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Media in All-Out Effort to Portray Muslim Killer Cop Mohamed Noor as the Victim


He is getting death threats — or so goes the claim. And a Muslim leader in Minneapolis is warning about “anti-Somali rhetoric.” By the time the enemedia is through, people will be thinking that Justine Damond killed Mohamed Noor. This is obscene, and is an outrage to her memory. Justine Damond deserves justice.

“Justine Damond investigation continues as police officer Mohamed Noor faces death threats,” by Mathew Murphy, Daily News Australia, July 28, 2017 (thanks to Tom):

MINNEAPOLIS Officer Mohamed Noor has received dozens of death threats as public outrage over the shooting of Australian Justine Damond explodes.

Noor, who is yet to give a statement on how Damond died, is said to feel remorse over the death of the 40-year-old life coach.

Minneapolis Police Federation president Bob Kroll, who has been in regular contact with Noor, told News Corp that he alone had received about 10 messages on his voicemail threatening himself, Noor or the police in general.

“Some have been very specific and others have been quite general death threats, not just to our office but to the 5th precinct (where Noor worked) and elsewhere,” he said. “In total there have been dozens of death threats They really aren’t helping anyone.”

Mr Kroll said Noor feels “relatively sure that he is safe” where he is staying.

Asked if that meant he had left Minneapolis, where the story is still front-page news, Mr Kroll replied, “I can’t comment on that. I don’t want to say anything that would jeopardise his safety.”…

“Warsame blasts anti-Somali rhetoric in wake of Damond shooting,” by Pat Pheifer, Star Tribune, July 24, 2017 (thanks to Tom):

Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame pushed back Sunday against what he called racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia directed at the Somali-American community after officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot Justine Damond last week.

Warsame was surrounded by at least two dozen members of the Somali community as he held a news conference outside the Darul Quba Cultural Center in south Minneapolis, which he described as “the heart of the East African community.”

He lambasted media reports and “fake news peddlers on Facebook” who called Noor “Somali killer cop,” and said former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was “talking trash” when she insinuated in a speech last week that Noor may have shot Damond for “cultural” reasons.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of rhetoric in the media where this is a Somali issue, where this person is a Somali officer,” Warsame said. “That’s very dangerous, because you’re seeing an action of an individual, a member of the Police Department, being given to the whole community. That’s unacceptable.

“I would like to tell Michele ­Bachmann personally that I’m not going anywhere and my family’s not going anywhere and the community’s not going anywhere.”…

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    Yeah, now the issue is Islamophobia. Of course. Let’s search the victim’s apartment for any traces of Islamophobia. So predictable and so sickening. Michelle Bachman knows there is a problem with the Somalis. Now they will make her an issue too. Diversity must be protected at all costs because, “Diversity is our strength.” And you will NEVER see that slogan in any non-Western country. This is a sick, mentally unbalanced, altruistic, white thing.

    • Ebayer

      And of course Noor is all too happy to play upon this mental illness whites have. They all do.

      • sodacrackers2

        They recognize weakness and exploit it.

    • Suresh

      Maybe they should celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced with fecal bacteria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

      They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

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    • Meoldfart Fartme — believe it or else !!!

      Text of Fatwah Urging Conversion of Unbelieving Muslims

      Published in Mecca in the Islam Comic Book on May 11, 2005
      Statement signed by Abdullah Aziz, publisher of the Islam Comic Book

      in Mecca, Egypt, Persia, Palestine, and throughout the world.

      Arab Media Cartoons Mock Israeli Capitulation Over Temple
      Mount Metal Detectors
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      we thank that about covers muzzy
      Cartoons Mock

    • GI Joe

      The issue is not Somalis. The issue is muslims. Until Western nations accept that islam is at war with Western Culture, we will continue to suffer these pinprick attacks that are becoming demoralizing to many. Some of us are just getting P.O.’d by them and have had just about all we intend to take.

      • CreoleGumbo

        The issues are not mutually exclusive. The problem IS Somalis AND Muslims.

    • Benny Rothman

      Minnesota is apologizing all the time …Please do not hurt us ….We Will Submit to ISLAM…Sharia ….etc…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    somali drug dealers in minneapolis own the lame stream media and city hall. It is not good for business for one of their enforcers to have attracted so much attention, Divert from the bad cop by turning the vicim into a criminal. Why was there a search warrant done of the murdered victims home when not even drug tests or a search on the cops who killed her? This coverup will stink as much as the twin falls child rape, with the same very predictable outcome when it gets to court.

    • santashandler

      The city and the police have not even promised they will give justice to Ms Damond and her family. If they are so woefully ineffective, the citizens may have to take over.

      • Craig

        Neither will happen in the drug infested, welfare parasite West Minneapolis.

      • normie

        If the victim had been white. This would have been a different story complete with BLM marches. I think the state or federal officials should step in and take over so that there is justice done for the victim. What will happen if a Somali cop kills a black person some time in the future? There is no way this should ever be allowed to be swept under the rug. He’ll do it again or another Somali will.

        • bluenoser

          Eric Holder was all over the Michael Brown incident, Blacks were tearing up Ferguson and the “White” police officer had to leave his job and the city because he was being threatened, and he was PROVEN innocent. This killer hasn’t even been investigated to anyone’s knowledge, Somebody on Trump’s team needs to step up and call for an inquiry..

      • Mahou Shoujo

        From the look or it, this is twin falls all over again, except with murder instead of rape.

  • justmewhoelse12

    For 1400+ years now, what country Muslims have infiltrated ever improved by them being there?

    • Rocinante44


      • justmewhoelse12


    • Packer Backer

      The People’s Republic of Goatfuckistan?

      • justmewhoelse12

        Now that is true LOL

  • Radford_NG

    Prosecute him under Federal Law for denying her constitutional right to life : which is how LBJ and Robert Kennedy dealt with racial murders of negroes and white civil rights workers.

    • Liatris Spicata

      Um, where does the Constitution guarantee a “right to life”? Are you confusing it with the Declaration of Independence which, of course??

      • Radford_NG

        Yes;but it’s the same idea.

      • grinninglackey

        Read the pre-amble. This is based on John Locke’s idea that Life, Liberty and Property are inalienable rights bestowed by the creator.

      • Craig

        Don’t act like you have a corner on clever, flower boy. The Declaration of Independence has been used numerous times as a foundational document in many court battles. Your MSNBC infection is showing.

  • Ron rockit

    We need Somalis like a hole in the head.

    • Craig

      Do you know why they were brought here? Because of poverty and crime. THAT is the reason, rat anti-American obama brought the sub-human, genital mutilating muslim somali scum here.

  • Solsticewitch13

    notice he didn’t take his gloves off to shake hands. Didn’t want to shake a “dirty kaffer” hand???

    • santashandler

      That should have been a red flag among many revealed by this POS

    • Craig

      Yes, that is exactly it.

    • bluenoser

      First thing I noticed when I saw the pic..

    • CreoleGumbo

      Wow! Thanks for pointing that out. I missed it.

    • mztore

      That is the first thing I noticed when I saw the picture….gloves on his hands but not on the others.

  • Robbie Fitzpatrick

    Okay, we’ll pretend Noor is not Muslim. Then can you treat him as the perpetrator (or even the “alleged” perpetrator) not the victim?

  • Michael Butler

    he needs to be tried for murder and after prison deported with the rest of his family. the mayor needs to resign amid the fact that she is prejudice in favor of the muslims over the actual americans that live there and have made the city what it is,the longer the muslims are there the more like a 3rd world nation it will become

    • CreoleGumbo

      He needs a lynch mob trial.

  • santashandler

    He’s getting death threats. So, what’s the problem. He should be thankful that’s all he’s getting at this point. The media is going all out to protect him without one word about Ms Damond. Sickening. Perhaps the media would like to convoy, with officer Noor, over to Ms Damond’s gravesite and trample on it.

    • Craig

      “getting death threats”…why is that muslim murderer walking around? Oh, I am sorry, I thought we lived in the United States and Americans would not tolerate this kind of crap. But, then I think about Twin Falls and ALL THE OTHER rapes and murders by muslims and NOT ONE filthy, goat-raping muslim has been prosecuted.
      No, the United States is gone and a country of welfare parasites and p u s s i e s is what is left. Americaa will go the way of Britainiatan and Fwance. Because cowardice is king and no one wants to lose their stuff.

      • santashandler

        Makes me want to fu*king puke!!!

  • caliroxanne

    Of course! Does this surprise anyone who follows Pam? Not that I’m a genius, but I predicted this as soon as I found out it was a Muslim infiltrator dressed up as a cop. Muslims are perfect and when a Muslim does something naughty, it’s not true, it’s simply that we are all just unsophisticated, unenlightened, racist (even though Islam isn’t a race) islamophobes.

  • Jim

    Oh no,….they’re suffering “islamaphobia”????That is so much worse than MURDER. Right???

  • GI Joe

    “What we’re seeing is a lot of rhetoric in the media where this is a Somali issue, where this person is a Somali officer,…”.

    This exemplifies the entire muslim “refugee” issue in a nutshell. We know, by their own words, that muslims consider themselves superior to any nation, because, in their eyes, national borders not created by mohammad are unworthy of respect. So, they consider themselves simply muslim. Not American, not Canadian, not German, nor Frenchman. They will NEVER assimilate into our cultures because, laughably, they consider those cultures inferior to the “muslim culture” which is a throwback to the 6th century AD, with few exceptions. Notable exceptions are weapons (muslims have adopted modern military weapons, such as the VERY popular AK-47); and, diplomacy, somewhat (although they tend to use diplomacy as a means to drag out conflicts for as long as possible; for example the Israeli-so-called Palestinian conflict).

    • Jackie Puppet

      I find the concept of the sandies feeling superior to others, rather amusing –
      especially since they can’t get their act together in their own country
      and fix their problems there.

  • videosho

    You Muslim murderer, I hope you never have a calm day, as long as you live in the United States of America. You killed an innocent American woman for no reason. I know the Muslim agenda, to take over the United States, and then the world. That is NOT going to happen, while I still live. I will defend my country with my life, and people like you will be gone.

  • Fred

    Execute the savage.

    Then hold everyone accountable that was involved in hiring the pos savage in the first place.

  • doggmaninva

    And they will drag this out until it’s forgotten…..if you can have a federal investigation for others that have been killed by police officers, you can have one for this….burn the DOJ phone up…and DEMAND an investigation or it will be buried…

  • Paul Bay


  • Jackie Puppet

    The longer this goes on, the more the only hope for justice will be if Noor gets killed under “friendly fire”

  • karl59

    Do not be surprised when the media portray this murderer as a victim of
    post traumatic stress disorder from his time in Somalia.

  • Ed
  • pdxnag

    What’s a Social Justice Warrior to do? Make sure the next ten hires are just like him. That’ll teach the haters.

  • desperaddo

    The MURDERER noor IS NOT at home he has been “moved” for his safety???? W T F????

  • desperaddo

    The mayor IS hiding that RACIST MURDERING COP!!! It IS all about blaming the victim!!! The mayor has brought up that noor is suffering from PTSD>>BULLLSHITTT !!! ARREST THIS MURDERER NOW!!!! ALL the somali cops MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE P D!!! To ensure the safety of WHITE FEMALES!! These somali cops HATE the WHITE PEOPLE!!

  • KesterEd1967

    You cannot call yourselves Good Police Officers if You do nothing about the Bad Cops, they need to be held Accountable for their Actions

  • Alleged Comment

    THE left wants to FEEL good about Negroes again. They felt good for 8 years with another Negro SPOILT BRAT. If we let the left raise up Negroes we will end up with nothing but SPOILT BRAT NEGROES!

    Like right now……

    • michaelofsydney

      I was unaware that Kenyans were classified as Negroes. Thank you for that

  • Midniterider

    The left suffers from terminal insanity.Before they punch out they want to be certain that everyone else is dead or dying also.
    Vile,despicable,cowardly,treasonous pack of mutt dawgs.
    Semper Fi

  • Sunshine Kid

    His “remorse” over the death is most likely faked. I do not believe his story, nor why the police and media are protecting him. He should be facing charges with no bail and those that are protecting him should be charged with obstruction of justice.

    That’s how I feel about the matter.

  • Roy Jennings

    Over 1400 years Islam has crusaded to establish its supremacist ideology on everyone. Jihad, the fight against the enemies of Islam is pure fascism. From vitriolic verbal abuse to wars and terror, its sole aim is the submission of the non believers in Islam.

    Islam is now in the ascendancy across the Globe. Those who think otherwise are either, naïve, ignorant or simply choose to ignore the facts.

    Islam has the most powerful army since mankind was created. Not because of weapons but because its soldiers have an unbreakable belief in its ideology and an `enemy` don’t want to fight.

    However it’s not the physical wars or acts of terror that will ultimately win this war. It’s the acceptance by the enemy that Islamic law can be incorporated into non believer’s constitutions even before the war has ended.

    By far the most dangerous invasion tactic of Islam is the victim manoeuvre. This Jihad is used by all Islamic soldiers (Muslims) to create submission of the enemy. When enemy authority succumbs to this manoeuvre it capitulates into accepting the most onerous and dangerous aspect of Islamic or Sharia Law: –

    The victim manoeuvre

    Its simplicity is its genius.

    Stage 1: Regardless of the reported (many aren’t) global Islamic `incidents`, Muslims claim they are victims of hate and are being persecuted. 1400 years of victims manoeuvres have made them very good at it. The enemy get confused, basically because they don’t really want to fight.

    Stage 2:

    The victims manoeuvre invariably culminates with Islamic aggression. The enemy are told that it is unacceptable to levy criticism or concerns about Islam as a result of any unsavoury incident where Islam is implicated. In fact to do so is a hate crime and punishable under law (in the UK).

    Islam can therefore justify virtually all of its supremacist activities, the incorporation of the extremely fascist Sharia Law, without fear of authority attempting to prevent it happening.

  • Dennis Durkop

    Plain to see a mother was a deadly threat in her pajamas!

  • Jeremia

    hidden agenda of every muslim is islamic world domination…for muslims Westerners are ‘infidels’ and ‘kafir’ (inferior)…there is no difference between ‘moderate’ and ‘radical’ muslims…a radical muslim wants to kill you…and a moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to kill you…’taqiyya’ means that a muslim is allowed to lie to defend islam…

  • bill sexton

    stop protecting this slim ball. Let the facts surface. Put this guy on trial and let a jury of his peers decide from the true evidence if he murdered this lady in cold blood.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Why have we not gotten a statement of any kind from Officer Harrity?

  • Annie

    I do not condone death threats. Ever. But Abdi Warsame is the one talking
    trash – not the people on social media who are speculating about Mohamned
    Noor’s Somali background. He is referring to discussions of the barbaric
    Sharia Law – as practiced by Somalis such as Noor – and its possible
    relationship to the killing. That is called Free Speech and Truthophilia –
    not “racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia” as Warsame says.

    He says this is “dangerous” to call the killing a Somali issue. IT IS NOT.
    It is an examination of the Muslim Somali way of life and its adherence to
    Sharia – and how it may conflict with the American way of life – especially
    for someone in authority with the power to use deadly force the way this
    Somali cop, Noor, did. The Somali Muslims yell Islamophobia! when they
    are looked at and examined – and Mayor Hodges and the City backs them
    up. I yell Truthophiia! right back at them.

    In fact – Warsame hates Michele Bachmann because Michele said that the
    Hodges Hotline – is a form of government censorship – where Somali
    Muslims were strongly encouraged after Justine Damond’s death to report
    ANYTHING they found offensive from their fellow citizens. Non-Somali
    citizens were given no such encouragement and support.

    Right back at ya, Warsame. With the truth about Sharia that Somalis like
    so much. And wondering how it might’ve affected that SomaiMuslim cop.

  • whisper


  • Political_qrm

    If this piece of crap had been white, or African- American, Asian, there would be an outcry from the libs to have his head.. BUT! HE’s a muslim and that’s an automatic pass in their eyes.. Islam is a 7th century culture, never has evolved, never will… All muslims strive to be like the “perfect man”, who in their eyes is mohammed… He was a murderer, thief, liar, pedophile…and he is their ideal..

  • Apothis

    I am embarrassed to say that the story is no longer front page news and we now seem to be entering a cover-up phase.
    Why has this clown not been charged? Why is the Minnesota BCA not saying anything and what more possibly do they have to investigate. The kicker was when they searched Justine Damonds home, the victim! They are desperately trying to find something to justify this clown’s killing of an innocent victim.

  • Benny Rothman

    Warsame…= Muslim Brotherhood…Crying about Muslims being abused and threatened ..I say carry out the threats …Prove we the people will push back with the same violence your Muslim Koran commands you to do …
    Islam is dual …there are 2 Korans …The Koran of peace when Mohammed was in Mecca ….The Koran of violence when he was in Medina …The Koran is about Mohammed …85% Mohammed …Ask any Imam to admit that they quote the peaceful verses from the peaceful Koran when they want to pull the wool over your eyes …They also have permission from Mohammed to lie to the KAFIR (unbeliever) …Non Muslim..
    Warsame …same old broken record ….wahhhh wahhhh wahhh …my feeling are hurt …you are disrespecting us …
    PUCK Warsame …with a .308 ……
    from Minneapolis ……Semper-Fi….

  • Randy131

    There seems to be a lot of news reporting about nothing, because nothing is really being told. Oh, we know the Somali Muslim cop shot and killed Justine Damond, and now he’s getting death threats, as are the police and those who are defending him, but why did he shoot her, and what did she die for.

    This is what the people want to know, and if there is an answer to those questions that gives us a good reason for why Justine Damond was shot and killed, then all this would quiet down and the death threats would stop. Any intelligent person would know this, but all intelligent people know that by not giving us the answer to those questions, means there is no good and reasonable answer for why she had to die, and that is why this is getting out of hand, and the death threats may become actions, and other innocent people may die.

    If there is no good reason why this shooting death occurred, then prosecute the offender and show the people that justice is being done, but don’t try to protect the guilty just because he is a Muslim Somali, for then the people will direct their animosity over this unreasonable death, and the hatred of the injustice of the actions that caused the death, toward all Somali Muslims.

    By defending the guilty, if he is guilty, you are actually producing the hatred in those who want and demand justice, but if he is not guilty, then explain why by answering the questions every wants to know about, and lets put this to rest.

  • David Square

    Lesson to be learned: when in Minneapolis do not call 911.

  • dad1927
  • jeme rappel

    Why hasn’t the BCA released full transcripts of the interviews of Matthew Harrity, Noor’s partner, and the mystery guy on the bike, who supposedly filmed part of the incident? Just because Noor won’t talk doesn’t mean we can’t find out what happened.

  • Linda Sellers

    Good, this MF-er deserves to get the death penalty, one way or the other. Sometimes vigilante justice is a good thing. This pos killed her because she was white, period. Why are the citizens putting up with this???????

  • winmatt53
  • Meg

    He has never explained why he reached over his partner and shot the unarmed woman.

  • Beeta


  • Bunyip

    As a USA citizen he has “taken the 5th”, in Australia we call it “I won’t answer on the grounds of self-incrimination”. Both lead to the reasonable inference of GUILT.
    The legal eagles would be familiar with the terms “Actus Reus” and “Mens Rea” that seem to apply to Noor.

  • NoSirIDontLikeIt

    slum-alley executioner devil incarnate muzzl’em has NO measurable IQ ..
    sorta like a 9 yr old human being, this animal (IQ of 59? in Equitorial Guyana/ slum-alley afrika)
    had NO IDEA what it was doing .. like a child, such a low IQ
    it had NO business with anything but a PHUKKING lollipop in it’s paw

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