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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

French teacher: Muslim students can never be French, because their religion forbids them


This needs no commentary. It speaks for itself. But it is exactly what Linda Sarsour advised all Muslims at the Muslim Brotherhood ISNA confab, “don’t assimilate.”

Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community. It is not to assimilate and to please any other people in authority. Our obligation is to our young people, is to our women, to make sure our women are protected in our community, and our top priority, even higher than all those priorities, is to please Allah and only Allah.

Rough translation thanks to Alexandre.

Muslim students can never be French, because their religion forbids them.

Source: Europe-Israel News:

 “I’ve been a teacher (history-geo-civics teacher) for over 20 years. I have practiced in 5 suburban colleges, including two Zone d’éducation prioritaire and one in an establishment classified violence zone.

I saw more than 4000 young people from the suburbs, whom I had to instruct, encourage and accompany, in my classes (from the 6th to the 3rd), with a benevolence and selflessness that has never failed me.”

You claim that the suburban populations are “put in the garage from college and high school”?

That “the foundation of a thriving society is education” and, therefore, you insinuate that minorities receive no education in our country?

What a big joke! No: what aberration, what bad faith, what mistaken and false vision of reality!

My pupils in the cities receive the same education as all the little French. Their education is free (not counting the aids and various services supposed to help these families but which are systematically spent for anything other than school …)

If, at the end of a school career which is mostly disastrous, the teaching staff is obliged to offer vocational guidance at the end of the third year, it is not reasonable to propose to a 15-year-old Consider studying medicine while he has not yet deigned to learn to count (and speak French correctly). Do you ignore the importance of resistance to learning French in our schools?

French is for them a “foreign language”, the language of the “unbelievers” as they like to repeat it to me.

Here is the fruit of my reflection, after 20 years of experience in contact with your so-called “sacrificed generation”:

I am in the front line to show the financial, human and technical resources available to these young people for decades (yes, millions spent in the colleges and lycées for these populations).

I would like to point out, for example, that the college where I am currently working makes permanent 14 TNIs with a total value of 100 000 euros – one in each classroom – two computer rooms containing 50 PCs with internet connection, A magnificent library on two floors, dozens of hours of weekly support and tutorials of all kinds (which cost a lot of money to the State because paid overtime), a quasi-free restaurant service, school trips (museums , Travel in Spain, Italy, England and Germany, supported by the socio-educational home) etc, etc, etc … I continue?

The other children of the commune (who do not live in the city) are far from having such privileges.

In spite of everything, these young people from the suburbs (as you call them) have only the hatred of France in their mouths. Their only reference is “the corn”. Their only desire was to impose their culture as a substitute for our national culture. They do not hide it any more: they claim it as a pride.

Their communitarianism makes all attempts at education and integration inoperative.

Whatever the subject I am addressing, in history, geography or civic education, I meet with them only contempt and hostility towards our past, our values, our vision of democracy. I dare not even pronounce the word “secularism” in class, for fear of seeing them vomit on me or worse, insult me.

Most colleagues have abdicated for a long time.

Alas, I believed a time like you that it was possible to transmit knowledge, wisdom and faith in the future of our national community.

I gave up. I am daily confronted with the most intolerant speeches I have heard: hateful statements against the French, Jews, women, homosexuals … The evocation of fundamentalist terrorism makes them smile The best of the cases) when they do not openly, in class, the apology of the Islamic State and the Sharia.

Our History does not interest them. They do not feel any past, nor any commonality with the “sub-dogs” and the “faces of chalk” as they call us.

So go back to school if only for a short one-day course … you would be mortified.


What will become of these young people, knowing nothing and having in their hearts only the hatred that their “religion” commands them (Koran 60: 4)? Mrs. Najat Valaud-Belkasem thought of everything: through the teaching of Arabic, starting from the Koran of course, we can only help them to forge a Muslim identity …

What a burden and madness for society to maintain those who want to destroy it …

Our politicians are inexcusable to have led France in this situation, for all this had been announced to them for a long time:


Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Suresh

    Left/liberal Loons do not bother about history of jihad nor the present days jihadi attacks.

    Maybe they should celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced with fecal bateria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

    They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

    Its Cultural thing you know !

    • Jenny

      eeew, gross.

    • Laird MacTavish

      You should probably steer clear of the hot, cocoa…and definitely resist the coconut MUCKaroons. The culturally “enriched” ones anyway!

      Brings a whole new twist to a cup of mud doesn’t it?

      Honestly! What do these violent intolerant filthy islamics bring that’s beneficial?
      They literally give us shiite.

      • SmithWinston6478

        “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” ~ Manuel II Palaiologos – 14th century Byzantine emperor

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How many times must it be repeated, demonstrated and shown in the qur’an that muslim’s are where they are to conquer, dominant, oppress, rape, murder, steal and all the other cult ritual that islam has. To assimilate and tolerate would not be even considered, except but the cultures islam is destroying. The french are not smart enough to realize, that when a muslim invites you for lunch, you are lunch.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’ll bet Fwench Surrender Monkeys are already leaving Fwance in droves to come to Canada and commune w/their expatriate cousins there — after all the queen of Canada is a descendant of their monkey tribe.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The occasional one might, so far, I have meant two french persons from france who came to Canada as immigrants.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I should’ve mentioned I meant the princess of Canada — the one who wears the fancy boy, multi-coloured, rainbow socks of Benetton and is well coiffed.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Canada’s own bacha bazi boy, heeeeeres justinette.

        • Toy Pupanbai

          And of course, out of a sort of loyalty, they voted for Trudeau!

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      The Western Liberals are afraid of the truth

      They rather be killed, be slaughtered, be butchered by the moslem savages than to accept reality

      • Jessicajlight

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      • Ramonaflopez

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    • Philosophy

      Islam is not political system, as is understood. Islam is viral sickness. Islam is death cult, it bring terror–torture–and death, how can Islam be identified as a political system? It is sickness that work as foundation of stupidity…..hatred for Civilization.

      Compare both….Islam and Civilization.

      Civilization is foundation of knowledge and intelligence, the root of knowledge.
      Islam is foundation of Stupidity, hatred for science….consider its movement, named as Boko-Haram….Boko means scientific education, which is forbidden in Islam, mathematics is forbidden, chess game forbidden…..All intellectual activity is haram in Islam…..

      Islam cannot be political system to conquor but to destroy political system that is State, which is product of Civilization

      Different Opinion is invited here.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        islam is a political system that started out as a religion, then expanded into the social life and culture of its victims. Take a look at shari’a it is a legal system that determines the laws, how they will be enforced, who will enforce them, what is considered illegal and what is not. To facilitate the spread of islam, anything a muslim does, in essences make legal through aberration of anything int he aura. A few exceptions, particularly on women treatment are prominent. The violent military expansion of islam is encouraged and validated by spiritual rewards given to those who die proselytizing islam. In private live, everything down to personal hygiene, diet and who muslims can associate with, is defined and controlled,. with death being the common punishment for infractions of the rules. The qur’an is touted a she ultimate work of some divinity, a written work that is perfect in every way, therefor must be accepted completely. This leads to problems, such as television, photography and sports, which are blatant violations of prohibition, sins the qur’an, but can be conveniently abrogated with a few convenient lies. Intellectual activity is restricted, in essence redefined as selective stupidity in islam.

        • Philosophy

          Geert Wilder, politician of Netherlands has made this mistake, in describing Islam as political system. But sadly he is wrong. See here dictionary meaning of Politics, from Wikipedia.

          Politics is Greek word, define as affairs of the cities, Aristotle wrote book under the title of ‘Politics’, besides, politics is branch of philosophy, and Philosophy is foundation of knowledge.

          Islam is tribal law, apply to members of its group, whose main activity is to loot city traders, The very idea of City or State is to protect its citizen from Looters-Thugs-cheaters….criminals.

          When you say religion……It is not scientific affairs. Religious activity is theologies, it has no concerned with philosophy, with politics, with science. See..Islam hold woman as property and not as a human being. Islamic theologies do not recognized woman as a human, with right to life.

          Where as politics, which is branch of philosophy, identified man and woman as a unity of human existence.

          To give or grant freedom of religious activity is biggest mistake in history of politics, it begin from India and spreads among western world too…..The first religion appeared in human society was not Christianity but Buddha. Please see Indian Philosophy–2 authored by Dr. Radhakrishna,

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’m sure the muslums agree with you that religious freedom is a big mistake — because religious freedom doesn’t exist in any muslum state.

          • Philosophy

            Muslim will die or give me death but will never agree with me. Religious freedom, exists only in religious country, they have religous book, religous preacher…..religous freedom is freedom for rape and murder, of non-believer…… Religion reward those who rape and murder and lead terror for non-believer…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Picking fly shitt out of pepper will not define the problem, neither will quoting assorted historical references that do not have much to do with todays conditions. islam is not the same as everything else it is a form of oppression that uses every available method of forcing the will of the elite on others. Todays citizen, voters or otherwise, respond to what stimulates them, either positively of negatively. The presence or absence of various factors are what shape society on a day to day basis.

        • Philosophy

          ok…you are not differ in essence, what I said. We are sharing same idea. Islam is brain washing theologies.

          The word religion is used in to different contexts, the same way the word God also used in two different context….One : philosophical context and other….theological…….

          We may differ in using wording, but in wide context we are speaking same meaning, if not wording..

  • Jenny

    The muzz can never be French anyway. It’s genetically impossible. He could be a French citizen though. I can’t be an Eskimo either.

    • Toy Pupanbai

      A “French Citizen”, with a vote!

  • Don Whitbeck

    not only France but Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, England and the
    United States. Islam will not bow down to any infidel. They will not
    assimilate into any culture. As soon as Our Government Realizes this
    Islam is and the Koran, Shariah law, and other holy books, that tell
    them to take over every country they move into. This is already
    happening in the United States of America. The Leftist Progressive
    Liberals and their Media Friends will never tell what is going on in our
    Nation, regarding the Muslim threat that is actively taking over
    Liberal States and Communities all over our country. If you don’t submit
    to Islam and its teachings, they will kill you, because in their eyes
    you are an infidel. The same would apply to every person who is a
    Christian, or a Jew. People in the United States better start demanding
    protection from their State Governments, the Federal Government, and
    you better Arm up so you can protect your families and yourselves.
    Liberals bow down to Islam, support them, and think they’re going to be
    safe from them. Sorry, they’ll turn on you, and cut your throats,
    without even thinking about it. We have armed Muslim camps all over
    America, just waiting for a Jihad go ahead, to start their war on
    America. CAIR and Muslims Brotherhood have sworn to destroy the U.S.
    Government and take over our Country. Yet MSM says nothing. U.S.
    Government should send in the Marines to destroy and arrest these
    Muslims before it too late. The Muslims are getting ready for it even if
    we aren’t. Muslim brotherhood is a Terrorist Org, and so is ISIS. ISIS
    is already here in America. When you see a Muslim life up one finger,
    you know he’s one of them. Educate Yourselves – know their tactics –
    it’s one of your lines of defense.

    • Michael Buley

      right on the mark, Don. They declared war long ago on all infidels. They’ve never stopped waging it, with several hundred million murdered by Muslims through the centuries.

      Educate yourselves … and carry a gun. Always.

      • SmithWinston6478

        Don’t leave home without it.

    • Toy Pupanbai

      For any Western culture to survive, it must first be Legally declared, that the tyrannical Theocratic Ideology, Islam/Mohammedanism, is not a RELIGION.
      N.B, Neither is it a RACE!

    • SmithWinston6478

      Don, Absolutely valid and germain points – but difficult to read because there are no paragraph separations.

  • Michael Buley

    They do it more and more openly, as she said. That’s what’s happening, everywhere. They are meeting with virtually no resistance anywhere. Instead, they are protected in their violence and hatred and evil. The non-response from civilized people continues to embolden them to become more and more openly violent.

    • Halal Bacon

      They see it as a sign from their moon god that things are going their way

  • Jab

    I remember the aggression shown to me 25 years ago when muslims began to move in in my hometown.Decided to leave because the authorities always sided with them as they knew how to invent scenarios of victimhood.There was no choice for me.Now we are at a final phase of areas have been taken over and there is no integration.
    I can see a civil war coming.

  • Nabi Rasch

    Keep a carpet, niqab and fake beard just in case. Practice ‘Allahu Akbar!’.

  • gia

    Sickening! Our ears are open here on Geller. While the rest of the world just looks away and doesn’t want to hear the truth . So this teacher dedicated to his job , lives this every single what a sad thing he must go home at the end of the day with a heavy heart.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re right it must be a sad, frustrating life.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Has the teacher been arrested yet for his blatant islamofauxbia?

  • Laird MacTavish

    So infuriating, isn’t it? But what a beautiful summation

    ..” What a burden and madness for society to maintain those who want to destroy it.

    That these idiot politicians, blinkered ignoramuses and do-gooders and ALSO the malevolent leftist idealogues persist in bringing these hateful koranderthals with their cancerous Arab Supremacism in to a once civilised country even after they see full well that muslims despise and resent us is the lowest most putrid form of treachery

  • Jesus Christ

    It’s a scary situation and we all know how it must end. Think about the end of this matter. Now ask yourself, why? Why are those in power rushing us towards this inevitable end? Jesus is coming and before He does come back, there will the war to end all wars. Peace be upon Jesus.

  • GR Arnold

    I have to fully agree with this one.

  • az

    Just don’t say that out loud, the muslim slaves who rule over you, don’t want you to upset their masters.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Yet, no one will pay attention to what this teacher has said. Ignoring the problem is the new form of tolerance.

    • SmithWinston6478

      A suicide of sorts.

  • Toy Pupanbai

    La France est l’Algérie!

  • Robert Kimbel

    Islam is NOT a religion!

    • SmithWinston6478

      RK, Absolutely correct. It is an irrationally macho lifestyle based on the rantings of a brutal, mercilessly violent, conquering pedophile from the 7th century. Pity the poor brainwashed women enslaved and abused by the primitive cavemen who torture, disfigure, and kill those who question the koran.

      “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” ~ Manuel II Palaiologos – 14th century Byzantine emperor

  • Christian Abel

    In case people want to understand the France education system, here is the French education terminology:

    école primaire : age 6 to 10, classes CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2
    collège : age 11 to 15, classes 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd
    lycée : age 16 to 18, classes 2nd, first, terminal
    -> diplôme du baccalauréat -> to the university?

    The age can be different from that “ideal” age of course.

  • Christian Abel

    Violence has been terrible in some collèges with many immigrants, even before many got interested in Islam.

    Esp. hate from people from part of Africa toward other people from other parts of Africa.

    Now it’s worse.

  • SmithWinston6478

    “Islam was not a torch, as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was – and it remains – incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.

    In the history of the nations, Islam – a secretion of the Arab brain, has never been an element of civilization, but on the contrary has acted as an extinguisher upon its flickering light. Individuals under Arab rule have only been able to contribute to the advance of civilization in so far as they did not conform to the musulman dogma, but they relapsed into Arab barbarism as soon as they were obliged to make a complete submission to these dogmas.

    Islamized nations, who have not succeeded in freeing themselves from musulman tutelage, have been stricken with intellectual paralysis and decadence. They will only escape as they succeed in withdrawing themselves from the control of musulman law.” ~ André Servier

  • Philosophy

    To permit religious education in Civilized State, is serious corruption, as Religion is enemy of Civilization. State cannot hope to win this war by helping religion to grow by tax payer’s money. Religion will take its sits as a ruler and destroy state ruler.

    To be civilized means to be French, to be Britisher, to be Dutch….as Nation is product of Civilization and not religion, this and such political truth must be accepted by Citizen and decide policy accordingly.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Muslum nations are very much a product of their religion.

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