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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Montreal Police Investigating ‘DEATH TO ISRAEL’ Rapper After B’nai Brith Complaint


This guy is brutal. Go to his Facebook page. He is so hateful and radical that he thinks even Linda Sarsour is too timid and collaborationist.

“Azaziah, who calls himself ‘the Iraqi destroyer of Jewish lies,’ has published dozens of songs where he calls members of the Jewish community ‘demons’ and ‘parasites,’ while describing them as servants of Shaytan, the Arabic term for ‘Satan.’ Many of his verses propagate Holocaust denial, while others advocate genocide.”

Azaziah says he is Iraqi, but the name “Jonathan” suggests he is Christian, not Muslim. That means he is carrying water for the same forces that decimated and destroyed his own community in Iraq: Muslims who wish to subjugate Christians just as they want to subjugate Jews. If Azaziah is an Iraqi Christian, he is a quintessential Useful Idiot.

“Montreal Police Investigating ‘Death to Israel’ Rapper After B’nai Brith Complaint,” by Aidan Fishman, G.S. Samra and Marty York, B’nai Brith Canada, July 14, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

MONTREAL – Following an investigation and subsequent complaint by B’nai Brith Canada, the Hate Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police Service has launched an investigation of its own into a rapper who promotes antisemitism and spends much of his time in Montreal.

Caroline Cournoyer, Commander of the Hate Crimes Unit in Montreal, told B’nai Brith Friday that Jonathan Azaziah, also known as Madd Cold, is the subject of an in-depth probe because of information brought forward by B’nai Brith. She called the pursuit of the rapper a priority.

“An investigation is under way and [findings] will be sent to our prosecution,” Commander Cournoyer said. “We will try to find this person. This is really important for us. It is serious. We have [B’nai Brith’s] materials and we will go further.”

Azaziah’s self-proclaimed goal with his music is to “liberate the current discourse in Western circles that centres around appeasing Zionist Jews, who constitute the greatest threat to the survival of human beings on Earth.”

Azaziah, who calls himself “the Iraqi destroyer of Jewish lies,” has published dozens of songs where he calls members of the Jewish community “demons” and “parasites,” while describing them as servants of Shaytan, the Arabic term for ‘Satan.’ Many of his verses propagate Holocaust denial, while others advocate genocide.

For example, during the song “How the Hooks Hook,” he says of Jewish people: “I don’t want to murder you quick/I want you to suffer for pitting brother against brother, destroying each other, and tearing us all asunder in your servitude pits.”

In direct response to complaints from B’nai Brith, global music distributors have begun removing Azaziah’s content.

Following the removal of his music from the streaming site BandCamp, Azaziah took to social media to proclaim that the site, which was co-founded by two Jewish entrepreneurs, “decided to shut me down like they were performing some sort of Talmudic excommuniation (sic) ritual.”

He also wrote: “The moment you start naming names, spitting/singing with the I.Z.J.Y. (‘Israel’, Zionists, Jews, Yahoudlings) lexicon and offering unequivocal musical support to the nations and movements fighting Empire Judaica, that’s when you’re gonna get hit with a Kabbalistic disappearance hex.”

“We are pleased that the Montreal Hate Crimes Unit is taking this matter very seriously,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Azaziah has not only proclaimed his desire to murder Jews but encourages others to do the same. This is perhaps the most clear-cut case of incitement to violence against the Jewish people in Canada that we have seen in a long time….

The biggest hit for Azaziah, who hails from New York and also spends time in Florida, is a lurid number called “Death to Israel.” In June, he was the subject of a glowing profile in the American Herald Tribune, a conspiracy-theory website edited by disgraced University of Lethbridge Professor Anthony Hall.

On Friday, following a Jerusalem terror attack that left two Israeli-Druze police officers dead, Azaziah went to social media to praise the “heroes” who perpetrated the attack for sending the officers to Jahannam, which refers to the Islamic concept of Hell.

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  • JWM

    There’s a complaint that is going nowhere.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It would not make the liberal look good ti allow it to have any credibility. It will bet buried paperwork and forgotten.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why is the qur’an not identified as hate literature? It clearly demands the death of identifiable groups, advocates violence, rape, theft and murder as well as racial prejudice and misogyny

    • Ichabod Crain

      …as well as anti-Semitism.

  • GandalfsTrouserpress

    Another paranoid narcissist with a microphone.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where is Canadastan’s HRC on this? And whither will the investigation lead? I’m betting on nowhere.

  • Ichabod Crain

    “Azaziah says he is Iraqi, but the name “Jonathan” suggests he is Christian, not Muslim.”
    Do you actually think “Jonathan” is his real name, as opposed to, maybe, his stage name? This guy is no Christian.

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