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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Minnesota: Gubernatorial Candidate and City Residents Blast Islam and Sharia Law


“We have to have some rules. I don’t care what religion or what background you come from. The rule of law has to prevail and if we don’t have that we’re not going to have a nation anymore.”

That’s right. This is the kind of pushback we have long needed, and need to see much, much more of. These good people will be denounced as “islamophobes,” but they’re right. Why should they, or any people anywhere, silently sit by and do nothing while their communities are overwhelmed with people who have a radically different vision of society, and who all too often come as hostile invaders?

“Gubernatorial Candidate and City Residents Blast Islam and Sharia Law,” by Anders Koskinen, Alpha News, July 11, 2017:

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Claiming fears of Sharia law and more attacks like the Crossroads Mall stabbing, a number of St. Cloud residents took advantage of a public comment period to demand their city council look more closely at the issue of refugee resettlement in the area.

Five people spoke during the 10-minute long public comment meeting at Monday’s St. Cloud City Council meeting.

Speakers ranged from non-specifically calling for a more in-depth discussion of the refugee situation, to asking for actions to be taken to prevent more attacks like the Crossroads Mall attack, to ensuring the continuation of the rule of law.

“We have to have some rules,” a woman who identified herself as Kay Steiner said. “I don’t care what religion or what background you come from. The rule of law has to prevail and if we don’t have that we’re not going to have a nation anymore.”

One woman drove in from Minneapolis to talk about the issues there, where several young Somali men worked to join ISIS. The woman did not identify herself, but said she was attempting to collect data in order to examine what she called a “stealth invasion.”

“We are beginning the arduous task of collecting data on this stealth invasion. We are here to request information from you,” she said. “How many refugees are coming? From where? And what will be the costs? How do the expected arrivals fit the city plan? And then who should I follow up with in a few weeks?

The harshest rhetoric came from St. Cloud resident and Republican candidate for governor Christopher Chamberlin. Though Chamberlin started by just calling for an examination of the economic and social costs of the refugee settlement program, his two minutes quickly turned to an attack on Islam and what he perceives to be fundamental flaws with the religion.

“Now you have seen I’m sure many people say ‘It’s not about Islam, it’s not about Sharia.’ It is,” Chamberlin said. “Sharia law is the very basis for every demand that Muslims make on society today. Whether it be special treatment in hospitals, books being vetted, women wearing headscarves, the ownership of their bride, four male witnesses to provide a testimony against a rape. This is not what America stands for and this is not what my home St. Cloud stands for.”…

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  • Pray Hard

    There is no “refugee situation”. There is an invasion.

    • Suresh

      But its important to speak out in public while spreading info on islam/Jihad that MSM will not do.

      These jihadi “refugees” don’t even spare Christian Aid worker

      And of course Obama and his Left/liberal Pro-Islam Goons prevented this from leaking out to media because it would have woken up at least some of the American voters and affected the pro-islam scumbags from getting elected.

      • Mark Steiner

        Chamberlin has a willing audience in St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Waite Park and Sartell. If he is a serious gubernatorial candidate, he will have his hands full in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington.

        • Craig

          Yes. My wife is from St. Paul, and it was super liberal back in the 1970’s. That area is completely nuts, now.

          • Mark Steiner

            So am I. Left there in 1975.

        • Rob Porter

          Mark, people must get off their fat, lazy, apathetic duffs and join the fight to preserve civilization. People must get out and support him in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington!

          • Mark Steiner

            Agreed 100% Rob. However, the one power that can make a difference, the power of God and His word, must not be ignored. Since the Far left that runs Minnesota already has much ill-gotten power, boldly proclaiming God and His righteousness may not be popular politically, but it will get results. Hope he does well in any case.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    shari’a would be a despised, abhorred, loathed as well as mocked and ridiculed. It has no place on earth. shari’a is evil codified for the rationalization of criminally insane actions that are not natural to humans.

  • MarvLS1

    Funny how the liberals who allegedly support women’s rights are the first ones to defend the Muslims in their oppression of women.

    • SRN99

      They are losers like the filthy fake prophet

  • Sharon ODonnell

    “This is not what America stands for and this is not what my home St. Cloud stands for.”…
    St. Cloud resident and Republican candidate for governor Christopher Chamberlin ..
    That Sir,
    is how you Win elections .
    Give no quarter .
    Resist the Devil and He will flee .
    Repel The Invaders++++

  • Craig

    Minneapolis, MN, was given a sh$t load of Somali muslim savages. There have been untold numbers of fights, assaults, robberies, know, the usual when sub-human muslim savages are brought to a modern country.
    Rat obama was trying to move America to sharia, but Americans are way smarter that rat obama thought they were.
    Somali muslims do the female genital mutliation, believe sharia is supreme and have merely moved their dirt hut way of life to Minneapolis.
    The somali savages should be rounded up and shipped BACK to somalia (used to be called “somaliland”.)

    • JacksonPearson

      Poland has it nailed right: “No refugees, means no terrorism.”

      • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

        Most Excellent Statement. The USA should adopt the same policy.

    • Carowal

      Alas, I have my doubts about how smart Americans are…look at the mess we’ve created with all these unvetted, anti-American immigrants that have been allowed to immigrate here over the past 16 years, because George W. Bush was at it too, not JUST Obama. Shining a spotlight on the conversations going on in more rural America is vital now, to start the push back. Otherwise, we’re history.

  • NukeMecca

    The only good Muslime is a DEAD Muslime. . .
    Outlaw Islam – NUke Mecca!

    • Fred

      Darn right!

      First get the savages out of the USA, send them to a third world cesspool, then nuke the place!

  • Michael Buley

    the woman referred to ‘stealth invasion.’ There is a book by that title, which is likely where she got that term. That book really opened my eyes — late in the game, but better late than not at all — to what is happening.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wish I had a gubernatorial candidate like Christopher Chamberlain to vote for.

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    A dead Muslim is a peaceful Muslim.
    Blessed are the Peacemakers..

    Semper Fi.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    We have enough street criminals already, we don’t need to import more of them.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Let’s export criminals to the muslim nations.

  • margstar

    THANK YOU PAMELA GELLER! We finally got our people ready to confront the cowardly city council. We have a petition started and are JUST beginning to TAKE OUR CITY BACK! My grandchildren were just recently (7/4/17) exposed to a gang of Somali teen boys who exposed themselves to the little ones. And our city leaders yawn! How many kids have been abused by the bullies in the schools where they can’t use the bathrooms and wait until they get home? How many female teachers have been abused and told “it’s just their culture” and ignore it? It’s got to stop. Thank you, Pamela!

  • Christopher William Chamberlin

    I will not bow down to Islam, I will not submit, I will not stop fighting! We must, As Americans, unite in a common interest in stopping the stealth Invasion by Islam!
    @realChamberlin on Twitter

    • Michael Copeland

      Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never – Winston Churchill

  • Jeff Moffitt

    Give em a choice leave or die!

  • Sunshine Kid

    I do not offer any explanation about Mohammad or of his evil deity, but I will never deny those who believe in the two false beings to be personally introduced.

  • WM1

    Wow! A real candidate for a state who’s not a ‘useful infidel’? He doesn’t stand a chance of being elected in Minnesota.

  • Dorrie

    The Twin Cities are not called “Little Mogadishu” for a reason. Ugh, they used to be such a classy part of the country …

  • Apothis

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune will not publish any news about this meeting. That says it all. Thank you Pamela Geller.

    • Mongocutwood

      Are they still referred to as the Red Star Tribune?

      • Apothis

        Yup. It’s even worse since President Trump won.

  • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

    It is refreshing to see someone aware of the fundamental issues here. We don’t Hate Islam, but we will not allow Sharia Law to replace our Constitution and Mosaic Laws. This Nation was founded on these Laws, and this Nation’s civilization, culture, and stability are based upon our beliefs and laws. To allow Sharia Law or “No Go Zones” is utter anarchy and displacement of the American way of life. This is a cultural and religious war which must be won. Any that immigrate must accept our laws, culture and civilization or leave. There is no other way except outright armed conflict to resolve these issues. I am prepared to go to any length to protect my country and culture, as I took an oath to “Defend my country against all enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.” and I will never disregard nor fail to uphold that oath.

  • bandonbeachbum

    Don’t forget this quote from Pamela Geller….”In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.

  • John Carlson

    Radical Muhammadism is true Muhammadism

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