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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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“The problem is colossal”: Influx of Muslim migrant unaccompanied “minors”


Just think of where and what this “army” will doing in say, five years.

Jean-René Lecerf  is président du conseil départemental du Nord.

Source: L’

Rough translation thanks to Alexandre

Influx of foreign minors: Jean-René Lecerf raises the alarm bell The president of the Department of the North is no longer able to cope with the influx of unaccompanied foreign minors. “The problem is colossal,” he says. We observe this phenomenon in the North and in other departments. ” This immigration has increased significantly in recent years. Essentially young people from sub-Saharan countries, from North Africa, 70% of whom are migrants from Guinea but also from Malians, Algerians and Moroccans. “A peaceful invasion. It is an economic and educational migration. “ According to the law, departmental councils must ensure the reception and care of foreign isolated minors (MIE) in France. A decree of June 24, 2016 gives a legal framework to the agreement of 2013 between the French Ministry of Justice and the Assembly of French Departments (ADF). More than 600 minors in care More and more foreign minors are arriving in the North. In 2011, the Department was responsible for 195 minors. “Today we have 930 young people,” says President Lecerf. In 2017, we saw an increase of 30%, or 1,200 people who arrived in the North. We will have 600 more unaccompanied minors, a budget of 36 million euros for 170 euros for the day in the home. To know the lodging, the cover and a small surveillance. At this rate, we will never be able to endure this effort. “
The urgency of the situation led to a recent meeting between President Lecerf, the Prefect and the judicial authorities for better border control. They also have the difficulty that some young migrants lie about their true age using false papers. And sometimes the jurisprudence obliges the Department to take charge of young adults. “This is a call for air,” insists Jean-René Lecerf. Our capacities are saturated. So I asked that the state take care of these young people from their majority. We are in the same boat. As early as the last parliamentary elections, Jean-René Lecerf intends to challenge the government on this issue.

  • gia

    Just look at this group of 12 year old unaccompanied Muslim migrants! They need our help. We should care for them as our own young children

    • Craig

      Yes..We should care for them with food, the care for them with a new rope.

      • gia

        You do mean poisoned food right?

    • Covadonga

      Tip: don’t let them near your own young children when you do it.

      • gia

        Good tip! Lol…

  • gia
  • Mahou Shoujo

    The solution is not to try and burden ourselves with the problems of islam. Simply send them back to libya and somalia, they can the figure out how to get to whatever muslim country will accept them and their culture. What is the stupid gene that has gotten into the west, where it thinks it can solve islam’s problems for it?

    • Annajbreedlove

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      • Mahou Shoujo

        Another Tuesday, another land rover, ho hum.

    • Beverly

      Since Islam doesn’t think it has a problem, no way can anyone solve a problem that Muslims do not think exist.

      • Simba

        Very difficult to define a nebula?

    • Sherry Pennington

      Soooo true !!!

  • Jackie Puppet

    Those “minors” sure do mature at an early age…they look like they might be of “fighting age” to me!

    • Craig

      Like ALL the other “refugee” muslims that look like front line troops.

      • Speak the Truth

        Yet again, no visible females or REAL children in the pic.

  • Rog Stresman

    Even the “genuine” minors are still illegal immigrants, and from countries which, although undemocratic hellholes of their own making, do not qualify them for asylum whatsoever. And these “minors” will grow up: and any Western country foolish enough to take them in will find itself saddled for generations with low IQ, unskilled, virtually unemployable, welfare-dependent Muslims – not to mention the potential for violence and terrorism. Why would ANY sane country take that risk?

  • Craig

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…oh, man…Fwenchies upset with muslims……Is there anything more hilarious?
    The cowardly Fwench have pulled down their pants and bent over (their women, too) for the muslims. The cowardly Fwench let the muslims collect into pockets and let them drive the police and Fwench people out. The Fwench did NOTHING when muslims murdered people at Charlie Hebdo and similarly at Saint-Denis. NOTHING.
    So this “army” is different from all the other muslim “armies” that have invaded Fwance recently?
    The Fwench people are too cowardly and too stupid to realize ‘France” is no more and ‘Franclamabad’ is in place.
    Fwance has abetted the worldwide islamic caliphate, by conversion from immigration and assisting the raping and murdering muslim invaders by every means possible (food, housing, money, luxury homes, cars, healthcare, refusal to prosecute ANY muslim , etc.). Goodbye, Fwance.

  • Lynn D

    I am of the opinion that any ” unaccompanied minor” that can make his way from sub Saharan Africa, negotiate a price with the people smugglers, or force his way on to a rubber boat is perfectly capable of looking after himself.. If he can find his way to Europe, he can find his way home again. Simple as that!

  • Poppey

    When you read what Professor Maroth of Hungary said last year about the population of Islamic majority countries growing some 900% between 1915 and 2015 everything happening starts to make sense, add to that scenario the fact that last year Nigeria alone produced more infants than all 28 countries of the EU combined and the real reason for this wave of unwashed gimmigrant youth is clear – over population.

    The average growth in Western countries populations in that century was 20%, that’s sustainable.

    The kindest thing the West can do for these unwanted types is return them all to their own countries, don’t offer them the excuse of the casual racism of lower expectations, make them face up to who they are, what they’re worth and make clear to them they’re on their own, they are the result of their parents foolish choices, get on, get an education and improve their own countries by application of what ever talents they posses.

    THAT’s the “non racist” solution, it’s what white folks did.

  • Simba

    They will soon assimilate and integrate these idiots with stupid native women.The plan was ,hybridization of a population,right from the beginning.Cheap.young labour working,earning and paying taxes was just an attractive proposition to hoodwink initial reluctance of the native citizens.

  • Sherry Pennington

    France… can resolve your problems simply by stopping the influx. These people do not want to assimilate and they are expecting special treatment because you have assured them that you will give it to them. I foresee civil wars around the world over the Muslim problem. So sad.

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