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Nonie Darwish: Crazy Islamic Fatwas Today


The Arabic word “fatwa” means an Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion based on Islamic law that is issued by a recognized Islamic authority. The fatwa is unique to Islamic law is that Allah delegated his authority to humans, Islamic leaders and the Islamic State, to execute, punish and humiliate the religious “sins” of others and not just crimes against society such as murder and robbery.

Recently a Muslim scholar in Egypt on national television told a young girl, “Dina,” to put up with her father’s sexual abuse. The caller who lived with her father after her mother was gone was desperately needing help but no one was giving it to her and her last resort was to call a religious authority on TV to get the final word from Islam on what to do. This girl, I must add, is in double trouble in Islamic society, because a good Muslim girl must stay in her father’s home till she is married, and it is unthinkable to leave her parents’ house for any reason, including abuse. The Islamic authority on TV never told her to leave the home to live with a relative, but advised her to put up with and respect her father who lost his wife.

Here is another glaring example of such perverted fatwas from the real world of sharia. In a Fatwa internet counseling site,, a woman asked what to do after she caught her husband sexually assaulting their fourteen-year-old daughter. The answer from the religious expert started with a condemnation of the act, calling it an abominable sin. But he very quickly changed his tune when he advised the wife to not report the husband (to conceal his sin) and against leaving him: “What your husband did does not make you forbidden [sexually] for him and it does not invalidate the marriage. However, you should conceal his sin and not disclose it to people, but don’t let him be in seclusion with your daughter, and Allah knows best.”

But the institute’s decision to set up the booths has sparked a wide controversy, both on social media and offline. Critics argue that rooting out extremist ideology will not happen in metro stations. Many have slammed Al-Azhar for setting up the booth in a public place, used by all sectors of the Egyptian society, to spread the teachings of Islam.

“This is not its place at all,” said Beshoy Mikhail, a 24-year-old Coptic Christian. “I am completely against the idea.”

We see the government feeding more religious education and interference of religion in the day-to-day life,” activist Sherif Azer said. (TOI)

The idea is fatwa kiosks will combat extremism. That’s like prescribing sex as a a cure for nymphomania.

Below is a list of more crazy Islamic fatwas issued in the last few years by prominent Islamic religious leaders:

1-    In a 2000 fatwa entitled “The Transmitted and Sensory Proofs of the Rotation of the Sun and Stillness of the Earth,” Saudi Arabian Grand Mufti Sheikh Ibn Baaz asserted that the earth was flat and disc-like, and that the sun revolved around it.

2-    Women are prohibited from watching soccer and football in the Arab world, because supposedly all they really care about is looking at men’s thighs and not watching the game.

3-    Men must wear clothes to cover their thighs. Men’s shorts are rarely seen worn by men in the summer heat of the Muslim world.

4-    A Malaysian fatwa banned girls from acting like tomboys as violating Islamic tenets. And a fatwa was issued tennis player Sania Mirza for not wearing proper clothes during her games, thus corrupting Muslim youth.

5-    A fatwa was issued forbidding Pakistani children from 
immunizations because the clerics claim that vaccines 
are a Western conspiracy to make Muslims sterile.

6-    Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said that drinking the urine of Muhammad is deemed a great blessing and a healing from diseases. After a public outcry, the Mufti recanted, saying it was 
only his “personal opinion.” 

7-    In 2007, Ezzat Attiya issued a fatwa saying that an
adult female can breastfeed an adult male coworker in order to defuse sexual tensions in the office. This ruling is based on the Islamic belief that if a woman breastfeeds a baby that is not hers, she automatically becomes a foster mother to the child.

8-    The former dean of Al-Azhar University, Rashad Hassan Khalil, issued a fatwa saying that a marriage would be considered void if the couple had sex in a naked state.

9-    When a woman was raped by her father-in-law, instead of punishing him, a fatwa said that her husband had now become her son, thus she is divorced from her husband.

10-  In 1988, the publication of Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses led Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini to issue a fatwa of death with a huge bounty against Rushdie. Islam does teach that Muhammad did delete some verses from the Qur’an that were deemed Satanic.

11- Turkey’s top religious authority, the Diyanet, issued a fatwa answering the anonymous question, “Is It Religiously All Right to Lust for My Daughter?” The Diyanet explained, “There is a difference of opinion on the matter among Islam’s different schools of thought…. For some, a father kissing his daughter with lust or caressing her with desire has no effect on the man’s marriage.” But in the Hanafi school of Islamic thought, the mother would be “forbidden” to such a man. And the girl would have to be “over nine years of age.”

Muslim leaders don’t hesitate to judge and condemn those who are deemed to have committed Islamic “sin.” Fatwa punishments are range from death, severe humiliation to being shunned by society and family. Adultery, blasphemy or critiquing any documented actions by Muhammad, refusal to doing jihad, befriending and loving Jews and Christians as equals, rejecting sharia’s inhumanity to women, or leaving Islam, and homosexuality, are all crimes that deserve execution or throwing off a building, in a fatwa without hesitation.

It is hard for the Muslim world to have a reasonable degree of healthy living while under such perverted religious fatwas. Because of modern technology, Islam is no longer able to conceal such embarrassing and outrageous fatwas, but few Muslims dare condemn them. Such barbarity is negatively impacting well-being of many wonderful Muslims and Islamic society, and is an important factor behind the flow of refugees to the West.

That is another reason why Sharia should be banned in the West.

Nonie Darwish is the author of “Wholly Different; Why I chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values”

  • desperaddo


  • gia

    I want to throw up! They are seriously evil and twisted ! My God no father should ever look at his daughter and feel lust no matter what! It’s your child your baby ! a man doesn’t even want to think about any man touching his daughter , yet he knows she will be a woman one day and it’s inevitable. He still hates the thought of it.
    There is such a preoccupation with sex with muzzies it’s total obsession .. how do they manage to accomplish anything at all when their thoughts are consumed by sex , it starts at such a young age and even very old men are obsessed !
    I get that men like it no matter what faith they follow but in Islam it’s extreme to the point their entire lives revolve around it!
    These fatawas make it known that besides pleasing Satan/ allah, Islam is all about sex and control treating women like pieces of meat to be devoured they believe woman to be as sickly lustful as the men .. meanwhile most women just want their stinking muzzie husband s to leave them alone and act out his disgusting piggish lust on the goats !

    • Simba

      Why did you change your avatar,gia?

      • gia

        I was just tired of my picture. This picture has always amused me, I have no clue what it’s supposed to be. Lol…

        • Simba

          A bearded girl?

          • gia

            I think it’s a she -man.. .? Not sure lol…
            I like interesting Avatar s better then personal pics, the last one I had I looked angry and had on too much makeup!

          • Simba

            I beg to differ.I had liked the previous real(if it was you)pic.However,it’s risky posting personal photos.So you are safe now.One never knows how our photos ,even a profile,can be misused.

          • gia

            Yes, that was my actual photo ….
            True what you say , we don’t know who might use are pictures or personal info. Though not sure anyone would want to claim to be me.

          • Simba

            Be safe and happy.Regards,

          • gia

            Thanks. You too, Simba.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          It’s funny and disturbing.

    • jim

      They are just following the examples and the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad. He often behaved like a sex maniac! The canonical texts of Islam tell us that Muhammad was a mass murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a robber, a liar and a deceiver.
      Yet, he’s the role model for all Muslims! He’s the most perfect of Allah’s creation.

      • Almacmccullough

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      • gia

        When we compare Jesus to muhummad we can see very clearly what we are dealing with.
        One healed the sick , the other tormented and brought war to people. One talked of forgiveness and love the other hatred greed and violence. Etc etc…
        How could anyone in their right mind follow a demon like muhummad .

    • Speak the Truth

      Unbelievably, I viewed a YouTube video last year featuring a “religious scholar,” who issued a fatwa stating that a son is allowed to have sex with his mother, as long as he wraps a piece of cloth around his penis. Obviously, this scholar totally ignored the permanent emotional, mental, and relationship ramifications / consequences.

      • gia

        That is so warped! I grapple with finding the right words to describe how barbaric and twisted hearing that is!
        Is it inbreeding that has led to this? Wtf… Evil.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is nothing stupider or more criminal than islam. Every grunt and utterance from its clergy is that of a pervert or criminally insane lunatic.

  • Simba

    I wish more and more people follow Nonie Darwish’s choice.What we are being told is that more and more people are converting to Islam .

  • jim

    It’s very important for the truth to be widely publicized. Muslim nations know this and they are putting lots of pressure on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc to censor any news or articles which are critical of Islam!
    We should take a class action lawsuit against these social media for infringing our First Amendment rights!
    The Saudi government is spending about US$5 billion annually to promote their wahabi sect of Islam. They donate billions to all the top universities in the West.

  • jim

    Sharia is inseparable from Islam. Islam/sharia are diametrically opposed to our US Constitution. They need to be banned. Islam needs to be reclassified as a political and economic cult and then banned outright! It’s an economic and political cult with the trappings of a religion. It now has far too much protection under our Constitution as it’s classified as a religion.
    As the Muslim population grows, they will demand more and more rights and privileges. When their population is large enough, they will vote for Sharia for the whole nation.
    All other religions and all our civil rights and liberties will be automatically destroyed under Sharia.

  • balafama

    this islamic preoccupation with sex is the same reason young muslim men blow themselves up ,so they can go have eternal marathon sexual orgies in paradise . wankers !!!!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Was Muhammad a schizophrenic? Sure sounds like it.

  • pandainc

    Nos. 6 and 9 are interesting — one wonders where one gets some of mo’s urine. Mebbe they keep a vat of it in Al-Asqa mosque. I’m constantly perplexed at the ways the human mind has of twisting logic and still considering it logical. 6 and 9. NEVER MIND!!

  • garry pollack

    The last thing mooselims shud want…is for us to know more about islam!

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