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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

Netanyahu: “The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel”


He is right. If the devout jihadis ever succeeded in destroying Israel, Europe would be much more severely threatened even than it is now. The jihadis, emboldened by their victory, would turn to new prey, and find it in a weakened, confused Europe that has already brought in millions of invaders.

“Netanyahu Launches Blistering Attack on EU: ‘Their Behavior Toward Israel Is Crazy,'” by Barak Ravid, Haaretz, July 19, 2017:

BUDAPEST – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a blistering attack against the European Union during a closed-session meeting Wednesday morning in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, telling the premiers of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia that the EU’s behavior toward Israel is crazy.

Although the meeting had been behind closed doors, Netanyahu’s remarks were accidentally transmitted to the headphones distributed among reporters, though his people discovered the transmission and shut it down within a few minutes.

“The European Union is the only association of countries in the world that conditions the relations with Israel, that produces technology and every area, on political conditions. The only ones! Nobody does it,” Netanyahu said.

“It’s crazy. It’s actually crazy,” he continued, referring to the EU’s insistence to condition the EU-Association Agreement on certain terms related to the peace process. “It’s not about my interest. I’m talking about Europe’s interest.

“We have a special relationship with China. And they don’t care. They don’t care about the political issues. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he needs water for his people. Where will I get it? Ramallah? No,” Netanyahu said, adding that Israeli cows produce more milk than any other cows in the world – double the European average.

He went on to ask the Central European leaders to “help us and help Europe in expediting the EU Association Agreement.”

He added: “I think that if I can suggest that what comes out of this meeting is your ability perhaps to communicate to your colleagues in other parts of Europe: help Europe – twice. Don’t undermine that one Western country that defends European values and European interests and prevents.

“There is no logic here. The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel. Europe is undermining its progress by undermining its connection with Israeli innovation by a crazy attempt to create conditions,” he added.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban interrupted at this point and said, laughing, “Mr Netanyahu, the European Union is even more unique. The EU places conditions on the ones already inside the EU, not only the countries on the outside.”

Netanyahu answered, “I think Europe has to decide if it wants to live and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and disappear. I am not very politically correct. I know that’s a shock to some of you. It’s a joke. But the truth is the truth. Both about Europe’s security and Europe’s economic future. Both of these concerns mandate a different policy toward Israel.

“We are part of the European culture,” Netanyahu continued. “Europe ends in Israel. East of Israel, there is no more Europe. We have no greater friends than the Christians who support Israel around the world. Not only the evangelists. If I go to Brazil, I’ll be greeted there with more enthusiasm than at the Likud party center.”…

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Sounds like the mike was left on accidentally on purpose :)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      No kidding, muslum collaborators are everywhere among the left.

  • Simba

    I wonder how authentic is this video: .It is surely scary even if its pure speculation.No single religion should ever rule the world or any nation.It will be 20 years from now as per this video.

    • Ichabod Crain

      I have seen these kinds of demographic projections many times. Unless there is some unforeseen event, I think we can take it as fact. It is rather upsetting, to say the least. The end of civilization as we know it. I don’t think we can change the numbers, but that doesn’t mean we have to be fatalists and simply resign ourselves to the reality of demographic projections.

      We need to fight the idea of Islam. We need to create a climate where freedom of thought and information prevails. In such a climate, Islam cannot survive. Like a vampire exposed to the light of day, it will wither and die. Imagine a world where the knowledge we here have about Islam is so matter of fact that it isn’t even worth mentioning anymore. Everybody knows what the religion is all about, and will wrinkle their nose at the mention of Islam. Muslims, however, will persist, but not be persecuted. Rather, everywhere they go “they will know that we know” who they are, and they will be ashamed of their beliefs. Muslim women will stop wearing the hijab, and Muslim men will shave their beards and wear western clothes. Muslims will be abandoning their mosques in droves, and mosques, like the churches before them, will be sold off and converted to lofts and condos.

      If we handle this right, we can hope to avoid bloodshed and maintain our democracies on into the future. All it requires is that we somehow manage to confront and vanquish the traitors and collaborators on our left flank. These are as much the enemy as Islam and their time is up. They must be made to see where their mindless vision is leading us. We must reestablish the supremacy free speech. We must regain control of our governments and the education system. Truth must reign supreme.

      • Simba

        Thanks,Ochabod Crain. Indeed we have to handle it right.Mind well,it’s not westernizing Muslims that matters.They can westernize to create and maintain a facade but the

      • Simba

        Sorry,that got sent accidentally, the facade will be maintained and they will still aspire to fulfill the Quranic promise of Islam ruling the world .Hence,we must be aware of the distinct and eternal possibility.Women falling for them and converting and if they don’t,at least raising children in that religion is still another way they proloferate.True,women look for stability and happiness in marriage but its not this religion that offers,however decent that person is or appears.We need not bother about their women since many choose to wear hijaab and do not consider that as asymbol of oppression.The feminists,Leftists do not dare question them since their votes matter and to some ,as I mentioned ,their men offer domination they paradoxically crave.

  • Mal M

    All those countries that participate in the meeting didn’t let Muslim refugees to enter their land. It makes Angela Merkel very angry.
    I returned from Poland a mount ago and I found out that many Pols don’t like the influence of Germany upon them. It reminds them the dark years of WW2.

  • katzkiner

    Muslims are the world’s worst for declaring victory when the war has not started yet.
    Let them keep telling us how they are going to rule.
    Jews & Europeans in general need that kick in the arse.
    There is no holding hands and singing Kumbaya with islam.
    It is a fight to the death.
    And Europe is stirring from its’ complacency.
    The people of the USA are up in arms protesting mosques.

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