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Justine Damond’s Killer May Never Face Charges Due to Legal Loophole


The man who killed Justine Damond — the 40-year-old Australian yoga instructor who was gunned down by a Muslim Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, for reasons that are still largely unknown — may never face any legal charges.

Why not?

Justine Damond and her fiancee.

Because of a loophole in the law called the Garrity Warning.

This is such an outrageous case. But the fact this officer may skate ratchets it to a new level of outrage.

Here’s more, from the Daily Mail (thanks to Jihad Watch):

The U.S. police officer who shot dead Australian woman Justine Damond as she stood on a driveway outside her home may never face criminal charges.

Rookie cop Mohamed Noor is maintaining his silence and continues to exercise his legal right not to be interviewed by investigators probing Ms Damond’s death.

However, when the shooting becomes the subject of an internal police investigation, Noor will be compelled to provide statement or face the sack from the force.

The only catch is, any statement he provides during the internal investigation cannot be used in a criminal case due to a legal technicality, the Star Tribune reports.

The law is known as the Garrity Warning in Minnesota, and means that public employees under internal investigation are given the option to provide information or face disciplinary action.

‘Because you are being required to provide information under the threat of disciplinary action, the information you provide, and any evidence resulting from the information you provide, cannot and will not be used against you in any subsequent criminal proceeding,’ the warning reads.

A number of unrelated felony criminal cases in America are reportedly relying on the same law to have their client’s cases thrown out, claiming prosecutors used internal interviews to build up their own cases.

Damond was shot and kiled by Noor on July 15.

She had called police around 11:30 p.m. because she had heard a woman’s screams. When police arrived, she approached the vehicle. And that’s when Noor shot her, the bullet flying right past his partner in the car to hit Damond in the stomach.

Neither officer had their body cameras on at the time of the shooting.

Again, from the Daily Mail:

A Bureau of Criminal Apprehension statement said Officer Harrity heard a loud noise before Ms Damond was killed.

There is a suggestion that the Australian woman may have ‘slapped’ the car and startled him before she was shot.

A Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension search warrant, obtained by Minnesota Public Radio, doesn’t specifically name Ms Damond.

It says, ‘upon police arrival, a female ”slaps” the back of the patrol squad… After that, it is unknown to BCA agents what exactly happened, but the female became deceased in the alley.’

  • Deport this c**ksucking goatf**ker (or is it goatf**king c**ksucker? I forget which) back to BFSomalia!

    • DancerTiffy

      Yeah, I’ll get right on that. NO problem.

    • Bill Gregg

      Lynch the MF first, then deport his corpse.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Much better idea.

    • santashandler

      It’s “goat fu*king co**sucker.” I looked it up.

  • Suresh

    Left/liberal Loons appease these jihadis and it encourages even more jihadis like its happening in europe on daily basis and corrupt media will not report on it !

    Maybe they should celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced wih fecal bateria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

    They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

  • DancerTiffy

    Of course he will never be charged.
    The islamists have been given carte blanche by the communists to kill as many of us as possible.
    Few people understand that these barbarians have been brought here to kill us, and they are doing just that.
    This muslim butcher is probably back on the job with a pay increase.

    • Suresh

      Left/liberal Loons appease these jihadis and it encourages even more jihadis like its happening in europe on daily basis and corrupt media will not report on it !

      Maybe they should celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced wih fecal bateria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

      They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

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    • Underzog

      The terror these fun loving Muslims cause helps to bring a climate of fear in our culture. David Kupelan explained the climate of fear helps to brainwash people.

    • carpe diem 36


    • mztore

      Didn’t even bother to read this article. Since this story came out, and it was revealed he was a mudslime, I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. Too soft on ALL mudslime. Not even a slap, just hide him away till it is all forgotten. (with pay mind you)

  • Sue Williams

    I figured something like this would happen. The man has two other actions against him. If he was startled so easily, he should have never been on the force. He needs to be put away in a prison with white supremacists.

  • ctmom

    There was an eye witness- the other officer. Why isn’t he being investigated?

    • I would be surprised if he wasn’t already interviewed.

      • spfg

        He was only following the footsteps of his Prophet!!! More to come unless Minnesota realizes the truth about ISLAM..

    • Free man

      I think he was a shocked as anyone when his partner fired his weapon inside the car, but what was the threat? There was not one! This Muslim guy killed her in COLD BLOOD. He should be tried for MURDER!

      • disqus_MGDxkELpy4

        Cop killing has made them nervous…startled, they shoot first..then the Media can call Cops killers, then thugs kill cops because of the Media support, then Cops get nervous…Obama was a genius ..

      • afftongrown

        The mayor probably threatened his career to keep his mouth shut. She is also complicit in this!

      • bluewren

        The other cop should testify more explicitly as to what happened.What is the matter with him was he drunk or something? He was sitting in the car beside the gunman?

    • CreoleGumbo

      That is what I want to know too.

    • tatka150

      he is probably also muzrat

  • The Garrity Warning is rarely if ever a problem. Noor is likely the last person from whom one will hear before a decision to charge is filed. But it is also very hard to win a conviction against a police officer, unless it meets one of these standards: 2nd degree manslaughter, 1st degree manslaughter, 3rd degree murder, 2nd degree murder, or 1st degree murder.. The Hennepin County investigation is completely separate from an internal investigation.

    Based on the standard, either 2nd degree manslaughter or 3rd degree murder would apply. However, I am not a lawyer and it would still need to be proven.

    • santashandler

      Um, a cop shoots an unarmed woman from inside the patrol car and endangers his partner while doing so. It doesn’t take a “lawyer” to see what charge that warrants.

    • Craig

      Hey, amoral..the muslim POS shot the unarmed white woman three times. I realize that you liberals cannot understand common sense, but in this case, maybe you can prod one of those sleeping brain cells to wake up and see that this is a hate crime and murder.

      • Voiletta

        You misunderstand aemoreira1981 -he/she is just supplying useful information to show how difficult it is to get common justice in this and other similar cases.
        Don’t jump so easily. That’s supposed to be Noor’s problem (maybe) : easily startled .
        Think: even if it’s just clunk clunk clunk -you’ll get there.

  • Free man

    To the people of Minnesota: You keep electing officials for you government that permits this stuff to happen and then you must defend them. Our country is out of wack. Expect vigilantes to take action when this all breaks down. You can not allow this criminal to go unpunished. If you do Mayor Beth Hodges, you are certainly a criminal yourself. It is time get aggressive and fit the punishment to the crime.

    • One has to find a law that applies though.

      • Vanilla Dazzle


        • GI Joe

          At the VERY least, voluntary manslaughter (2nd degree murder).

    • mztore

      “You can not allow this criminal to go unpunished.” but you will.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    A good lawsuit by the former police chief and the murdered victims family will go a long ways in resolving a few outstanding issues. Plus not as though somali muslims needed a worse reputation, but this will enhance the undesirability to have anything to do with them.

    • CreoleGumbo

      I think you are right.
      Whenever a prisoner dies there is usually a lawsuit for violation of civil rights, which is criminal, in addition to a suit over medical negligence, which is non-criminal. Because of that, doctors who work in prisons cannot just obtain medical malpractice Insurance. They must also obtain insurance to cover against litigation over civil rights.

  • KyraNelson

    Time for Whites to find that Space To Destroy.

  • Rocinante44

    “became deceased”? this is how we describe the murder of a white woman in a bathrobe by a muslim cop?

    • Craig

      It is now.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The passive tense to describe a murder is disgusting. It’s similar to how the enemedia makes trucks the perpetrators of islamic terrorist truck attacks (e.g. a truck ran into several dozen people today).

  • Max Rockatansky

    His partner should be testifying against him.

    • afftongrown

      Or forced to keep his mouth shut!

  • Max Rockatansky

    after his damaged eardrums are healed.

  • Toby


  • afftongrown

    This cop shot this innocent woman for no apparent reason. hs refused to answer any questions, and in the meantime, been given several weeks off with pay! i can only imagine if something isn
    t done, the community will be up in arms and someone will be out hunting for the cop!

    • Craig

      Not on your life. West Minneapolis is full of hippies, welfare trash and dopers. Not happening.

  • Vanilla Dazzle

    Where are the BLM cop killers when you actually need them!!!

    • Covadonga

      Out badmouthing and/or shooting white cops. I wonder if Noor is a charter member?

  • Craig

    Was there any doubt in any one’s mind that his muslim will never be prosecuted? In fact, you will see him and his brood of sub-human savages moved to Edina or one of the other rich parts of town and given a huge home with walls and security and they will never have to work. Just watch. Liberal morons in Minneapolis are just as stupid as liberals in New York or Los Angeles.
    America is lost to liberal stupidity and American cowardice. Of all the rapes and murders by muslims in America, does anyone remember any muslim being prosecuted?

  • nnss

    Islamophobia, me tokus. It’s islamophilia.

  • Grace Joy

    When a cop (white, Mexican-American) kills a USA black (not Somali Muslim; but USA BLM related to NOI) & is found not guilty of manslaughter; he must resign. When this Somali Muslim kills a white woman, he’s allowed to not say a word. I believe the police chief is resigning over this one.

  • Toni Parker

    Islam is an ideology that means “submit or die”. The mayor Betsy Hodges needs to be recalled and made to face charges for putting the citizens of Minneapolis in danger by embracing and promoting such a violent ideology. Noor needs to be arrested for committing MURDER and he should never have been allowed in the police department. These liberal idiots emote without thought. They don’t use complete thoughts or considered the repercussions of their actions. Harrity needs to step up and tell the truth and state why their body cams and dash cams were off along with the lights on their vehicle.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    There is another law – the law of nature – that calls for relatives of a victim to seek vengeance and if this African animal doesn’t face charges, it would be perfectly appropriate for a relative of the victim to apply natural law.

  • discus747

    He deserves to be shot.He a sitting target and it will happen and it be justified

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Why can’t they interview his partner who wasn’t 3′ from the muslum police officer when he gunned down an unarmed woman who wasn’t a suspect in any crime?

  • Revisionist

    Interesting we never hear this when a white cop smoked a black street criminal. .. her family needs to be compensated for her death. .her life was worth more than some Crack head black the Obama administration have millions to.. people are getting tired of these blacks and Muslims. .

  • Jackie Puppet

    Noor needs to be a “victim” of “friendly fire”, whether in Minneapolis, or elsewhere..

  • pdxnag

    No, it will only be testimony that could not be presented at trial for murder. There is quite enough evident to obtain a conviction without his own “compelled” testimony (testify or get fired). He’s already refused, so fire him already.

  • Chris Lewis

    She “became deceased” ? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

    • GandalfsTrouserpress

      There will be a few of these terms coming down the pipeline …
      ‘Decided to stop breathing’
      ‘Stood in front of an oncoming bullet’
      ‘Collapsed with a pre-existing gunshot wound prompting the officer to open fire’

  • desperaddo

    A TOTAL COVER UP!!!!! Noor needs TO BE HUNG !!!!! THEN SHOT!! This is bulllshitttt!!! A WHITE OFFICER>>>would have been arrested the very next dammm day!!! SHOOT THE BASTARD RACIST somali animal!!

  • anthony edwards

    Those who aid Islamic jihadists such as Noor are themselves murderers.

    Imprison them all … legally or not ..

  • carpe diem 36

    He does not need to say a word, there was the other policeman in the car and he can provide all the information they need. He should be charged with first degree murder since he cannot possibly have had any reason to fear this woman in the pajamas with no visible weapon and who was asking for help. If this man cannot be convicted then what good is the law??

    • Michelle

      Ahh the eternal question: Law is there to maintain order and the give the ruling elite the right to hang you if you disagree. Justice is an accidental by product of any legal system and one whose few honest success’s are totally outweighed by the advantages money gives to the guilty. I mean just look at the treasonable utterances by the Hollywood “ignorani”. In WW2 they would have been gaoled. But then the MSM was on the side of justice

      • Cai

        You are soooooo 100% right it is depressing.

        Wish I could wake up and discover that all this bizarre crap that is going on in the Western world is just a black nightmare

  • Michelle

    But will he be punished? In my world it would be signed and sealed already.

  • Midniterider

    The sooner Americans realize that muslims are ABOVE the law “We the People” MUST obey,the easier the transition to sharia law and being another third world shiitehole run by lunatics will be.
    Despite the writing on the wall,Americans will undoubtedly wait until the situation becomes dire,in the extreme,to awaken from their “waking sleep” lives to take a stand and then it will be a life or death,to the death fight,right here in our own backyards.
    God forbid we should be “Politically Incorrect” and actually take the initiative to do something to end this takeover BY OUR ENEMIES.
    ANYTHING but that.
    The HORROR………….
    Semper Fi

  • Alleged Comment

    Seems like self-incrimination crap rewarded, er I mean re-worded.

    Looks like we have to call the Justice League to take care of the problem. Batman, Robin, Superman, where are you???

  • Roy Jennings

    Note: After a policemen shoots dead a white women there are no mass protests no riots, no white lives matter marches, in fact the only aggression has come from authority commending anyone that victimizes the murderer who shot the REAL victim. Is there no end to this insane madness.

    • Michelle

      Yes. See that the leftists responsible for this mess are also seen and treated as the ENEMY that they are.

  • Pantalones

    “All Somalis are inbred freaks..Hence their propensity for cowardly violence.”
    – Justin Bieber

  • Annie

    So Noor could get away with being indicted as long as he keeps his mouth
    shut. Which is total horse manure. And even if he avoids indictment – and
    admits culpability during an internal police investigation – the legal loophole
    of the Garrity Warning means his admission of anything cannot be used
    against him in a Court of Law.

    We already knew from this website about the Garrity Warning – even if this
    is the first time the loophole has been identified by name. The point is –
    based on the few facts we already know about the killing – if Mohammed Noor
    is not indicted, he will literally be getting away with murder.

  • michaelofsydney

    Minnesota’s criminals rapists murderers robbers thugs and assorted miscreants will be delighted by this case. Who in their right mind would ever again call the police death squads to report a crime ?

  • 5litrecat

    This is a full scale Cover-Up being perpetrated by the Minneapolis Mayors office, in conjunction with the Minnesota
    Governors office, the purpose of which is to protect their joint decision to appease the Somali Community by aggressively pushing unqualified Somali’s into the local Police Department.

  • bluewren

    Betsy Hodges needs to be sacked.She put in an inadequately trained and or inadequately assessed police officer to placate her Somali residents and her Democratic party.To look good………… not on Betsy you’re out!.

  • Dirt Doctor

    Does this Noor criminal have SS security? …oh, forgot he has allah f**kbar.

  • James Stamulis

    There is a lot to be said for vigilantism. Justice the old fashioned way.

    • Oldsailor65

      I agree, there are times when it serves a GOOD purpose—like now.

  • “became deceased in the alley?”

    They make it sound like she up and died of her own accord. For heaven’s sake. She didn’t become deceased. She was murdered.

  • DanTriplett

    It’s not a “Muslim” thing. It’s a cop thing.

    Noor may have pulled the trigger because he’s Muslim, but he’s getting away with it because of police culture, aided and abetted by the government.

    Notice how Noor’s Kaffir partner is co-conspiring with the cover-up…along with the entire police department and city officials.

    We’re watching the “Blue Wall of Silence” here. This happens across America 24/7/365.

    Cops are bullies and liars. Yes, blacks and other minorities are victimized more, but whites are victimized also. I know, because it’s happened to me.

  • Benny Rothman

    He needs to be put back on the street with a Barney Fife empty rubber handgun……The declare open season on him …

    • jeme rappel

      One of the mayoral candidates in Minneapolis has proposed that MPD officers should be prohibited from carrying guns.

      I also heard an interview of another officer on a local radio station (his voice was disguised) say that Noor had to have a translator to take his tests at the police academy.

      And I thought Berkeley was bad…

  • David Square

    Prime Minister Justine Trudeau (“I am a feminist”) is still allowing Somali “refugees” from Minnesota to illegally cross the US/Canada border into Manitoba. So far, the media has reported that only one of thousands of these illegals has been found unfit for Canadian citizenship. It is dismaying to think that the Winnipeg Police Department will have lots of affirmative action recruits to choose from when the illegal Somalis take up residence in Winnipeg.

    • Dorrie

      I hadn’t heard about that. Where did you hear about it??

      • David Square

        A contact living in Emerson.

  • Roland Deschain

    Torches and pitchforks time!

  • Jenny Rau Gagliardi

    No matter how angry and how disturbing this is, do remember that there have been other police officers that have gotten away with killing someone. With their body cams on showing the target was not aggressive and did not have a weapon. I don’t like it as much as the next person but it is a fact that not all police involved shootings are prosecuted or are Criminal

  • Robert Kahlcke



    There is another officer present that is an eyewitness and he can be compelled to testify.Get on it and go for the maximum. No or will fold.

    • Dorrie

      Maybe the officer who was behind the wheel has been threatened to stay silent.

  • willynilly

    give him a gun and send him out to kill again

  • daleman

    Minneapolis is already done due to the state and federal diversity experiment conducted by importing thousands of somali “refugees” .

  • John Marks

    He has the right to remain silent, but that also means he cannot defend himself in court with any statement of innocence. The evidence along should convict him. Nothing prevents him from being charged, except the will of the prosecutor.

  • Merchantseamen

    Finger print the car. As soon as “slap the car” was mentioned the car became evidence. If I was his partner I would bust him right in the mouth for discharging a firearm 4 to 6″ across my front.

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