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EXCLUSIVE: Police lose control as “Palestinian” demonstrators menace supporters of Israel in London

Here is an exclusive account from two of the eight Jews who held a counter demonstration last Saturday for the Jewish family that was slaughtered on Shabbat by a “Palestinian” Islamic jihadist, while Muslims in the UK raged in “Hands Off Al Aqsa” demonstrations.

It was vicious and ugly — this is their account.

In analysing the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in the UK, it is important to understand that PSC is the main umbrella organisation for the BDS movement out of which function many small offshoot organisations that hold anti-Israel events. There are literally two a day across the United Kingdom. This outreach into every aspect of the general population across communities has been ongoing for years, with little attention paid to their pernicious penetration of Palestinianism into the mainstream society.

In May of this year, the Palestine Forum in Britain held an event in the P21 Gallery, in LondonEustonarea, to discuss the new Hamas charter. The discussion centered on the Hamas aim to eradicate the JewsTheir leaders, realising that such an overt desire for genocide is no longer palatable in the liberal West, set about to revise their charter to make their agenda more acceptable to the wider worldAs Azem Tamimi said, this revision is not a new charter, but simply an update, so that the 1988 Hamas Charter now appears more acceptable to a politically correct Western constituency.

This same organisation created the Hands Off Al Aqsa event on Saturday. Another day of rage against Israel and another excuse, this time “hands off Al Aqsa” and “why can’t we bring weapons into a mosque whilst we pray day!

As a small group of dedicated advocates who attend most of the anti-Israel demonstrations, we decided to organise our counter demonstration as a vigil to mourn the Friday night slaughter of three members of the Solomon family, murdered in cold blood by a vicious Muslim terrorist who broke into their home as they ate Shabbat dinner. We decided to stand outside the Israeli embassy opposite which the demonstration was taking place, to simply light candles.

We arrived with our flags, where we were met with two police officers and 100 baying, anti-Israel inciters. Present were many regulars who have attended other events, such as the Al Quds March a few weeks before, with the same faces appearing at the Palestine Expo that was organised in London by Friends of Al Aqsa supported by PSC, IHRC, Interpal and others.

Across the road from our patch was the token Hezbollah flag, flying on high in a brazen demonstration that they can get away with propagating that gun and knife symbol of terrorism even without the government-required disclaimerIn its wisdom, the UK Government has allocated Hezbollah a political wing that even that organisation denies itself. As the police officer explained, his hands are tied because of that idiotic government decision. Yes, it has come to this tiny discrepancy between political and military, a description that allows a loophole through which a proscribed terror organisation like Hezbollah supporters in the UK, can fly their flags of terror in the streets of London so long as they explain to the general public that they are supporting its political wing!

There we were outside the entry to Palace Green, where the Israeli embassy is situated behind a gated entrance to Kensington High Street. The eight of us with our flags, candles and loudhailer were pushed back onto that pavement, prevented from crossing the road or moving sideways by the two police officers, who clearly were out of their depth, given the atmosphere of aggression from across the road at the outset.

Set-up there, straddling the side street was the usual PSC stand in the middle surrounded by the anti-Israel mob, spreading sideways down the High Street as more of them arrived. As the crowd grew, they started to edge across to our side, effecting an attempted occupation of our allocated patch, symbolic of their call to occupy Israel. It wasn’t too long when the police lost control and called for back-up. Several police cars were heard, sirens sounding, as they arrived with more officers. The atmosphere was becoming tense when we, Ambrosine and Sharon, decided not to accept their encroaching advance and decided to walk onto the central island with the flag stretched out between us. We were not going to allow their masses to get away without a fight back. It wasnt long before the police, losing control, ushered us back across onto the pavement.

The angry mob started advancing toward us, pushing and destabilising us as one of them grabbed Ambrosine’s flag and raced off with it down Kensington High StreetAs can be seen on the video, they obviously came to the demo armed with weapons, flammable canisters and matches, with the clear intention to enact this planned action.

We have seen this behaviour before. The crowds at these PSC supported demonstrations have become more belligerent and aggressive over the years, often arriving with weapons to carry out misdeeds. At SOAS earlier in the year, they sprayed our flags with red paint, an indication of the blood libels they so like to use against Israel.

It is evident on the video that after they stole the flag they stomped all over it, set it alight and fanned the flames with their flammable canister spray. It is also clear from other video footage that there were others holding flammable canisters ready for action. The video also shows the number of children present, some as young as three or four, holding placards and punching the air from their parents arms as they chanted for a Palestine from the river to the sea. It was on-street preparation of the next generation of ISIS terrorists right here on the streets of London, whilst the police looked on, fazed by the violence and aggression, clearly aware of the outrage should they make any arrests.

We were not as aware of the danger we faced until we saw the video.  Their pincer movement from three sides, pinning us closer to the wall is evident. As the police opened the Palace Green gate to usher us to safety, it is evident how the police officers formed a human wall to keep them at bay as they tried to follow our exit.

This is London 2017, this is the UK 2017 and this is the West 2017.

Ambrosine Shitrit ​​Sharon Klaff

Eye On Antisemitism​​



  • AlgorithmicAnalyst


  • Suresh

    Londonistan is run by Jihadi sadick khant , so what do you
    expect ?

    Trump was right in exposing the jihadi

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The sooner the mosques in Jerusalem are flattened and turned into land fill, the sooner muslims and the ever butt hurt palestinians will go on to some other thing to complain about. The good part is that they will no longer be cluttering up Jerusalem with their unclean presence.

    • Joselynrparsons

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      • Mr Paul Middleton

        Vote it down folks, so that it disappears.

  • Tanya

    Police lost control or just didn’t want to control.
    The once noble and respected British police is now nothing more than a politicized tool of appeasing prats!

  • Alleged Comment

    I don’t know whose winning.

    But I know your leaders are DELIGHTED this is happening. Oh what JOY you bring them.

  • iprazhm

    Doesn’t look very different at all from the Palestinians marches recorded in NY city. BUT DON”T YOU DARE MESS WITH THE DIAMOND DISTRICT! – Spontaneous Pro-Israel Rally Erupts in Response to Protestors

    This made me weep with joy and love for God and the apple of His eye, Israel!!

    • Scorpio

      Great video. Man, I wish I could have been there, I would have been the loudest voice, I would have flown the biggest Israeli flag in support of my Jewish brothers and sisters. Now Israel HAS to stop appeasing the Jew – hating muslim barbarians. You owe them NOTHING. The muslim filth has been killing you for decades; children, women, old people – why the fu ck are you backing down in every skirmish?

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    And all this after Theresa May announced, ‘We have been too tolerant.’
    As soon as May is out, we’ll have the next asshole in, unless we make our feelings plain.

  • mark

    Muslims – whores of satan.

  • Proud Anti-Islam

    If I had a Palestinian flag, I would burn it until it becomes ashes completely. If I had an Israeli flag, I would raise it towards the sky. LONG LIVE ISRAEL. DEATH TO ISLAM. Islam can go directly to hell with allah who is satan the devil. Allah is NOT the God of Heaven. Allah is the moon god and that is satan the devil.

  • Most European Muslims are much more radical than the ones in the U.S.

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