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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Michigan Passes Law Sending Female Genital Mutilators to Jail for 15 Years


A new law passed in quick-time in Michigan will send those found guilty of female genital mutilation to jail for up to 15 years.

That includes doctors, parents and anyone who takes part in the procedure.

Female genital mutilation is a barbaric act of savagery committed on girls being raised in Islamic communities.

The law was written and passed in the wake of a widely reported and horrific discovery of the procedure being conducted on two girls from Minnesota and four from Michigan allegedly by a doctor in Detroit. The federal government investigating the incident said the FGM was pushed in these instances by an India-based Muslim sect called Dawoodi Bohra.

Fox News has the background of the new law:

“Those who commit these horrendous crimes should be held accountable for their actions, and these bills stiffen the penalties for offenders while providing additional support to victims,” Gov. Rick Snyder said in a statement. “This legislation is an important step toward eliminating this despicable practice in Michigan while empowering victims to find healing and justice.”

The practice, also known as female circumcision or cutting, is a federal crime punishable by five years in prison. But the new Michigan laws — which also give prosecutors and victims more time to pursue such cases — create harsher penalties for procedures that have been condemned by the United Nation but are common for girls in some parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Michigan is the 26th state to officially ban the practice in the U.S. The state laws take effect in October.

The new laws apply to parents or others who knowingly facilitate genital mutilation, including by transporting girls to another state for the procedure. Defendants in such cases will not be able to defend themselves in court by saying it is a custom or ritual.

Under the laws, the statute of limitations for criminal charges to be filed will be 10 years or by the alleged victim’s 21st birthday, whichever is later. Victims will be able to sue for damages until their 28th birthday, which is longer than the previous two-year window after the discovery of harm.

The state Department of Health and Human Services will develop an educational and outreach program targeting specific populations, including girls who may be at risk. Teachers, physicians and police also will receive information.

Advocates say few states have enacted education requirements or longer statutes of limitations.

“This barbaric procedure has no accepted health benefits and is only performed to exercise control over young women,” said one of the bill sponsors, Republican Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton. “We owe it to our girls to give law enforcement and prosecutors every available tool to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Fifteen years is entirely reasonable. That inhuman practice must be eradicated immediacy and permanently.

  • pdxnag

    It is horribly sadistic when a terrorist cult terrorizes their own young, their young girls.

    It is good to see a rational response rather than queasy cheers and seal-clapping in celebration of “DIVERSITY.”

    • robscottw

      One of the pillars of Islam is making sure that women don’t enjoy life at all.

  • Craig

    FINALLY, some American with guts. Now, if they can just deport the muzzies they will be much better off.

    • Toy Pupanbai

      Any jail sentence should be followed by Deportation!
      A declaration of Persona Non Grata!

  • Bronish

    I think further punishment should be in order: for the men/ boys involved, castration asap….for the women/girls promoting FGM, force them to get it.

    • OhioGal

      Yes, and castration for those who rape as well, their lot cannot be reformed as it is accepted and condoned by their slave totalitarian system.

    • Gill Payne

      Those women who perform FGM on young girls and the mothers who allow it have ALREADY had it done to them.

  • JacksonPearson
    • Toy Pupanbai

      Unfortunately, they do not realize they are in jail!

  • Poppey

    America with the leading entertainment industry in the world could lead a righteous crusade on this issue – IF your West coast left wing luvvies could be parted from their virtue signalling, but I’m a realist.

    Passing legislation is one thing, getting reports and then convictions quite another as the UK has proved over 32 years. A 14 year sentence upon conviction has not prevented thousands being cut.

    You don’t need many “family murders” or acid attacks on informers to shut down co-operation from those such laws are intended to help. I hope to read of some new ideas on here which address these issues instead of the usual trite ya boo nonsense.

  • Laura Mullen

    Just this week the ACLU IN MAINE STOPPED A SIMILAR ANTI-FGM LAW FROM BEING PASSED! Everybody needs to know that the ACLU is in favor of female genital mutilation and the muslims who do it.

    • robscottw

      Yep, no Santa Claus at work but it is ok to butcher the genitals of girls.

      What moral depravity the ACLU has sunk to.

    • lastmanonthewall

      Puts the Democratic Party in a pickle, doesn’t it?

  • Teresa Scott Bolen

    The poor little girls of Dearborn Michigan who have already undergone this horrific mutilation…..

  • Sunshine Kid

    Great! Now let us ban Sharia!

  • Carl Schirg

    This barbaric treatment of young women is barbaric. They people that due this are a small minority of certain sects and are abhorred by All American Muslims.I know many American Muslims who fight for our country, follow it’s laws,. and these small sect give All American Muslims a bad name. Respect upstanding American Muslims they should not be treated like isis or these minority of sect who have found their way to America.

  • Jeremy Steering

    But will they have the will to enforce it? Here in Britain, despite being illegal for more than 30 years there have been NO prosecutions. Last year alone there were 5400 reported cases – and who knows how many unreported – a third of them Somalis. Whereas Britain is crippled by political correctness and a terror of offending its minorities, neighbouring France has the courage to take them on, having brought more than a hundred high profile prosecutions.

  • Stephen Honig

    I have a better idea than FGM. Put chastity belts on every female Muslim and by attrition there will be no more births.

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