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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

DHS: New York Subway Jihad Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration

[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Turkey’s Leader Sanctions Killing Jews: Erdogan Invokes Hamas-Inspired ‘Hadith’

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Report: Swedish Synagogue Attackers are Syrian and Palestinian

More Muslim Immigrant Violence in France: 900 CARS BURNED, 13 Police Wounded, “Several Episodes of Urban Violence”


And so it begins. Yesterday, I reported on a police officer in France who was ambushed by a horde of Muslim migrants. He was beaten by iron bars and rocks by a Muslim horde. It was one of multiple violent episodes across the country. The cop opened fire in order to escape, and one of the attackers was wounded in the stomach. I asked if that would set off a new Muslim uprising in France. That remains to be seen, but there was bedlam last night. Close to a thousand cars were burned, as is their way. The number of burnings increased over last year, and the number of people in police custody sharply declined: 368 arrested versus 577 last year. More car burnings, less arrests. Does that make sense to you?

13 members of security forces were wounded.

“In the course of several episodes of urban violence, our security forces have been the target of intolerable attacks, the perpetrators of which will have to be answered in court, just like the perpetrators of vehicle fires, of course always too many,” said Pierre-Henry Brandet. “To the 13 officials and soldiers wounded the last two nights”, the minister brings his “complete support”, he completed.

During the night of 14 to 15 July, in Sevran, Seine-Saint-Denis, a police officer was “beaten” during an intervention before using his weapon eight times to clear himself, and hurt an 18-year-old man, according to multiple sources.

897 voitures brûlées lors des soirées des 13 et 14 juillet
BFMTV, 15/07/2017 à 19h06

Un total de 897 voitures ont été brûlées et 368 personnes placées en garde à vue lors des soirées du 13 et du 14 juillet, a annoncé samedi le ministère de l’Intérieur en jugeant que l’importante mobilisation des forces de l’ordre a permis de limiter le nombre d’incidents.

Rough translation thanks to Alexandre:

897 cars burned during the evenings of 13 and 14 July

It is a figure slightly higher than in 2016, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday evening. A total of 897 cars were burned and 368 people were held in police custody on the evening of July 13 and July 14, the interior ministry said on Saturday. To limit the number of incidents. The number of cars burned is up slightly from last year when 855 vehicles caught fire while the number of people held in custody, 368, is down sharply from 577 last year.

13 of the wounded security forces. “In the course of several episodes of urban violence, our security forces have been the target of intolerable attacks, the perpetrators of which will have to be answered in court, just like the perpetrators of vehicle fires, of course always too many” , Continued Pierre-Henry Brandet. “To the 13 officials and soldiers wounded the last two nights”, the minister brings his “complete support”, he completed. During the night of 14 to 15 July, in Sevran, Seine-Saint-Denis, a police officer was “beaten” during an intervention before using his weapon eight times to clear himself and hurt An 18-year-old man, according to concordant sources.

Earlier January 800 cars burned.


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  • Millionmileman

    Here’s the Swedish, affluent neighborhood version. The Polis Volvo’s are still powered by gasoline engines!

    • Suresh

      LOL ! Is it crime if police vehicles are powered by gasoline engines ?

      • Millionmileman

        I am being sarcastic because a couple of years from now Volvo will only offer hybrid or all-electric cars. Swedes are very environmentally conscious about the planet while their country is slowly crumbling. from multiculturalism.

    • ⭐️ Orphan

      Haha! They voted for it. I hope they are the first to get their heads lopped off.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Typical western europeans, invasion well announced, the response, idea inside, let the police do something, known your government encourages, supports and finances the destruction of your country.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Gasoline can be made from a lower grade of crude oil, diesel requires better.

    • RazvanM

      Register as Muslims and you can say it is a call to Muslim prayers.

  • Suresh

    France is going the Swedish way ! Sweden : Police begging for help, legal system collapsing

    And now swedish police is so overworked, outnumbered that the Police chief is begging for help from his own govt

    But they are too busy bringing in more jihadis and dumb Left/liberal women I heard are allowing themselves be their sex slaves so they won’t be killed !

  • Michael Buley

    They call it ‘intolerable’ attacks on the police — which the attacks are — and the response is …

    Still waiting on that, I guess.

    In other news, the auto industry has seen a big uptick this year in France.

    • Gary

      The response is what I find intolerable. But hey it is France right? They never did respond by taking the fight to the enemy.

      • Michael Buley

        I guess you either have a culture of fighters, or you don’t. And apparently the fighters aren’t there. Just bizarre.

        • Generalpatern

          France seems to have plenty cops, & military, but orders are orders, ie restraint.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wonder if auto insurance in Fwance covers muslum carbeques?

      • Michael Buley

        lol … good one, IzlamisTyranny!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          If Fwench auto insurance does cover acts of muslum carbeque — they’ve been taking a bath these last couple of years.

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        I would assume that Insurers don’t cover terrorism, so the owners of the cars are out of pocket. Well, that’s the cultural enrichment the French an dhe rest of the Euorpean s,except the Poles and Hungarians are into.

        • purplej

          I have been wondering about this particular point. My policy doesn’t cover civil unrest and I would think that a common clause. Surely, if the 900+ people in this instance, along with all those before them, are unable to claim, the penny has to drop! When it starts affecting people directly and in what would be very substantial ways, then the public view may turn. One can hope.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Just think, if the average French car costs 10000 francs and 900 people had their cars torched, that’s a property loss of 9 million francs.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Can you imagine? Collectively (i.e. not in this incident alone) thousands of people in Fwance have had their automobiles destroyed by acts of muslum. The costs of the property lost alone must be in the millions of francs.

      • shirleyanne12

        Good one.
        Muzzies don’t do bars, so there are no ques.
        Lol 😜

    • rh2

      Keep on waiting for French politicians to do anything to deal with the Muslim menace on their soil…. We all know they’re going to do merde to stop their precious darlings from destroying France. They are traitorous scum who deserve decapitation – by the French PEOPLE!

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        Macron declared that the hordes of migrants are coming to Europe due to global warming. Get that. How could any country elect a moron like him as President?

        • purplej

          Well, in a way it is due to global warming…. all the lefties feeling all warm and fuzzy about being tolerant and charitable.

    • Generalpatern

      They say intolerable, yet continue to tolerate it, it will continue, and grow into something worse than a few hundred cars burnt, i guess they will be more concerned about the co2 crap being produced from all the plasticy stuff in the cars. 900 cars burnt just eliminated all the good of all those trips to the recycling bins.

  • jimbopeep

    The police need to quit taking the crap from the incestuous dogs. Start a STK policy.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Anyone know how many burned cars belonged to other muslims?

    Have to be crazy to leave your car in a muslim no-go zone if you can avoid it :)

    • Truthhurts

      No go zones is how mossies take over a country, bit by f’n bit.

  • Nefarious420

    France is looking good, looking more and more like Afghanistan and Syria, Bravo France on a job well done turning your country into an Islamic cesspool.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      islam belongs in europe. cars pollute the envirionment anyway. time for europeans to experience the benefits of camel-based transport, friendly to the envirionment

      • shirleyanne12

        ROFLOL 😜

      • gigi4747

        And who needs dentistry?

    • John Otradovec

      France and England love their Muslims and can’t get enough.

    • Lord-Pi-314

      Nefarious…what has been done to Europe is the “Kalergi Plan”. Dirt bags like “Mrs. Specter From Sweden” (google what’s in quotes) and G. Soros, and Rothschild, can afford to finance armies of fighting age men to invade Europe and breed Whitey out of existence. It is a plan for White Genocide. The Zio Nazi Jews are implementing the Kalergi Plan for years now. They want to be the feudal rulers of the world.

    • Just Sayin’

      The US of A ain’t far behind with enclaves like Dearborn Michigan and little Mogadishu in Minnesota where it’s predominantly Muslim in these communities. Dearborn’s mayor has set up an islamaphobia hotline that if the muslims feel threatened they can call and complain, meanwhile the yoga instructor Australian lady is shot dead by the Somali policeman while sitting inside his car. The mayor has defended him despite him having a suit filed against him in May for beating a white lady so badly she needed hospitalization. You don’t have far to look to see Ameristan. Just look in your own backyard thanks to Muslim Obama. FYI, if you have a muslim father, you are a muslim. Period.

      • Nefarious420

        We recently closed down an Islamic terrorist compound in the Catskillls.

        My apostate co worker in Brooklyn is terrified his parents will find out he doesn’t believe in their cult, and put out a fatwa on him, his wife, and daughter.

        To see someone born into the Islam so scared of his own family illustrates the true evil face of this death, rape, pillaging, slavery cult, not forgetting to mention all the evils Islam perpetrates every day.

  • Spaulj67

    Does anyone think that if the Muslims burned Paris to the ground anything would change? Heck even the US had 3,000 civilians murdered in cold blood and somehow all we got was a multi decade Muslim outreach program that has resulted in the deaths of some of the best among us while added $10 trillion to our debt. All that has changed after the expense of all this blood and treasure is that Muslim countries are now even bigger <@#@ holes than they were before. I don't know about you but I have had it with anyone that follows a religion based on the teachings of mass murder. I mean come on, its not hard to see that no amount of blood or treasure will ever fix a society based upon this foundation. I say, send every last one of them back to their beloved Allah land. Let these accursed people be their own punishment. On the other hand the best thing we could do in the west is to create enclaves in the Middle East that are Muslim free for those that want free of this death cult can go and live in peace.

    • Dan Knight

      Common sense … so uncommon though.

      • Karenrcoria

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      • Greg Lammers

        Use uncommon methods to introduce common sense.

    • Sgtsnuffy


      • Bob Gemale

        “duh Muslims were peace and love since 600AD until duh McDonalds came to the Middle East duh”

        • Kimberlytanderson

          Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pa129d:
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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        • Mike Smith

          This is a joke, right. They were born outa violence.

          • Bob Gemale

            not what i heard. islam is peace and love. albeit goat love.

      • karl59

        Had Bush #43 immediately have signed
        an executive order after 9/11/2001 forbidding
        Muslims to enter the USA for the next 40 years
        not one member of Congress would have objected.

      • Wayne Scott

        Israel did the 911 attack with the help of Cheney and others. They left false evidence blaming the Saudi’s

      • CHARLES S

        Send ALL these trash inbred Muslims to Obuma’s mansion and make sure that they are delivered ‘inside’ his gated residence.

    • Tm.

      It is important to educate oneself as much as possible, to understand what one is truly dealing with. Keep yourselves fit and active, attend church even if you do not believe, because a close bond with churchgoers will be important. Educate your children in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, and science. Get involved politically to the best of you ability.

      • marlene

        And DON’T let the government take your guns!

      • gigi4747

        I go to Mass every week, so I have no objections to your advice, but I am wondering why you believe a close bond with churchgoers will be important.

    • Nefarious420

      The Twin Towers fell, thousands died, and President Bush snuck the Saudi royalty out of America, and issued an apology to the religion of blow you to pieces, Islam.

      All politicians have a price, ours just come at the price of human blood, and contracts/deals.

    • rdlynn

      One safe enclave was called Europe.

    • Generalpatern

      The enclaves will be very difficult to protect, expensive, I would not wanna be stuck in a non mus enclave surrounded by em.

    • katie65

      It probably would not get reported by the bbc that is for sure

    • Stephen Honig

      It’s difficult to argue with the Book of Revelations. Every day I see it happening. Evil is permeated with Muslim countries and nut jobs like Kim Jung Nuts, having nuclear weapons. Einstein said that WW111 will be fought with sticks and stones.

    • TheHolyCrow

      Every one of you had better google “The Kalergi Plan”. This plan will see mass migration of third world people into countries where the Whites live. The Zio-Nazi Khazars have been bringing this plan to fruition. They want theWhite Europeans, and the White Americans bred out of existence. It is WHITE GENOCIDE. TheZio-Khazars want a race of mixed morons that they can rule over, as the Master Race, the Chosen Rulers. This plan was thought up well before WW2. Now we have rich oligarchs like Rothschild, Soros, and others who can buy new clothes and cell phones for armies of fighting age men from North Africa, the Middle East, and other turd world regions. They will be shipped around to EAT YOUR LUNCH ! I am not talking about a few immigrants here and a few there, I am talking about millions at a time. It has happened to Europe already. It is beginning now in USA.

  • Risto Kantonen

    Meanwhile the French government wants to accelerate the exposure of France to these hybrid threat elements:

    • Eric Rowland

      As does Corbyn, here. His battle-cry: “More open borders!”.

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        Corbyn and Macron should be sent to Siberia.

        • gigi4747

          Or Pakistan, since they seem to find Islam so harmless.

  • arnoldspriggs

    Old Chinese proverb :

    Kill one – terrify a thousand.

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    I wish the native French police would go on strike against the government until muslims start being deported and no more imports.

  • Dan Knight

    Surprising: France hasn’t cancelled Bastille day. Not that they should celebrate it.

    Burning cars and attacking cops seems like the perfect way to celebrate Bastille day.

    What the French should do for Bastille day is wear sack cloth and ashes, and sing ‘The Day France Died.’

    The French need to decide soon …

    Will they choose France? Or…

    Go down with the Left-tanic?

    • Thomas J. Hennigan

      I agree that they have nothing to celebrate with that horrible Revolution which brought on the Reign of Terror and Napolean, not forgetting the genocide of Vendée.

  • “…will have to be answered in court…” ???? hahahaha good luck with that. Courts is not what is needed. ACTION is.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • c_chandler

      france has actually raided mosques and found their weapon caches. why hasn’t america?

      • Nefarious420

        America is fooled into thinking Islam is a religion, and not the cult it truly is.

  • Tm.

    How can the citizens of that country live like that? It must be Hell, I don’t know how they manage. People had their chance, could have voted for LePen. They got what they wanted. I have no high opinion of them. They leaned left. Welcome to your world.
    You should have closed your borders, you should have exited EU. You could have implemented strict codes to deport troublemakers and their families. It appears to be a lawless land, everyone goes about on pins and needles. I always wanted to see France, but that’s off the table, like many other countries are. I hope they have enough vision to understand matters will get worse.

    • Generalpatern

      I agree, just like the 2 killings in egypt, knowing what these places are filled with why go to a mid east state at all, plenty other warm places with old rocks, so spend your money elsewhere, do not fund terrorism, coz tourism does.

      • c_chandler

        and now we have the highly praised muslim policeman in minneapolis who kills an australian woman because he heard a noise while sitting in the police car. stupid noor needs to be fired and placed in prison for murder.

  • Truthhurts

    So what’s Macron having for din din this evening?

    • Generalpatern


  • Mrs. Chief

    European governments have not realized there at war. These acts of violence are acts of war. You use an army when you’re being attacked with acts of war not the police.

  • putupjob

    burning cars is the muslim version of fireworks.

  • gia

    Sounds like the whole of France is a no go zone . It’s not that big of a country I think a million more Muslim refugees should be invited a.s.a.p ! How do these cops even get up and go to work each day? I would have quit long ago! You couldn’t pay me enough ! This is war and the enemy is an invited guest.
    We are watching Europe completely fall . So sad, nobody had enough balls to say Hell No! We don’t want them!

  • Black Eagle

    Rioting murderers like this should be greeted with armed soldiers, with orders to shoot to kill. It will happen eventually, but not for a long time. Perhaps Emperor Macron will go full-bore Napoleon, and do it, “rule like a god” — hopefully not like Allah.

  • Linda Gersin

    Frenchmen wear pink silky ruffled panties
    ,,, Jim.

    • Nefarious420

      They would take that as a compliment on their fashion

      • Linda Gersin

        Knowing their history, you’re no doubt correct ! … L.O.L. ………………………………. Jim.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      R they crotchless?

  • ties

    People need to take there countries back from the Evil open borders. One World Order ,of the EU and NATO,,,, Trump is on the wright track

    • Generalpatern

      the wright track does not go far enough.

  • Michael

    France voted for this when they elected Macron over Le Pen and now they have 5 more years and 4 more Ramadans to go, good luck to them they’re going to need it.

  • desperaddo


    • shirleyanne12

      LOL 😜🤣

  • Daiseymae

    You let trash into your country; all you are going to get is more trash.

  • harbidoll

    fire is the devils #1 friend

  • Alleged Comment

    Terribly amusing now. Silly Frenchy. Now France Fries is the new thing.

  • Joe Adam-Smith

    The lower arrests would be the result of INCREASED violence. If officers are trying to contain violence it is difficult to make arrests unless you have large numbers of security forces as back-up

    • Mike Ogston

      But why nothing in the mainstream press? This is rhetorical. They would like us not to know the great master plan so that when the takeover DOES happen then it’s too late to retaliate! Job done!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Restore the gun rights of the French citizenry and watch the whole complexion of things change for the better. Oh wait, that would require the sort of intestinal fortitude of which only Marine Le Pen is capable.

  • Alwyn Dixon

    This is why in England, the French are fondly known as “cheese eating surrender monkeys”

  • Keith1941

    Currently, I’m visiting Germany. I don’t think many of these people have a clue as to what is happening to them. I realize I’m not talking to the whole populace, but it seems the ignorance of history is astounding.

  • EB

    The really shocking thing is I cannot find ANY other sources for this. A Google search for “Paris riots” with filter of “News” and “last 7 days” gives junk but ZERO connected articles. You would think a 2 day riot which sees 13 security personnel injured and a defensive shooting would merit worldwide reporting. Despite the lack of cross reference I accept this report until proven otherwise. What really scares me is how the media is cooperating in a black out. We are being lied to somewhere.

    • Yankeegator

      Media works for the Globalist. They only show the propaganda they want us to see.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re not kidding, nothing in the enemedia. It’s like 1984, if we didn’t report it, it didn’t happen.

  • Lamont Cranston

    The European Governments have sold out their people………….it could never happen in the US…………not until the US government disarms all of the Country…………….then hold on to your seat……The UN is behind all of this crap……….

  • Eric Rowland

    Things seem to be going exactly as planned. No other outcome could be expected. Just keep flooding Europe with this scum and let the disastrous results fall onto the shoulders of the masses. The wealthy elite will not suffer. They don’t give a tinker’s for us.

  • Political_qrm

    Didn’t see any of this on network news…. guess it doesn’t fit the narrative.. When are the French going to start fighting back? During the Nazi occupation of France at least they had the Resistance… well, they also had the communists fighting back, but that’s another matter… at least both groups wanted the Nazis out. It’s up to French people to get their act together; get rid of the muslim loving politicians and take your country back.

  • Stephen Honig

    This is the beginning of the end. The ball is rolling like in a Greek tragedy. The anti-Christ will make friends between Jews and Muslims. After 8 years it becomes the apocalypse. Sorry folks, but no one can stop it.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Better an apocalypse than the entire world be dragged back to a new, 8th century, muslum dark ages.

  • Joe Smith

    And the USA’s liberals want these people to come to the states. SMH

  • Pickled Liver

    I guess they’ve surrendered already !

  • Michael C.
  • Michael C.

    This is what happens with open borders, open immigration policy, no good program to assimilate immigrants into their new surroundings and culture. Then you are dealing with a barbaric religion that its holy book teaches them for over 1,400 YEARS to kill infidels who do not convert to Islam, and if they do convert then they will be considered second class citizens and have to pay a tax. The conventional Muslim epithets for Jews, apes, and Christians, pigs derive from Quranic verse. How do you change the mindset for people who have these radical religious views?

  • JoeNormal

    After you shoot the first dozen or two…….the “car burning” should slow down. The fact that this car-burning is tolerated in the “no-go zones” that the French insist don’t exist……is why the cars are burned. No penalty for burning them….so why not?

  • freepetta

    Does anybody wonder why France’s tourism is suffering? The people of France asked for this by voting in the new liberal phony Prime Sinister. These politicians have ruined there countries and changing them into a playground for violent rapists and killers.

    Paris looks like Saudi Arabia. You politicians are the ruination of your own countries.

    Luckily we threw Hussein out of office along with his protege Hillary ROT HAM Clinton before they could do more damage. Now our beloved President has to get rid of all the criminals and terrorists and he is!!

  • Akash Sinha

    Side effect of secularism…..govt busy in Muslim appeasement and innocent peoples are paying the cost.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The vast majority (all?) of the politicians in Eurabia and the Europeon Urinal are atheists.

  • Revisionist

    Secularism lost in the Arab countries. … now Arab Muslims are being fed , housed, and clothed in the EU as ” refugees” secularism is at war with Islam and refuse to see it . .liberal Secularist leaders are surrendering their countries to Islam rather than admit they were wrong and lose political power. .

  • Stefanie Daniella

    inevitable …
    that muhammadans … superficially “nice/harmless/peaceful”
    sleepy (borderline apostate/hypocrite/moderate)
    stealthy “lethal sleeper” (hijrah-mode mujahideen = invading warrior)

    all …
    can fully awaken to full-on all-out ACTIVE true-colors (jihad-mode = violently combative warrior) mini-muhammads … seeking enslaving tyranny of victorious quranic terror

    there ya go … i could see it coming, as did many others …
    why so many so blind to its inevitability!?

  • karl59

    Marine LePen should have been President

  • Rastus

    After Napoleon, French military power is laughable. Germany occupied France within a month. The muslim invasion will be longer but the result will be the same. A once proud race relegated to history. France did have a chance at the last election to change things, but failed. Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • Terry B
  • marlene

    Americans, don’t let them take our guns!

  • Jake Williams

    Merkel the moll is to blame for all this

  • Fed Up

    French police need to USE THEIR GUNS against Muslim rioters! What in the name of hell is wrong with our worthless liberal politicians. Maybe it is time for a revolt — of the common people against incompetent and/or morally corrupt politicians on a world-wide basis!

    • Mike Smith

      These are Muslim terrorist, un-uniformed enemies and must b called spies and shot on sight.

  • Defiant

    Not enough free stuff? Maybe they’re rioting because they’re running out of young French girls to rape.

  • batu

    You must understand that many French leaders hate the French, many German leaders hate the Germans, and the Swedish leaders hate the Swedes. That is why a white replacement program is in full effect and you can see it you open your eyes.

  • batu

    Merkle won’t give a limit on refugees, WHY? Because she wants to “flood” Europe with low IQ refugees.

  • batu

    Our Shepard in the Vatican turned his back on Christian Europe. Surely he must be aware that Europe is being over run with moslems.

  • Dominick Perez

    Gee I wonder why this wasn’t covered by the MSM?

  • Charles Hadden

    The West marginalized Christianity and now they must reap the whirlwind. History repeats itself. Maranatha.

  • Mike Smith

    Why wasn’t this on @Foxnews

  • Mike Smith

    This has been hidden in the same way the massive crime of Blacks & Mexicans from 1970’s to 90’s. After Mexicans took over from LA to Victorville CA the Mexican violence calmed down a little to where we here nothing anymore. Why?Because they’ve taken over and don’t to commit as much. They have all the jobs now. And in Vegas too.

  • Foong Mun Loh

    obviously, they need American cops in Europe……………those European cops got no balls to shoot………..

  • Jacques Devin

    France must stop this nonsense, shoot to kill when ever some BS like this occurred and these so called “refugees” will get the messages … that’s the only language they understand.

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