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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Muslim Mother Who Killed Newborn Baby Gets Probation Only


A Muslim mother who tossed her newborn baby out an apartment window was sentenced to probation.

Probation only.

Mubashra Uddin, 20, was sentenced this week for the 2015 first-degree murder charges she was handed after authorities discovered she let go her baby from the top of a high-rise apartment building. She pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of manslaughter.

The baby was killed on impact.

Police take pictures of the site of where Mubashra Uddin’s baby landed, after being tossed from the high-rise apartment building.

But relatives of the girl said her strict Muslim upbringing contributed to the events that led to the murder.

So she got probation — probation only.

The Daily Caller has more (h/t The Religion of Peace):

Speaking to police, relatives of the girl say that her strict Muslim upbringing led to the series of events that eventually led to the tragedy.

This week, Uddin was sentenced to probation.

Uddin was even prohibited from speaking to boys. Relatives say that when she turned 13 and found a boyfriend at school, her strict Pakistani-born parents pulled her out of high school and homeschooled. It didn’t really help. When she went to DeVry University, Uddin found out she was pregnant and told only her boyfriend and one other friend, according to the Chicago Tribune.

She concealed her pregnancy from her strict parents, and when she finally gave birth in their home, she allegedly held the newborn infant outside of her bedroom window and dropped it eight stories, where it suffered a fractured spine and skull, broken ribs, and many other injuries — eventually causing death. The infant survived long enough for rescuers to wrap it in a blanket, but was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital an hour later.

Police say that she initially denied having anything to do with the baby, but made “multiple admissions” on video following police interviews.

Though she was originally charged with murder, Uddin was sentenced to four years’ probation after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter of her infant this week.

She was also given credit for 603 days of time served.

And now?

Now, Uddin’s moved back to live with her parents.

Her family is “standing by her,” Uddin’s attorneys tell local media.

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  • joelj31

    How about sending them back to Pakistan where this behavior is tolerated.

    • Suresh

      Agree. Do you know what is common between jihadis , Left/liberals ? Can’t Guess ?

      They Both are ok with killing living people including babies to harvest organs for cash

      • Sammie12

        LOL… talk about “alt-truth”

        • Suresh

          what is this “al-truth ” . Its either true or false.

          The link to the article gives proof . If you find it hard to digest maybe it becomes stuck in your gut and its gives you pain and it becomes “alt-truth” !

          • Sammie12

            Correct. ANd your info is .. false. But thanks for playing!

          • Suresh

            And your info is correct ?! LOL ! Typical Libtard.

          • Sammie12

            LOL. .don’t you have some jet trails to go study? Or is your foil hat crumpling..

          • Sammie12

            the links give no such thing. EVERY photo on there is traceable to a hoax site or to a site that has NOTHING to do with “harvesting organs from live children”. ROFL.. you must be a true sheep…

      • That is not true. I am a leftie and i am against harvesting organs and this was not ok but I can see what lead up to the death. It is the system we live in. Yes hers and ours. You can’t blame all for the crazy acts of the few.

        I do not like that religion. Not all of them are bad as well. That religion will die in time for the same reason the Christian religion will die. The world is changing and as it grows stuff like this will not be tolerated anywhere on the planet.

        Basically the mother was abused so she abused her child. Abusers are known to go back to their abusers and our money system encourages such as you can’t live in this system without money.

        Ask Bernie. He is back supporting his abusers. The DNC.

        • First off, ALL MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN THE QURAN, or they wouldn’t be Muslims. Their god says they must kill all infidels. Their god says FGM is legal and required. Their god says that lying, cheating, stealing, drinking, smoking all okay as long as they are done for the cause of Islam.
          Christianity will never die. You are right about tolerance but one day all non-believers will experience a huge surprise – all the Christians will be GONE. Laugh all you want. It WILL happen. Then a period of terrible time will begin. Seven years of terrible suffering the world has never experienced before. Like I said, you can laugh at me, call me a nut job, but I KNOW what is going to happen and unless you are prepared it will happen to you.
          2/3 of the world will be destroyed. You’d better pray you won’t be here to experience it. I already know I won’t be here.
          Good luck in your Godless life.

          • movingwaters

            Thank you for telling this confused and lost person the truth. It would be nice if people would realize that Jesus is the truth, and they really need to figure out what they are going to do about Him.

          • Sammie12

            he’s not telling the truth.. he’s telling a fairy tale

          • Sammie12

            and YOUR God says you can kill your daughter for being a prostitute… if you eat shellfish you must be killed.. you cannot wear fabrics of mixed materials.. and the list goes on and on

          • That is Old Testament Law, which the Jews follow, we have a New Covenant with God through the blood of Jesus. He has a different view.

          • Sammie12

            Then why is it allowed for some Christians to quote leviticus at LENGTH when it suits them?

          • I can’t be responsible for what “other Christians” say. I am only responsible for what I say and what God says. You will have to ask “other Christians”.

        • movingwaters

          America, though always imperfect, was actually founded on the best system ever known to man. It has been overtaken by an extremely corrupt “Shadow Government”, especially the last 50 years or so.

          Yes, the mother was abused by people who live in a warped ideology that has nothing to do with the true and living God. And she did, in return, murder her child. One problem with the every hypocritical Left is they believe in different “justice” for different groups of people. In fact, the Left is always screaming about the supposed unfairness and divisiveness of the beliefs of rational people. But it is the Democratic Party, run by the Left, that is always seeking to put people into various boxes according to color, ethnicity, worldview, educational level, male, female, genitally confused, etc.

          Atheism is the most lying “religion” of all. Jesus is the head of the body of true, born again of the Holy Spirit believers in our Savior and King. There are plenty of false converts within what is called Christendom. Some of them have an intellectual belief, but have not had their understanding opened. Christianity will never die. Since you are absolutely unsaved and face an eternity separate from the source of all that is good and light, it would profit you greatly to let God worry about sin in the Church. One can accept the truth and the righteousness of Christ, realize their corrupted sin nature, and be willing to let Jesus in to transform that old nature by means of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. Or, one can refuse God’s offer of salvation that was made possible through the Cross, and be judged by Jesus based on their own self righteousness. The perfect righteousness of Christ is the standard. You cannot win going against God. My guess is that the overwhelming majority of people in Hell will be there because of their self pride, which is Lucifer’s sin and the root of most other sin.

          • Erica Ling

            I agreed with your first two paragraphs to some extent–the rest is an affirmation of your own personal belief system. Atheism is simply another personal (non) belief system. Let us agree–I will not attack your personal beliefs if you desist from attacking mine.

          • movingwaters

            I never felt that you were attacking my belief system. Nor was I attacking your right to be an atheist, if that is what you are. But it is a belief system. No texts have every been vetted like the texts on which the Bible was delivered. Even now, with all the distorted versions being brought about the truth remains. The miraculous birth, life, ministry, teaching, healing and deliverance ministry, scourging, crucifixion, and miraculous resurrection of Jesus are the most well proven facts of history. There is tons of evidence that Jesus was and still is God manifested in the flesh so that mankind could be redeemed. I don’t have some personal belief. I am a born again child of the living God, know who I am, and where I will be for all eternity. And I did not deserve His grace toward me one bit. All of us inherited a sin nature that makes us fundamentally in rebellion to our gracious and loving Creator. By His grace we are saved. I love and respect people just as much as I despise “religion” that is used erroneously to twist hearts away from their loving Creator. I hate all the lies of the devil, whether they are the lies of Islam, atheism/Secular Humanism, or any other false thing. I have terrible things on me right now, and am really busy. You seem unusually gracious by the standards of the Left. I am compelled to tell you the truth because of my great love for you. Jesus talked about Hell a lot more than he talked about Heaven. Hell was created for Lucifer and the angels that chose to fall with him. It is way too horrible to have been made for people. But a lot of seemingly nice people will choose to spend their eternity with the first rebel because they rejected God’s kind offer that was made available through Christ willingly taking the just consequences of our sin on himself. He was innocent, and never once sinned. Believe as you desire. You will be judged based on the truth. And your own words condemn you already. I hope you “meet” Jesus, and your whole destiny is changed.

          • Erica Ling

            “Atheism is the most lying “religion “of all.” That to me, constitutes an unwarranted attack on another’s beliefs. And “your own words condemn you already” ? And do not assume all atheists are left wing. Most anti communist historians are Christians or traditionalists, so found it convenient to label all Communists “atheists “, (because they denied a God, and persecuted religion as their means of mass control ) ergo all atheists are Communists, ergo evil, totalitarian, etc. This is a logical fallacy. The intellectual limitations imposed by a faith based on an ancient Book lead to an “Animal Farm ” view of the world–brain washing, if you like. Our folk GOOD, everyone else BAD. Islam is simply the most obvious example of this, in that they do not stop at condemnation of the “other”, they seek to eliminate them .Christianity may be said to have ceased and desisted ( at elimination) in 1826, when the last recorded victim of the Inquisition, Cayetano Ripoli was hung and burned in Valencia for his belief in Deism. (Note he did NOT deny the existence of a God creator, simply the Church’s version of Him / Her / It.)Yes Josephus and Tacitus verify a Jesus existed, even a crucifixion as per Roman custom. That is the lot. Gildas and Welsh historical verse appear to verify Arthur was a real Prince. In both, the rest is legend or belief. Your personal belief system, because you chose to believe it. I felicitate you. Now if you really “love and respect people “, you can respect their right to choose a way that is not your choice. Parents, if they love their children, must teach them independent thought and respect their choice, even when they disapprove of it. And thanks ever so, but I was taught about Jesus. Which is the reason I am an atheist. The scenario where someone says I hate bananas, and are asked , have you ever eaten one ? to reply, no, but I just know I’d hate them may be a Christian thing, but not mine.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            All Communists are atheists, because Communism is an explicitly atheist ideology.

          • Erica Ling

            Expediency, not belief (absence of). You elevate one idea to destroy the adversarial power of another. Hitler professed his Christianity, even ordered his top thugs to demonstrate their faith, in order to bind the Christians to his cause. Same reasoning. btw, do you read the Rebel ?

          • movingwaters

            I forget that so many people are constantly on the lookout for ways to exercise feeling offended. I guess Christians have to get used to being under attack from all sides. Every 5 minutes, one of us is murdered just for our faith. I am sorry I offended you. And I do respect your right to your beliefs. If I see a train headed for someone who is unaware, I will try to save them. Lately it seems that a lot more people have been killed unexpectedly, and a a young age. A lot of them weren’t ready to meet their Maker, and wish someone had offended them.

          • Erica Ling

            Thank you.

        • chad

          Muslims tend to kill their children much easier than most, its the muslin upbringing. They do not value life as most.
          Muslim men in America have killed their daughters for dressing wrong.
          In other muslim countries they kill because she dated a non muslim, etc.
          Their values do not match or aren’t even similar to Western culture, we do not need anymore of them here.
          No these religions will not die out. There will be wars between the two. Europe is getting closer daily.
          Multiculturalism is a failure whenever islam is involved.

        • OhioGal

          Honor killing?

          Maybe to save her skin from her father, she sacrificed her baby.
          They are barbaric

          • Erica Ling

            Interesting, though. If she could evade her family long enough to get pregnant, you could imagine she could bury it in the park, in a garbage bin, leave it at a hospital doorway, or hide it somehow. A sidewalk seems rather public. Wanting to be punished , or to be taken away from her family ? In need of counselling.

    • Mark Goldberg

      How about dropping her off a building, then send her back to hellostan or wherever she arrived from.
      Oh, not 8 stories maybe two, just enough to break her legs … then send her home.
      Then the judge who gave her probation, drop him off the two story building, then have him join her in
      helostan. They can hold the coffin together of the poor baby born to this pig

    • chad

      Isnt it the Pakistanis whose IQs have been steadily dropping for years due to inbreeding?

  • Mariana Videva

    Убиец ли е – в затвора.Няма оправдание за убийство на бебе.

  • exb

    A new form of abortion?

    • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Nah, between it, and drowning the baby, it’s pretty commonplace in some places.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How convenient. murder is permitted under the American Constitution if the killer is a muslim.

    • Erica Ling

      So a strict Irish Catholic , or Haredi who did this , would also get probation for murder, infanticide ,in Chicago? No psychiatric assessment , from her photo, she could do with one. ? And if she was homeschooled, and her parents so strict , how did she get pregnant ? All ye self righteous Americans, so your laws are just as ineffectual against the Islamic jihad as ours, just as pathetic. Welcome to the loser’s club.

      • Its not the law, it is the enforcement of the law that is the problem. These leftist social warrior judges need to be eradicated. And the term “eradicated” goes beyond removal from the bench. They are vermin and deserve the fate of vermin.

        • Dorrie

          AMEN to that!! I believe when she stands before God on Judgment Day, everything will be exposed and she will be justly punished. God sees EVERYTHING.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Your G5 Europeon cuntries are run by atheists sweet cheeks — that includes the EU. Maybe you’re getting exactly the kind of representation you deserve.

        • Erica Ling

          By the tenor of some of PG’s reports, so are you, in the US, diddums ! Donald Trump may be President, the GOP may hold the majority in both houses, but your judiciary, media, education, appear to remain firmly in the hands of the left wing. So who wields the actual power ?

          • Kenek

            there is at least 50 years of infiltration by leftist scum into every level of government and civil service.

        • Erica Ling

          But this is the judiciary in YOUR country, Izzy. All atheists, too, hmm?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The only people who have stood up to the muslums who run Deabornistan, Michigan were Christians while the atheists in the enemedia stood on the sidelines and satirized them.

          • Erica Ling

            And you have facts to support this hypothesis? I know in Europe, the idiots ,sorry , humanitarians, full of lurve for mankind, the ones holding up the Wellcome signs— are whole communities ( well, what’s left of them ) led by their pastors, vicars, priests. Perhaps they hope for converts ! For instance, when I arrived in my village of 8000 souls, 28 years ago we had 5 active churches– all solid, soaring monuments to Victorian hard work and wealth.Our school was forever supporting world peace, war on want days, etc in one or other of them,and we parents went with the kids. Today we have 1 1/2 –the Catholic mass is shared fortnightly with the next village. 3 des res stand on one razed site, one is a temporary community centre, and the third up for sale, planned for flats (apartments) . Despite being atheist,–seeing the folk piling out in their best dress, the sound of the bells calling the faithful, the Victorian atmosphere of social cohesion, held a certain comfortable security, back then. No mosques so far , there is one in the town across the river road bridge from us, but among taller buildings, so we can’t see that golden dome. How sad. Tempus fugit, tempora mutanta.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The fact is no one atheist has sought to challenge the mini-Shari’a state that is Dearbornistan, Michigan — not a single one. Numerous Christians have put themselves in harm’s way (and been arrested and incarcerated for doing so) in Dearbornistan by challenging muslum hegemony there.
            If you have any facts otherwise, I’d like to be reading them.

      • cylde

        Home schooling for muzzies consists of memorizing the koran and nothing else.

        • chad

          Dont forget bomb making, how to cheat American govt, AK 47 training, best way to sharpen swords, how to avoid soap, best place to steal weapons, bombs, whatever you want, etc.

      • cylde

        Home schooled, and got pregnant, check the baby’s DNA and find out if it was her father, brother or uncle. That is the reason they are killed, to hide the shame of incest and child abuse.

    • JacksonPearson

      The judge should be drug from the bench, and put into a public stock where people can come by to spit on,and throw garbage at…

      • Edite mchugh

        How can you judge someone in her circumstances,poor kid,!

        • Toy Pupanbai

          You don’t have to keep them in your country!
          They all have homelands to go back to; You Don’t!

        • Erica Ling

          There really should be a tag for sarcasm .

    • Kenek

      All women are allowed to murder their children it is not even called murder it is infanticide. The progressive feminist government actually pays for the murder of children (abortion) on demand. As long as the umbilical cord is attached the baby is not yet human and can be murdered. This is partial birth abortion. It is legal and not at all uncommon.
      Leftists/progressives have little regard for other people’s lives, they never have. That is only one reason to hate progressives.

  • Mary

    I see no inconsistency here. If she, the mother, wasn’t buried alive or half-buried and stoned for her fornications then it is only right, in their eyes, for the baby to suffer the consequences of the sin of being born and bringing shame on the family. This young mother, most likely, will end up being killed by her family for yet bringing shame on them, the righteous ones, the ones with no sin.

  • MarvLS1

    I wouldn’t object if every muslim mother killed all their babies…it would make the world a much safer place to live.

  • Liatris Spicata

    When I first read this, I thought, “par for the course for mudbekistan” (since Pamela didn’t mention the location). Then, at TROP, I noticed it was Chicago. Say, isn’t that where Obama slinked out of?

    But it’s understandable. Her religion tells her, harsh as punishment is for serious crimes like apostasy, there is no punishment for a parent who murders his or her own child. So this woman didn’t know it was wrong- nor is lying to the police. Just part of the accommodation we must make to “multi-culturalism”- so get used to it, America. You don’t want to stand athwart the tide of history, do you?

  • tomatodon

    Sharia court???? Might as well have been one.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Gee, I wonder why she felt she had to conceal her pregnancy from her f’ing muslum parents? Maybe she was afraid she and her baby would be aborted by her parents simultaneously? Then again, I bet she herself is still eligible to be islamically aborted by her parents.

  • santashandler

    “Her family is “standing by her,” Uddin’s attorneys tell local media.” Now, isn’t that nice. A family who stands by a murdering daughter. They must feel so proud of her. What, with how she beat the liberal judicial system and all. Now, she’ll be free to breed again. Who knows, maybe there’s another dead baby in her future.

    • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      If they’re an upstanding, Allah fearing Muslim Family, they will probably “Honor Kill” her for fornicating. They won’t be able to get “Top Dollar” for her hand in marriage, now that she is no longer a virgin.

  • Voice Of Reason
    • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      The only indication is that it was reported by the Chicago Tribune, so it was probably here, in the good ol’ USA.

  • Ichabod Crain

    Don’t worry, she’ll be “honour killed ” by her parents by and by.

  • RB


  • A Lyn Freelon

    Our AMERICAN laws should apply here – this is crazy and we should not stand for this!!!

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Why would her upbringing matter so much? I hope those in leadership positions here in the United States aren’t making excuses for Muslims behavior as they do in Germany and elsewhere. How is it that a murder case is turned into an involuntary manslaughter case when she knew the action of tossing an infant out an 8th. story window would cause death or serious bodily harm, that’s not involuntary manslaughter. Bringing a murder charge down to an involuntary manslaughter charge then sentencing the women to 4 years probation with 603 days time served because she had a bad upbringing is ridiculous. I would hope there would be an investigation into this case, something fishy is going on.

  • Rob H.

    To the infanticidal left, it’s just a very late term abortion.

  • Linda Unthank

    These people are from ANOTHER WORLD!! They need to stay in the Middle east where apparently child murder is acceptable. They will NEVER assimilate!

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    It’s not working out and it’s not going to work out unless Islam becomes the governing power and people like me are all dead.


    yea i figured you wouldn’t let my comment post

  • peakpower

    Her parents will honor kill her soon enough.

  • Kansas Kate

    And the next story we will hear is that she is dead because her family ‘honor killed’ her…….

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Or that she accidentally beat herself to death — like the Tamapstan, FL police force determined w/a dead muslimah there.

  • Laura Mullen

    Deport her, her parents, and the judge who gave her probation.

  • harbidoll

    Good chance her family will “honor kill” her for bringing all this attention & shame down on them.

  • carpe diem 36

    She should have gotten a medal!!! The more such deeds the better!!!

  • Sunshine Kid

    What else can you expect out of Chicago, Illinois, the state represented by the top muslim thief, known as Barack Hussein Obama?

    When I first read the headline, I thought for sure this had to come out of the middle East somewhere, but no, it came out of the middle North of the USA.

    I would advocate a charge of treason against the judge involved in this case for ignoring Article six of the Constitution of the United States. PUT HIM/HER/IT IN JAIL, ON TRIAL AND LET SENTENCE BE PASSED.

  • Michael Copeland

    Expect her to be killed.
    She has sullied her father’s “honor” (translation: male supremacist ownership).

  • conan_drum

    Another example if any were needed of the excellent moral and family values of Muslims

  • Jim McCormack

    So, now we have 2 systems of Justice . One for them & one for us..

  • Kenek

    moslem or not, women are allowed to kill their babies and even other people if they can say they were : scared, depressed, unhappy, irritated, anrgy.. or any other reason a feminist judge permits. Women are treated as not-responsible children by the courts and in every case where a woman commits violent heinous crimes, a man is found to be the real responsible one.
    This is more about the feminazi court system that about molsem exemptions from following kuffar laws.

  • Realist

    Was this in Chicago?

    • Erica Ling

      Do they allow suttee /sati in Chicago ? Probably would if it were a Muslim custom, not a Hindu one .

  • John

    Where is the outrage at the judicial system. Sir Charles James Napier, died 1853: Adjudicating “sati” in India. The custom of burning a widow alive on the funeral pyre of her dead husband:

    “Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”

    This woman murdered her child to expiate the family’s shame under Sharia. That’s why she is back with her family and all is good.

    • Erica Ling

      “Those were the days, my friends, we thought they’d never end.”

  • John

    Where exactly did this Sharia murder take place?

    • Jackie Puppet


  • Rob Porter

    Congratulations, America, standards are going to hell! But gee, this sounds pretty much like Canada where a short while ago a young single woman in Kelowna or Penticton in central British Columbia drowned her baby in order to allow her to attend some educational class. She got probation, so three cheers for Canada where life has little value and a couple of years ago in Toronto a man got 4 1/2 years in prison for murder. And this is civilization? Meanwhile a Nigerian man in Brampton, Ontario, failed to take off his shoes when entering a room used by his Muslim tenants and a Human Rights Commission fined him $12,000.00. Evidently his ‘crime’ was worse than that of murderers. Without belief in God and Judeo-Christian values, Western societies are going to hell in a handbasket. Collectively they believe in nothing and how it shows.

  • proud anti-islam

    How extremely very sad that the poor baby died. I hope that the God of Heaven took the poor baby to rest at Heaven. I hope to see the poor baby at Heaven when I die. She should be in the death penalty, NOT probation.

    • Erica Ling

      Now that is interesting. Catholics are taught unbaptized babies cannot go to Heaven–but float about in some Limbo, which no one can really define. Sweet St. Augustine made it seem nearer Hell. Makes Heaven as exclusive as a Florida Golf Club.

  • Judge Carol M Howard in a flagrant violation of American law, American morality and American ethics sentenced a Muslim murderer to just 4 months probation for throwing her infant baby daughter to her death from an 8th floor window. The mother’s defense was that she hid her pregnancy and killed the baby because she feared her Muslim parents from Pakistan wouldn’t approve. This is NOT Pakistan! Prosecutors said Uddin gave birth and dropped the baby girl out of a bedroom window when she heard her mother approaching. This is America where we abide by American law. Howard is an activist judge who has declared Chicago a dhimmi city with a two-tier system of justice – one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims. Howard should be disbarred and the murdering mother should go to jail for the rest of her life.

  • katzkiner

    What! Probation?
    I would have given her a gift certificate to Bubba’s Pulled Pork BBQ Shack.
    The way these sows reproduce we need all the help we can enlist.
    Muhammad’s song, “I smell sex and candy…”

  • Daniel Freeman

    Pakis are the literally the worst. No sane country would let them in.


    If this had been a U S born citizen she would be facing stiffer charges, but one must make allowances for these filthy inbred savages. Plus the fact that infants in this country hold NO value and don’t count since they are NOT taxpayers contributing to the state.

    This piece of human trash waste -Uddin- needs to be sent back packing to the hell hole she and her family came from. Send them ALL packing….back to that ch-thole Pakistan.

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