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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Mosque Founder Under 24/7 Police Guard After Allowing Gays and Women Without Veils


Seyran Ates, a Turkish lawyer who opened the Ibn Rushd Goethe Mosque in Germany, sparked a massive Muslim backlash for her liberal views of Islam — so much so that she now lives in fear for her life and has to have around-the-clock police protection.

So what’d she do that was so offensive to the very Muslims she tried to serve with creation of a mosque?

Seyran Ates faces death threats and intimidation because she tried to open doors to her mosque to gays, and to women who didn’t have to wear a veil.

First, she opened mosque doors to all kinds of Muslim worshippers — Sunnis, Alewives, Suffis. Secondly, she opened arms to homosexuals and atheists.

And thirdly, she did away with the requirement that face veils had to be worn.

She now faces threats from other Muslims.

The Express has the news:

Ates told The Times: “Since setting up the mosque I have received so many death threats through social media that the police decided they have to protect me around the clock.

“The hostile reactions proved how necessary the project was.”

Ms Ates has been called “the devil incarnate”.

Other social media posts called for every attendee to “burn in hell”.

Turkey’s main religious authority for Muslims, Diyanet, has also condemned the mosque founders.

The authority said it is a threat to Islam and accused those attending of being tied up with Fetulah Gueln, the Muslim cleric blamed for the failed coup of July 2016.

Diyanet in a statement: “The mosque’s practices “do not align with Islam’s fundamental resources, principles of worship, methodology or experience of more than 14 centuries, and are experiments aimed at nothing more than depraving and ruining religion.

“We are convinced that all fellow believers will keep their distance from such provocations.”

Ms Ates said: “They are labelling us as terrorists. Instead of engaging in a sensible religious debate, we’re being pilloried politically. That’s woeful.”

The premises of the mosque is currently a protestant church in Moabit, Berlin, and it attracts just a few dozen worshipers.

However, police stand guard at Friday prayers after the number of death threats. …

Ates said the abuse she gets come directly form Turkey – which has a long reach into Europe through large communities.

She said: “It’s getting more and more ridiculous.

“It’s no longer a religious matter, it’s about Erdogan and his aim to oppress progressive, liberal Turks.”

  • G P

    Why would this stupid cow expect anything else?

    What she is offering is not izlum because it is not hateful and murderous.

    • Erica Ling

      So no change, then . She is condemned by Islam and by everyone else ? At least give her credit for more courage than our vacuous liberals have. They deny truth because they fear adverse opinions, name calling, not death.

      • wilypagan

        GP apparently hates women from the tenor of his comments. I think she is a brave women, although I think Ataturk was more into reality when he dragged his people into the 21st century and away from followers of the pedophile. How can a religion founded by a pedophile ever be reformed?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is quite unusual for germany, normally any infraction of shari’a is punished by both the mutaween of which germany have now deputized to patrol the streets or german law.

    • JacksonPearson

      The local Muslims will eventually capture her, dig a hole, and stone her death. Because that’s the 1400 year old barbarian way. /S

  • Richard

    Police have a duty to the public, not to be a single persons 24/7 bodyguard.

  • Jeremy Wessel

    “Alewives”? Looks like autocorrect causing trouble

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where were the “progressive, liberal Turks” when:
    1. nearly all the f’ing muslums that blew up two synagogues in Istanbul (killing 26 people) were freed after only serving less than 10 years?
    2. the Turkish government regularly denies the genocide of 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians?
    3. No one among the Cypriot kafir al najjis has received any compensation for the lands and properties expropriated from them when their 40% of their country was invaded (without cause of provocation) and annexed by the f’ing Turkish muslums in the 1970’s?

    • Erica Ling

      Turkey is of strategic use to the West. That’s why we condone their abuse of human rights. Who cares about Greece, or Cyprus ? Certainly not the UN. Its sole purpose today is to promote its Arab puppeteers’ interests. I see a change of S.G. is meaningless. The hounding of Israel continues.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        “Turkey is of strategic use to the West.” Since when should the dying free world be allied w/totalitarian, genocidal, religious apartheid states? What exactly do you claim to represent if you have such allies? How do you claim to support freedom and democracy on the one hand while embracing islum on the other?

        • Erica Ling

          Izzy, you speak about the ideal world. We all know what standards we want to live by. I speak of the reality we have, here and now. “Turkey is of strategic use to the West ” and to Russia, is an irrefutable fact, even considering it for EU membership. All policies relating to Turkey proceed from that FACT. Sadly, if Israel had not been made a pariah , she would be the most important state in the M.E., wooed and fawned over, perhaps justifying the conspiracy nuts’ belief of Jewish world influence ! Then we could have gone after Turkey with every legal and economic weapon at our disposal. Pragmatism ? This is nothing new. My country’s history in the M.E. , especially after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, re. Jews and Arabs, is a real cringe worthy episode of botched pragmatism.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            There are other FREE states that would make better allies in geographic proximity to Turkey (spit). Armenia for one.
            Your fake ally Turkey unilaterally invaded, annexed and ethnically cleansed 40% of Cyprus while the cucks in NATO did NOTHING.

          • Erica Ling

            Ideally, I would consign Turkey to the dustbin of history, especially as they have been pouring into Europe since the 70s and are the worst group for integration. Not my ally, any more than Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or that JCPOA travesty bringing Iran back into the fold. You ask Trump about Turkey.

  • Deplorable/dx

    “””Muslim backlash for her liberal views of Islam — so much so that she now lives in fear for her life and has to have around-the-clock police protection.””

    We’ve been told that islam is the religion of peace ,tolerance and love ,so why does she needs protection????

    • Dutch girl

      the opinion that islam is a religion of peace is a lie coming from islamists to promote / forward their ¨religion¨ Everybody knows that the islam is just one of the systems to tyrannically suppress people. Remember that you can´t trust any muslim, because of this ¨permission to lie¨ written in their quran. No matter what the say, the will lie for the propagation of islam. If there are any peace full muslims that accept western way of living, the will turn to violence when they come under pressure from their ¨fellow¨ islam followers with less liberal views. This has been a fact throughout history, remember, Germany under Nazi´s, Russia under Stalin, China under Mao Zedong, Vietnam under Pholpot, South Africa under Botha, etcetera. When did the peacefull majority of people in those countries at that time matter? It did not! Do we think that it will be different for devout muslim believers that say the are peacefull? if you do, than history will teach us a painful lesson again….

      • joc22

        Glad to see someone, possibly from Holland, is standing up to these heathens. There is a lot of muslim that want change and a reformation of sort, but as yet the religion is a long way from accomplishing that. Maybe in another 100 years, if the jihadists don’t kill them all or force them into hiding again

        • Dutch girl

          Yes From Holland, the land where you can legally smoke pot, but can´t carry A toy gun (yes really, it´s prohibited by law) can´t carry pepper spray, If you want to own a firearm you need to apply for 8 different permits / documents. But even then carrying your fire arm with you is still not allowed. Use of firearms is only permitted in a indoor range. These rules apply to most EU countries, so in effect we are totally defenceless.. I break my head over thoughts how to defend against the invasion of islam. What can I do other then voting for Geert Wilders..? In Holland we have the same problems; the people in charge (politics, religious leaders and police) looking the other way; When a muslim raped a young woman in june ( and took her cellphone. The official comment was that the police could not find this man (the police always avoid saying that it was a mulsim refugee) The rapped woman tracked down her cellphone, and she did find out that her cell was used by this refugee, but only after a strong public pressure, only then the police would arrest this man. And this reffugee could still apply for a visa to stay… wonder how it is possible that this muslim problem persist all over the world and is ignored by the majority of political leaders everywhere, why? The only thing that I can think of, it´s done deliberately by the NWO, but for what reason?

          • Dutch girl
          • joc22

            We have a less stringent regulations in Canada but Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada don’t like it and will try to bring in their version of gun control. Just as it is in the US, it is one of the rights that a majority of Canadians hold onto dearly but these lapdogs will try. It’s one of the first things Fascist, Communist and Globalist go after in order to control the masses. That’s the main reason the USA’s Founding Fathers wrote in into their Constitutions, the best constitution ever written.
            With the exception of a few political leaders, in Holland, Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and possible Finland that are repulsing the German and Nazi supporter Goerge Soros Globalists dominated EU commands to take in more of these reprobates, in order to have cheap slave labor.
            IF I were you Dutch Girl, you should try to leave for a better place to live either in the US, Canada, the Caribbean or in one of the countries mentioned. European is falling, Sweden is nearly there, Belgium and Holland are close behind along with France and the rest of the EU. The Brits maybe able to survive, if they can get out of the EU.
            Good luck dear lady

        • Erica Ling

          I would really like to believe in Islam changing, but fear appears to be paralysing them. Germany makes pathetic attempts to promote the “liberal Muslim”, a contradiction in terms. Especially love the organised march !

    • Erica Ling

      This is why Islam will never change. Anyone who attempts to reform is either dead or under 24 /7 protection. Sad thing is, we are encouraging / helping the lunatics run the asylum.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Wrong, there’s nothing to reform in islum, because it’s fundamentally evil.

    • Ray_Sears


  • Deplorable/dx

    Poor little lemming ,she needs big bad people with GUNS to protect her .
    Icing on the cake : This was the german showcase and example of muslim integration mosque

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Has this muslum POS denounced the Jew hatred found in all her holey books? Has this muslum POS repudiated the calls to jihad made by her holey prophet, muhamMAD?
    Just because the SS persecuted the SA doesn’t make them my friend or ally.

  • Daizys Loyd

    Of course it’s a threat to Islam because is Lame is of the devil and clearly this woman is courageous and decent, and that’s the opposite of what is Lame stands for. So of course they are going to want to kill her. Erdogan should be shot in the head close range. He has no jurisdiction outside of his thugs’ den. World leaders should do something to put that goon back in his place.

  • MTC

    Islam doesn’t belong in modern civilization, period.

  • InfidelCrusader

    This is why Islam will never be reformed. Anyone who tries is killed.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      There’s nothing to reform. You can’t reform evil.

  • joe1429

    I agree.. if she does not get out of town, the locals will eventually kill her.. Cannot teach old inbreds new costumes

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