More like cockroaches scattering when the lights are turned on.

  • santashandler

    Bravo, Trump! He can’t do this fast enough.

  • Mark Steiner

    Such reshuffling at State requires determination and people to execute the administration’s foreign policy … too many have been employed for too long serving past, corrupt administrations and need to be routed out.

  • Bubbles

    November 2003

    TV preacher Pat Robertson drew widedspread criticism in October for suggesting that the headquarters of the U.S. State Department should be destroyed with a nuclear device.

    Robertson, a longtime foe of the State Department, made the comments during a “700 Club” interview with writer Joel Mowbray, author of a new book critical of the department.

    “I read your book,” Robertson said. “When you get through, you say, ‘If I could just get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom, I think that’s the answer.’ I mean, you get through this, and you say, ‘We’ve got to blow that thing up,'” Robertson said.


    Blow it up (drain it) bay bay!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’m surprised Robertson would say this, but I have to agree. Vast swathes of the US government no longer represent the free world but are instead tools of islum

      • harbidoll

        the Swamp & the Ivory Towers LOL

  • usn

    Slice and dice clean it out.

  • I hear the drain gurgling………….outstanding!

  • harbidoll

    these people are all College/Univ. highly educated. They can do better for the country in the private sector.

    • Sven

      Truth ! In their young years they was Woodstock hippies, poisoned by drugs, now, they are Academics who are poisoning Uni students by neo-Marxism and beauty of Islam !

      • Shannon Gardner

        We need to eliminate Canada’s Liberals as well. Justin Trudeau is a Canadian traitor bought and paid for by the Muslim swordswallowers he admires so much.

  • harbidoll

    Owow- they made the women not only in same room, but sit in Front row ahead of the men LOL

  • Robert Kimbel

    Get every Muslim out of our government. They had no part in discovering, settling, building, and fighting for this country, and they have no business having any voice in it’s operation. All of Obama’s people must go. Drain the swamp!

    • ⭐️ Orphan

      Get them off our soil period.

      • knightsstrength

        Should include their families

        • ⭐️ Orphan


    • Shannon Gardner

      Let’s get rid of every fcking Muslim that does not fully integrate to western ways. No headgear no pajamas no votes for at least 5 years of citizenship. No bringing relatives along.

      • knightsstrength

        No Muslim integrates, only if they leave Islam and follow the Constitution of the USA

  • Steve

    Hire enough trustworthy replacements to run the place and then give the regulars an extended vacation – permanently.

  • Sven

    Congratulation ! Donald, dry the swamp, build a wall and kick the bastards for they are “un – Americans” !

  • marlene

    This is the best news yet! No more people like hillary clinton, john kerry, and every other corrupt Secretary of State before them. Maybe we could even throw out the Saudis who occupy a suite of offices in the State Department…

  • Drew the Infidel

    To put it briefly, in the current administration there is one chief and everybody else is a f**cking Indian. Got it? And the sooner the O-bots realize they are on someone else’s payroll, the better.

  • Jeff Moffitt


  • Janet

    Good for President Trump! Get rid of all these unnesasary bureaucrats. The government is so overblown it isn’t funny. Trump is a smart man and he knows BS when he sees it. He needs to start with the State Department and keep on going. The government blows so much cash. Have you seen some of the grants they give out for ridiculous studies? Dumb and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

  • Tonya Parnell

    TRUMP 2020

  • Ichabod Crain

    Did you see that? “This seems to … hamper its abilities to pursue policies that would be considered overly globalist.”
    From the point of view of the author of that article, to be “globalist” is something desirable, and he is concerned Trump’s move could “hamper its abilities to pursue” globalism. Of course globalism is the disease that is currently sweeping the West. Diversity – sanctuary cities, no borders, cultural marxism, population replacement – these are the fruits of globalism. This is what is destroying the West today.

  • ProudInfidel

    Where was that photo taken? That wasn’t taken in our own State Dept office complex was it?

  • Robert Batchelor

    I call this a good start. The only thing better would be to completely discontinue the State Department.

  • David

    He’s going to cut 30%? Do we really need 70% of those positions?

    Tillerson goes and does diplomacy personally. The mostly-holdover ambassadors don’t have much to do anyway, and can’t be trusted because they want to implement their own foreign policy, so we could just lay them off.

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    Good lick trying to get rid of useless employees. The UNION will tie this up in court for 25 years!

  • marble granite

    “The State Department has long been compromised.” At least since the start of the United Nations, we took orders from Great Britain even as it was diminishing in greatness. And, today? USAID, borrowing money to rent friends, then lose friends as the repo man takes them back as we go bankrupt.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You left out one relevant detail: taxing hard-working US citizens to pay to support shiftless, uneducated, muslum crimigrants.

      • marble granite

        As we try to drain the swamp, the globalists are draining our treasury.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I seem to remember the State Dept. at one point was funding the rebuilding of mosques in muslum states. Their department should be de-funded or disbanded entirely. Let their muslum masters fund them.

  • Oh IF ONLY Trump were remaking the State Department to reflect God First!

    “…I appreciate Trump’s America-first sentiments. Nevertheless, it needs to be understood that if America would only put God first, “America first” would take care of itself.

    “God first requires America be governed by His law, including the First Commandment as our foundational border, immigration, and international trade law.9 As such, America would be blessed for her obedience to the First Commandment in all of these crucial areas of national and international commerce.

    “The same holds true with liberty. Liberty was formally lost in America when the 18th-century Enlightenment founders made it a goal (almost a god10) instead of a corollary of implementing Yahweh’s perfect law of liberty11 as the supreme law of the land.12

    “What we have today in America is comparable to what the Prophet Jeremiah confronted in his day:

    ‘For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them … from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely. They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.’ (Jeremiah 6:13-14)

    “Today’s mantra is “Liberty, liberty!” when there is no liberty. Patrick Henry, who refused to attend the Constitutional Convention as one of Virginia’s delegates (declaring “I smelt a rat!”), understood the framers’ specious claim to liberty. Convinced the Constitution would fail to secure and protect liberty, Patrick Henry voiced his concerns to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788:

    ‘…I say our privileges and rights are in danger. …the new form of Government … will … effectually … oppress and ruin the people…. In some parts of the plan before you, the great rights of freemen are endangered, in other parts, absolutely taken away…. There will be no checks, no real balances, in this Government: What can avail your specious imaginary balances, your rope-dancing, chain-rattling, ridiculous ideal checks and contrivances? …And yet who knows the dangers that this new system may produce: they are out of the sight of the common people: They cannot foresee latent consequences…. I see great jeopardy in this new Government.’13

    “In contrast to the federalists’ failed predictions, this and nearly everything the anti-federalists forecast about the Constitution (even with the addition of the Bill of Rights) has come true. The constitutional framers could not provide their fellow Americans with liberty (nor can their disciples today) for the simple reason that blind leaders cannot lead other blind men to safety, any more than slaves can confer freedom on fellow slaves:

    ‘[I]f the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.’ (Matthew 5:14)

    ‘While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption….’ (2 Peter 2:19)….

    “Put succinctly, put God first (which requires establishing His moral law as the standard for government and society) and both America first and liberty will take care of themselves as natural corollaries….”

    For more, see four-part blog series “Donald J. Trump: Cyrus or Nimrod? Letting Trump Speak for Himself: Biblically Examining Trump’s Inaugural Speech,” beginning at

  • joanofark06

    I’ll believe it, when I see it….for now, it’s just talk. Trump has flip flopped, and backtracked on too many issues….of things he said he was going to do, and then to find out, he’s not going to do them….at all. Move the embassy…not. Build the wall…not. And we still have about 50 muslim training camps in this country. Is he doing anything about that? NO! Teaching every kid in every school, in every grade about islam. Anything done about that? NO. Teaching kids, in every school, in every grade, about homosexuality, and how to pleasure themselves. Anything done about that? NO.
    Is Trump still letting muslims into this country? YES….I have about 7 links now, including a mainstream news article….if anyone wants to see. Anyone want to show me, how he’s making America great again? This article has not shown me anything. It’s not action, by Trump, but just a maybe…a perhaps. A dream. And I say again, I’ll believe it, when I see it!

  • wilypagan

    Go Trump. Shrink the infiltrated government agencies until you can fit them in a Coke can and put them in the trash compactor.

  • knightsstrength

    If one wamts to know what Trump government has avhieved

    Long list on this link

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