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Beautiful Jesus Painting Left at NY Islamic Center Investigated as “HATE CRIME”


Jesus is hate? Only under Islamic law. That such a painting of Jesus, whose message is of love and forgiveness, would be considered “hate” speaks to just how islamized our culture, and worse still, law enforcement has become.

This is not a message of hate, but a message of love, something Islamic texts and teachings are desperately in need of.

Remember this painting, when Muslims quote trumped-up, bogus “hate crime” statistics.

Jesus Painting Left on Islamic Center Investigated as Hate Crime

By NBC News, July 10, 2017:

A large painting of Jesus on the cross was left at a Long Island Islamic center and police are investigating it as a hate crime. 

The painting was found Friday on a fence of the Hillside Islamic Center in North New Hyde Park, Nassau County police said.

Detectives request that anyone with information to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

  • Fred

    They are really wasting police resources on garbage like this?

    • john smith

      in NYC, yes

  • Jeff Moffitt


    • Mark Steiner

      Or as Sherman T. Potter would say, “Buffalo bagels!”.

  • Suresh

    why is the Police even treating it as “hate crime” ? wait a minute I know !
    The dumb voters elected Pro-islam Democrat Islamonazi and the police has turned into sharia police .

    Did you know Left/Liberal George Cloony the Loony, Fled Italy to UK due to Islamic “refugees” he wanted Europeans to take in !

    And now the coward is not feeling safe in Britainistan so flees to ………? Guess where ? To the “Racist” Trump’s America ! What should be done to such scumbags ?

    One option is given at end of the article here

    Just matter of time same Left/Liberal loons will start leaving NY state for security reasons just like Cloony the Loony .

    • Dan Knight

      In a rational world – Loonie Cloonie would be stripped of his citizenship and deported to Somalia.

  • Dan Knight

    Well … without counting art as hate, plus hoaxes … how would the Muzzies get any ‘hate crimes?’

    • amongoose

      In those cases they believe it is better to give than receive.

  • G P

    It was only a painting, not the typical muzzy gift of a bomb.

    They’re probably scared of losing adherents.

    • Barbaramhaggard

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    • Joanbmaske

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  • Dan Knight

    None of this is new btw.

    Left-wing Same-sex Hate Advocates have been counting speech, angry reactions to provocation, sharing the facts, and other sundry activity – that would never be considered a even impolitic to direct at the forces of Anti-violence and Anti-hate – as hate for decades.

    They’ve also published fake hate crime statistics – counting their own violence as a hate crime.

    When the Muzzies began doing this back in the eighties then – it was no surprise to see it. Muzzies I assumed had developed these methods of fake victimhood from the Left. (Though we now know Muzzie victimhood goes back to the beginning of Islam.) But the first time I recall anyone actually attempting to counter their fake narratives was after the internet came up – and they were claiming victimhood in Bosnia.

    None of the Bosnia stuff was ever verified – that is those who apparently disappeared were never found – and it’s just as likely they either fled the war zone, or were killed by their co-religionists, or they never went missing in the first place – as any explanation offered by the Muzzies.

    However, in the later Kosovo war we found out that most of the ‘victims’ were either not victims, or they were victims of the KLA. No less than the UN verified that virtually all of the bodies offered for autopsy were not killed during the conflict. … One example that stuck out was a ‘genocide’ victim – blamed on the Serbs of course – who was actually a Muslim police officer killed twelves before the war by a Muslim criminal. Several pathologists on-site – liberals all – refused to certify the crimes, and certification had to be done after the fact by bureaucrats who ‘reviewed’ – i.e. revised – the results.

    Seeing Muzzies attempt to make a painting into a Hate Crime – which can then be added to the pile of grievances – is not surprising then. Actually it’s rather mild propaganda, and one of the little drip-drip-drip stats that add to the agitprop used to incite the unwary college student drones to actual Bigoted Hate – against Christians specifically and against the West in general.

    … of course as Leftist Big Lies goes – the Hate Crime Painting arguably is more realistic since – at least – the Totally Evilll Enemy (which is anyone civilized btw and who opposes violent-hate-filled ideologies embraced by Leftists) – since something – a painting – was actually presented to the officially ‘offended.’

    … That is – until we find out this was a hoax.

    In which case it will go back to being just as bad as all the other Big Lies the Muzzies and Leftists say about us.

  • robin

    What about forcing halal, barbaric and savage, on our schools and hospitals etc.
    I’m leaning towards Vegan, I would not touch anything halal!!

    • OverIt

      That won’t stop it. Even some everyday shampoos are halal!

  • This is the mentality that the Islamic Antichrist will use, in promotion of his coming Middle Eastern Caliphate.

    While he won’t be the world dictator that many expect, he will have followers in every nation, working to undermine freedom, to promote Sharia and Jihad, and to condemn any speech as “hate speech” that rejects Allah for being the false god that he is.

    Islamophobia and misuse of “racism” (Islam isn’t a race, even though it has incorporated the divisive Arab mindset) will also be used to try and silence justified attacks on Islam, the worst invader worldwide that we have seen, and apostates like the Pope will be willing Dhimmis in the process.

    I don’t believe that the coming false prophet will be the Pope, but will likely be a poser, pretending to be Christ Himself, the main proponent of the idea that the coming Mahdi will be the embodiment of Allah on Earth. A twisted form of Chrislam will be promoted as well, as this false Christ becomes the main proponent of Sharia, and teaches the heresy that he never died, and so there is no forgiveness of sin through his blood. Many fence-sitting Christian church attendees will unfortunately accept the lie as well.

    Likely, the mark will be mainly in use in the reformed Islamic Ottoman Empire, headed by the Islamic Antichrist and false prophet/false Christ, as nations at war with him during the tribulation are very unlikely to accept his call that they use his currency.

    What is coming is very different than many expect, I believe, far more complex and potentially deceiving, and Islam can and must be resisted by every free person on the planet, in order to limit the damage that it does during the coming years of trial and testing.

  • neil barron

    Isn’t the background more inline with muslim art and the whole thing doesn’t look or feel like western art !!

  • neil barron

    Get a good artist to look at this the point of view is skewered one does not normally look down on a painting but Jesus hanging doesn’t look right. The legs are crossed ?? Take a look at Dali’s paintings of Christ if anyone one was out there he was and this isn’t even toilet paper to compared to him.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It was acceptable to display the same image as a figure in a jar of human urine, no hate crime or investigation of that. But another butt hurt bunch of snivelling victimized muslims get listened to. Why does anyone pay attention to muslims, they are always whining victims of something, not infrequently of their own actions.

  • amongoose

    What happened to the liberal mantra of “it’s only art”?
    Or they could have just left the painting because Jesus is mentioned in the quran as a prophet, and they noticed they didn’t have one on display.

  • If anything, this is at most a littering or dumping violation and nothing more (punishable by a fine and potential vehicle impoundment). In New York, a violation is lower than a misdemeanor.

  • kostas.lacon

    Islamic inscriptions left on the great church of Agia Sophia (Constantinople) are the real hate crime !

  • Jackie Puppet

    Time to flood that tip line with the tip that a painting of Jesus sacrificing His life so that those who believe upon Him may go to Heaven, is NOT a hate crime. It didn’t physically hurt, maim, or kill anybody.

  • Nathan

    This puts to bed the myth that the islamic Jesus is the same as the Christian Jesus. It’s strange how everybody who knows that this is a hate crime also knows that we both follow the same prophet Jesus, so how can it be a hate crime?

    So what’s it to be?

    • Fran

      Islam insists that Jesus did not die on the cross — God magically substituted a look-alike in His place. They also falsely claim that Jesus repeatedly “prophesied” that Islam’s “prophet” would be the ultimate messiah, and that the Christians altered the Bible to edit that part out. Nonsense, of course, promulgated by a man who was illiterate and immoral.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        In muslum theology Issa is to return at the end of the world — to lead the worldwide slaughter of the unbeliever in islum.

  • Poppey

    This is so sad, the Prince of Peace who never blew anybody up regarded in this way as a threat to a real threat..

    That’s modern America for you.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I hope the F-I_B remembers to offer a ten-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of this evil, islamophobic deed.

    • OverIt

      $10,000 for getting someone arrested for leaving a harmless piece of paper? So what price do you think is appropriate for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of the many, many Islamic anti-humanity deeds? And do you think there is enough money in the world to pay for the arrest of all who fit into that category?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I should point out that this was sarcasm and was referring to the F-I-B offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to the persecution of whoever left three strips of uncooked bacon across the door handles of a mosque in Las Vegas, NV in 2015.

        • OverIt

          I missed it, you got me! And any reward offering ANY sum for phantom bacon dumpers can only be viewed as sinister in light of the many unsolved REAL crimes that offer no reward for info leading to arrests. Quite scary how the Islamisation of the world is being hastened along by nations who have the most to lose by it happening.

        • Erica Ling

          Several of our ” vile perpetrators of such disgusting acts ” were imprisoned for 1 year. One lad died in prison. Perhaps we should make him our shahid ? When you remember a Muslim child killer got probation (not even a fine for littering the sidewalk 8 floors down with her baby ) it is rather disproportionate.

  • Lorna Farrell

    Is showing a muslim a picture of Jesus the equivalent of using a crucifix and holy water on a demon?

    • Cai

      Good question!!!!

  • anomalousprime

    Aunt Pittypat, get me my smelling salts! Oh, dear, I’m getting the vapors! …

  • Sharon ODonnell

    Oh good Grief .The center who reported this as a hate crime needs to be closed…Ban the Preacher’s who talk like the Anti Christ devil’s they are …Get Out and enjoy your pedophile devil cult in shitistan ..#banislam

    • It’s still unlawful dumping though…a violation.

  • Isn’t Jesus also a prophet in their religion? (Albeit with much distorted information?)

    • VoiceInDesert

      Yes, according to the teaching of their quran, Jesus is nothing more than a prophet. But according to the New Testament, Jesus is not only THE prophet, but THE Son of God, and true Christians worship the Son as well as the Father. Now, if muslims is considered themselves monotheists, why do they esteem Mohammed higher than Jesus? It seems that they not only worship their allah, but they actually worship Mohammed also.

      • The Muslims although they claim to hate idolatry, bow towards the direction of the ancient pagan Kaaba five times a day. It’s bizarre, honestly, some of their beliefs.

  • OverIt

    So, to clarify. A picture of Jesus, a peace-loving, turn-the-other-cheek, tolerant icon of Christianity is considered a hate crime, but the Qu’ran, which preaches death to all infidels in all manner of nasty ways, is not. Got it. What I don’t get is why this is permitted in the free world. In an openly Islamic country I could understand it. Just not in the free world. And it’s getting progressively worse.

  • Alleged Comment

    When society breaks down the Bible says they will call evil good and good evil. That time has come….. Because they have abandon their Christianity and now embrace the BIG LIE – LIEberalism!

  • gffpau


  • Gordon Miller

    Pamela, the only explanation is that we have become afraid of Muslims.

  • gffpau


  • Mike Pope

    They were offended because there idea of God is represented more by a picture of Lucifer

  • john smith

    Proselyting is now a hate crime. the muzzies are winning without firing a shot.

    • Erica Ling

      A hate crime EXCEPT when Muslims do it.

  • slimjim201

    The inmates are running the asylums. And it’s been that way for awhile!!

  • Bruce Atchison

    This is the stark difference between Christianity. Jesus died to pay the sins of his followers. Mohammad killed and encouraged others to murder, rape, and commit other sins. This proves to me that God and Allah are polar opposites and not the same being.

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