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How the Muslim Migrant Crisis is Pushing Italy Away from Europe


A recent poll indicates that the majority of Italians are in favor of a total ban on new arrivals. Yes, because they aren’t suicidal.

How the Migrant Crisis is Pushing Italy Away from Europe
Eurocrisis in the Press

by Alessandro Franzi, London School of Economics, July 2017 (thanks to Lookmann):

Immigration is going to be the political battleground of the next Italian general elections due in 2018. Virtually all major political leaders have hardened their position on borders protection following the new migration crisis in the Mediterranean. Austerity policies and lack of democracy in the EU integration process were the main concerns during the European elections campaign three years ago. Identity issue is now deepening Italian disaffection with Europe by boosting a patriotic rhetoric promoted by both right-wing and left-wing parties.

The fear of an uncontrolled influx of people has strengthened in the last two years while the sea crossing from Libya to South of Italy has become the main access route for migrants and refugees to Europe. According to the minister of Interior, the number of people arrived on Italian shores has increased almost 7 per cent since the beginning of the year. The current 94.000 asylum seekers [1] are expected to grow to 200.000 by the end of the summer.

Italy is just a transit country for most of them who try to reach their networks to the North. The Italian government has repeatedly invoked European solidarity to cope with reception problems. However, Italian citizens feel their concerns over immigration are ignored by EU institutions in favor of national interests [2]. The main consequence could be the rise of the first Eurosceptic government among the founder countries.

The Left Dilemma

“We cannot welcome them all”, leftwing leader Matteo Renzi said after his Democratic Party had lost June 2017 local elections to the center-right opponents. The party has been running the government since 2013 and it’s under pressure because of the rising number of asylum seekers and the denial of other EU countries like France to open their ports to refugee rescue boats. Additionally more and more local mayors refuse to welcome new migrants [3] in a bid to avoid unpopularity amongst their communities.

A recent SWG survey [4] indicates that the majority of Italians (54 per cent) is in favor of a total ban on new arrivals. This percentage has increased by six points since January. Furthermore back in 2003 65 percent of the Italian public considered migrants a resource but the percentage has now dropped to 35 percent. Researches underline that “approval for hard and simplistic solutions are finding fertile and expansive soil in the middle-low classes, in the middle class affected by the crisis and inflamed in its social identity”. They add that “the immigration issue has been underestimated by European governments and has been faced with an emergency approach”.

The Democratic Party seems to be paying the higher political price for this emergency approach that has exasperated Italian public opinion. When Mr. Renzi served as Italian prime minister up to last December, he used to say only “beasts” want to block immigrants who risk their life crossing the Mediterranean. He changed tone after June council elections by arguing that “too much” of them have been going on national shores these years. The former PM invited left-wing establishment to give traditional identity a good value and suggested to “help migrants in their own countries”. The latter is the same slogan of both far right candidate Matteo Salvini and populist Five Stars Movement.

It’s not just a lexical revolution, because current left-wing government is trying to pursue a ‘law and order’ political action. Italy urges Europe to share the responsibility of migrant crisis and is trying to impose on NGOs operating in the Mediterranean Sea new rules of conduct in order to limit their rescue activities [5]. Rome wants also to speed up the repatriation process for those migrants who are not qualified for international protections. This effort could unfortunately be out of time.

The Populist Option

Immigration is not a new problem for Mediterranean countries but it has become significantly worse following the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi from Libya in 2011. In the past six years Italian politics has been ideologically divided into two factions. The one on the left side supporting extreme hospitality as a duty, the other on the right side accused of xenophobia [6]. Meanwhile no government party has proposed a comprehensive reform of immigration laws. The result is a growing popular concern boosted by a growing sensational approach by mainstream media.

Just six months before the next general elections, the Italian political landscape is now dominated by the current immigration issue. The Left is considering to be chasing its political enemies in order to stop the loss of consents. However this could definitely decrease its chance of victory. Traditional left-wing parties are not yet able to “offer protection” to the weakest member of society because they are associated with the élite in charge, as claimed by sociologist Luca Ricolfi [7]. Mr. Ricolfi, who has a progressive background, suggests this protection nowadays comes easier from populist options.

Underestimating the immigration consequences has strengthened all opposition forces in Italy and weakened citizens’ confidence in the EU. Virtually all politicians publicly blame the European institutions for allowing what they call the “invasion” of Italy. They had done the same in order to justify the high rates of unemployment. Moreover, the recent choice for a proportional electoral system contributes to a greater radicalization of party proposals.

According to current polls, Beppe Grillo’s populist Five Star Movement has the highest chance to lead the next Italian government. The movement wants a political reset and refuses any alliance because of its opposition to the politici di professione (professional politicians). Mr Grillo wants a regulated immigration and a soft European Union, possibly leaving Italy out of the Euro. The programmatic basis of Five Star Movement is very similar to that of Matteo Salvini far right Northern League [8], a Marine Le Pen ally since 2014.

A Political Gamble

The two populist and Eurosceptic parties account for more than 40 per cent of voting intentions. And a growing number of analysis believes it possible a government alliance among Five Star Movement and Northern League after 2018 elections [9]. This hypothesis could lead Italy to extremely critical positions regarding the European integration process, with a government closer to Hungary’s Orbán (and Putin’s Russia) than to Germany or France.

According to the same polls, in this scenario the Democratic Party could lead a center-left post-vote government only if it were able to arrange a large progressive alliance. Mr. Renzi, who was defeated at a constitutional referendum last December and suffered a recent party split, does not seem inclined to do so. It’s finally the former center-right PM Silvio Berlusconi to play the kingmaker role.

Forza Italia’s leader is against mass immigration and in favor of a EU treaty reform, but he has a moderate approach closer to Merkel’s Germany. With his 15 percent, Mr. Berlusconi could decide to rebuild a center-right alliance with Northern League by breaking the extremist axis. Such a coalition could also win the elections, based on current projections. In alternative, Mr. Berlusconi could decide to make a deal with Renzi’s Democrats and give birth to a great coalition government.

What is certain is that anyone wishing to govern Italy should be more or less patriotic on the two issues that are dividing national public opinion. Summing up Grillo, Salvini, Berlusconi and their allies strength, ‘Italians first’ motto is worth more than 60 per cent of consents. A remaining 20-25 percent belongs to a Democratic Party leader who is promising Brussels not to pay Italian EU budget shares without new immigration aides measures.

In the face of the migrant crisis, Italy feels treated as the periphery of Europe. And it is not a fleeting sentiment. A recent Demos survey [10] published on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Treaties of Rome indicates that only 34 percent of Italian citizens still have trust in European Union, back in the 1998 the figure was 73 percent.

The more Italians feels overlooked by Europe in migrant crisis, the more Eurosceptic position will grow in the electoral polls. It would mean a request for greater border control power, for a Dublin rules on refugees reform and for more identity laws. Every next Italian government will have to take it in account.













  • Mahou Shoujo

    Italy will simply become a colony of the north african islamic states. From Italy, which will be used as a distribution centre, colonists will be distributed throughout western europe as per the german caliphates mandate for complete colonization of western Europe, then the total destruction of the indigenous civilizations, who will in essence be described as “citizens of the caliphate” but in fact economic will become slaves to produce the products needed to maintain and expand the aforementioned caliphate.

    • famouswolf

      Best not to go there unless it actually happens. Try to be optimistic and keep your chin up…this is far from over.
      As for Italy, well, it won’t be easy. My wife is Italian, and I’d almost feel sorry for any muzzie that looked at her wrong.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        This has been going on for longer than world war two was fought, when will western europe do something about this invasion? That is a rhetorical question, for all practical purposes, western europe is lost, to apathy and islam.

        • famouswolf

          You know, you could say it’s been an ongoing war ever since the American and French Revolutions, because that’s when everything changed and the royal families and other despots really started losing their grip. The Napoleonic Wars, the American frontier and the Industrial Revolution marked the point that the middle classes became such a powerful force for change it generated a new concept of freedom. Now the royals and their henchmen (aka the New World Order) are trying to use the political left and islam to re-enforce a pyramid structured social order with a highly restricted upper class and the rest of us returned to being peasants. This ‘invasion’ is just another stage in this struggle. History is being written, but the fat lady has NOT sung yet. I still think the Europeans as a whole will throw off this idiocy and I think it will happen soon.
          It’s not going to be easy, like I said this has been an ongoing struggle for centuries. One other point. Human progress came at a snail’s pace until the turn of the 19th century. When the human spirit was *partly* freed from it’s self imposed bonds look at the progress since, via ordinary men and women. Things were not done much differently in Roman times as in Elizabethan times as in Revolutionary times. People don’t think like they once did nor are they raised in a one size fits all mold any longer, and the bad guys have a looooong way to go to get the human race used to those bonds again.
          Let’s wait and see what develops, and meanwhile keep at it on blogs like this or whatever you can do. We will pull through this.

          • Keith1941

            I hope you’re right, but do you think there is the “will” to do it. I don’t even see it in America. Just look at the opposition to Trump when he tries to keep any of the bad guys out. Let’s face it, this country is being Balkanized aided and abetted by the democrats.

          • HuitClos

            A snowball’s chance in Hell is still a chance perhaps.
            We live in secular societies which grant tax exemption to religious entities and use general tax revenue to fund so-called Faith Schools or even in some countries businesses fronting as private religious schools. We have that woeful concept of Freedom of Religion as if some bammy religion were not something potentially inimical to the rest of us (ever talked to a Falung Gong refugee spouting utter tripe about secret nuclear sources deep under ground in Africa?)

            We have all been incredulous at the sight of that bearded muslim wonder in white nightgown, marching, and holding up that sign in the streets of Britain: “DOWN WITH FREEDOM SPEECH”.
            Try explaining irony to the clown. But he doesn’t care
            -he’s got four wives and 20 kids (and counting) and they are all going to vote us out of existence. Try stepping on his rights in our pluralistic, diverse societies. A snowball’s chance…

          • famouswolf

            I’m aware. Sometimes the odds suck. Then you suck it up and fight anyway. No guarantees and, yes, we face a determined and implacable enemy.
            Think like a Spartan.
            It’s our civilization’s St. Crispin day.

          • normie

            We can’t wait and see too long or it will be too late. People need to act now. If the Democrats ever get back in we are dead. They will just finish what Obama started

        • OverIt

          It would still be possible to repel the invaders if the will to do so was there. However, as the atrocities and the crimes that have been committed so far have failed to provoke such a reaction, all that will happen from now on is that people will just get more and more used to the foul behaviour of the invaders. Some will grumble and complain and want somebody else to DO something, but nothing will change now unless there is a huge surge of rebellion by the great unwashed. I can’t quite decide if this is likely to happen or if the people really are just buried in their apathy.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Apathy is rampant in today’s society.

          • normie

            If you can see that the people are buried in apathy its time to take some positive aggressive action. There has to be some people out there that are just as capable as those who get the negative demonstrations going. If negative thinking can get people going then Positive thinking would have a greater impact. There is more positives than negatives. Lets get going. Start with smaller groups and expand so that all the US is involved. The negatives need to remember that if we lose to the Islamist religion and Sharia Law they too will lose. They won’t all be willing to convert. Its time we come together and fight back.

        • crv547fv

          100% correct.

      • HuitClos

        What do your kids think?
        Do you have any?
        More than 1.7 ?

        This is not aimed at you of course, but in general do Western nations have to start paying “infidels” not just to have more children but to actually have any children at all (please maybe just one ?…two?…three?) otherwise it will soon be all over -they voted in a two-faced muslim as Lord Mayor of London and he has ambition to be Prime Minister…wait for it…and while you are out shopping for non-Halal items the world changes…you come home and there they are, a majority of hijabs and beards -even reading the news to tell you that there is a new government (“for all”) and you will have no where to hide.

        (“I wander through each chartered street,
        Near where the chartered Thames does flow,
        And mark in every face I meet,
        Marks of weakness, marks of woe…”)

        Instead we are more concerned about gay marriage, cisgender, that gender, whatever gender…will Medicare pay for my new ornamental vagina or my new “you-gotta-be-kidding-me” penis.

        These are the last days my friends: World War I and World War II were nothing compared to the present onslaught decimating the people of Europe.
        “Paris is Burning” while Madam et Monsieur Macron toy with the idea of adopting a child -a little Mohammad or Fatima perhaps?

        • normie

          Very true and very sad.

        • Susan

          So you think that because the death cult breeds like rats that the rest of the world should as well. How about we let the rat breeders sink their own countries and leave civilization alone. The world does not need more people and a technological society does not require that. Why should the civilized world go backwards just stop and these 7th century inbreds from coming in and send the ones that are here back.

    • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

      Your responses are ALWAYS very wise. I love to read them. But please bear in mind that the Reniassance that brought us out of the Dark Ages, began in Italy. It brought us Art, Music, Literature, Architecture, Law, Science, Philosophy, and on and on and on. I am thinking that we are on the brink of a new Reniassance…the genes of the great unifiers are still in the Italian people. Thank you Mahou, for your wisdom. God bless & protect Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic & all Patriots. Your friend & fan, Marianne Ricci-Wilson.

      • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

        I fotgot to add Poland to the list for God’s blessing & protection. Marianne Ricci-Wilson

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you, we are on the edge of the future, as usual, what we make of it will depend on how we take what it brings. Central eastern europe will be in the forefront of directing civilization, that I am sure of.

  • Laird MacTavish

    Sub-Sahuman Africans belong in Sub-Saharan Africa not Italy, isn’t it obvious?
    Italy can’t take ALL of Africa, for a start it would end up making Italy just like Africa and second Italy has a very real definite genetic make-up which serves to make Italy Italian. Africans simply will never belong, their culture, religion, language, habits, outlook, work habits, employability and average IQ are vastly different, it would be the height of idiocy to ignore racial differences because the differences will not ignore themselves.

    • Suresh

      Deporting criminal jihadis/Left pro-islamonazis is only way or this will continue.

      For first time Israel makes a belated but Long overdue ban on islamonazis

      when will US/EU/australia do it ? Unless Italian voters elect Anti-Islam Political leaders Italy will continue to sink into another Islamic hellhole.

      • Annajbreedlove

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        • Susan

          Get the fvck out of this site mohammad.

      • gn

        A puzzle –

        If my side cheats, then even when I support my side, I will openly declare that my side cheated. This shows integrity. However, this also shows disloyalty.

        On the other hand, if the muslim side cheats, then no muslim will declare that his side cheated, and they will even support their side’s cheating. This shows lack of integrity. However, this also shows loyality.

        So it seems we are in a grave predicament. On one hand, if we are to be principled and moral, we risk being disloyal. On the other hand, if we are unprincipled, we foster loyalty within our group.

        So which one is more important? Loyalty or integrity?

        It seems as though, evolution, with all its twisted wisdom, seems to prefer loyalty. Probably because this ensures survival of the group to a greater degree. This is why we are witnessing muslims gaining strongholds all over the non-muslim world, while non-muslims, even though advancing in the technological sphere, are still disintegrating as a group, imperiling their own civilizations by not reproducing at the required level, and helping and protecting their own enemies–muslims–gain ascendance.

        • Cai

          Spot on.

  • felix1999

    Well documented too.
    Maybe Italy has not lost its mind.

  • mario

    The great problem of Italy and the puppet government, first Renzi, now Gentiloni 2 PDC is not enough to say enough to the EU. We have a foreign minister and an interior minister who do not understand the gravity of this invasion. The French voted a miserable Macron friend of banks for fear of Le Pen, his speech was for a united Europe, a miserable delinquent who does not want to grant entry to migrants as set by the EU to place these offenders in European countries. Austria does not want them, Nazi Germany is a dry rejection nobody wants to welcome, the only defect we are Italians all the Muslim scum in our country. The European Union does not exist anymore ‘I hope in the exit of Italy from this vice that oppresses us, but I hope out of the euro.I apologize for incomplete English

    • Eugene Kaptur

      @mario: Your English was good enough that it’s apparent that the Italian people don’t want them in Italy, but don’t have the power to control their corrupt Politicians to KEEP them out. Is being a member of the defunct EU that important to Italy? Hopefully Italy will do as Britain has voted to EXIT the EU!

    • Poppey

      Mario, I will pray and speak up for Italians, everything I wrote above in my post I believe in, the salvation of Italy must come from within, by the people themselves, we have so many in England, wonderful people, God Speed and good fortune to you all, for I am with you..

    • Nefarious420

      They need to round up the jihadis and publicly execute them, throwing their corpses in large puts with pig entrails. The rest will run!!!

    • Tm.

      The French made a mistake, in my opinion. Austria made a mistake. Netherlands made a mistake, and so forth. It is a natural law known instinctively by many, that adults pay for their mistakes. They pay dearly, and they pass the debt on. It is just how life is. Notice how the Middle Eastern countries do not have these concerns, and rich, very rich they are. What would you say about that? I would calculate them to be quite smart indeed.

    • Keith1941

      Don’t worry about your English. We recently flew out of Munich…thought I was in an airport in the Middle East. I met a couple of Italians in Arizona who left Italy because of this “invasion”. Some thought the EU would be one big happy family. Now you’ve brought people in who will not join this “family”. Sorry to say, but this is not going to end well.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      And to think Julius Caesar and general Pompey were both from Italy. They must be turning over in their graves.

  • Eugene Kaptur

    I’m positive that the Italian/Sicilian Mafia is alive and well, just wondering how much money it would take for them to make these Moslem Invaders “disappear”?

    • puhiawa

      The Mafia is the number one immigrant runners. They are evil to the core. Don’t believe in myths.

      • famouswolf

        They also know a common threat when they see one, as in how many joined the armed forces in WW2 to fight the Nazis and the Japs.
        There’s evil and then there’s eeeevvvvviiiiil, capeche?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I believe the Fwench Moroccan troops were raping and looting their way across Sicily and the mafia did nothing.

      • Tm.

        You are correct. There is no code of decency. People believe myths, like that child rapists will be killed by other prisoners in jail. I understand that this occasionally happens, but it is not defacto. You are correct in what you say. What they should do is vote in the proper politicians, and resist the insanity pressed on naive people by the left.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      One problem is the Albanian Muslim Mafia is even tougher and more violent and crazy, so the Italian Mafia is scared of them.

  • harbidoll

    Corsica, Sicily & Italy are probably the most often invaded peoples on earth! Im surprised they haven’t “taken care of business” yet!

  • Alleged Comment

    NO Moslem should EVER be on your soil.

    And if you still want them on your soil, they must remain at 1% or 2% of the population. Contracting and expanding at this set rate, but NO MORE.

    Then they will not likely cause you any trouble but be amusing.

  • Poppey

    I see hope for Italians in these developments, as I wrote recently of France, things will have to get worse before the people most affected rise up as one and say, “We cannot and will not live like this anymore, do what you must”.

    In my view, the bill for this year’s immigration is still being written, I agree, 200,000 sounds about right and the Italians believe they’ll be stuck with them, they’re right, they will be, so what do they do next year ?

    The polls indicate the Northern League and 5 Star will do well, united they could form an Italy first government, but let in Forza Italia and you’ll have new rats chewing at your fresh cheese, Silvio the stud will join the powerful left centre with the result, professional politicians in power again and that is unlikely to please the people affected.

    Last year, some 40% of Italian youth was unemployed, this is powerful ammunition, the economic colossus to the North is sucking the life blood of countries around the Med and Merkel is doing well from it. What Merkel and the EU is doing is treating Italy as both a lifeboat and sponge, the end result will be if we’re lucky is for Italy under populist non professional leaders to grow closer to the Visigrad four

    Once cracks start showing, they usually continue to lengthen and widen, Italians will have to struggle to regain their country, but the gain is worth the effort, Italian genius cannot be replaced, it’s unique.

    • Cai

      Before it is too late the population in most of the West needs to rise up and remind the ‘public servants’ they have elected to form a government, that they have a duty to act as a committee to run the country for the overall good and protection of its’ citizens. They are not there to become power drunk, satisfy their enormous egos, bank accounts or implement pet projects that are detrimental to the majority of the citizens.

      And for their part in this, many citizens need to vote through a mantle of realism and put this idealistic, self-indulgent, immature and warm fuzzy rubbish in the bin where it belongs.

      If the above doesn’t happen we are in for generations of violence, totalitarian control and misery – we have no right to inflict this on the generations who come after us.

      Unfortunately, when writing in comments sections such as this we are preaching mostly to like minded people, we need to be able to reach those who cannot see the wood for the trees.

      • Poppey

        Cai, I have to point out that while what you say is desirable, the facts on the ground are these, nobody elected the Commission, all are appointed and the voters cannot dismiss them, only the EU and it’s commission has legal competency on these matters, the “Parliament” is nothing more than a rubber stamp, it cannot introduce new laws or cancel bad ones either. These things are part of the reason the UK voted to leave..

  • Drew the Infidel

    No one had any idea what trailblazers the UK would turn out to be, did they? Like the Brits, the Italians likewise want to see their immigration policies decided someplace other than Brussels. Time to organize a UK-style “Brexit” referendum in Italy.

    • andrew

      One step further… It is past time to disband the ENTIRE E.U. and put an end to this ludicrous policy of universal open borders across the European Continent.
      I am not favoring walls or ” 1984 ” style checkpoints on all borders, simply decently free passage to people with proper identification and a need to travel.

  • az

    Europe as United States of Europe (Hitler’s dream and Merkel’s work) is done.
    England is out and soon others will follow. Greece is being blackmailed by Germoney, so it can’t (easily) quit. But Italy and many others can and will.
    Globalists made a monumental mistake of going too far and opening all borders. They should have stick to integration between Euro countries; but Merkel and buddies were on a roll, and the wise teachings of Margaret Tatcher, about the failure of large scale integration, many years ago, were flushed down the toilet.
    The result of Merkel’s corp stupidity is crystal clear.
    Left in Italy is trying to hold on desperately to the voters while being the devil’s advocate at the same time. It will crash and burn, and that’s long time due. Other leftists will follow.

  • James Stamulis

    Lets hope it is not too late by the time you actually stop them altogether.

  • Tm.

    Italy should exit the EU and should not bother themselves with the EU’s exit demands, like they’re doing to Britain. There are no jobs in Italy, anyone with close ties there knows this. The children of the legal residents, that is to say, those Italians who have been there for decades or centuries, know this. The children of the Italians are scattered the world over seeking work, and working. The left faction has failed Italy, imho, they’ve destroyed that country, and Western Europe. Those countries should never have listened to the nonsensical, dangerous ideas of the left. They should have left well enough alone after WWII. These people who have come, many have six to ten children. People say it is fertility. It is not fertility at all. It is that the Wsestern Europeans have less children so they can pay for their kids’ education and help them out in life financially. Those bearing ten children cannot possibly pay for their own progeny, and therin comes the subsidies, the tax. Who pays? The overworked middle class pays. That class which is preferentially beaten down by the left.
    Now they have crime, they have dissent, drug use, rape, murder, in higher numbers. The left hides. If Matteo was so tender, then why did he not open his doors to at least fifty? Exactly. He reminds me of the one who lives behind high walls in Rome, pontificating over the rest of the populace. Italy, the time is already late. Take your country back, deport all of them. Help them, really help them in their own country, through highly monitored money, given to help people not members of government, of foreign countries, who then become billionaires on money from countries like the US.

  • Robert Batchelor

    What are they waiting for? They should shut their borders down immediately. Turn the invaders back. Don’t let them set foot on Italian soil. Screw the EU leadership. The more European countries stand up to the EU, the less control it has over them. And, once they do that, they’ll wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. And, maybe, just maybe, Europe can be saved.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    “The majority of Italians want a total ban on new arrivals.” When has that mattered in the New Europe?

  • Stephen Honig

    It’s too late the Muslim cancer in Europe has matastercized. Even if they can stop the invasion, there are too many and Italy and the rest of Europe wont deport them. Italy has the lowest birth rate in the world and the invading Muslims have the highest. Do the math.

  • John D. Horton

    Invasion = an act of war.

    Italy needs to torpedo the NGO boats and machine gun to death all Islamic Invasion Troops. Bounty hunters should be paid $100 / head to execute Islamic Invasion Troops in Italy.

    Italy has the right to defend itself from a war of invasion.

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