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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

ISIS calls on Muslims to commit jihad attacks at hurricane relief centers

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Muslim child sex trafficking leader STOMPED on fellow prisoner’s face for saying ‘terrorists should be...

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

[ September 20, 2017 ]

UC Berkeley battling to shut down Milo’s Free Speech Week featuring Pamela Geller

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Deleting Popular Ex-Muslim’s Arabic Material Critizing Islam

[ September 20, 2017 ]

White Powder Sent to Israeli NYC Consulate for Second Time in Four Days

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Clinton Moved $800,000 From Her Campaign to Help Fund Antifa

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Australia: Devout Muslim butchered wife, mutilated her body, gouged her eye out

[ September 19, 2017 ]

Muslim leader and followers publish “dead or alive” wanted notice for President Trump

Jihadi first befriended, CHATTED with 2 German tourists before PULLING OUT MACHETE and slaughtering them


Abdel-Rahman Shaaban was moderate … and then he wasn’t. One moment, he is the West’s dreamy idea of Muslim immigration; the next, reality.

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” Shaaban shouted in Arabic at his pursuers, according to the officials.

No, he was after non-Muslim Westerners. Speaking perfect Germans to his German infidel victims, he explained (in Arabic) to his pursuers not to worry, he was after the kuffar.

AFDI bus campaign.

Egyptian first sat, spoke with 2 German victims before attacking them

By Ahmed Hatem And Hamza Hendawi, The Associated Press (thanks to Armaros):

The Egyptian university graduate who stabbed two German women to death at a popular Red Sea resort first sat and spoke to them in fluent German before producing a large kitchen knife and attacking them, security officials said Saturday.

Leaving them for dead, 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban fled the scene, chased by hotel workers and security guards. He rushed into the hotel next door where he attacked and wounded four female tourists who, according to local media reports, included two Armenians, one from Ukraine and another from the Czech Republic.

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” Shaaban shouted in Arabic at his pursuers, according to the officials. They eventually caught up with him, disarmed and pinned him down and later handed him over to the police. Shaaban stabbed the women in the face, neck and feet, said the officials.

No group claimed responsibility for the Friday attack, but it appeared to have been inspired by recent calls made by the local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group on its followers to attack Egypt’s minority Christians and foreign tourists.

The officials said Abdel-Rahman hails from the Nile Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh where he attended the business school of the local branch of Al-Azhar University – the world’s foremost seat of learning of Sunni Islam and the target of mounting criticism in recent months over its alleged radical teachings and doctrinal rigidity.

Investigators were still trying to determine how Shaaban came to be in Hurghada, one of Egypt’s main Red Sea resorts, popular for its year-round sunny weather and diving.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

A statement by the national security prosecution’s office, which is questioning Shaaban in Cairo, said Saturday that his motives and ideological convictions remained unclear. “The characterization of the action committed by the culprit, whether it is an individual act, criminal or terrorist, is not clear to the prosecution at this time,” said the statement.

Police are meanwhile interviewing 15 hotel workers to piece together what happened.

Germany on Saturday gave the first official confirmation that the two tourists killed by Shaaban were German nationals, but gave no other information. Local German media reports, however, said the two were residing in Hurghada, not tourists.

In a statement, the German Foreign Ministry said: “According to everything that we know, this act was aimed at foreign tourists – a particularly perfidious and criminal act that leaves us sad, dismayed and angry.”

The attack on the tourists took place just hours after five policemen were killed in a shooting near some of Egypt’s most famous pyramids in the greater Cairo area. No group claimed responsibility for that attack, which bore the hallmarks of a militant group known as Hasm that has been behind similar attacks in recent months.

Read the rest.

  • RealEngineer2

    Time to take Egypt off the list of “places to see”, along with France, Sweden, and any other potential “Muslim Enfranchised” destination…

    • Suresh

      But the dumb Left/Liberals Like the Dodos will not learn anything will continue to get slaughtered.

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels in Europe ……to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      Left/Liberal Loons Run away when attacked !

      • Faith of Our Fathers

        This was after all a one off surely your being a bit hard with your comment. Of course everything I posted there is Utter Garbage but this always seems to be what the Left wants us to believe. Do they think that we are all idiots. Big Brave Man 2 Women out on Holiday. Would not go to a Muslim Country on holiday for Free .

      • Pat

        i’ve seen some dark s–t ( but seeing images of tortured cats/dogs is to much.

        Can we nuke Mecca now?

      • David Schneider

        Perfect comparison, liberals and dodo birds.

      • MattBracken
    • harbidoll

      do that & we All go broke. & Mohammadians win

      • SRN99

        Followers of Mohammad the pervert always lose

        • harbidoll

          in the end. What is their assignment in the world?

    • Simba

      No point now.I have pointed out in an earlier article that many European,including Russian/Ukrainian and American women are traveling to Turkey to marry the Turks.Thousands of Russian women( due to male/female disparity in Russia and Ukrain) are already there.Many are married to Arabs in the UAE.They will keep traveling between their home countries and adopted ones,also have children who will grow Muslims.Muslims are doing perfect ground work,they don’t even have to work hard since personal needs in Europe are getting them women they want.Not visiting these nations is not going to protect anyone now.The next generation will be here from there as dual citizens.

  • Steve Edward

    Provide each tourist with a gun, after all, Muslims go to Europe to ‘take out infidels’ So, let armed infidels ‘take out Muslims.’ It’s the only fair thing to do…don’t you think?

    • spfg

      A sporting event perhaps? Could it be televised worldwide with blockbuster ratings?

  • Suresh

    As Pamela Rightly says one moment he was nice German speaking “moderate” muslim that dumb Left/Liberals love so much till he got his knife out and turned into jihadi and butchered them to death.

  • silasozzie

    why on earth tourists visit some places nowadays is beyond me……

    • Dan Knight

      … b/c only Whitey Commits Random Acts of Violence

      … Every other place on Earth is Paradise with Noble Savages.

      Didn’t you get the memo?

      /s alert of course

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The retards who go to muslum states believe the lie that islum is a religion of peace — it’s probably the only thing they take on faith.

  • poptart

    I’d just like to know WTF IS WRONG WITH these so called normal people that they don’t STAND UP and FIGHT their OFFICALS that are allowing this?

    • Tm.

      I believe there are many reasons for this, one of the reasons might be that the left has rendered Caucasian people, Christians, and other soft touch groups defenseless by threatening them with loss of jobs, and labeling them with words that in actuality describe themselves.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    He wanted to meet the 72 virgins in Paradise, but all he got was a contusion over the left eye.

  • Levon River

    From /pol/

    A Tribute to Linda Sarsour (and friends) video (must see):

    • aebe

      Why does microsoft think you are sending people to a porno site ?

      • Levon River

        Ummmm, maybe because it’s Microsoft? I don’t know. Never touch the stuff, and it is *not* at all a porn video. I have no idea what else is at sendvid. That’s the only video I’ve watched there.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Ah, yes, Sudden Jihad Syndrome, cause unknown.

    • Surly Curmudgen

      Read my above post for the cause.

  • praisehauler

    Travel agents need to be more specific as to what package you like when traveling abroad to Muslim infested regions. Plan C, beating, and stoning. Plan B, rape. Or Plan A, death by various means with possible upgrades of all of the above.

  • aebe

    German foreign minister must have missed what islamites are doing to Europe . Or he is so stuck on “I know nothing” that reality has passed him bye .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights…. Carry

  • Surly Curmudgen

    In the world of Islam the old, rich, and powerful have as many as four wives and as many sex slaves or concubines as they can afford. For every woman, past the first, a man is left with no prospect of ever getting laid or married. Males having been taught since birth that if they die in holy jihad they then get 72 virgins each with 72 servants and they can then coitus for eternity. After doing without for too long they get themselves wound up to kill a few infidels and in turn are killed and voila, paradise. Islam is on a dead end path that sadly will lead to the end of the human species if we do not end Islam.

    • Pat

      saving this.

      /pol/ can use this insight.

    • Victoria Howerton

      Humans will survive; our advanced civilization won’t though.

    • SRN99

      Islam is a failed religion.

  • Dan Knight

    Motives are unclear … i.e. Islam is the reason.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Very isolated event. When Christians do something like this – it is assumed that they are just criminally insane. But because he is Muslim – that never crosses anybody’s mind. “Investigators are unclear —-“. Maybe even they are conditioned to overlook the obvious and look for an organized “conspiracy”, etc. (And baffled unless they find one.)
      Another tragic situation being dealt with emotionally – instead of with un-biased professionalism.

  • Tm.

    This was a hate crime aimed at kuffars, and at women. Women are considered temptresses unless covered from head to toe like they are in Afghanistan. A delicate foot, a dainty hand, or a soft voice might set off a man, cause him to sin. Understand? That is why the stricter believers want plain black shoes, no heels, gloves on the hands, eyes barely showing and the material that covers should be thick and totally opaque to allow no transparency. What I do not comprehend is why tourists go there, don’t they get it that they are hated. I had always wished to see Egypt, but would never set foot there, even for millions of dollars. Frankly, I don’t care what they do in Egypt, they can be as strict as they wish, but why oh why, do they have to head West to inflict these ideas on those who will resist. That’s where we shall have problems, if the truth be told, we are dealing with an ideology that by all that we read, and see, can never coexist with Western secularism. Is it so difficult for everyone to just stay put in one’s own homeland?
    Has the State Dept. in Germany put out a travel warning against traveling to these places? The US State Dept. put forth a warning for their citizens to not go to Europe. I think it was just before the massacre happened on that bridge in the UK.

    • moose

      As a younger man, I was stationed in the Midlands of England. I thought seriously of taking my grandkids on a trip back to the UK and visiting some of my favorite spots in the UK. After reading what has gone on in the UK and many other countries across the seas, I’m staying HOME.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Travel to any country with a sizeable population not recommended, a few are bad enough, the more their are, the worse.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    How many more innocent people must die,… before Western leaders and their VOTERS, … WAKE UP ???!!!

  • kevin soares

    haha more dumb german broads getting what was coming to them. love these articles, keep up the good work.

    • Victoria Howerton

      You’re an ignorant ass. Evidence: your comment above. Maybe you’re a Shariah follower and not ignorant. Just following Islam. Certainly I don’t recognize you as civilized….

  • Richard

    “An 81-year-old former Koran teacher who was convicted of a string of child sex offences has been jailed for 13 years.” In Cardiff Wales.

    How Islamophobic of the judge. He was just practicing what he taught from the Koran.

  • Dave

    Is that all you muslems can take on- women? Come for me coward scum. I’ll take your heads off and stuff em with the CRAP of your pervert prophet

  • TroyGale

    Ah yes, the religion of death and tolerance strikes again.
    If you want to know, in 1899 Winston Churchill detailed the reasons why Muslims are as dangerous to civilization and civilized people as a rabid dog. I still say the dog has a reason for its madness. Islam, not so much.

  • Servo1969

    Muslim terrorists are snakes and moderate Muslims are the grass.

  • Richard

    The Religion of Peace will only make peace when all infidels have been tamed, turned or terminated. It’s in their Book which liberals refuse to understand!

    • Michael Buley

      It should be called The Satanic Cult of Death. That is what it is.

  • gia

    I wouldn’t travel anywhere out of the u.s.a nowhere is safe. If I am going to be slaughtered I would rather I be on home turf.
    Sickening how we can go on and on reporting what these evil Muslims are all about and nobody seems to be listening, no instead we have idiots holding out welcoming signs and importing more terrorism .
    Americans are just as friggin stupid doing dumb things like Muslim meet and greets .
    “See how nice Muslims can be boys and girls? ”
    “We should all be friends with Muslims they are just like us!”
    Let’s all learn about Islam and it’s peaceful message . The minute you turn your back there will be a knife in it!

  • Joe Blow

    Before they savagely murder these sort of barbarians. they should castrate him, smash all his teeth out and wrap his “sausage” around more sausage and cram back into his toothless gob

  • Michael Buley

    Sorry … ain’t no ‘moderates,’ as far as I’m concerned. the calls to jihad are relentless. Even the moderates can turn at any time. The religion demands that they do, eventually …. Forget any distinction between ‘moderates’ and ‘extremists.’ It’s a joke. Any one of them could kill at any time, and they would be considered heroes for doing so.

    A very strange ideology: killing has the highest honor for them.

    • JWM

      No such critter as a moderate muslim.

  • Dank Farts

    crusade when?

    • moose

      Where can I sign up?

  • Alleged Comment

    THESE are WILD MEN. Made that way by Yahuah in Genesis for Abraham’s disobedience. So you know the CURSE will be terrible.

    Something wild is like a BEAST. You cannot tame them, you cannot control them. They are UNPREDICTABLE. You have been WARNED!

  • JWM

    And who killed the attacker?

  • JUSTsss

    Remember most moslums have an IQ of 80 or less due to generations of marriage to their first cousins.
    Those who think that they are safe around these “people” are insane.

  • RayG1

    WHAT? He didn’t rape them first? He must be losing his “touch”! I think the only deterrent for these psychos is guaranteed castration, prison for one year, and then hang them wrapped in pig skin. If they don’t absolutely “dread” the punishment for their crimes, anything less will not act as a deterrent.

  • Robert Batchelor

    This sick ideology can’t go extinct fast enough! What a curse it is on the world.

  • shirley versace

    they were living in Egypt?? well, Germans will have to learn that muslims are not like Christians or Europeans… that they are like animals… Germans are a bit slow to learn

  • Uncle Larry

    “German Foreign Ministry” Should Be Removed……”Sad, Dismayed And Angry”….Doesn’t Address This Ongoing Tragedy.

  • freepetta

    Egypt belongs on the terror list!! Poor Germans they could have been killed in their own country just as easily.

  • dilligaf421

    i see he only attacked females, fucking pussy.

  • rls976

    The only thing about this attack that really left the German government “sad, dismayed and angry” is that this jihadist carried out his attack outside of Germany.

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