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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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ISIS Tells Jihadists to Kidnap Children of Western Non-Muslims


ISIS terrorists put out a new article that instructs believers and followers of the Islam faith to kidnap children from the West and enslave them.

The religion of peace strikes yet again.

ISIS is putting out the word to jihadists around the world to go ahead and kidnap kids and enslave them — kids who aren’t Muslim, that is.

Specifically, ISIS called for all jihadists in non-Muslim lands to “take the wealth of the harbi kuffar [non-believers] either by force or through theft and fraud.” The terror group also said these jihadists should just go ahead and enslave the children of those who resist the thefts.

And ISIS used the illustration of a young Muslim boy cleaning his weapon to drive home the point.

PJ Media tells more:

Jihadists residing in non-Muslim lands, according to the article, should “not hesitate to take the wealth of the harbi kuffar [non-Muslim disbelievers], either by force or through theft and fraud, and ponder the statement of [medieval Sunni theologian] Imam Ibn Taymiyyah concerning the Muslims who enters dar al-harb [land of disbelievers]: ‘Likewise, if he kidnaps them or their children, or subdues them in any way, then the lives and wealth of the harbi kuffar are permissible for the Muslims. So if they seize them in a shar’i manner they own them.’”

“Do not forget that their war on the Islamic State is dependant [sic] on wealth, so purify your intentions, place your trust in Allah, and do not seek anyone’s advice with regards to taking their wealth,” continues the directive in the latest issue of ISIS’ Rumiyah magazine. “Proceed forward with Allah’s blessing, for indeed stealing the kuffar’s wealth weakens them, threatens the security of their economies, strengthens and emboldens the believers, and prepares them for something greater than theft, and this is among the aspects of jihad that have been abandoned in this era except by a group of those who are truthful, and how few they are.”

Accompanying the article is an image of a few singers from the King’s College Choir in Cambridge, UK, which consists of 16 boys between the ages of 9 and 13 and 14 college undergraduates, with the all-caps caption: “IT IS PERMISSIBLE TO KIDNAP THE CHILDREN OF THE HARBI KUFFAR.”

ISIS has used the magazine before to call on jihadists to plunder the wealth of disbelievers and take slaves. An April article in Rumiyah said 20 percent of stolen wealth “should be set aside and given to the Khalifah or to an official representative of the Khalifah for those who are able.”

But “whoever kills a kafir – for which he has proof of his killing him” gets to keep all the loot. Or, specifically, “whatever the kafir possesses at the time and place he is killed.”

“This includes his clothing, jewelry, all kinds of weapons, gold, silver, currencies, as well as the vehicle he was using, and so forth,” ISIS added.

  • SRN99

    Islam, the stupidest religion ever invented.

    • Suresh

      Not really . The Ignorant Left/liberal Loons who Trust Muslims are the stupidest people on earth.

      Its deport them. If not suffer more such attacks. Ignorance is no bliss.

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels …….to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      • Lenn

        I think that both you and SRN99 are right, and the Left and Daesh fit well together. The sane of us are – unfortunately – standing in the middle, and we’re being dragged down by the stupid regimes we have. As God says in Isaiah 3:4: “I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them.” Think of Trudeau, Merkel, the idiot in Sweden – Loefven, and many of the other idiot rulers all over the World now. Only Hungary, Russia and Poland have leaders that are sane.

      • Kimberlytanderson

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    • K.P

      Islam is worse than stupid..Islam is a perverted pedophilic religion..

  • Lenn

    I see no other way than outright war on the moslem scumbags that wander – and plunder – in the streets of Europe! If Europe doesn’t get a grip soon and starts deporting these morons, we have it coming for us. One cannot win a war by waging a perverse kind of ‘non-war’ (holding hands, singing ‘Imagine’, placing flowers, etc.) against a very real warmonger. The EU and the US should start by nuking Raqqah! Don’t let them escape to Europe, and honestly I don’t think there are many innocents in that city. Then take on some of the rich oil states that will not help their Syrian cousins: stop trading with them (shame on Trump and Merkel for selling heavy arms to Daesh-supporting regimes, no names mentioned), pull out all foreign workers – that will make their countries collapse withing a few weeks, since they cannot themselves lead or direct their businesses.

    The West should eradicate and flatten ALL mosques, until they learn that terrorism is not acceptable in our societies!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Open season on all muslims everywhere. $3.00 bounty for their pelts.

  • BooBooBaby

    And the Lunatic Lying Filthy Libt4rd Politicians want us in the USA to be disarmed!! Are they Insane!?? I certainly don’t trust the DemonRat Traitor Libt4rds to protect us…..they bend over backwards to kiss booty to the enemies!!

  • Nothing new, the Arab Caliphates during their expansionist wars of jihad frequently took children of conquered peoples as their slaves for trade and exploitation, that was what happened to the Jews of Arabia when they rejected Muhammad (most of their men were just outright killed).

  • karl59

    Kidnapping people for the purpose of slavery has always been a part of
    Islamic history.

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