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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Turkey’s Leader Sanctions Killing Jews: Erdogan Invokes Hamas-Inspired ‘Hadith’

Islamic Plot to Kill the POPE in Fatima, Portugal Foiled


The Pope was in Portugal on the 12th and 13th of May (spreading his message of Islam is peace, no doubt). Today we find out there was a Muslim plot to kill him. The plot just came to light today, and of course,  “it was nothing to do with Islam.” If that is true, the Quran, hadith and sira have nothing to do Islam. This isn’t wishful, thinking, this is a civilizational death wish.

The Pope has all but submitted to Islam (scroll down). And yet it doesn’t matter. More accommodation gives way to more demands, more submission, and in the end, they kill you anyway. So why not stand up and be righteous and fight for what’s right?

Moroccan planned attack on Pope in Fatima

Amigo de Israel blog from Portugal, July 22, 2017:

Man tried to infiltrate an ambulance, where the wife, a Portuguese firefighter, was.

A man of Moroccan nationality, married to a firefighter from Ourém, planned an attack on Pope Francis during his visit to Fatima on 12 and 13 May. The information is advanced by the weekly Sun, this Saturday. The man made several purchases of suspect materials, such as nitrates, a substance regularly used to produce handmade bombs. Without knowing that he was already being watched, the individual persuaded the woman, a Portuguese firefighter, to infiltrate the ambulance that closely followed the head of the Catholic church in Fatima. The Moroccan man’s mission failed, as his action was neutralized by the police forces as well as that of other suspects referenced. He was eventually sent to Morocco, his country of origin, and the woman was removed from the fire department for unknown time.

Pope Francis leads a candle light vigil prayer at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima Friday, May 12 2017, in Fatima, Portugal. Pope Francis will canonize on Saturday two poor, illiterate shepherd children whose visions of the Virgin Mary 100 years ago marked one of the most important events of the 20th-century Catholic Church. (AP Photo/Paulo Duarte)

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  • Jerry Dobson

    WHY??????? Pope Karl the 1st is their best friend. But I’m sure this commie Pope is too stupid to see that. no matter how deeply you appease Muslims, they will always be your worst nightmare until you submit to their evil deity.

    • III Frogs

      It is the pattern of Islam, when it comes to power anywhere, to slaughter first those infidels who aided their rise to power. Most of these codependent idiots expect to share power with their champions. But Islam does not share power and will tolerate no threat to it whatsoever. It’s how they consolidate their power. It’s in the Koran. It’s how Islam has functioned since that barbarian pedophile, Mohammed, started the cult of Islam.

    • Waldland

      Randomness allows “the lie” (which the Pope himself espouses) to continue while incrementally cowing the populace in preparation for takeover. It’s all part of the “program” of Islam, just as young tribal men stealing women or horses or committing other hostile acts kept other tribes a bay. Mohammed went tribalism one better and created an empire. Masterful bit of community organizing – wouldn’t you say?

      • Jerry Dobson

        Yeah, combining religion with total fascism was a smart move.

        • harbidoll

          its the best Satan has come up with.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      No matter how much the kafir al najjis collaborate w/the f’ing muslums they will always be kafir and the enemy of allah. The Ayatrollah Sistani of Iran stated as much when he said all kafir are unclean (najjis) just like blood and excrement.
      The only people indisputably eligible for to pay the jizya according to another islamic cleric are Jews (possibly Christians) EVERYONE else (incl. all atheists) have the binary choice:
      convert to islum or die.

  • III Frogs

    Infidel is infidel. That Francis is pope matters not one bit. Those who follow the, admittedly disputed, prophecies of St. Malachy about the line of popes are well aware that this is the last pope in his list. Other Catholic prophecy says that the last pope will be murdered on the steps of his Vatican and that the blood of the Church’s aristocracy will run down those steps.

    The man who will step in for the last Pope will not be elected by the Holy See as per law, supposedly because they will have been wiped out. Malachy describes him as ‘Peter the Roman.’ He will be a false pope who takes on the role in the aftermath of destruction. Some say this will be Francis’ consiglieri, the position that actually discharges the official acts of the Vatican. This man’s name is reportedly Peter, and he is from Rome.

    There’s no telling what is going on. But Islamist aliens in Italy have been saying since their arrival they will attack the Vatican if Francis speaks against them, and claim Vatican City for Islam. This is a believable threat, both because of Islamist numbers and barbarianism, but also because Islam loves nothing better than to conquer the religious sites of others and build mosques and other Islamist structures over them.

    • Meoldfart Fartme

      on the steps of his Vatican – (his) not satans? best to get a wee farm in the country

    • G Bailey
    • spfg

      I once believed what you just stated however, I doubt that it is now true. There will be other popes after francis…

      • III Frogs

        I can’t say I actually ‘believe’ the prophecies. More that I’m aware of them, very interested, and have been watching and following the line of popes for about 35 years. It’s fascinating to see that the traits and references of what Malachy describes, scanty as they are, can be seen in the actual popes. But what does that really signify? I just don’t know.

        • spfg

          There are two verses in the bible that allude to the fact that Christ may return as early as two thousand years after he died on the cross or 730,000 days. The opening of the sixth seal if you will. So if that is the case then Francis could be the last pope which would would take him to the year 2033.

    • Nina

      That’s BECAUSE the Catholics caused the GREAT SCHISM of 1054. Lost the Holy Spirit by starting a MAN-MADE FAKE CHURCH. They separated from the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church. END OF TIMES. Biggest SECRET is the ORTHODOX Church was is the WORK of the EVIL ONE Satan. Our church is the Church Christ established in 33 A.D.

      • III Frogs

        I don’t follow you. You seem to say that the Orthodox church is both Christ’s real church AND the spawn of Satan. It can’t be both.

    • Guns N Rosaries

      Francis is the 7th King of Revelation/Apocalypse 17.

  • Meoldfart Fartme

    it wash and kissed their feet – should have kiss their ass – well, no, that won’t stop them from killing

  • You can’t choose to “be righteous” when you’ve started down the road to apostasy, and this pope is an open apostate.

    He has also chosen to take a role as a Dhimmi, being an apologist for, and subservient to Islam.

    What we are seeing from the Muslim side is the mindset of division picked up from the Arab mindset, as Muslims choose to attack not only non-Muslims, but also other Muslims and Dhimmis.

    As this emerging caliphate begins to take shape (likely with a leader from Turkey as the coming Mahdi/Antichrist, it will occupy the place of the feet of the statue in Daniel, which was described as a mixture of iron and clay. The iron is the same brutality that the previous Ottoman Empire had, which has carried over.

    The weakness of the reformed Ottoman caliphate will be in the divisions taken from the Arab mindset. Muslims will continue to rabidly attack others, including other Muslims and Dhimmis, just as we see in the threats here.

    This weakness is what will limit the scope and effectiveness of the coming reformed Ottoman Caliphate, and will prevent the coming Mahdi/Antichrist from being the world dictator that many expect.

    • Bettyjdougherty

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    • III Frogs

      I’m pretty sure, from what Francis says and does, that he is a strong proponent of Liberation Theology. That movement swept the Catholic churches in central and south America almost 50 years ago now. The Catholic church investigated the doctrine and determined it to be heresy in the 1970’s, that it was a shell to push communism in the church and had no God, Jesus or Gospel in it, but was instead a vehicle to foment communist revolution and ultimate control. Priests who continued to teach it would be heretics, defrocked and excommunicated. Francis is said to be a great admirer of the late Archbishop Romero of Argentina who was a major agent of spreading LT in latin America. In fact, Francis has begun the process of having Romero canonized as a saint. If the Pope is indeed a proponent of that doctrine, it would make him, the head of the Catholic church, a heretic. Now that is some strange stuff indeed.

      • Rob Porter

        The reality is that liberation theology is based upon Marxism. Many years ago in South Africa, round about 1986, I was asked by a neighbour, a Methodist pastor, to attend a meeting north of Durban, at which a document called the Kairos Document was to be discussed. I first read the document and found it largely a rant, its later chapters almost incoherent drivel. Attending the meeting and main speaker, was a German Roman Catholic priest, Theo Knieffel. Given the floor he, among other things supported the barbarism occurring in black townships and then appealed to those present to embrace Marxism alongside Christianity. Given the opportunity and in no mood for rubbish from a imbecile RC priest who knew little about Christianity he was supposed to promote, I told him that Christianity had nothing in common with Marxism that in any event rejected religion and thus Christianity as the “opiate of the people”. This being my field of university study I truly hammered this priest into silence. So it seems to me that a rot set in the RC church a long ago and is being carried on by the stupid ass, Pope Francis.

        • III Frogs

          I have to agree with you on every point. Communists didn’t want to deal with trying to eradicate Catholicism outside the Soviet Union, so simply hollowed it out, filled it with their own doctrine and delivered it at mass every week, twisting it into place with the gospel. Since you have an interest, there are a few recent articles you may be interested in. LT (its origin and history in as a communist weapon): Even the NYT’s suspicions were aroused: Is Pope Francis an LT champion:

          • Rob Porter

            I don’t think the Soviets had to try too hard when supposed priests did not believe their own theology – or in God. Maybe to many it is ‘just a job’. Evident is that they don’t believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent creator God or would be terrified when through their horrible instincts they abuse young boys and sometimes girls,and behave as they do in the Vatican that now seems to be rotting within. As if God doesn’t know what is going on! These are evil men and the men who elected this Pope must similarly be rotten. Where are the supposedly ‘good men’ now? Evil is triumphing! How many are speaking out strongly – and what happens to those who stand for the truth? They get demoted and marginalized. The notion that a Pope is almost deity is just so evidently mindless drivel! These miserable bastards are going to rot in hell. As Jesus said of people who lead astray children, better a millstone be tied round their neck and they thrown into a well. If anyone needs a hand doing this, just give me a call!!! LOL.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks for the articles. Very interesting. We can now see that under Pope Frances the Roman Catholic Church is in a state of terrible decay, many of it’s leaders hardly true believers in God or they’d accept that he sees what is in their miserable minds. In South Africa on the occasion that I addressed that gathering, I told the RC priest and all present, that Marxism is totally incompatible with Christianity, that within the context of Marxism one can murder, rape and rob, that ‘the end justifies the means’, whereas in Christianity the call is for complete honesty, truthfulness, compassion and civilized behaviour, none of which is required in pagan, atheistic Marxism. I noted that a week or two later he addressed a gathering in similar vein. A few days later in a newspaper photograph I saw members of the SA security police marching him onto a plane for deportation to Germany. No doubt the disgusting African National Congress, then led by Nelson Mandela – a communist (and loved by the mindlessly stupid liberal/lefts of the West) invited Kniefel back.

          • III Frogs

            It always floors me how people, especially we Americans, have no idea that SA is a communist country and Mandela a solid communist, that communism is the ‘independence’ they fought for and won. The ‘African-Americans’ here often wave that flag in equal ignorance. Of course the regressive left here would champion it as a great ‘revolution.’ I call it devolution. Glad to know you played a part in awakening SA to get him out of the country! If a heretic Pope is canonizing a heretic saint, the RC church is indeed in decay.

          • Rob Porter

            Yes, South Africa is now under the rule of a communist ANC government, and galling to me is that for ten years through newspapers I spoke out against apartheid because I regarded it unjust. For that I came under surveillance. Now the country has worse. The Western world is just plainly ignorant, particularly about its darling Mandela. Mandela concealed that he was a leading member of the SA Communist Party, but after he died the ANC issued a statement confirming that he had been a leading member of the the SACP, but I noted and haven’t forgotten that he gravitated to the scum of the earth, not least Libya’s colonel Gaddaffi, Yasser Arafat and other dregs of humanity. Further, forgotten by too many, after he became president crime and corruption went ballistic. SA became the rape capital of the world, murder the second highest per capita in the world, and he did nothing about it. He did a great job in 1995 uniting the country during the rugby World Cup – that South Africa won – but after that proved an over-rated dead loss. A few of my friends have never forgiven me for pointing out that Mandela did a poor job as president, gravitated to and support trash regimes, and was more a figurehead who people like Bill Clinton made out to be a hero. Thank God that He never afflicted me with reverence for people who common sense tells me are men or women of poor character, and for the independence of spirit to hold a independent point of view and spurn making the ‘right’ comments about people the silly masses idiotically revere.

      • Steve

        Wolf in sheep’s clothing seems to go along with the account of LT and Francis.

    • Steve

      Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

      • Staceybnewsome

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      • Eileen Kuch

        NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guns N Rosaries

      Francis is an Anti-pope, which explains his aversion to Biblical Christianity. In my view, this man will become THE Anti-christ…….he is just one “JFK-moment” away from fulfillment of prophecy.

  • bikerken

    Foiled eh? Not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    • Jackie Puppet

      My thought too, though I lean toward a good thing. If it wasn’t foiled, perhaps we’d get a legit pope not seen since John Paul One, and he only lasted a month before his assassination.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Yes, of course another imaginary threat removed by the astute actions of the ever observant and diligent fuzz.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Fuzz” it’s like the 1970’s all over again.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is rather descriptive. Where is Von Dutch?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          San Pedro?

          • Mahou Shoujo


  • Stefanie Daniella

    papal romans created papal quranic islam

    it’s a “refined evil pagan” (papacy) and “crude evil pagan” (islam) duet …

    papal rome’s fatima show was long overdue …

  • Floridian

    Mohammedans are too stupid to know a friend they see one.

  • Doesn’t Francis sympathize with Islam though? He always says it is a religion of peace and everything?

  • Penet

    Again with the lapsed Catholics blaming the pope for the UN’s plan to replace the population of Christian countries. It’s no news at all that Isis wants to kill the Pope. They are fighting the Crusades and have Rome in their sites, why else is Italy swamped with muslims? Its the UN people, this is all coming from the UN, not Rome, not the Vatican. Its our own politicians who don’t do Christianity who have started the rot and its the politicians who pretend to be what ever to keep power, once again your allowing yourselves to be directed away from the real source of the invasion of our countries…ourselves….we are to bloody apathetic to get organised to stop it.

    • harbidoll

      politicians ARE the people, for the people & by the people.

  • EugeneSavoy

    So the attempted murder of Bergoglio gets the perpetrator sent back to Morocco, and the accomplice is given time off from her job. That’s it?

    • harbidoll

      thas their punishment cuz they failed.

  • harbidoll

    wonder what his people in Dublin think of this.

  • Manuel Lopes

    Hello I am from Portugal . Find it very strange this isn´t told in local newspapers. I have to read it from you! PC???

  • Alleged Comment

    The Pope got lucky this time for his stupidity. The “father” ask that you forgive him.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure losing this pope would be such a terrible thing but then some new cardinal with aspirations would be elected and – just like him – would hop right into that pope mobile to run over to the nearest mosque to wash some muslamist feet.

  • ninetyninepct

    I am Catholic – light, brought up with pedo – Priests. Unfortunately this attack was unsuccessful. Better luck next time.

    This idiot became pope because the other guy “suddenly” retired for health reasons. He is still alive and well.

  • Zippy

    They shouldn’t have interfered with the plot attempt.. sucessfully Allahu Akbarring the Pope might have been symbolic enough to finally snap the comatose West out of their coma to declare a long overdue war against Islam, or at least might have stirred the Catholic parts of the world to evict Islam from their own countries as a bare minimum..

  • Mohammed Cohen

    Ask any representatives of the Pope in Rome about this fake news that the Muslims are trying to kill the Pope and they will laugh at you. This is another sinister unending Mossad and their helping hands in the USA and their fake propaganda to pit Muslims against Christians. One only has to look to Palestine to witness the truth about the Muslim-Chrisitian relations VS Jewish-Chrisitian relations and see how vigorously the Muslim communities in Palestine, are protecting the Christian churches by having 24/7 watch patrol along with the Christians against the Jews who try to burn the Christian churches. The concept of controlling America is all behind it. Their thinking is, who cares what the Muslims and the Christians are doing there as long as we can poison the American masses so they don’t wake up to find out what we the Israelis are doing in America!

  • Dominick Perez

    The police should’ve just let him kill this piece of garbage false God. The Catholic Church is a cesspool of corruption, filth and pederasty. The priests all bugger young boys.

  • Claude Schmit

    Departing words of anti-Pope Francis in Portugal :

    ” Tell the Christians to love Muslims “. Not a joke, this clown of a “Pope” really did spew that phrase. I was there the 13th May. I saw him with my own eyes. He is not a Pope. He is a traitor.–que-amem-os-muculmanos-8474845.html

  • If the sight of this puppety pope does not want to make me puke, his voice will.
    Let alone his words…

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