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Italian mayor BARRICADES hotel to stop migrants moving in


Viva Mayor Civa! We need an army of Civas.

Italian mayor BARRICADES abandoned hotel to stop migrants moving into it as country reaches breaking point over the crisis

  • Vincenzo Lionetto Civa, mayor of Castel’Umberto in Sicily, led a revolt to prevent a few dozen new arrivals from taking up residence in an abandoned hotel
  • A dozen or so residents surrounded the Canguro hotel in Sinagra with their cars
  • Tensions over migration are running high in Italy, with daily arrivals of new asylum-seekers and officials complaining they don’t have space to take them in

By Sophie Inge For Mailonline, 17 July 2017:
A Sicilian mayor has gone to extreme lengths to stop migrants moving into his area – by barricading an abandoned hotel where new arrivals were set to take up residence.

Vincenzo Lionetto Civa, mayor of Castel’Umberto in the Messina province, wrote an ‘urgent and important’ Facebook post, telling residents that the local prefect had informed him that the 30 or so migrants would be transferred to a local hotel.

‘I don’t believe this act of institutional involvement to be correct for the obvious reasons of the repercussions on our community,’ he wrote in the post.

Vincenzo Lionetto Civa, mayor of Castel’Umberto in Messina, Sicily, led a dozen or so residents in surrounding the Canguro hotel in Sinagra with their cars on Saturday, though the migrants apparently were already inside

The mayor (pictured) wrote an ‘urgent and important’ Facebook post, advising residents that the local prefect had just informed him that the 30 or so migrants would be transferred to an abandoned hotel

He led a dozen or so locals in surrounding the Canguro hotel in Sinagra with their cars on Saturday, though the migrants apparently were already inside.

Several residents also took to Facebook to show their support for the mayor.

But his comments sparked outrage from some locals, with Filippo Torrisi writing: ‘Mayor you must resign, this is racism. And coming from a Sicilian, a Sicily that for 150 years has ‘invaded’ the world with workers is really shameful.’

In a later post, the mayor wrote: ‘Thank you everyone for your support, for the proposals and suggestions. I dissociate myself from violent and xenophobic comments which reflect neither the spirit of the initiative or my personal feelings.’

Tensions over migration are running high in Italy, with daily arrivals of new asylum-seekers and local officials complaining they don’t have space to take them in. The issue is particularly sensitive with elections expected this year or next.

Spain’s maritime rescue service says that it has saved 19 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in a small boat.

The service tells The Associated Press that all 19 migrants were men claiming Algerian nationality.

The boat was spotted late on Friday night, and rescuers reached it early on Saturday morning in waters off the southeastern coast of Spain.

Thousands of migrants from Africa attempt the perilous crossing to Europe in small boats that are unfit for the open sea and often launched by human smugglers.

More than 86,000 have landed in Italy so far this year after being rescued in the Mediterranean as they attempt the perilous crossing.

Read the rest.

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  • Telephone Jack

    Expose the UN and our public schools pushing the Koran, please. We all know our own government started ISIS, the enemy is within.

  • Fred

    There’s a solution to these “boat refugees ” . It’s called a torpedo.

    • santashandler

      Why waste a good boat (assuming they are on one). How about importing a few dozen, hungry great white sharks to the waters these refugees travel through…….

  • Michael Buley

    86,000 so far this year. That’s a decent sized town that has moved in. No doubt almost all young Muslim males. Intent on taking over.

    Good luck to this mayor. The cries of racism will come screaming out, and he is only trying to save his town. Without wide support, he will be overwhelmed. And the Muslims will no doubt turn violent.

  • gia

    So hurray for the mayor! God bless him now if the rest of Italy would think this way, perhaps then the country can be saved from the Muslim scum. And yeah they are scum, they will destroy Italy.

    • Simba

      They will be spread over the entire continent.Austria had planned to stop them at the Brenner Pass ,but with Italy objecting,gave in.The European continent has made a grave error while accepting them,since once you open the door,they keep coming in.The influx will continue.They should have got the NGOs acting as human traffickers disqualified and tried in a court of law. These refugees( or whatever beautiful epithets are used to describe their supposedly sad plight) are enjoying themselves.Ref:-Express.Co.UK dated Jan.26 2017.

      I saw pretty 2 Swiss girls taking exactly the same number of Eritreans around for a cruise at Luzern Lake.If they get “such” benefits,why shouldn’t they get in? Even a once victim of persecution, the Dalai Lama,had exclaimed that Europe should not become another Saudi Arabia but then has to back off.

      • gia

        It’s like a plague, moving through Europe There is a cure but nobody is smart enough to use it. The countries that have agreed to take refugees in great numbers had to have known this was a bad idea and that it would be a disaster.
        They haven’t anything positive to contribute the majority don’t work nor intend to work. How can you have that many people leeching off the tax payers without complete financial destruction as a consequence?
        So when the hardworking natives of the country can no longer support themselves, who will support these freeloading so called refugees?
        How any person can be okay with working hard doing the right thing then be told were giving your money to these non working people who rape Rob and steal. Oh and don’t protest you haven’t any choice .
        It reminds me of the welfare system here. Freeloaders who generation after generations just collect public assistance and live in free housing while the rest of us struggle to make it .
        The public welfare wasn’t intended as a permanent solution for the needy but a temporary solution while the person gets themselves into a better position.
        It also was intended to support the amount of people it .does.
        What a messy this world is in ! !

        • Simba

          Thanks,Gia.If you read Nima Sanandaji’s Debunking Utopia,you will realize how difficult this social welfare system is and how far it’s a success.

          As far as the European migrant problem is concerned,it’s not their stupidity,it’s intentional manipulation of a society.A totally different culture is brought in only because they will “pay taxes”,produce more children and will provide cheap labour was a suicidal idea.They never thought that these people belong to an expansionist religion and will ultimately prove disastrous.Evrywhere there are internal compulsion including in Russia where they have not shown much interest in migrants but allow their women to marry arbs and Turks.I don’t understand why the desperation.Earlier these Russian women were lookinf westwards.One can understand about the Ukrainians since they are in quite a turmoil.China is expanding its activities by investing heavily and later it will bully and blackmail these very nations to try to rule the world.Instead of praising China,people should understand this perilous possibility.

          • gia

            I just looked up the book you mentioned read the introduction.
            I think I will read in full, if I can get the book free.

          • Simba

            Please do read the same.There could be better books available as well.

          • gia

            It’s a very interesting topic . Hopefully I can find an ebook.

  • Jeremy Steering

    Racism? It’s called self-preservation. It would be a different story – perhaps – if the “migrants” were genuine refugees. But the vast majority of those beaching up in Italy are anything but: they are economic parasites from sub-Saharan Africa, uneducated, unskilled, potentially violent, and with no claim to asylum whatsoever. Some may be hoping to work – except that millions of Europeans are unemployed with no jobs to go to – but huge numbers are attracted to the welfare honeypots of Northern Europe, which they know very well from those who have made it in, offer housing, free medical care and cash payments to even illegal immigrants, should they manage to enter and trigger the asylum process.

    Bad news for Italy, but even worse news for the last two politically correct, multiculturalism- and diversity-obsessed countries in Europe: Britain and Sweden. It’s a racing certainty that the majority have those two countries in their sights, and will not stay long in Italy. The French will never again allow the “migrant” camps in Northern France, where 10000 once gathered, with a choice of 28 EU countries in which to try for asylum, every single one was determined to get to Britain. Their move North may be blocked by the sensible, proud countries of Central Europe like Hungary, but they – and the people smugglers – will find a way in. What then?

  • Joensanford

    These are invaders under the guise of refugees. The question is are the citizens going to allow this, or fight for their culture and values. Reference our patriots. Give me liberty, or……………….

    • Craig

      The invasion is called “islamic caliphate by immigration”. It is an islamic world takeover with the assistance of the sponsoring state, allowing the invading muslims in and giving them refugee status and a totally free ride.
      The muslim parasites then eat the sponsoring state alive and another islamic POS is created.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This problem will take care of itself, in that the muslims will start to fight and burn the place down. When this happens, let it.

    • Craig

      Let it happen, only if the muzzies are inside………….

  • Craig

    Italiaistan……..hmmmm……looks like another European country going down to the islamic caliphate by immigration.
    The Mayor has guts, but cowardice, in this case fear from muslim reprisals, keeps the peopel compliant and capitulating to the muslim savages. After WW2, all these enlightened European countries denied their subjects firearms.

  • Jay Dillon
  • Alleged Comment

    Since no one will mention names of who is allowing this invasion.

    Just call out the ucking army, already.

  • Badu

    The Italian Government should declare a state of emergency.The Italian navy or secret service (or the mafia) should destroy all the boats of any description on the Libyan coast. It should then destroy all the boats bringing refugees to Italian ports. The Navy should then round up and return all refugees to Libya and tell them to go home.

  • Jenny Smith

    On what pretense are they in Italy if they are from Algeria? There is no war there. Who are they manipulating?!

  • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

    Bravisimo, Vincenzo! Tu sei un uomo justisimo. Ancora bravo e abbraci. Tu
    amica, Marianna Ricci-Wilson.

  • Stephen Honig

    Forget about the hotel, what about the Vatican. Pope putz said we shouldn’t build a wall. Just wait, the wall wont hold the Muslims from attacking the Vatican. Not only is the pope kissing Muslim feet, but he’s also kissing their asses and that wont make a difference when they invade.

  • Nan

    Lobotomy for all Muslim scum “migrants”, then send them back to the hellholes from whence they came. Problem solved.

  • Chris

    and merkel said there will be no cap on the number of illegals taken in…………..

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Someone should crowd fund the Mafia to begin assassinating corrupt politicians across Italy and their muslum masters.
    I’d rather pay protection money to the mob than have a bunch of backwards, 8th century retards lording it over me.

  • NickFortune

    Those who are allowing these invaders into their country are likely receiving large sums of money. To corrupt your culture, your sovereignty, and risk your citizens is beyond foolish. From what I’ve seen; these are mostly men, not women or children, nor the elderly.

  • Емилия Димитрова

    Stop rescue these savages! Turn their boats back!

  • Juanita

    Why do the Italians keep “rescuing” these people?


    Where is the Sicilian GOD FATHER when you need him?

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