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[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

Gays under Sharia: Male Model TORTURED AND STABBED TO DEATH in Iraq


All that blood and treasure for a place where a man is killed for the way he looks.

And gay leadership in the West stands with these homophobic savages. The victim was dumped on “Palestine” street. Perfect. Gays, feminists and the left stand with those Jew-hating savages too.

When my organization ran an ad campaign highlighting the Muslim oppression of gays under Islamic law, gay leaders and organizations attacked me. Be careful what you wish for you, ladies.

When the gays march with the Islamic supremacists and terror supporter Linda Sarsour in support of sharia law, meet them with giant posters of Karar Nushi.

Male model ‘is tortured and murdered after receiving death threats because of his tight clothes and good looks’ in Iraq

  • Karar Nushi, who was studying at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was killed
  • Fans are adamant thugs were threatening to kill him because of his appearance
  • His body was dumped in the street north of Baghdad covered in stab wounds
  • Nushi, who had long, blonde locks, was set to appear in a male beauty pageant

A male model was found tortured and murdered with his body dumped in the street over his what is thought to be his good looks and tight clothes.

By Gareth Davies, Mailonline, July 3, 2017

Karar Nushi, who was studying at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was receiving death threats, according to his fans, because of his hairstyle and the outfits he chose to wear.

His body was dumped in Palestine Street, north of the capital, covered in stab wounds and showing signs that he was brutally tortured before being killed.

Karar Nushim pictured, was said to be preparing for a male beauty pageant before he was murdered

The male model was killed for the outfits he decided to wear and for his flamboyant hairstyle, according to his fans

On social media, his fans said anonymous thugs had messaged him to say they were going to kill him because they disapproved of his lifestyle, according to Iraqi News.

Nushi, who donned flowing, blonde locks, was understood to have been preparing to take part in a male beauty pageant.

Mourners on social media paid tribute to the popular figure, with some blaming ISIS for spreading an ideology of hate throughout the country.

Islamist groups in Baghdad are said to be behind the murders of several murders in Iraq – many of them involving the victim’s sexuality.

Homosexuality is illegal under strict Islamic Sharia law, which ISIS abide by, and several gay men have been known to be executed by the terror group simply for their sexual orientation.

  • Michael Buley

    Kahn: “Nothing to be alarmed about … You just have to get used this in our new Islamic world.”

    • Suresh

      Agree. Left/Liberal Loons have bought and sold the “Islam is religion of peace” while ignoring the history of jihad and the present active ongoing jihadi attacks .

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels
      to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      Left/Liberal Loons Run away when they are attacked !

      • C.Martel

        What the liberals left have not figured out with their Islamic best friends they should read a few books sometimes instead of listening to absurdities of the mass media. Once a the Islamic have the power the liberals left imbeciles will no longer have a purpose to them, and there is one thing Islamic hate more than Jews and Christians are liberals left… they loath them with passion and our leftist liberals will be the first to be eradicate…
        our liberals left will discover the real face of their best friends then and cry like little birches.. save me …( like the English woman that went to ISIS and now begs to come back..

        • Kenek

          “they loath them with passion and our leftist liberals will be the first to be eradicated” I say let them die and make youtube videos so their death can be watched over and over again. Feminists would rather have rapists than racists, (even though islam is not a race). Of all the leftie parasites and deviants the feminists are the most repugnant, but all are guilty of killing western civilization.

    • Anniejmoore

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, how Jews, gays or anyone can support a cult that uses death as its primary motivator and punishment cannot be understood by a human being.

    • C.Martel

      Exactly… the twilight zone… we have entered an alternate universe rule by complete imbeciles and where absurdity and stupidity are the standard. Soon the Jews and the gays will be marching at a nazi rally … just as obscene and absurd

      And here is the absolute hypocrisy for you their prophet had orgies with young boys ….on top of being married to 11 pre teens girls… the perfect bi sexual pedophile…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That sums up contemporary society and islam.

      • normie

        Why are you including the Jews with this barbaric religion? They don’t persecute gays and they certainly wouldn’t join a Nazi rally. Don’t you remember what the Nazis did to the Jews

        • C.Martel

          I am not, sorry you misread
          I am saying most US liberals left Jews support Islam and fight for them here in the US , which is not only absurd but obscene, like if they went out of their way to fight for Nazis rights in the US, complete imbecility at its finest .
          Now , I know why Israelis Jews can’t stand US Jews.. they think they are hypocrites dumb imbeciles ( liberals left main quality) and they are correct. ( Inam married to a Jewish woman that can’t stand US JEWS hypocrisy.
          There are only real 2 religions on the earth, Judaism and Christianity, the others are nothing more than sects one of them being the sect of Satan

          • normie

            why do you feel Jews in the US support Islam? Some may be Democrats bu that doesn’t mean they support Islam. I have seen no mention by name of any Jewish person who supports Islam.

          • C.Martel
          • normie

            Many thanks. AS is usual this was not covered by the media where I live (Canada) which doesn’t surprise me.Here no negative comments are reported about Muslims no matter what they do. (They can do no harm). I am surprised that Jewish activists act in concert with them. I do hope that this a small group and not representative of the Jewish people as a whole. I can see why you see a difference between Israeli Jews and them. Are you as sick of the Muslims as I am? They get everything they want but if anyone says anything they are deemed a racist. More and more they are getting control of Canada.

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            I live in Canada and I certainly knew.

          • normie

            You are lucky. The newspaper we get and the news we watch didn’t cover that article at all. If I may ask what province do you live in because you get more information than we do here. Also I just posted a reply you made about a month ago on the issue Merkel land Woman shows injuries etc. You laid out very completely what is happening to our country and how angry and frustrated it makes people. If you get a chance I added other thoughts as well. You are the only Canadian that I have found that expresses just how I feel. I hate this feeling of being so helpless while the PM does what he wants while wearing his goofy socks.

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            I live in Alberta. This province is very very conservative and I can tell you we have been raising as much hell as anyone can. The clincher today was 10, 000,000.00 I almost lost my marbles when I saw that, my husband was so damb angry he said he needs to be in jail.I won’t say what I said cause that got me Chucked off facebook permanently. Wish we could share email addresses but I never know who is reading. My mouth seems to get me in an awful lot of trouble, glad to know that there are others that think like me.

          • normie

            You live in a beautiful province. I am in Ontario but don’t include me with all the other idiots here who like out idiot. Isn’t is a shame that we have to be so careful what we say fearing action will be taken against us. I didn’t know a person could be kicked off Facebook for being honest about saying how concerned about our country. I too have annoyed some people by saying how I feel and they tell me I am racist and wrong. I don’t know why they can’t see what is happening as all they have to do is look up some videos and articles and find out for themselves. They can’t be bothered and they will be the first people to call for help and it will be too late. I understand about the sharing of emails. Again what a shame. You know I compare what is slowly taking over our country to Germany when Nazism spread like a virus through Germany until it was too late for the average Germans. An odd comparison I know but we know how that turned out. Fortunately they didn’t win but our situation is so dangerous. I feel like the Canada I grew up in will never be the same again when we have a PM who is selling out the country to foreigners like China and the Muslims. Muslims can do no wrong but they are getting away with everything and not brought to task for laws broken. Sharia Law is just around the corner. God help us. I feel sorry for all the women and young girls who will have to face that. They have no idea. I hope to read more of your posts as being Canadian I know exactly how you feel. Hope Alberta really gives it to Trudeau in the next election as well as the other provinces. Talk at you soon

          • Robynn Kerr

            Another Canadian Non-Sheeple here!!!

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            Is there someone who knows how we could contact one another, there has to be a way without endangering ouselves..

          • normie

            I don’t know of anyway as we don’t know who can access our posts anytime they want. I will continue to follow you and keep up with our exchanges. Its the only way I can get some things off my chest. Did you see the papers today? Our wonder boy now has an honorary doctorate degree from a university in Scotland. Now he will start calling himself DR. The queen now has the flag from Ottawa that flew on our 150 year anniversary. Brownie points. I wonder if his socks had crowns on them? Isn’t it nice that we paid for another trip for his family. Surely his wife and son don’t need to go to the G20 meeting in Germany. I wonder where he will decide to vacation next time. I’ll check your posts and add comments when I can

          • Kenek

            “and not brought to task for laws broken.” this includes sexual assault/rape/various types of violence. a really scary place the moslems refugees are having a bad effect is in schools . there are 20-30 year old moslems sitting in class beside 12-14 year old girls, assaulting them and beating the boys up who would try to protect them. moslem men often lie about their age so their terrorist background will not be checked (plus they can often acquire infidel children for sex). It is common knowledge.
            Have a look at some of the stories being released by
            As far as islamic law is concerned, non-moslems are like cattle, to be milked for their wealth, or to be killed, or to be f@cked/raped for sexual pleasure, willing or not. This is the reason that rape of non-moslems is tolerated in moslem communities. It is allowed and encouraged by their “religion” (some ignorant people believe that islam is a religion and the real stupids believe people who practice islam are a race).

            Many of us Canadians know what is happening, but are stuck with our unemployable moslem prime minister and his saudi handler for now. sharia law is being implemented in Canada as we speak.

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            KNektar you are on the button. It is inconceivable the stupidity of Canadians, they are really weak in mind as well as body. I am infuriated that we have been placed in a position of having to accept the fact if we say anything in regards to the idiot at the helm and his best friends that were driven from town to town in Ontario on a bus, to vote multiple times at different polling station and as far as I know has never been investigated.
            The idiot thinks he’said royalty, laugh now!
            As for him taking his family, I really do think they are in the political game (and it IS a game) for those of wealth and they are both in it for the money. When politicians are in it for money the country is going to falter and that is exactly what is happening. Can someone explain to me WHY the muslims yell Islamophobia and are screaming at every chance they are picked on but yelling they want to murder us and the Jews why isn’t this classified as hate speech, but we say the truth about these creatures and we have the phobia. They plead ignorance to our laws although they have apparently been given the information of our laws do the injuring of Canadians and then turn it around and complain that the person who is defending him/herself is phobic. Man I could go on and on for days.
            I loved your classification of “unemployable” muslim prime minister a very good description of this most useless human being but we must add aswell as his fellow libtards in the house.
            I have been keeping a very close eye on who is moving in around me in regards to property because their practice is to some moving into a neighborhood and they start looking for a place in that area to build a huge mosque, more move into the ssid area and property values start dropping. Then they demand sharia for themselves and before long the Sharia police start patrolling and we are chased out or hurt. Our idiot has started it federally which is even worse. I fear for Canada, my great grandfather was badly wounded and eventually died from WWE wounds. If he could see what Canada has become I am sure he would indeed weep, for the loss of life for our country that is nothing to today’s young. 2 Wored war, same thing. These men and women went and paid dearly and the young now say “what did they do for me, it has nothing to do with us. With that kind of thinking (if you can consider it thinking) we should not be shocked that Canada means nothing to to them, open borders, sure let them all in w/out thinking of the result of this thinking.
            Better shut up. Sorry for the rant!

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            My husband is from Slovenia (Austria is next door to them.) He majored in History aNBA Physical education. He has taught me over the years (52 yrs. Of marriage) so when this all started we both knew what the end result would be.
            I have yet to figure out why the goat’s are so bloody dumb. Besides Merkel our idiot should be committed and tested for insanity. He’ll I had better be careful or I will be kicked of here, giggle.

          • normie

            Good to talk to you. Isn’t it a shame that we have to be so careful what we say.

          • Kenek

            “Isn’t it a shame that we have to be so careful what we say.”

            So far sharia law is not in full effect in Canada so I have no problem calling out the cult of islam and describing the quality of their homosexual unemployable fatherless pedophile thug of a profit. moHAMed, also I love talking about the minor moon goddess, allah that was selected from a multitude of pagan gods by the idol worshiping necrophiliac (sex with dead people), mohamed. Every dirty sin known to man was made “holy” by this invented creature. It is clear to me that mohamed was created by a group of arab warlords 100 years after his fictional death.
            Speak out and speak often about this cult.
            There are more hidden apostates that we think, who agree with sensible and moral people.

            The real war is not against moslems, but against islam which is a cult, not a race.

          • C.Martel

            Not only I am fed up with Islam being sold to us like is the second coming of Christ , but I have been a enemy of Islam since I was a child. I studied that filthy sect I depth and can tell you there is nothing good about them. They are a repugnant organization with no redeeming values. And I am not some red neck imbeciles as they love to portray us, I have a phd in history . Not only that, but I am originally from Europe and seen what the liberals left have done to Europe with them and I see the same pattern taking place in the US and Canada. We are the last bastion of freedom if we let this termites eat our society it will crumble, no matter how big our army is , the Islamic virus is killing us inside like aids.

          • C.Martel

            The results of Islam speaks for itself and if they challenge you ask this questions

            1/ name 1 just 1 prosperous Islamic country on the planet , IT DOES NOT EXIT They are all miserable oppressive s holes. ( and no, Dubai is not a country, it is a city built with slaves with oil money to impress westerners with all the shiny lights) UE country is an oppressive Islamic nations run by a handful of old sheep hoarder who called them “princes” where of a woman gets rape she goes to jail for aldultry and rapist go free ( sharia law for you) and it just happened recently.
            2/ name 1 country better off after Islam than before … does not exist, wherever Islam has gone and goes to it leaves nothing behind but corpses, misery and destruction.
            Recent example: Lebanon , once the jewel of the Middle East run by Christian, there leftist government let in hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, within 5 years the country sank into civil war and got completely destroyed., there leftist government did what left liberals do ; blame others and flee…
            In Europe look at the result of Merkel Islamization, violence, rape , destruction has gone up 2000 % , Sweden can’t control them, their government is looking the other way …
            3/ Islam has murdered 270 millions people so far and proudly counting.
            4/ their prophet was a low life pedophile muderous scumbags
            And here is the beauty:
            Thanks to the close collaboration they had with the Nazi, Islamic have hunted down hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Slovaks countries ( basically wiping out the entire population to send them to death camp . Hitler was a fan and admirer of Islam… ( and now US Jews are ( lots of them from eastern countries originally, if their ancestors saw that they would turn in their grave in disgust) are marching and fighting for their killers..leftist . imbeciles

            And believe me I can go on and on… and the response you will get is : “you are racist ” because they can’t rebuke what you say.

            The only 2 reason a person can defend Islam or fight for them is
            A/ they are paid / bribed like our politicians
            B/ completely ignorant of the real Islam

          • C.Martel
          • Kenek

            Only outside of israel will the Jews be seen as supporting islamic invasion… is this just an odd coincidence? Is there any reason Jews want to fill the USA and Canada with sharia law?
            Hmmmmm.. it makes you think.

          • C.Martel

            And google US or NY JEWS supporting Islam….these imbeciles are actually fighting for a sect that exterminate them… and I may add , whose famous political leader that admire them and support them was Adolf Hitler

            The twilight light zone

          • C.Martel

            6 million Jews were massacred and tortured by Hitler whose ally was nothing less than Islam…

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            Yes, like lambs to the slaughter, I will never understand it, and from what I see Christians are gong to do the same thing unless something changes.

          • C.Martel

            Exactly what I say.
            They are all under some sort of opiod , they will go to get slaughtered with a smile on their face, holding a sign “I love Islam ” and say thank you . The twilight zone… the alternate universe where absurdity and stupidity is the norm.

          • Kenek

            the “good guys” also had islamic allies

          • C.Martel

            If your ally is Islam . You are not a good guy. There is no 1/2 measures and no gray area in this ultimate battle of good vs evil.
            There is a clear cut line and people will have to make a choice
            , no political correctness.
            One side ” God and Jesus and the other Satan / Allah .
            If you don’t choose your camp and want to stay neutral you are just as guilty.
            That’s it.

          • Kenek

            “If your ally is Islam . You are not a good guy”
            I agree, I was describing what happened in WW2, hitler had one group of moslems as allies and the other side (Americans/British/French) had a different set of moslems as allies. It is true that all moslems regardless of the side would be quite happy if all infidels were killed or enslaved. It is against islamic law for a moslem to become a friend of an infidel. Even the ones you may trust will abandon/kill you when the time is right. Otherwise they are apostates.

          • C.Martel

            Agree on all my friend, and the last part is what the leftist Islam cheerleaders will discover.
            They sold the mass the delusional absurd baseless concept of 2 Islams( the loving kissy kissy one and the bad dude Islam)
            The thing is , the moderate Islam they kiss the ass of daily will be the one holding their hand steady while the radical one cuts it…

          • Chris HaworthVrecko

            I have read letters from Jewish Americans and indeed they feel we are incorrect in our opinions. I also have wondered about this. During the American election very few Jewish Americans supported the republicans, I saw it was my own eyes. NOW I will say that perhaps by the time it was voting day hopefully they changed their minds.

          • C.Martel

            Most US jews I know voted for Mohamed h Clinton ( who was paid 35 million by Islamic oil rich nations to work for Islam.

          • C.Martel

            And they adore Obama “the Islamic ” who did nothing for them but appoint Islamic judges and fill the justice department and state department with senior Islamic official. The state department even celebrates Ramadan but xmas is banned

          • Kenek

            “why do you feel Jews in the US support Islam? Some may be Democrats ”
            don’t be stupiud. it is simple logic.
            1. almost all Jews are Democraps/liberals
            2. All democratic/liberal policy supports mass migration of islkamic people into the western world
            3. therefore Jews support islamic takeover of the west.

            If Jews did NOT support islam in the west they would NEVER vote liberal.

    • Stephen Honig

      I demand that the LGBTQ form a posse and march in Iraq with their parade clothes.

      • C.Martel

        That I want to see..,,, lol,
        They will be invited to a roof top party Islamic style….

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Ditto, I’ll bring the popcorn and beer. I just hope Rachel Mad Cow Maddow and Andersen Cooper lead the parade.

        • Deborahrsampson

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  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Chris HaworthVrecko

      Oh dear mother of God, the evil these creatures show is more then I can comprehend.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • putupjob

      the gay alignment and feminist alignment with islamists causes me to wonder.
      in the Bataclan massacre in France, some of the women had the pleasure of being vaginally raped with a knife and then had their eyes removed from their eyesockets.

      somehow, we’re supposed to be tolerant of this level of barbarism.

      but, oh wait, trump supporters are far more dangerous than the islamists.

      • Kenek

        “some of the women had the pleasure of being vaginally raped with a knife and then had their eyes removed from their eyesockets.”
        Really? Hopefully they were all feminists who could appreciate the subtlety of islamic love. They would have died knowing their political goals were finally met.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • dogtrainer1

      Not at all surprising to see that lard butt moron Michael Moor, holding up a sign such as this one. No one need accuse Rabid Liberals of having a functioning BRAIN. As for me, Imbeciles like M.Moore DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I am not now nor ever will be a MUSLIM!

      • Chris HaworthVrecko


  • Islam has forever ruined the ancient civilizations of the Middle East. :(

    • Chris HaworthVrecko

      I breaks my heart but by the time the antichrist is finished there probably won’t be much let.

    • Kenek

      islam ruins everything. everywhere they infest is ruined and destroyed. this is islam., the cult of death.

  • Alleged Comment

    Too bad he didn’t learn his lesson about Moslems. HE DIED.

    • Faith Clauser

      The fat a$$ is STILL very much alive, unfortunately, and still running off at the mouth……Liberals have no functioning brain cells…….. compliant and unaware, the walking dead…..

  • zahbudda

    Gays for Islam…They are insane…..

  • putupjob

    LGBTQ (xyz and whatever else) are now aligned with extremist islamists in the west.
    we’re supposed to believe they feel threatened by trump supporters and have found solidarity with the islamists.

    we’ll have to wait and see how that works out for them.

    • Kenek

      Hopefully many will visit their allies in their homeland. It would be great so see a gay pride parade in iran or egypt or turkey or pakistan. I would pay to see that video!

  • Vernon Lazarus

    Muslims arrived 1500 odd years ago from the extremely hostile planet Islam and carried on from where they left off. Soon, planet Earth will exterminate the vermin and the remnants of them will wither and join the dusty deserts.Compared to them, the Mansons were playful children!!

  • Steve

    Ironically being gay is the thing they push on young boys.

  • Merchantseamen

    Was this kid actually gay? The article never really said. Now he was preparing for an all male beauty pageant. Not all woman in a beauty pageant are gay. Does it make all males in a beauty pageant gay? Without concrete evidence that he was killed for being gay. It appears he was killed for his looks and dress (mannerisms not mentioned). Sad really, the blood lust this culture has. But look at the American Negros culture it is thuggery and getting close to blood lust.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Very well… retaliate in kind.

  • Kenek

    FACT: homosexuals and LGBTWXYZ deviants support leftist governments wherever they vote.
    FACT: all deviant leftist/liberal governments encourage islam and support islamic settlement of the western world
    FACT: homosexuals and LGBTWXYZ deviants have an automatic death sentence under sharia law even though the fatherless mohamed (piss-be-upon-her) was as queer as a 3 dollar bill.
    FACT: no one should care at all about the death sentences imposed by sharia since those same deviants are inflicting sharia on EVERYBODY.

    it is called karma.
    we do need more gay pride parades in syria, iraq, egypt, and iran.

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