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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Trump Supporter Wearing Israeli Flag Told to ‘Get the F–k Out’ of Boston by Hecklers

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Flashback — Cloudflare Refused to Ban ISIS Sites: ‘It’s Not Right for Us’ to Censor

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Missing Equipment Write-off Linked To Muslim Spy Ring

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Why are those concerned with slavery anti-Trump but pro-Islam?

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO/Photos: Smiling axe-wielding jihadi stabs 8 people in supermarket in Russia

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Raw Story throws a fit after PayPal reinstates Pamela Geller’s AFDI

[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Hizballah condemns Barcelona attack, saying it “harms the image of jihad”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Virginia Muslim pleads guilty: helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS

DO YOU KNOW THEM? Cops release CCTV of two men after a schoolgirl, 15, is raped and then attacked AGAIN as she flagged a car down for help


I ran this horrific rape story earlier this week: Girl, 15, ‘raped in rail station’ by Muslim migrant “suffers second rape after flagging down [Muslim] man for help”

“This was a horrifying ordeal for this young girl and we have specially trained officers supporting her,” said Detective Chief Inspector, Tony Fitzpatrick, British Transport Police.

What’s horrifying is that the British government welcomed and is deferential to these savages and their rapist culture. How different is this from the tens of thousands of Muslim child rape gangs there that were not prosecuted because law enforcement feared being labeled islamophobic?

DO YOU KNOW THEM? Cops release CCTV of two men after a schoolgirl, 15, is raped and then attacked AGAIN as she flagged a car down for help

Police launch double manhunt after sickening back-to-back assault near Witton railway station

By Neal Baker, and James Cox,  The Sun, 28th July 2017:

British Transport Police said it is releasing ‘multiple’ images of people they want to talk to

The ‘double rape’ has shocked the community and led to a widescale police manhunt

A teen girl was attacked near Witton train station in Birmingham before being raped by the man she flagged down for help, police said

A major double manhunt has been launched after the sickening back-to-back assault in Birmingham.

An investigation, involving detectives from the British Transport Police and West Midlands Police, is now underway to try to identify both attackers and appeal for witnesses.

This afternoon cops release images of men they wish to talk to in connection with the horrifying attack.

Senior Investigating Officer DCI Tony Fitzpatrick, said: “Our investigation is moving at a fast pace and today we are releasing multiple CCTV images of men we wish to speak with in connection.

“I would like to hear from anyone who might know who these men are.

Do you know this man? Police want to speak to him in connection with the incident


  • FlameonMe

    Issue shoot on sight orders. Post these photos in every post office, train station, school, university and pub. Publish a large cash reward for their heads in a garbage bag.

    • OrangeEnt

      It’s Britain, the most you’ll get is “What’s all this, then?”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is ever so islamophobic to profile rapists.

    • dad1927

      wait till the civil war. Europe will go to war first.

      • Craig

        No, they will not.
        Muslims can get guns to kill Europeans. Have you seen ANY European who shot back?
        In fact, when a muslim stabbed and cut the head off a soldier, the entire street took out their phones and filmed it. They did not try to intercede nor did anyone run over the muslim POS to stop him.
        NO ONE lifted a finger…Europe is the new mecca.

        • rickyoo

          Had this invasion occurred fifty years ago in the UK when most men were actually real men, these evil filthy raping parasites would have been clubbed to death or attacked so viciously that they would never have survived and would have been running back to their cesspit countries. Now most of the young men are either fighting one another after and before football matches or getting so drunk on alcohol or high on drugs that they cannot see the impending danger around them. Many are left wing dumb morons that care little about the state of their country and only interested in the bubble that they live in. This is the result of a left wing PC education system over some three decades that has done nothing to instill any pride in their country and deliberately leaving out most of Britain’s heritage and history.

      • Paul Wilson

        sooner the better…i think we are really close.

  • OrangeEnt

    They’re wearing the same type of clothing. Probably working as a team?

  • Paul Stuart

    Freaking COWARDS….Pussy ass COWARDS….They can`t handle a grown woman so they have to pick on a child…Where`s the men wanting to hang these animals there…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Men? britanistan? There aren’t enough men in the whole of england, scotland and wales to field a decent team of soccer hooligans.

      • Craig

        “fancy boys” but no men. Same thing for Fwance and Germany. Goodbye western Europe.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          More of a “vuckoff western europe, don’t let the door slam your aass on the way out”. Don’t go mad, just go”.

    • Pantalones

      *Raises hand*
      me?🙋🏻‍♂️I’m ready to kick some Muslim it ok if my mom come with me?

  • Jpp

    Any idea of what strategy we need to use to face this situation ? I’ve daughter and I’m back from USA to Belgium to get 2 kids at college. My choice was to get them a “good” education for the price compare with a possible civil war coming in USA.
    Islam should be demoted as a religion and we could then apply easily our existing laws

    • Suresh

      Under trump there will be no civil war in USA as he is cleaning up the Islamic shhit as far he can. And jihadis know Americans are armed with right to shoot to defend themselves not so in Europe.

      But Europe is a mess. If you have a daughter in Europe , make sure she goes to college and back with someone and does not go alone anywhere. And even if she learns self defense she cannot fight a pack of jihadi hyenas.

      Its like all rights and freedom are to be given to Muslims and non-muslims do not have any rights as dhimmis ! And Left/liberal pro-jihadi loons allow it !

      Infidels do not even have right to protest against crimes committed by Muslims . If they dare try it they get harassed, jailed or killed

      • dad1927

        same in Canada

      • marlene

        Perfect comment!

    • gia

      USA. In my opinion is the safest place to be .
      Unless you look at some remote place where there is zero Muslims… If such a place exist.
      I have a daughter too, age 26 she lives in Philadelphia, and won’t leave. It’s frightening having a daughter , worrying of who might do what to them. I would say keep them as close to you as you possibly can . Even if you become overbearing, at least you care.
      Good luck I hope you figure it out.

      • Covadonga

        Philly is scary. Lots of Muzz, lots of scary-looking non-Muzz, culture of thugs murdering police officers, insane Democrat political machine controlling the city.

        City and state both have a strong union presence, leading to many otherwise hard-working American workers who, on political matters, refuse to think for themselves, or consider any evidence. They just stick with whatever political opinions their union bosses tell them.

        I passed through the airport a few years ago, and every TSA officer at the inspection line was Muslim and looked it. Will never board a plane there.

        • gia

          I grew up there , we left when I was 11, our neighborhood was in turmoil racial clashes etc.
          That section of sw.philly is now one of the most dangerous places to live.
          I haven’t flown on a plane since 1999. I went to Baltimore airport even though the drive was longer. Not sure I want to fly at all with the way things are.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wonder if you can find out in advance who’s flying your plane? I’d rather not fly on any plane flown by a f’ing muslum.

          • gia

            I think you can, as a paying passenger you have a right to know!

      • marlene

        I have family in Philadelphia. They say it’s safe and that most crime occurs on the retail blocks and in the wealthier neighborhoods in the center of town. A few blocks away, there are a few car breakins and robberies now and then, but if you know which blocks to avoid, it’s safe even at night. The rare occasional rapes usually occur near the colleges where students from out of town don’t know the city’s safe streets. If they go to a bar it should be the one down their street. Bar hopping isn’t safe in any city. The city also provides a free service of calling residents on the phone to advise them if there are robberies and/or car breakins in their neighborhood. Although Philadelphia has a democratic stranglehold, there are 2 very good democratic representatives who do a lot for the people, especially for children and seniors. PS: They’re probably the only two “good” democrats in the entire country! Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I love spending time there.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I don’t think anything outside of a civil war will stop the spread of islum in the USA — our government is corrupt and rotten to the core, ditto for too many state governments.

  • David

    British law makers are throwing their citizens children to the wolves!!!

    • Jessicajlight

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    • moose

      I’m in the process of reading
      The Strange Death of Europe, Immigration Identity Islam by Douglas Murray
      From what I have read so far the bleeding hearts of Europe have gone out of their way to bend over backwards to welcome these savages……Fork the libs and their thinking….

  • Scott Williams

    “The ‘double rape’ has shocked the community”….. How can something that happens there now on a daily basis still be shocking? Being shocked that Muslim males raped a young girl is like being shocked that a piranha eats goldfish. This the new way of life in the UK

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s becoming a way of life across Northwestern Eurapia. I just hope Eastern Europe has the balls to throw the muslum scum out of their countries.

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    The camera’s don’t lie. Brown monsters.

    • Ichabod Crain

      But the problem is not that they are brown. The problem is that they are Muslim. Don’t get distracted by meaningless information.

      • David R

        The correlation is too prevalent to ignore.

      • Rudolf

        Wrong. It’s the practitioners of Islam. Not words written on paper. Ink on paper can’t slit your throat or anally rape you.

      • Inmate of Diversityland

        Racially motivated, religiously condoned. The actual facts are overwhelming in this regard. Brown monsters.

      • Sainte Jeanne d’Arc

        I don’t see the white muslim converts doing this all the time. What you aren’t factoring in is 1400 yrs or more of culturally motivated inbreeding in these brown people’s cultures. Inbreeding makes flaky people. Look into it.

        • gia

          Not just flaky but all common sense gone, (hence the belief in a all powerful moon god)
          The part of the brain that controls irrational anger gone,(this is why they get mad feel offended over everything!)
          Impulse control gone, (why you see them automatically reach for nearest rock or other handy object to inflict pain) inability to reason whether actions are right or wrong gone.(this is why islam says violent action is ok)
          The ability to control sexual urges gone! (This is why they cover they women in garbage bag outfits) and sexually assault barn animals!

  • gia

    Hey yeah I know him that’s muhummad and abdu ….. Jeez they really all look so similar.
    Not sure why they are going to all this trouble of a manhunt, after all they will just get a slap on the wrist after they promise to never do it again. I don’t mean to make light of this rape isn’t ever funny but seriously they barely punish these offenders especially the Muslims. It’s heartbreaking for this young girl traumitized ..
    mother’s you need to keep close watch on your little girls! Even if means keeping them home more then they want to be there , your not being cruel and they might get mad but it’s better then this outcome.

    • Sainte Jeanne d’Arc

      You just described more sharia compliance. That’s what these goat f*cking animals want, for the women to stay home, like their women do. And they are getting what they want where ever they proliferate. The same thing is happening in France, where they have at least 10% muzzies now. Vast areas, even in Paris now, and other towns they’ve taken over, where you don’t see women in the streets or cafes anymore, because they don’t allow it.

      • gia

        I understand what your saying. The girl in this news story was just 15 and it was late at night
        When I was 15 I wasn’t allowed out late night without an adult. That didn’t stop me from occasionally hoping out my bedroom window with friends .
        So, what I meant was underage girls. Not women in general. As for my own daughter she lives in Philly in a dangerous neighborhood, I am afraid for her in general not just because of possible I’ll fated Muslim contact.
        When she was underage I restricted her from being out too late as well.
        Your 100% right the scum bags do want us to be afraid and comply with Sharia.
        I’m just saying we don’t like it but still caution is better then what this poor girl endured.☺

      • Craig

        You misspelled Fwance.

        • garry pollack

          she has a lisp…bigot!

    • Erica Ling

      This from the female mayor of Cologne, following mass rapes. Spiritual sister of the mayoral candidate for Minneapolis ? Perhaps the job itself is a positive discrimination , created for the cerebrally challenged.

      • gia

        What a friggin joke as if keeping an arms length is going to deter these raping beasts,.
        This shows how out of touch German politicians are with the real world.
        I wonder how she would feel if it were her ?
        She’s already been stabbed for her attitude. Yet still keep the blame and the responsibility on the victims. What a disgrace she is.

        • Erica Ling

          And what hypocrisy. These are the same politicians who ordered their people to welcome the poor immigrants “with open arms ” How do they do both ?

          • gia

            Exactly. The message given to Germany natives is we must except then no matter what!
            How can a country open it’s doors to an invading army ?
            I am baffled by the entire thing , how so many people can get behind this and obediently follow their government when it’s clear their lives are at stake ?
            I would imagine living in Germany now must be a nightmare with no end .

  • leftslayer

    If this happened in Canada, trudeau would of given the rapist millions of dollars and issued a apology, then force the victim to take islamophobia classes with all male Muslims….

  • Alleged Comment

    I thought these guys prefer goats and sheep??

    This is something new, eh?

  • Dale Dimick

    I hope that the wife and children of every police officer in England is raped and killed by the subhuman mulie trash they love and protect.

    • Erica Ling

      Ridiculous and disgusting. The police maintain the law of the land, they cannot be vigilantes, whatever their opinions. And what can they do without a suspect? The Muslim community will hide these men, as they did the perps in Paris. To the rest “they all look alike “, especially shaven headed for Ramadan. The judiciary are usually liberal idiots, from another planet, who interpret the law and are responsible for sentencing. And they , despite their “independence”, usually obey the prevailing mood of the government. ALL governments , with few exceptions are following a Lemming approach to their survival. Who elected them ? We, the people. So how would you like your family being raped for your negligence in allowing Obama to stay in power for eight years, filling your country with rapists and murderers ? (assuming you are an idiotic American , as opposed to decent ones )

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        R U stupid? Law enforcement in the United Kaliphate has been covering up muslum rape/sex slave gangs. Your justice system is broken.

        • Erica Ling

          “Are you stupid?” Try looking in the mirror next time you ask that question. Then look at your own country. Not exactly a model for the world to follow, is it ? How’s the Somali cop killer’s case going in Minnesotastan, still protected by the Constitution ? Note the timeline 2000–2010. Matthew 7:3 should be familiar to an impeccable Christian like yourself.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I don’t make excuses for what the morally retarded, corrupt, craven, atheist muslum collaborators in my federal government are doing to the USA.
            The only person to publicly take a stand against muslums and islum in the US Congress? Christian Michelle Bachman. The corrupt, craven, muslum collaborating, atheist scumbags in Congress were allah over her in a heartbeat for doing so.

  • Pantalones

    Rape in Islam is is pure and very necessary. So please respect our religion and culture..Thankyou
    -Barrack Obama

  • az

    They are obviously a cross between a viking, an eskimo and a polar bear, living off from seals paid by UK’s welfare in North Pole.

  • Julia

    You know london has a CCTV with face recognition. Put these images into the data base perhaps , after they’ve been cleaned up ?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      If these muslums don’t have any sort of photo ID there’s nothing for facial recognition software to match them up to.

  • Apothis

    These men are the scum of the earth….and should not be allowed to live in a civilized society.

    • Craig

      It used to be, people would hang rapists.

  • dad1927

    In Canada she would be arrested under M-103, and ask Just in Trudeau at his mosque about it

  • MA Deuce

    Bet one them,at least, has the name moe hammid , the moose limb.

  • Craig

    So, have these scum been caught? Is anyone looking for them? Does anyone care they raped a 15 year old girl?
    The official Britainistan answer is: no, no and no.
    Cowardice and lack of guts has destroyed Britain. But, Britain has been going down this path for about 120 years, so …nothing new.

  • Pure evil to be ‘turned on’ by doing violence to women.
    Muslim men are obsessed with their penises and should be castrated if caught raping. But that is wishful thinking in this age where cultural marxism has overtaken too many people’s minds.

  • Stephen Honig

    Even if they catch these Muslim scumbags! There will only be others to take their place. There must be a radical solution; deport all the Muslims and kill those who wont leave.

  • Franks A Lot

    Stumbled on this from the Mirror :

    “” No application for bail was made and chairman Nicholas Catling remanded Rahi into custody and adjourned the case until August 28 at Birmingham Crown Court. “”

  • rickyoo

    If these ugly depraved sub humans are caught their punishment will never be severe. The screwed British justice system today cares nothing about the victims of this inbred demented barbaric cult. They will get references from some Iman or a left wing politician saying that they are wonderful people who made a mistake and some PC judge will hand down a lenient sentence where they will be able to join their ‘brothers’ in one of Britain’s holiday camp prisons, who in turn will threaten to kill non Muslim prisoners if they do not convert to Islam. This is the state of the UK today and anyone who dares to speak out in public is either arrested or becomes an enemy of the establishment continually harassed by the PC police.

  • Sunshine Kid

    For rape, I suggest castration as part of the punishment. Without anesthetic, of course.

  • marlene

    People can be identified by their ears. These 2 photos clearly show their ears. Doesn’t the UK have the technology? I’m sure this was not their first crime.

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