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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Jihad’s Jewish soldiers The Forward calls Pamela Geller “Jewish hate-peddler,” lauds antisemite Linda Sarsour

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Prime Minister Theresa May receives Bible burnt by Islamic State

[ December 14, 2017 ]

‘We swear to break your necks’: ISIS targets President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu kneeling...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Did Florida man, who got 15 years for leaving bacon at a mosque, plea bargain...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

DHS: New York Subway Jihad Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Egyptian lawyer sues to ban Jews from entering Great Synagogue of Alexandria and allow Muslims...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

The Power of Trump: India, China and Russia Refrain From Recognizing East Jerusalem as Capital...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Turkey’s Leader Sanctions Killing Jews: Erdogan Invokes Hamas-Inspired ‘Hadith’

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Report: Swedish Synagogue Attackers are Syrian and Palestinian

PHOTO: Seconds from detonation: Female Muslim suicide bomber holding her BABY is pictured moments before she DETONATES


The idea that Islam is like other religions is absurd and obscene. No respect for human life — the philosophy that encourages this is a stain on mankind.

Seconds from detonation: Female suicide bomber holding her BABY is pictured moments before she blew the two of them up in Mosul in a bid to slaughter soldiers

A photo emerged of a Mosul woman with her baby before detonating a bomb
The woman was walking out of a newly liberated area of the city with civilians
She, her child and two soldiers were killed, several civilians were also injured
Iraqi troops are facing off with 200 ISIS soldiers and suicide bomber wives

By Simon Holmes For Mailonline, 8 July 2017:

A photograph has emerged of a Mosul woman cradling her baby as she seemingly tries to escape the fighting that has ravaged her city.

However on further inspection it becomes apparent the Burka clad woman is also holding a detonator.

The picture was taken moments before the suicide bomber blew herself up, with her baby in her arms, as she walked past Iraqi troops.

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  • Richard

    There is no dealing with this kind of insanity. All that is left to the civilized world to do is to destroy every last one of them before they destroy us! How can anyone of sound mind even begin to fathom this kind of depravity? Not possible!

    • Speak the Truth

      As I recall, a news article within the past year described this same problem, and the solution. The soldiers required ALL escapees to completely disrobe, and discard their clothing. When they passed the “buffer zone,” they were given clothing to cover themselves.

      This may sound insensitive and cruel, but the situation demanded extreme measures.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Smart solution.

      • Generalpatern

        They will implant to get round that.

        • J Ian

          No they won’t. they don’t have the technology

    • farflung

      If your stomach is up to it. We are at the crossroad. It will happen but remember this is the only Nation with a second amendment.

      • J Ian

        It is very interesting to watch President Trump rally citizens of freedom around the world. Very impressive. I hope he continues. My hope and prayer, is that muslims will become free of the Political Ideology, Islam, and seek truth and freedom.

        • farflung

          Only one chance in 100. Fourteen hundred years of radical violence is not going to change now. We are at war and ultimately we shall all have our lives on the line.

          • Dee Lee

            Not even one chance in a million.

            Check out these comments, imagine the level of ignorance behind them, and then shudder as you realise these may be representative of the entire population.

            As you look at Europe, you are watching the US in twenty years time.

          • farflung

            Shudder at the thought. Dee Lee. Fortunate to have lead a good life, but the coming generation don’t even know what Muslims are. WW2 fought with farm boys, and young men who worked to feed themselves, now we have tinker Bells with their electronics. Loaded with fat, no muscle.

          • Dee Lee

            Our grandparents were lions, but they spawned lambs that became too free, too ‘civilised’, too ‘enlightened’ to survive modern times.

            And the saddest part is they think they are lions.

          • farflung

            Fortunate to live in the country. If the grid goes down no news, nothing moves, run out of food, it will be chaos and the law of the jungle.

    • Dee Lee

      They will win and we will lose, precisely because people like you look at these events with a weak, timid, and often ignorant Western mindset.

      To you, what she did is insane, and though it may be painful to collide with reality, what you think is irrelevant. What matters is what they think, not what you think.

      To them, they are performing god’s work in order to enter paradise, which is a double blessing as this also allows them to avoid the alternative of an eternity in hell.

      This is why the West is doomed, because we believe we are too smart to be outmanoeuvred by a dysfunctional 7th century Bedouin ideology.

      • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

        no; it is why this satanic cult in all its manifestations will in due time devour itself. Collapse in on itself …..its foundations are corrupt its precepts are lies… they are liars…antichrist. They shall have their reward.

        • Dee Lee

          Oh, you mean it will collapse like it has over the past 1,400 years? I see, yes you must be right.

      • Sage Nighthawk

        You are a fucking moron lady! That still does not give them the right to take any life, even their own! You are one crazy bitch and you belong with the muslims with your type of thinking. So go move to Iraq, Iran, Syria, et al! IDIOT

        • J Ian

          Does “et al” refer to an individual and others, or a country and other countries? Did you use that correctly? et al, in Latin means and others, no? So it can’t be used for countries. clarify please

        • Dee Lee

          Good post, except for a few trivial points: I am not a Muslim, I am not a female, and you have just clarified my point for all the other snoozers out there to realise precisely why the West is doomed.

          The saddest part, of course, is that you are allowed to vote; but never mind, your ignorance will ensure that your children won’t.

      • J Ian

        Interesting you say “double blessing” – very interesting point, indeed

        • Dee Lee

          Go on, I’ll bite – what’s the ‘interesting point’?

  • justmewhoelse12

    The baby must have been one of those “moderate” Muslims that just can never be found?

    Muslims, barbarians for 1400+ years with zero change. And now Western culture nations invite Muslims in to kill them.

    • Dave In Arizona

      Liberals’ quest for political correctness will get us ALL killed.

      • Suresh

        Did you know Left/Liberal George Cloony the Loony Flees Italy to UK due to Islamic “refugees” he wanted Europeans to take in !

        And now the coward is not feeling safe in Britainistan so flees to ………? Guess where ?

        To the “Racist” Trump’s America ! What should be done to such scumbags ?

        One option is given at end of the article here

        • Leighpdavis

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          • Matibob

            Reported. You are welcome!

        • RiverFred

          I will be living within 15 miles of that fool, time to move.

        • roland
          • Robin Martz

            Thank you for posting that. Im Glad I could share it!!

        • Debby VanExan-Dumont

          Scared !!! Is he racist now ???

      • Kalambong Kalambong

        Pack up all the leftist islamofascists and send them to the frontline to serve the ‘moderate human bombers’ that they love so much

        Let the leftist islamofascists savor for themselves the incredible feeling when the flying screws and shrapnel drill deep inside their own body, tearing up their own flesh, piece by piece …

        • knightsstrength

          Do not forget their family

          • Sage Nighthawk

            These barbarians and their whole family needs to be destroyed, kill them all so islam will completely die away with them. We don’t need and we sure don’t want these muslim animals in our world! DESTROY ISLAM & KILL EVERY MUSLIM! MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE NO MORE MUSLIMS IN OUR WORLD! INCLUDING EVERY MUSLIM CHILD! It is up to us to get this done so do your part or become our enemy and die with the rest of the muslims!

          • J Ian

            You’re being dramatic. Islam is a political ideology. We have to deal with it, for now

          • gggtryyyu

            J Ian… don´t seem to have understood the irony of sage nighthawk…he has just changed the word “Islam” for “infidels”…..ha ha ha

          • Gill Payne

            What you are saying is just as evil as this sick woman blowing up that child. There is no reason to destroy children’s lives ever.

          • Steven Lemon

            Its OK. Allah will sort them out

          • Robin Martz

            That is just ridiculous. Stupid actually. All Muslims are not bad ppl. Suni Muslims don’t believe in all this horrid stuff. It’s like saying all Christians believe in an eye for an eye. Literally. God help us should ppl adopt your thinking!!

          • Wanda Kus

            Of course not all are bad, but the problem is how do you separate a forced political system which is practiced by some, from people who just want to live in peace? One radical can kill 100’s. Read the Koran. It’s a political system of subjugation disguised as a religion. That is why there is so much Muslim on Muslim violence as well. They don’t agree with each other. Sunni and Shia.

          • Dee Lee

            If you are offered a bowl of a thousand candies and told only two of them are poisoned, how many are you prepared to eat?

          • Wanda Kus

            Very good point.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Thank you!!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Of course not all are bad.” R U willing to put that theory to the test and move to any of the wonderful muslum sh!ttystans that infest the globe today? I thought not.

          • Wanda Kus

            From what I understand, there are decent people in those lands who probably do not even read the Koran and would like to live in freedom and peace. I would say they are Secular Muslims, but they could become radicalized as well.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If there are “secular Muslims” why aren’t there any secular muslum states?

          • Dee Lee

            Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq were all secular Muslim states, until a bunch of real dumb Americans elected an America-hating, white-hating, Jew-hating Muslim socialist into the White House, twice, to demonstrate how tolerant they are. Go figure!

            Iran was also a secular state before Carter, even worse than Obama, pulled some real insane strings to turn it into an Islamic Republic.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Then why is Trump keeping with the Syria narrative? You so sure Obama was Jew hating? All those Mudslimes leaving the M.E. only benefits one (((tribe))).

          • SmithWinston6478

            Was obama a Jew hater? Don’t you have a TV?

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Lol fake news tv? I can find 100’s of these. These pictures don’t lie.

          • codemonkey

            Right, so if the guy who created “piss christ” decides to walk around with a cross around his neck, you will be the first one to say he was “misunderstood”

            Check it: anyone can put on a show. It’s what you actually do that counts.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            And he gave Israel the largest aid package ever so why are you moaning? He proved to all of us that the Zionists own our government and while our own people can’t afford health insurance and find jobs Israel can get billions in defense aid.

          • codemonkey

            Haven’t you figured it out? These people are playing a game. He pulls whatever BS he does and then offers a massive “aid package”, all the morons think that this is a “step in the right direction” and put pressure on those of us that know better to go along with it. Otherwise our government looks like jerks and the traitor class can make a case to get elected in their place.

            The man is a Muslim. He didn’t give a damn about spending your money. What he wanted was to undermine Israel’s defense so that the Muslims could advance. That money bought off the public so that when people like me start screaming about foreign NGOs ripping Israel to shreds, people will shrug and say exactly what you just did. When we start insisting that we need to blow up those reactors in Iran, everyone will say “why risk it, the Americans have our backs”.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Oh, really, wtf exactly do the ngos do to Israel? The only thing I can think of is that they take pressure off Israel by helping to empty the middle east of Muslims.

          • codemonkey

            You have no idea. This is NGO central.

            The last national election there was open attempt from foreign governments and private American political groups to fund the opposition. I see these people in town all the time openly talking about all the various little projects they have to subvert the military, to encourage the Arab “resistance”, to promote their various agendas.

            Classic example is the gay pride march. Jerusalem is a deeply religious city. Even people who arent religious are conservative. The people do everything they can to stop that march. Jews, Muslims, Christians, no one wants it. A few years ago the various religious groups got the police chief to work with them tp stop it, then he hinted to them that the Ford foundation blocked him off behind the scenes. Thats just one example off the top of my head.

            Its getting to a point where some people in government are calling to pass a new law that would force all NGOs to reveal their funding and who they fund in the country. There is a book called “catch the Jew” which I havent read but is the experiences of an Israeli reporter who passes as German and was trusted by a lot of NGOs, like project veritas, and theu admitted some terrible things to him. I didnt bother reading it because I already have the general idea, and also, Im just sick of being angry. But maybe ill read it so I can know better.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The largest recipients of US foreign aid are muslum states. Go blow your muslum masters…

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            No you go blow them you liar. Between the USA and EU nations Israel has a really good game going..


          • IzlamIsTyranny

            FU nazi:

            Muslum sh!ttystans like egypt, pakistain, afghanistain and jordan collectively receive more foreign aid than Israel. All of these muslum states are religious and gender apartheid states and two of them are muslum terrorist states.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Collectively LMFAO so when you add those countries together they get more cash then the Israhell alone. Who gives a poo even if that could be proven you just listed MULTIPLE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE TO BE ADDED TOGETHER TO TOP THE AID TO ISRAHELL.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Israel is a democracy nazitard. It’s the only place atheists, Christians, Jews and Baha’i aren’t systematically persecuted/murdered/enslaved by f’ing muslums. It’s the only free state in the entirety of the muslum cesspool called the Mid-East and N. Africa.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Israel is a dump. If it weren’t for slurping tax dollars off Germans in Germany and the U.S. you would be done for. Israel is such trash that they lied about Assad to drag the US into the restructuring process of the Middle East to force Greater Israel on the Muslims. Assad allowed Christians, Jews and Yazidis to live in his country. If they were so flipping persecuted there why didn’t the LMFAO kind Israelis rescue them? WTF do the Israelis do ~ patch up ISIS soldiers? All the Christians in Syria have been virtually eliminated. I have watched this thing closely to see what you special a double s Jews would do and you did not a d**n thing for anyone but Isis. Gee I wonder why that could be? You may have neutered your one tribal rival the Germans in Germany but you won’t neuter the Germans of America. Good luck little buddy!!

          • NazdaPokmov

            Nothing but a photo op to make jews think he liked them. He’s FAKE period.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Come on… Be serious.. The man is part Jewish so why wouldn’t he like Jews?

          • NazdaPokmov

            Stanley was not his mother….get over with….

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            So who is his mom?

          • NazdaPokmov

            Not her…..he was a CIA creation….ask them

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            What are you smoking?? 😄😄😄

          • NazdaPokmov

            Don’t get out much do ya? Don’t read much on the net do ya?

          • DerBuzenPuken

            My new article posted:

            The Burden of Civilization

          • SmithWinston6478

            Google ‘Obama’s ring’.

          • SmithWinston6478

            Sheees! Google ‘Obama’s muslim ring’.

          • StraitlacedMissouri
          • SmithWinston6478

            No. I mean his muslam ring. It’s Google-able.

          • codemonkey

            If it’s so much to my benefit, how come my people need to have armed guards outside every synogogue in Europe? Why do we have to have guards over our schools our buses. Why do we keep getting beating up by these same animals?

            There are a bunch of elite scumbags at the top that benefit from all this, but we are not among them.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            It isn’t supposed to benefit you in Europe. It is supposed to force your a double s to move to Israel and then they can expand. Oh yeah, I forgot, they are already doing that…

            Muslims are beating up Jews in Europe? Not anymore then they are raping white christian born white women.

            Why don’t you talk to the a holes that be Zionist faction of your religion and tell them to stop pushing for these animals to invade our nations. I certainly will not mate with one or become a brown slave class.

            Tell me what this is all about?


            Why would 2000 rabbis in the US welcome in these wild animals? The same thing goes on in Europe with different groups of Jews. 2000 rabbis WTH??! How many are there in the US? Maybe 2400? That is really screwy.

          • codemonkey

            You just cannot get over hating my guts. It’s just too convenient to point the finger at me and blame me and mine for every damn thing that goes wrong with you.

            Here’s the truth, your people are just as responsible for this as mine. And those same people are doing everything they can to undermine my country just like they are doing to yours. For every Jewish scumbag there is a European scumbag, much as you don’t want to face that.

            And until you do face that reality, you are going to continue being their puppet.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Man, 2000 out of 2400 aprox. is pretty damn bad. I don’t hate you pal. I don’t even know you. All I know is I am just as tribal as you and yours and will never surrender to being a mud class slave. Soros isn’t a white Christian man. Soros has said he is a Jewish Hungarian and he has financed much of this trash in Europe. I don’t have any ministers. I don’t follow man.

          • codemonkey

            Well, then I apologize.

            I have no problem with people looking after their own. In fact I insist on it. People were made to live, and you dont do God any favors by committing suicide, and definitely not by letting your family die, and thats how I look at different ethnic groups. And every groups has to belong to some part of this world which is their own, which is a part of their blood.

            I dont know how to react to what the Germans are doing. The few times I speak with Germans visiting Israel about it they get very smug and self righteous and they start treating me like Im a racist. I think they have to throw those people out yesterday. The sooner they put it off the more horror it will cause for everyone including themselves.

            I dont blame you for being angry about Soros and those rabbis. I cant make excuses for them, I cant even look at the article you quoted because it upsets me so much.

          • codemonkey

            And as for your theory that my people are doing this to force Jews to move to Israel, I have a better theory. That your scumbags are intentionally bringing in the Muslims to force my people to put up with the Arab colonists in my country. Because it’s a lot harder to justify throwing out these bastards when the Europeans are bringing them all in.

            It’s like two men in a room with machine guns pointed at each other, and one man decides to fill the room with poison gas with the hope that he can survive it longer than the other. Only we are refusing to play along and die.

            Those 2000 rabbis you mentioned are cunts. I cannot put it any plainer than that. But before you start nodding your head, I’m going to point out that your ministers are just as compromised.

          • SmithWinston6478

            Yep. Lustful Jimeny Cotta got the middle-eastern turmoil roiling by failing to support the Shaw when he got sick. That’s when the hostages were taken and held until the day Reagan was sworn in. Before he was innaugurated, Reagan let it be known that he would start erasing iranian towns until the hostages were released. They knew he meant it, and Jimeny Cotta had run out his usefulness.

            The Shaw was not an especially nice guy, and his city police (the Savak) were oppressive to the common iranians. But Shaw Palavi dragged iran out of the stone age into the 20th century. Once he was out of the picture, the mullahs dragged iran backward 1400 years.

            B insane obola failed to support the popular iranian uprising for common freedoms in 2009. He said he didn’t want to interfere. So muslam oppression has continued. That’s when barlock showed his muslam sympathy. Then of course, there’s the ring he wears.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            BULLSHITE! All the states you just mentioned enforce islamic blasphemy and heresy laws and ALL of them belong to the all muslum OIC — an organisation trying to enforce islamic blasphemy and heresy laws worldwide.
            And Bashar Assad, was a Jew hating POS:
            The f’ing muslums in Iraq initiated the Farhud pogrom in Baghdad. Baghdad once had a majority Jewish population. I don’t believe there is a SINGLE Jew living in Iraq anymore.

            FU and your lies.

          • SmithWinston6478

            There’s no such thing as a secular or moderate muslam. There may be secular/moderate Arabs, but if anynone identifies themselves as a muslam, they’re saying they follow the koran. One needs to be familiar with the koran to understand the danger such imbeciles represent.

          • Bikinis not Burkas

            Please explain secular Muslim is that the same as the Quran terms hypocrites that must be killed ?

          • Melo Gardener

            Wanda Kus…they do not want to live in peace and have slaughtered the Home of Judaiism and the Cradle of Christianity for 1400 years of slaughter rape and destruction and slavery of all ALL NON Muslims…though you will not admit is it is impossible because of what they truly believe and say to one another repeating what is in the Quran….Wake up …it is become hell on earth because the leftist Dumb whores know what I say is true and think they can take the world with their Islamist armies for them…but the Bible says they will destroy their whore and God with send fire and brimstone on all the Islamist Swine whores that rape the earth!

            The Koran sees the world as divided into two – one part which has come under Islamic rule and one part which is supposed to come under Islamic rule in the future. There is a division of the world which is very clear. Every single person who starts studying Islam knows it. The world is described as Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) – that’s the place where Islam rules – and the other part which is called Dar al-Harb – the house of war. Not the ‘house of non-Muslims,’ but the ‘house of war.’ It is this house of war which has to be, at the end of time, conquered. The world will continue to be in the house of war until it comes under Islamic rule. This is the norm. Why? Because Allah says it’s so in the Koran. God has sent Mohammed with the true religion in order that the truth will overcome all other religions.

          • SmithWinston6478

            We owe the Crusaders a debt of gratitude. They killed enough muslams all at one time to put off what we are seeing today for centuries. That bought time for contemporary mankind.

          • Bikinis not Burkas

            Time to get real again.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “All Muslims are not bad ppl.” Would you say the same thing about Nazis?
            “Sunni Muslims don’t believe in all this horrid stuff”. Really retard? Do they not hold muhamMUD to be the example for all muslums to follow? Do they not follow the same holey scripture as the rest of the f’ing muslums? Are not Sunni muslums slaughtering:
            1. Christians in the Philippines
            2. Christians/Yezidi in Iraq and Syria
            3. Christians in Nigeria

            You’re either an idiot, a very bad liar or both.

          • SmithWinston6478

            My bet is both.

          • MikeyParks

            Maybe they’re not all bad, BUT the percentage is high enough that our world would be better off without any of them. The “good” ones are up in the stands cheering; the bad ones are on the field playing. It’s thinking that we can co-exist with them that’s “ridiculous, stupid actually.”

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Well said.

          • jeephann

            Would you invite one into your home to live with you for a week???

          • Melo Gardener

            You are wrong Robin Martz because the Quran, Hadiths and Bukharis just teach exactly what these swine are doing and have done for 1400 years and the fact that they all believe in these books and half are doing this very killing or preparing or thinking of doing the same means that billions are capable of destroying the world, irregardles of your hundreds of millions you think won’t…and that is a joke! Few do help hide the victims but just a couple in a city of hundreds of thousands means they have almost illuminated all non muslims in their country and are being sent to all the free countries to do the same because the Quran and Bukharis demand it that the whole world must be filled with Islamist cult whores and destroy all the rest of us. Muslims always lied from Muhammed liar to today…Mohammed did accept the existence of all the Biblical prophets before him. However he also said that all these prophets were Moslems. Abraham was a Moslem. In fact, Adam himself was the first Moslem. Isaac and Jacob and David and Solomon and Moses and Jesus were all Moslems, and all of them had writings similar to the Koran. Therefore, world history is Islamic history because all the heroes of history were Moslems. Duhhhhhh DUMB LIARS

          • SmithWinston6478

            The koranic punishment for apostacy is brutal and merciless. That has had a significant impact on resistence from within.

          • NazdaPokmov

            They were all muslims? HUH? Are you just nuts or really retarded? Muslim didn’t become a “religion” until the 600’s. Jesus lived long before that. Boy are YOU DUMB!!!! And Islam is not a religion but a CULT. A blood thirsty cult.

          • Melo Gardener

            Robin Martz …you tell me how any muslim will make peace with anyone they call by their books as being in the house of war?????The Koran sees the world as divided into two – one part which has come under Islamic rule and one part which is supposed to come under Islamic rule in the future. There is a division of the world which is very clear. Every single person who starts studying Islam knows it. The world is described as Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) – that’s the place where Islam rules – and the other part which is called Dar al-Harb – the house of war. Not the ‘house of non-Muslims,’ but the ‘house of war.’ It is this house of war which has to be, at the end of time, conquered. The world will continue to be in the house of war until it comes under Islamic rule. This is the norm. Why? Because Allah says it’s so in the Koran. God has sent Mohammed with the true religion in order that the truth will overcome all other religions.

          • Bikinis not Burkas

            Have you read any of the Quran ? Try reading Quran 8:12

          • SmithWinston6478

            That is what the Crusaders did in the middle ages which bought time for contemporary mankind. We need a repeat.

      • katzkiner

        It isn’t PC, it is suicidal pathology the same as this female suicide bomber.
        My horse knows better than to share space with an insane muslim fanatic.
        They love death, we should rededicate ourselves to helping each & every muslim find their passion.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Funny how they never stand w/the people being persecuted/enslaved/slaughtered/raped by muslums allah over the muslum world (incl. atheists in Bangladesh).

        • SmithWinston6478

          Anybody holding signs like those in the picture knows nothing about what’s in the koran. As such, they define ‘dangerous ignorance’.

        • codemonkey

          It’s not suicidal at all, it’s murderous. Their unconscious (and in some cases conscious) intention is to bring in these animals to kill us all while they flatter them and pick up the pieces afterwards. These Leftist vermin are doing this in America, Europe and Israel.

          It’s time we called it for what it is: Attempted Murder.

      • ninetyninepct

        Trudeau is doing what he is able to get away with in his Islamization of Canada. Ban him as he is dangerous.

      • Fed Up

        No. Because this “racist” White would rather fight to the death — using deadly force for self-defense!

        • Dave In Arizona

          Well, Fed, I do believe anyone ‘would rather fight to the death — using deadly force for self-defense.'” Wouldn’t you?

    • Suresh

      They are so vicious they do not even spare christian Aid worker who was helping the “refugees ” settle in

      And the case was sealed from public airing under obama and his minions when it occurred to prevent Americans from waking up to the jihadi brutality.

    • Hussars2016

      This is what the Islamic Cult does to them – brainwashes them into killing their own kids.

      • kirana

        If it can turn mothers into killing their own children for the sake of thrir god, if they do not hesitate to kill themselves and blowing up their own temple of worships to make a point for their god. Imagine what they could do to others who don’t share their belief. We have seen them at work not just to themselves but for others. So detached from every human sense, yet demanding others to give them ultimate sympathy and all attention. This is pure evil. Only evil works this way, not a desperate human being under oppression as media always put it. Naturally a mother would give herself aways for the life of her children. A mother herself is a reflection of how God give life, love, kindness and gentleness in nurturing us. If a mother somehow on the opposite of nature, it is evil that she consciously chose to control her. And by that she ceased to be human being but a lowly evil creature, since only evil force that murder for its own pleasure. Sincerely pray that God would save these innocent children from their evil mothers, fathers. These children deserve chance to grow rightly. Many says that it is hopeless for them muslim babies and children since they grow in death cult, but there is equal chance that they can be saved and grow up rightly. It is our responsibility as human being to see their rights to live no matter how bad the circumstance of their origin of birth. If we could not help free them from such evil cult by any effort, we could pray for God’s helping hands to deliver them and put them in right care of loving family. It could be us…could be anyone to whom God would put these children to have a proper family. We must show them muslims what true God is….a life giver and a loving kindness….not a murderer and narcissist who demand a human being to murder her own child to please him.

        • SmithWinston6478

          If you seperate your paragraphs, more people will read your very germain points.

    • Angie Donohue

      Very true… and very sad…

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      >… The baby must have been one of those “moderate” Muslims that just can never be found?

      Note: That baby could be an IRAQI CHRISTIAN BABY used as a HUMAN SHIELD !!

      Never, ever, trust the moslems !

      • codemonkey

        Great point

    • felix1999

      Hope she is enjoying HELL.
      THAT is where she is.
      One less BREEDER too.

    • Dennis

      It is very clear that Islam, especially the belief system that is followed in the Middle East, is a plaque/pandemic on all of the free world societies. These followers to actually believe that the Islamic deity would condone heinous conduct such as described in this article and such as has been committed by the terrorists that we have all seen, is the height of both stupidity and inanity. This unconscionable belief system either has to be eradicated or limited to those countries that are Islamic and presently unaccepting of non-believers and non-Muslims. To avoid a conflagration of monumental effect, the free world must close our borders to these insane believers, and must limit them to only those places where they can live among themselves. With their mentality they will kill off each other.

      • Glenn Festog

        I don’t understand why anyone would respect or worship a “god” with such an inferiority complex. Prayers five times a day, while all other activities stop. I’m pretty sure that all of the “gods” of the ME are just jumped up demons with delusions of grandeur, from Marduk onwards. Judging by their instructions to their “people”, if that’s what ” god” is, then Caligula also qualifies. Just saying…..

    • andrew
        Designate The Muslim Brotherhood A Foreign Terrorist Organization

        Click the link, below, to access the On-Line Petition and Add Your Signature

        This is an open participation for all concerned citizens throughout the United States to unite, regardless of partisan affiliation, and to urge Congress to approve S.68, H.R. 377: the Muslim Brotherhood
        Designation Act of 2017

        • Dee Lee

          Once you accept Europe is a dead man walking, and being a socialist project that’s a given, the US will have to stand or fall on its own with the benefit of hindsight!

          Here is something to consider for those that believe optimism will defeat reality: it took a thoroughly corrupt and failed two-term America-hating, white-hating, Jew-hating Socialist President with a ‘Muslim background’, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, 35,000 deleted yoga emails, election rigging, debate cheating, a corrupt DNC, DoJ and FBI, a purchased and compromised Secretary of State, wholesale media hysteria, lies, cover ups and more lies – all combined to break the camel’s back and allow Trump to win the election – with a minority vote. Could be wrong, but from a distance that suggests Americans have lost the will to survive since the hate-fuelled Left have decreed that would be racist, bigotry and Islamophobic.

          Even as Europe falls to its knees it will not designate the MB a terrorist organisation; that would risk revealing the betrayal of the continent by its own leaders. Meanwhile in America, the well funded, well organised hard core Left still have too much clout to allow such a designation, and this is why the only hope for you people is to rise up pdq and shove those that despise what you represent into oblivion where they belong.

          Either learn from the suicidal blunders of Europe, or quit moaning and accept that your complacency and cowardice will result in your children and theirs revile your memory as they throw their faces to the floor five times a day.

          • Dee Lee, your response is excellent and very well written. I totally agree with your analysis – especially where you wrote: ” Either learn from the suicidal blunders of Europe, or quit moaning and accept that your complacency and cowardice will result in your children and theirs revile your memory as they throw their faces to the floor five times a day.”

            That is exactly what is going to happen if we continue in the path of social and national suicide due to the “submission” that is allowing the Islamic ideology to strengthen its influence in American politics, media and social “Interfaith” groups.

            The irony is that the Muslim Brotherhood has had lobbyists convincing Congress why that group should not be designated a “Terror Group” and to not take any action on the Senate and House Bills that were presented in January. It certainly appears that is why S.68 and
            H.R. 377 have been tabled for the time being. It’s time that Congress hears from “We, The People” and be advised that their procrastination and dismissive attitude endangers our national security and that we cannot allow the Muslim Brotherhood to continue influencing our elected officials in this matter. Here is the stated “MISSION” of the Muslim Brotherhood, taken, from their own manifesto writings and its their plan for every country in the world:

            4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:

            “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The
            Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house
            by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the
            slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.”
            (An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group
            in North America: Page 21 in the sequential order of document pages)

          • Glenn Festog

            Trump won with a majority vote: its been shown that there were more illegals registered to vote than the amount of Hitlery’s lead. Why do you think the majority of States are refusing WH requests for voter data?
            The majority were sick and tired of the direction the libtards were taking us in, that’s what got Trump elected.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      They did find the “moderate” Muslim baby, a bit here and a bit there and more further away!

    • codemonkey

      Maybe it’s time we helped them feel OUR pain.

    • Old_Fokker

      Marco Polo Allegedly Said A ‘Moderate’ Muslim Will Hold You
      Down While The Radical Muslim Cuts Your Head Off…

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Kissinger once said something like a moderate Arab is one who has run out of bullets.

  • Jason Priestley

    She just needed a high paying job with at least $15/hr minimum wage. Otherwise, we’d all blow up our babies.

  • WhizzyWhiz

    Nuke um all… Let God sort it out.

    • We will, but it will be in response to their hitting us first. This is where the democrats made a HUGE error; they followed the lies of obama and allowed him to ‘set things up’ with his muss bros. He was never a genuine American president; he was/is an infiltrator that STILL works behind the scenes, planning our demise. Think about it, ‘WHY’ was he in Pakiland? What are his connections to Paki and Iran, and WHY is he so close with V. Jarrett. When/if it happens, the democrats will be the primary group of idiots to blame.

    • J Ian

      A more “direct” plan for sure. Maybe consider other options?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        How about MOAB’s instead of nukes?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Double thumbs up.

    • StraitlacedMissouri

      But someday people will say you are evil and just like a Nazi or the KKK…

  • CriminalsHeartGunControl

    The brave Muhammadan “men” behind this probably threatened to behead her other children if she didn’t do this.
    It’s how Muhammadan “men” roll, when they aren’t dressed up as women to escape capture.

  • Georgie Thumbs

    The universe is 13.7 billion years old. It took 13.7 billion years for a combination of evolution, fight for survival, withstanding unbelievable suffering and certain circumstances along with perfect timing to occur for this woman and her kid to finally exist. And she self destructs because a pedophile who lived 1,400 years ago hallucinated in a cave. Good going jackass. No 2nd chance for you. Until medical science finds a way to reassemble the same atoms and molecules in the exact same exact sequence that made you, I can pretty much guarantee you will be dirt sh*t for eternity.

  • gia

    So let them self destruct themselves save us the trouble. I love children and I hate the thought of innocent babies dying but let’s face it that innocent baby is tomorrow jihad warrior.
    This is how they prove over and over again that they are a sick death cult evil to the core! Why do they bother to live and breath at all? Why do they keep having babies? After all life means so very little to them . So if suicide jihad is such an honor they should all blow themselves up right now they can all be martrys for Allah/ a.k.a
    Satan! No instead they want to ruin the west first !
    Female suicide jihads what’s their reward? No more Burka wearing? We know the men are after 72 virgins that Allah will reward them with! As if there is actually sex or sexuality in heaven, or what they call heaven which is probably just a fiery inferno below. Satan is waiting !the great deceiver is down stairs preparing for each one of these sick twisted evil pieces of crap.

    • Don Wood ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      You said, “So let them self destruct themselves save us the trouble.” Yes, it would, but it’s going to require us doing the “blowing.”

      • Don, by the time that happens, we will have already been ‘hit’ by one of the islamic countries that have the technology (probably Paki). Our reaction will be in self defense and again, as we were in 9-11-2001, the American people will be in a state of shock. When will our government learn?
        Maybe it’s going to take another 911, I do not know. The democrats had better dig a deep hole to hide; the people will be furious.

      • gia

        Unfortunately yes.

      • J Ian

        The MOAB was a good start !

    • Here is the 1400 year long history of this beast:

      IF they were going to reform, they would have done it by now. It will take a direct divine intervention by THE God to make these people change, however I do not foresee that happening in my lifetime; this jihadist way of life and perpetual state of war is ingrained into the DNA.

      • gia

        Thanks will watch before bed !

        • You’re more than welcome. Please, pass along to others? Here is Prof Warner’s main page:

          • gia

            I will, I think those here on Geller will see and watch we are all on the same side ..except a few troll that pop up here and there! Lol…thanks!

        • SmithWinston6478

          You won’t be able to sleep.

          • gia

            I didn’t get a chance to watch yet I have been extremely busy this past week with sales calls The firm I work for always has a huge spike right after the 4 th of July.
            So I am half the night with paper work! Lucky me!

    • J Ian

      Walid Shoebat, who I think is a cockroach, discusses this issue from a theological perspective. However unfortunate, you might have some very good points

      • gia

        Yeah , I know who you mean, I stumbled onto his website a few times. I don’t know what to think of him. Is he an imposter ? A former Muslim turned Christian .it seems his followers are Christian minded ? I get the feeling alot of what he does is for money.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      US GI’s were forced to kill kids during WW2. Kids who were members of the Nazi Youth. Kids who were trying to kill them.

      • gia

        It’s that unfortunate part of war anywhere. There are always those who are just innocently thrown into something they barely understand . Look at the defeat of Berlin the rapes and murders of women and children were too numerous to even accurately count.
        There is a book titled “A woman in Berlin ” one woman’s diary account of her experience after the Russians seige of Berlin . They may have made a movie based on the book, not sure. I actually had to stop reading it was depressing to me.
        It’s a dam shame we live in a world of constant chaos.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I met a woman who lived in Eastern Germany when the Russians came thru. The Russians raped her grandmother. What the Germans did in Russia was far worse. Something like 45 million Russians were slaughtered by Germans or their axis allies during WW2.

          • gia

            Nobody truly wins in war. The atrocities that took place during war 2 are mind boggling what a horrific time to be alive.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If the allies hadn’t won WW2 the nazis would have continued exterminating every last Jew they could get their bloody hands on. I read a historical account of a Wehrmacht officer getting in an argument w/a Waffen-SS officer about who was going to use trains for what in their long retreat from Russia. The Wehrmacht officer wanted to use the train to facilitate the withdrawal of his men and their equipment while the Waffen-SS officer wanted to use the train to transport Jews to death camps. The issue was resolved when the Wehrmacht officer shot the Waffen-SS officer to death.

          • gia

            We would all be speaking German Or Japanese, if we had lost . Lol.

            Years ago when I was pre teen , a girl I went to school with invited me to her house.
            Her grandmother had a number tatoo on her arm and her teeth were black I didn’t know at that time about tattoos given at aushwitz,. Years later I learned about the numerous horrible atrocities the Nazi Germans inflicted on the Jewish people . I remembered my friends grandmom and couldn’t believe I had actually met someone who lived through that.
            I have read numerous books fiction and non fiction and movies too.
            The horror of it never fails to shock me.
            I can’t believe there are people that who deny the Holocaust happened.

      • StraitlacedMissouri

        You buy that nonsense?! I don’t believe the narrative of any history written regarding any war that occurred before the internet or in countries with little to know access. WWII was all lies. Shrunken heads, Jew Soap and Lampshade fairy tales that have all been proven to be lies!!!!

        • IzlamIsTyranny
          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Whatever douche…

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            FU nazi, go huff some xyklon b:

            IN A RAGING INFERNO: Combat Units of the Hitler Youth 1944-45
            Translated from German, In a Raging Inferno is the first
            English-language book ever to recount the story of the Hitler Youth and
            its combat role at the end of World War II. During the desperate final
            months of the Third Reich boys (and girls) as young as ten were thrown
            into action against the advancing British, American and Soviet armies,
            frequently fighting with a fanatical and suicidal fury.

            author examines the combat deployment of the Hitler Youth – on the
            Eastern Front, the Western Front, and in provinces outside the German
            Reich, in addition to providing a number of rare and fascinating combat

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            US HIs were on there flipping soil you dippy douchebag. Those chose to kill them or they wouldn’t have been in Europe doing it you quarter brain Anti-European dipstick!!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Too bad you just missed the Third Reich by 70 years eh nazitard? Go blow your muslum masters.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            I don’t have a Muslim master. Is that your answer to anyone that doesn’t by the b.s. narrative of jew soap, lampshades and shrunken heads? Muslims are to dumb to master anyone or thing except by brute force…

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • LR

    Monstrous. And as the Iman, interviewed on FOX, tries to tell us that Jihad basically means “have a nice day.”

    • Mahou Shoujo

      To a muslim, wishing a non muslim a “nice day” or the “best” is saying that they wish you were dead as that is the nicest thing, for them, that can happen.

    • Boommach

      Put it in perspective, LR. For President Obama’s JV team, no day is nice unless they are murdering innocent people. We are dealing with evil.

  • Ruckus_Tom


    Just multiply the “moments before” by 60 and you’ll get the “seconds from detonation”.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam as it is practiced today by devout muslims, This is the vision for America that democrats and their judas goats, like the islamic feminists that whore islam on the streets of the world.

  • Muslims are actually mostly responsible for the deaths of other Muslims…and yet, they still try to blame the West for all their problems. Kind of sad, if you ask me.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    May not be her baby, but a baby she stole from a non-muslim.

  • Bishma Wood

    Muslims can’t integrate into western culture because their life is regulated under sharia. We know this. They know this. So why do we pretend? Stop Muslim migration to the west. Make unlawful the building of new mosques and unlawful to repair old mosques. Make unlawful for Muslim to hold a position of influence in government and in the community. Make unlawful for Muslims to go on welfare and unlawful for Muslim to purchase and own land and property. This way, it won’t cost the taxpayer anything to purge the country of the vermin.

    • Here, the 1400 year history of this ideology researched by American Professor B. Warner:

      Their belief system/culture is so ingrained into them, that I do not believe they’ll ever reform.
      It would take divine intervention by God.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Bill Warner actually spoke to my ACT for America chapter. His presentation left the room silent.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I like those ideas. Islum should be exempted from qualifying under 1st amendment protections — and their mosques taxed into bankruptcy.

      • J Ian

        True: Islam is primarily a “Political system” where religion is the main component part, and they use that part of the system, for protection in western democracies to enforce sharia law -so Islam has many military strategies as a political system

    • rickyoo

      It should be unlawful for any Muslim to set foot in a civilized non Muslim country, let alone reside in one. They all belong to a disgusting evil cult, whose only purpose is to dominate the west . They have never hidden this fact and in the UK they have openly displayed this numerous times, but after Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Britain has suffered from weak and pathetic leaders who have welcomed this filth into the country bending over backwards to appease these inbred vermin, whilst totally ignoring the wishes of the indigenous British people, allowing hundreds of huge Mosques to be built in every major town or city plus sharia courts. The various governments have turned a blind eye to the horrendous grooming and rapes of young English girls, completely ignored the hate preachers until recently. London now has a Muslim Mayor whose aim is to turn London into a Muslim caliphate. Non Muslims are arrested for daring to speak out against this invasion or for criticizing a Muslim in any way. Meanwhile Prime Minister May, former Home Secretary who allowed thousands of this trash to enter the country just carries on talking nonsense about the safety of the British people when she let the majority of this scum enter without any back ground checks and those returning from fighting with ISIS and then looks horrified when they start murdering people shouting Allahu Akbar, but then the population are assured that this has nothing to do with the religion of peace. Muslims across the world must be laughing their heads of at the weakness of these stupid western leaders. Thank goodness we have President Trump and not another Muslim supporter.

      • SmithWinston6478

        That was difficult to read because of no paragraph separation and run-on sentences. But I agree with your points. Sadique Kahn is telling Londoners to ‘get used to it’.

    • Generalpatern

      Criminalise halal, they might then piss orf.

      • J Ian

        You are somewhat correct. Because of the Establishment clause, Halal food contractors, should not be able to participate in contracts for public institutions: i.e., provide food for schools. sound fair? I think so

    • SmithWinston6478

      Sadique Kahn, the muslam mayor of London, told Londoners occasional acts of terrorism shouldn’t be thought of as unusual, and to just carry on.

    • Commieobamie

      And BAN islam , same as Naziism.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Sadly, I don’t think Nazism is banned in the USA.

    • J Ian

      You are correct. But, we cannot use a secular model of sharia law. Let’s start with this: Add an Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting any type of religious or foreign law in this country. that is a good start

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        “A secular model of sharia law.” What form would that take? Amputations for stealing? Stoning to death for adultery? Crucifixion for opposing allah and his messenger?

  • islandwoman2

    she looks terrified

    • Maybe her husband forced her to do it? o_O

  • guymacher

    Will a Muslim barrow please explain this story to me? Why do Muslims always misunderstand Islam in a violent, inhuman, satanic way? Surely, there is one Muslim barrow who can write an answer in a civilized language. English, French, German, or Spanish is fine.

  • Harold

    If I could care less, I would.

  • Corlinna Lawson Smith

    The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
    — Peter Drucke
    Can you imagine what desperate feelings could pushed her to this? It has been said that it is much easier to change an idea, than a belief…sadly
    We the human race has for the last 1400 yes faced Jihad, it is perhaps the greatest crime against humanity ever known.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Well said.

      • Lynn D

        Muslims have slaughtered 270 million non muslims since the inception of islam. They are the biggest killers in history.. The Crusades, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Germans 2 World wars, all these episodes of slaughter on a grand scale, Still don’t add up to the 270 million the followers of religion of peace killed…Keep telling that to people who want to call you an Islamophobe..

    • SmithWinston6478

      Most of the primitive conquering muslam hordes were killed during the Crusades. That bought normal mankind a lot of time. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Crusaders.

  • 09dogg38

    So fucking stupid.

  • Corlinna Lawson Smith

    Fifth Seal: The Cry of the Martyrs
    When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.
    we as Christians assume that this passage means Christian Martyrs, as well as YHVH, but Psalm 82
    A psalm of Asaph.

    1 God presides in the great assembly;
    he renders judgment among the “gods”:
    2 “How long will you[a] defend the unjust
    and show partiality to the wicked?[b]
    3 Defend the weak and the fatherless;
    uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
    4 Rescue the weak and the needy;
    deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
    5 “The ‘gods’ know nothing, they understand nothing.
    They walk about in darkness;
    all the foundations of the earth are shaken.
    6 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
    you are all sons of the Most High.’
    7 But you will die like mere mortals;
    you will fall like every other ruler.”
    8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth,
    for all the nations are your inheritance.
    There will be many Martyrs among the Christian, counted in this number, within the Islamic lands, how many to date, would you guess choose to become Muslim or lose their life?
    Even little Christian children readily make the choice to die, rather than turn from Christ, or face inslavment…as a Kafka
    And when these numbers grow right here in America which choice will you make?

    John 10:34 ►

    Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”‘?
    You are blaspheming,” because I said, “I am the Son of God”?’” (John 10:34-36).

    The point is we are all God’s Children, loved but for us Christian’s who believe in dying because we will not renownce Christ, to kill our children to save them? Who says that’s any less right?
    I hate Islam, but I love the Muslim and it is in God’s hands to judge the Muslim, but in mine to judge Islam.

    For myself I can only say that I see Islam 3ways.
    1, Islam the Profit Mohammad
    2, Sharia Law
    3, The people practicing Islam today

    1 Mohammad, a bad man, but then so was Saul, before his conversation
    2 Sharia Law, there are many arguably and unjust rules within Sharia, that simply do not work in a modern world.
    3, The practicing Muslims, the larg majority of Muslims in the world practice a reform version of Islam, and moving away from the caliphate form of Islam.
    And we the Christian and 5he Jew, need to pray for them.

  • Pamela Wilson

    did the cops on the side of the street catch her before she detonated?? totally agree with you justmewhoelse12

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if she was coerced into doing this. Maybe she was scheduled to be stoned to death for adultery or some other type of honor killing.

    • Michelle

      NOT with the baby as that = fanaticism. Motherhood in islam is only to churn out sacrificial lambs for Allah’s altar. Had she been truly coerced she would NOT have taken the child.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The baby may be the product of her adultery for all we know. BTW, you do realize ANY muslum killed in an act of jihad goes straight to allah’s heavenly whorehouse? Whether as a victim or a perp.

  • Mad Jack

    disgusting pig… example of the religion of peace, i mean “body pieces”

  • kirana

    Really sad what these people have become….to blew innocent baby like that who did not know a thing yet is just savage beyond believe!

  • I wondered at her motivation besides her faith, and when I studied the back ground of the picture, I began to see. this street and neighborhood was probably bombed out like this when she was a child. We all have heard and seen the oppression, the hatred, and complete devotion the Muslim have for their Koran. I can not even imagine such a singular focused devotion to anything in my own life. Except chocolate. I have stolen chocolate from friends and family….But I haven’t blown anyone up, except my sister when she caught me, ad she is the one that blew up…Unless, and until, people who are as dedicated to their own choice of life, and lifestyle, understand what the Muslim represent, the background of our cities, towns and neighborhoods will slowly begin to look just like the background in the picture.

    • kirana

      Whatever the background story is, it can not justified her blowing up her own baby with her. It is indeed beyond tragic. She was indeed victim herself of her tragic faith and also tragic circumstance of where she lived. There are many of them women who voluntarily give themselves to be a wife of a mujahid. They considet it their obligation to their god to please these warrior of god in their sexual needs to be granted even at war, especially at war to keep them motivated. Some others see this as chance to get better life under godly government of chalipate. They just wanted to have better chance. Some others really look to get involved in the war to establish the chalipate and to please god in all their might by helping and supporting even direct action in murdering as many as possible infidels, some others were forced into it, kidnapped and getting there against their own will. They all suffer….many in regret and some in delight to suffer the circumstance. I could share you a story of some women from my country, they are from poor family and muslim by faith, they heard about ISIS propagada on internet. And believing that in secular country they suffer proverty, despite the muslim majority, they are not prosper and most of muslims only give charity out of religious obligation and mostly only be done on the occasions of two eid when the charity giver themselves expecting heavenly reward for their good deeds..the zedakah given to them out of good heart of caring muslims indeed they get from many but they also ‘in competition’ with many other poor people, orphans, people with disabilities, and others who are in worse condition. So these women fed up with ISIS propaganda….somehow managed to get themselves into Syria with a hope to have best live of Islamic Chalipate..dream of Islamic prosperity. A job for their fathers and brothers….but once arrived in Raqqa….their dream turn into nightmare since the very first day. The jihadists not waiting them to rest from distance travel already banging the door to ask their fathers to give every woman in the family to be their wives. When asked for the promised jobs they are forced to take arm and fight in front line, these poor labour farmers never see or hold weapoms were horrified. They refused and bring thrown into prisons to be forced to shooting practices left the women and children in fear of being taken by force to be wives and children to be sold as slaves. These women telling the story that these jihadist talks only about women to be used sexually at all times, many married for very short time when to be divorced and given to be married to others or sold for sex slave when new supply of women arrive. They are in terrible shock mentally. This is not what they come for. But when the city is being taken back by allied force and Syrian army, they could escape and now in refugees camp in even worse condition than when they were home. But these women they better give themselves as slaves or even being killed rather than separating with their children. They would give and do anything to have their children in saved, the worst they said they had in mind was better to sell their children to infidels who willinh to take their children to safety than to have them being taken as slaves or to be manipulated and exploited as mini jihadists and human shields. They would rather die trying to bring their children to safety than to let them suffer even worse fate. These are poor women with low education and muslim mothers… see they also suffered but as mothers they would not let their children to be used or even worse to be killed. It is in their instinct to protect their children first. Even it means they must be separated or never meet again they would endure it as long as the children alive. No mother would have a heart to see their children suffer let alone to die. This woman….victim or not she is evil driven creature to blow her baby like that. No justification for her murdering her baby in most horrible manner. She’s not just lost her life but her soul is lost forever in eternal damnation.

  • William Stevens

    Only a beast kills without feeling. How is it possible then to consider Islam any kind of a religion when it promotes followers to find pleasure in horrific, vile murder? There are followers who do not feel the same but they cannot dissent for fear of their lives and safety. Is it not time to remove Islam from its status of a religion?

    • SmithWinston6478

      Therein is a key; death to apostates.

  • Barbara Trojanic

    The only good thing is that there is one less breeder in the world of muslime roaches.

  • felix1999

    Islam is truly a SICK religion.
    Hope she is enjoying hell!
    That IS where she IS.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Upon investigate, you’ll probably find islam is not as much a religion as it is an irrationally macho socio-political life style.

  • knightsstrength

    And we let them in as Religion of Peace, who is made and sicker than the bomber

  • felix1999

    One less breeder for Islam.

  • felix1999

    Hope she is enjoying hell.
    That is where she is now.
    Poor little baby didn’t have a choice or a chance.

  • knightsstrength

    What is wrong with the woman who goes against natural instinct to protect her child than blow up the child

    • SmithWinston6478

      Q. What is wrong…

      A. She is (was) muslam. Normal human instincts do not apply.

      • knightsstrength

        Just a brain washed idiot who now serves evil

  • Guido Schiesari

    Saved by a hell of fire to go to his hell, where Allah is waiting for him!

  • tessaprn

    What a peaceful, loving, religion! NOT.

  • Anne L Hilliard

    EVIL. Pure evil.

  • dad1927
  • dad1927
  • Juan

    War is coming

  • Toy Pupanbai

    Sorry for the soldiers and their families!

  • hal8196

    Any “religion” that promotes deception is Satanic. Islam promotes deception not the truth.

  • old003

    A young mother, dressed in dirty tattered rags, walking through bombed rubble holding her baby. What is left of her mind, racing incoherently, toward a certain death. Anyone around her is a blur. What could be worse, living in the scattered debris behind her or ending the dead end life dictated to her and her baby by the diseased malevolent evil that is her fate.

  • jerrys

    Sure, the moslems are a bit hard on their children but they will be kind and nurturing to your Christian children when they take over.
    “The Muslim protagonists of today realize how close they were several times in the past to conquering Europe as the next step in world conquest. What they see today is a very realistic opportunity to succeed where their ancestors failed.”

  • Peter Joffe

    ISLAM is a very sick concept that is at war with itself. The more that Islam kills its own the better for the rat of us.

  • TopAssistant

    I pray our good Christians that invite them into their church understands they will also do this to them!

    • SmithWinston6478

      …as the frog lay dying near the pond, the snake said “You knew I was a snake.”

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    likely some other poor woman’s baby that they raped to death..

  • james

    Probably not her kid, I’ll bet it was stolen. Either way it shows the mindset of a cult that embraces their own deaths as much as their enemy’s and pretty much anyone that stands in the way.

  • Stephen Honig

    Muslims are so insane that they would love to take their families and friends to Allah. This is the only agreement I have with Muslims, but it must only be there own.

  • Okwudili Nwabugwu
  • Okwudili Nwabugwu

    Not shocking even by their standards.

  • C.Martel

    Average IQ of Muslim is 60 … not Kidding
    even a monkey has more common sense to blow himself up…
    So anyone with 80 IQ is a supreme leader….

  • Jerry Dobson

    When it comes to Islam, the depths of depravity, know no limits. How monstrous is this ideology that it can inculcate such evil in its followers?

  • Commieobamie

    moHOGmad DEMONS.

  • Beton Capulet

    Terrorists do not convince them with words. –
    They only understand brutal violence

  • meqmac

    I’m surprised no-one here has written of another interpretation for this photograph. Many Palestinian women have been forced to go out as suicide bombers in order to regain honour for their families. A woman who gets pregnant without a husband, who is raped, or is in some other way dishonoured (in an honour/shame society) becomes a focus for hatred, even from her own family. The family may carry out an ‘honour’ killing, but the woman can redeem herself by carrying out a suicide attack, however much she may not want to die. We don’t know how much pressure a woman like this may have been under, we don’t even know whether she as a sex slave held by a jihadist fighter. In other words, she may well not have volunteered to do this, but was given no choice either because of dishonour or other factors affecting her family. I am a well-known critic of Islam and Islamic terrorism, but some of the comments below make my skin crawl because of their deep intolerance. When people (like one commentator below) call for total genocide of all Muslims, I am reminded of the Nazis and terrorist groups like Hamas. We need criticism, but without common sense and proper Western Judaeo-Christian values, we only drag ourselvers down to our oppenents’ level. That does not help.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Separate your paragraphs so more people will read your valid points.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Yeah let’s all take the moral high ground WRT muslums — that worked out so well for:
      1. the Hindus and Buddhists of Afghanistan
      2. the Christians of Lebanon
      3. the majority Jewish population of Baghdad

      It’s cowards like you that are the reason the f’ing muslums are taking over the world.

  • Stefanie Daniella

    when muhammadans die … they all go straight to hell … and eternal damnation …

    babies … even those killed … all die as innocents … all go to heaven … and eternal life regardless of who their mortal parents were, non-saved (hellbound) or saved (real Christians = saints = heavenbound)

    • Gill Payne

      I agree!

  • David Marks

    What line of fantasy bullshit inspires these brain-dead twits to do these terrible things to themselves, to their children, and to perfect strangers?

    How are they so readily conned into destroying themselves, and their children, for some nebulous reward in another world that they’ve only heard about from their Imams, who themselves have never been there, and are in no apparent hurry to go?

  • InfidelCrusader

    Some of those people didn’t want to be “liberated” from ISIS.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood is a global Islamist organization founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna that seeks to establish Sharia governance (Islamic laws) in every nation.

    Designate The Muslim Brotherhood A Foreign Terrorist Organization

    Click the link, below, to access the On-Line Petition and Add Your Signature

    This is an open participation for all concerned citizens throughout the United States to unite, regardless of partisan affiliation, and to urge Congress to approve S.68, H.R. 377: the Muslim Brotherhood Designation Act of 2017

    This is what all concerned citizens need to immediately demand of our elected officials. Our entire national security and future of America is at stake. The continued denial, complacency and political correctness must not be allowed to aid and abet the goals of our enemies, foreign and domestic, including the Muslim Brotherhood and its entire list of subsidiary agencies and associated organizations in America.

    We can do this; Sign the Petition. The Time Is Now!

  • Tatiana Covington

    So where are the really good splatter pix?

  • Brenda Turner

    Another sacrifice to moloch.

  • Jacqueline Anne Mosco

    The suicide bomber took her baby with her to blow up a bomb? How sadistic is that? It seems to be getting worse and worse all the time. The measures being taken by the radical muslims are now including women and their innocent children as well…This has got to stop..I don’t know how, but this is just insane……..

    • Tatiana Covington

      Let them kill themselves and each other. More room and resources for me!

  • iprazhm

    It’s so horrific, most useful idiot Americans poo poo the savage ideology of muslims away, insisting islamists are simply oppressed people who are just like us. The truth is, if a muslim were really peaceful at heart, they could not be a member of islam (a religion whose members are muslims) and it’s mandates of death, butchery and slavery. ESPECIALLY when they are privileged to live in a free and civilized society like America where the law protects them from the law of islam, sharia, which orders death for muslims leaving islam. You cannot separate muslim from islam. That would be exactly the same as separating Christian from Christianity, Jew from Judaism, Hindu from Hinduism…It’s what defines them spiritually.

  • Voice Of Reason

    Need to have some pig pork set up at a distance and instruct these people to place it to their chest or in their mouths before they’re allowed to walk through a check point!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Nice purse, though, too bad that got blown up.

  • Steve Vermillion

    ALOHA SNACK BAR, Aloha Snack Bar, aloha snack bar…… KA BOOM… I hope she isn’t looking for 72 virgin men in her heaven… Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Bikinis not Burkas
  • Jayne Gilmore

    Before condemning, I must ask this question. Was she a captive being forced to do this despicable act because that’s how ISIS operates? They use kids and dogs as bombs too. In the end, it’s horrible.

  • Tim

    God said: “But whoever sins against me destroys himself; everyone who hates me loves death.” (Proverbs 8:36)8

  • Brian A Davis

    “We can forgive [them] for killing our children. We cannot forgive them from forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with [them] when they love their children more than they hate us.” —Golda Meir.

  • andrew

    GOOD GRIEF !!! another major drop down the islam rabbit hole… This despicable excuse for human flesh, detonated herself * while holding her infant / toddler *
    I cannot see how these people can sink any lower than this.

  • Gill Payne

    I am horrified and grieving reading this. I know Jesus receives these tiny innocent ones instantly so that is the only positive about this at all. This is not human….it is demonic. There is no other explanation.
    The little girl behind would have been injured as well :(

    • dave oliver

      You know this?

    • Gill Payne

      The Word of God is clear that there is an age of accountability. There are many scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments that reveal Gods heart towards children and those who are vulnerable and sick. When a believer reads and understands all the various verses in context to each other and as a whole….it becomes very clear that Father God does not hold children or those who are unable to cognitively understand (ie disability) accountable because of their inability to comprehend and/or the control others have exerted over their lives.

  • Norma Ayuso

    Very true that Islam is a false ideology and Mohammed a false prophet. Many Muslims are, however, decent people deceived by their culture. I have heard that many are converting, trying to leave behind family and friends, but it is not easy. Women and children are beaten, they can be killed if the denounce Islam or say anything bad about it. The woman who blew herself up was probably brainwashed, for all we know. Young men really believe that they will go to heaven where virgins await them to give them endless pleasures. It’s crazy, but many believe it and think all in the Koran is true. The deception has to be dealt with, the religion outlawed in our free countries now before too many Muslims establish themselves and make no-go-zones with shariah law and promote their ways in our free society.
    I am a Christian and know that the power of prayer is great. It’s not pray and do nothing, it’s pray and do a lot. Denounce Islam and vote for politicians who also recognize the Muslim threats to our way of life. It’s also time to confront the so called “peace loving” Muslims to recognize the evil in their “religion” . But we cannot turn ourselves into hateful people and say “kill them all.” That is not the way to solve the problem, because violence engenders more violence and we will become as bad as an Islamic terrorist or worse.

    • dave oliver

      it doesn’t mean we should bring them here and it doesn’t mean we should keep the ones we’ve got

  • clayguy1
  • Scott Williams

    If this happened in Canada would we have to give the baby $10.5 million as well as the lady?

  • Raj Modi

    Islam hasn’t changed, will not change until its annihilated, humankind need to come together to eradicate this filth.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I doubt she had much choice in the matter. Don’t even know if that is her child or one that ISIS snached up and put in her arms to get past the guards. If fact she might not even have know what she was told to carry. She doesn’t seem to holding any type of trigger, most likely remote detonation

    Or if that is her child and she did it willingly, then that may have been her only way out of the hell ISIS had put her and her child through. I can’t help but wonder how many times her and her child had been raped.

    • dave oliver

      or how many people her child would have raped if it had not been blown up and went to Europe or US as a refugee

  • heilbama

    Ban Islam from off American soil!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      At this point a civil war would be the only way such a thing would happen.

  • Herberti Pedroso

    An question: and the photographer? What happened with he? How this photo had recovered?

  • CAaT

    That must be the equality the Democrats have been talking about all these decades. Anyone who believe that all humans are equal is a moron. Those “people” are not equal to people of European descent. They are animals.

  • PCS

    All I know is that CRAP doesn’t belong here. We have morons demonstrating in the streets with signs that say We want/love ‘refugees’. The CANCER is growing fast here aided by insane lib politicians, pushed by our growing enemy the UN, who want to spend $MILLIONS/BILLIONS to ship that crap here by the hundred thousands a year. On top of the ‘official’ imports, Obama was flying in thousands of extra barbarians in the middle of the night and loading them directly on buses in a dark corner of the airport.

  • Avendano Duilio


  • MikeyParks

    A “two-fer!” That’s a little mouse that won’t grow up to be a rat.

  • Melo Gardener

    Stinking Islamic cult sends the male whores to hell with their dumbs and the baby is gathered by the Lord to help them grow up with the wonders of Gof where their are no more of these filthy Islamist and leftist killers of mankind anymore… what a stinking pile of swine trash Islam is…. This is all that Islam and the illuminati papists have done for thousands of years.

  • William Stevens

    Those of us on this forum, voicing our concern, are a pitiful minority who do care about the future of world freedom and we leave these words as testimony of how stupid the average person is concerning his own environmental issues. We are pissing into the wind I am afraid.

  • StraitlacedMissouri

    These beasts should be expelled from all Western countries immediately!

  • Fed Up

    Wouldn’t it be great if millions more nut jobs like this one would self-destruct!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Muslums, they blow up so young these days.

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Boooooom baby!

  • Jon

    I do not support Sharia law nor do I support the Muslim religion, however it must be said that the Bush Cheney cartel enacted a plan to invade numerous countries in N Africa and the Middle East to turn them upside down and inside out while stealing those countries oil, gas and mineral rights and inciting the men to join ISIS, In other words the US administrations have willfully and with foresight and knowledge instigated immoral massive unrest for monetary, military operations. The Muslims belong in their own countries and the US/EU and NATO should be held responsible. No country has engaged in massive unprovoked attacks in the last 20 years except the US/EU/NATO axis of conquest. The violence that is occurring is mainly the fault of that axis of aggression. Too often the violence after aggression can be painted as the terrorists which they are now but one must add that the larger terrorists have contributed greatly to the problem to begin with. So as an issue of necessity US/EU and NATO must stop attempting to use the Muslim religion to (1) enlarge the EU into N Africa and the Middle East (2) stop trying to put a US gas and oil pipeline through Syria (3) stop running coups to then conscript naive young Muslims to join US created ISIS (4) stop injecting Muslim immigrants into the US and EU which is being carried out to install case law decriminalizing pedophilia which the EU political elite are guilty of and want decriminalization (5) stop Muslim immigration into the EU and US for they are being brought in purposefully to cause martial law (6) stop bringing in Muslims into the EU and US for they want eventually to use them to run a war against Russia that will cause a nuclear destruction of the EU (7) stop the immigration into the EU and US as it will inevitable turn into a civil war in those areas and may finally result in a war against Muslims around the world which will wind up becoming a potential extermination of one side or another and Muslims do not have nor is their any expectation that they will have sufficiently advanced weapons to be the victor it seems intelligent for the Muslim community world wide to band together and sue the US/EU and NATO axis now to make them repair the damage to the countries they invaded and destroyed and take them to courts all over the world to pay reparations to the Muslim countries and repatriate the Muslims to it. Violence by radicalized Muslims must stop now, covert opes are expected to be launched by the Muslims and by US/EU and NATO against each other to keep the situation boiling to a level where peaceful coexistence cannot occur, therefore there needs to be intelligence to catch both sides provocations ans suing. Only by the use of the law that exists in the courts will there be any peace. The EU and The US people want a resolution to stop both the Muslims and the US/EU and NATO axis continuing to cause a mess of the world, which is a small place and cannot have these activities. In the face of all of this please recognize that while the fight between these groups and also the boiling point being reached in Korea the world is being poisoned by the country of Japan which has 600 tons of plutonium boiling in the pacific causing the entire largest ocean in the world to die, all of the parties spoken of in this article are being affected by the plutonium and the poisoning is cumulative which means that over time the effect will accelerate, so as you all bicker and allow yourself to be used as pawns to fight against each other the world will die unless you all have a secondary cause which is that Fukushima must be contained, for information why your party will die off without being able to win long term you must read the following website and note that Plan C calls for an effective way to contain the world killing poison plutonium

  • NazdaPokmov

    It goes to show that even the muslim women are barbarians of the worst kind.

  • Joe Stephens

    How sick are these people to kill a child to blow up other people?? Jesus, these people can not be condoned. They are evil, period.

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