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Left/Jihad Axis: Islamic Republic of Iran’s vile Jew-hating hit piece on Pamela Geller mimics SPLC


What is interesting about this state-run media report from the world’s largest state sponsor of terror is that it reads — almost verbatim — like a report from the SPLC or Media Matters or the Center for American Progress, mimicking Nazi propaganda demonizing the Jews. The murderous mullahcracy is newly enriched and emboldened by the traitorous President Obama.

Aynaz Anni Cyrus writes:

The following piece is the first part of a series of articles published in Islamic Iran, which purports to expose truth-tellers such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and Frank Gaffney as prominent members of American “hate groups.” The article begins with a recap of the 1998 film American History X, as a media archetype of a supposedly widespread racial hate movement in America. Note the irrelevance of the author’s point of correlation between racism and criticism of Islam, since Islam is not a race.

Careful readers may notice the article’s exclusion of Jews from the list of victims of this supposed movement. Even more careful viewers of the 1998 film will notice that the article ignores any mention of the Jewish character in the film, who is the initial target of racism which propels the beginning of the film’s plot. But of course, we know that the article is written by Muslims, and that Islam largely functions by the art of deception.

“Top 10 Anti-Islam (Islamophobes) Hate Groups in America,” Momtaz News Group, Islamic Republic of Iran (translated into English by Aynaz Anni Cyrus):

Anti-Islamic groups are almost a novel phenomenon; most of them started after the Twin Towers event on September 11, 2001. These groups have very hostile behaviors towards Muslims. The members of these anti-Islamic organizations regard Muslims as aliens and allow inhumane treatment of Muslims.
According to this journalist’s correspondent, on the day that the older brother of Danny Vinyard is to be released from prison, he [Danny] will turn in an essay [that he wrote], praising “The Book of My Battle” (“Mein Kampf”) by Adolf Hitler. [ed.: The key, deceptive omission from the article here is that Danny chose his Hitler topic in order to offend his Jewish teacher, Mr. Murray.] In consequence, he is sent to the school principal. The school principal assigns for him to write an article for the next day about the events that have played a key role in Danny’s life.

He calls this article “American History X.” When Danny is writing his [new] paper, we also see him in [flashbacks of] the events of the past couple of years, during which his father, [Dennis] Vinyard, was murdered by several black people. Derek, the oldest son of the family, hates black people because of the death of his father by the “black people” and a series of events that preceded it.

He has become a “racist” who enjoys killing blacks. He believes that all the misfortunes of America are from blacks and Asians. His younger brother (Danny) is completely influenced by Derek’s ideas and becomes a racist.

After the killing of two young black people, Derek is imprisoned. He learns to understand in prison that it is not just black people who created the mess in America, but that every race has a part in it. He does not want to be a “racist” after release from prison, telling everyone he does not want to live as before. He also convinces his younger brother to stop being racist. Just at this point and at the time they reach peace, the younger brother [Danny] is killed by a black teen in a school bathroom.

The above [events] were [fictional] scenes from the movie “American History X.” All the events that take place in the film raise questions about the current reality of American society, as dozens of extremist groups exist in this country, and which in some cases are highly organized.

“American History X” focuses on certain American extremist racist group called “hate groups” or “hate” groups undergoing reform. These groups are basically composed of frustrated young people who are tired of the frustrating conditions of the American community, the young people who are deceived by some racist capitalists, and who see the origins of their problems as the presence of colored people, immigrants and Muslims in the United States.

“Hate groups”

A hate group is an organized group or movement that promotes extremist and violent activities against people of a race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. The FBI defines hate group as follows:

“The primary purpose of hate groups is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against individuals who belong to a race, sex or ethnic group.”

Increase of Hate Groups in America

According to the New York Times, the number of these groups has grown throughout the United States, as reported by the United States Southern Poverty Law Center, “SPLCenter,” which specializes in evaluating and monitoring hate speech groups [ed.: the center has been largely exposed as a leftist agenda fraud]. The center said the increase of the number of “hate speech” groups in the United States is due to declining “social welfare,” and increasing “unemployment” and “poverty” among various groups in the United States.

The center has been pursuing hate groups’ activities for thirty years, according to a report. In 2011, there were 1,018 hate groups active in the United States. The number of groups whose ideologies are against ethnicity, religion, gender, and so on have increased since 2000 in the United States. At that time, only 602 groups were identified.

Therefore, the number of groups that have become called patriotism and militant movements has increased significantly.

Disgusting groups against immigrants

Anti-immigrant hatred groups are among the most extreme hate groups in the United States, increasing since the late 1990s. Although many people in many countries, including in the United States, criticize the immigration of non-native people to their country, hate groups go further than hate crimes and launch “propaganda racism.”

The most famous anti-immigration hate groups in the United States are:

The most important group: “The Skinheads”

Skinheads appeared initially tough, as do all hate youth groups, but after the 1980s, the violent activity of these groups was expanding, and it was not a week went by that the group’s vandalizing and violence was not on American networks. Criminal attacks were committed by these young people who have shaved hair, wear boots, and who carry out such activities from sabotage to murder.

In November 1988, three members of the group beat a Portland Ethiopian student [ed.: Mulugeta Seraw] to death with a baseball bat. In April 1999, a Mexican immigrant, Irineo Soto Aguilar was murdered by three white people, as they crushed his skull with cobblestones.


[ed.: chunks of concrete, according to the SPLC web page. It is notable that the Iranian Muslim author here omits the third incident listed by SPLC on its web page, in the paragraph from which the author has taken his two examples: "In October 2007, a skinhead strangled a 62-year-old gay man in Oklahoma City as a rite of passage in his gang.” Could it be that the Islamic author’s omission is because decrying crimes against homosexuals does not fit the Islamic agenda? Let’s ponder.]

Skinheads have become a commonplace in the United States prisons and youth detention centers these days for recruitment.

According to the [S[SPLC source web]ite, the extreme of boot parties brought their agenda and activities on to the Internet from the street and hired young people to achieve their goals.

One of the most interesting actions of the skinheads is a ceremony called “Boot Party,” in which they kick their victim to death with steel-toe boots. [e[ed.: urban dictionary]p>

As one of Hollywood’s anti-hate group movies, “American History X,” shows, one of the worst ways that members of the skinheads group use to kill their victims, who are mostly black, is by breaking the victim’s jaw. The people of this group are usually identified with special boots, pilot jackets and their bling.

There are many other hate groups in the United States, including groups such as “separatist blacks,” “extreme Christian groups,” “neo-Nazis,” “white nationalists,” and so on. But some of the most violent and most hateful groups in the United States are extremist anti-Islam groups.

[e[ed.: Whoa! After that absurd charge, now here comes a great, fictionalized leap of facts and logic that the Muslim author takes next, to try to tie things to his flawed premise.]r> Hate Groups of Muslims

These groups are roughly a new phenomenon, and most of them arose after the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

These groups have very hostile behaviors towards Muslims. The members of these “anti-Islamic organizations” consider the Muslims alien and perceive inhumane practices by Muslims.

They believe that Muslims do not have any connection with other cultures, and that the “Islamic culture” is lower than the “western culture.”

Who is behind the groups that are hateful of Muslim Americans?

The Reporter Club will address the top ten most prominent figures in the groups hateful of the Muslim Americans in a series of reports that will be published in three parts.

1) Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller, born in 1958 into a Jewish family, is one of the leaders of anti-Islamic groups in the United States.

She is reportedly the most prominent and most infamous anti-Islamic person in the United States. Geller is most famous for her anti-Islamic remarks, and she also had a close relationship with “racist” and “fascist” Europeans, and with those such as Radovan Karadzic, the Serbian leader of the Bosnian war, whose notoriety as The Balkan Butcher and perpetrator of the Muslim genocide is well-known.

Geller is one of the most serious supporters of the Zionist regime, and she strongly criticizes any Jews’ opposition to Israel.

Some of the anti-Islamic Geller positions:

“Islam is not a race, it’s an ideology. An extreme ideology, the most extreme ideology that Earth has ever seen. I do not think many Western Muslims know that when they pray 5 times a day, they are actually cursing Christians and Jews five times, there is no moderate Muslim.”

“Do you think I look at everything from the charter of Israel? No, but I think it’s a great guide to humanity!”

In the 1980s, Pamela Geller spent most of her time at the New York Daily News as an economic analyst and engaged in marketing and advertising. Later, she became one of the publishers of the New York Observer magazine, and remained there until 1994.

According to Geller’s resume, she is a Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation at Brandeis University.

She married Michael Oshry in 1990. After she left her husband in 2007, she began blogging.

In October 2010, Geller told New York Times that she was particularly affected by the September 11 attacks. After writing numerous articles about Islam, she launched her website.

In 2005, when a Danish newspaper printed images of the Prophet (PBUH) and insulted the Prophet (PBUH), while many media outlets and US officials denounced this action, Pamela Geller released those images on her website again, which caused an intense reaction of outrage by American Muslims.

Geller moved on to her main activities from a simple blogger and by 2007 became an anti-Islamic activist.

Pamela Geller’s main activities are fighting the establishment of “Islamic organizations” and setting up “anti-Islamic demonstrations.”

In 2009, a New York Imam suggested that a 13-story abandoned building in the “Ground Zero” re-construction site be turned into an Islamic center. Geller first announced on her blog about this project, then she came out to the streets along with a group of American Anti-Islamist activists on the streets of New York, threatening Muslims.

In December 2009, she and one of the most famous anti-Muslims of the United States, Robert Spencer, united and started the anti-Islamic “Stop Islamization” organization. One of the first projects of this organization was the hype of the purchase of anti-Islam ads on the buses of New York and Miami.

Pamela Geller and the “Stop Islamization” organization were added to the list of extremist hate groups in 2010.

In February 2011, Geller wrote an article in support of Joseph Stalin and the “massacre of Chechen Muslims” after World War II and defended the killing of Chechens.

Geller was one of the few anti-Islamic activists that the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik cited by name hours before he committed the massacre of 77 people, most of whom were teenagers.

The “Atlas Shrugs” blog was the first blog that Geller made for herself. In 2010, the PayPal web site, which funded the financial transaction of the blog, interrupted its collaboration with this blog. PayPal announced that according to the policies of its site, which have been accepted by its customers, PayPal cannot provide for services that are used exclusively to spread hatred, violence and racial bias.

The Atlas Shrugs blog was one of the sources that Anders Breivik regularly referred to. Breivik was an alt-right terrorist who shot and killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

Geller, in support of this mental terrorist, said Breivik had targeted the country’s future leaders who would be in the same mindset of those who were responsible for the invasion of thousands of Muslims.

Pamela Geller was also the main contributor to the film that was released last year in the United States and on several Egyptian networks, which caused the global rage of Muslims in many countries around the world.

2) Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is a close friend of Pamela Geller and is the director of the anti-Islamic blog “Jihad Watch” and Geller’s colleague at the “Stop Islamization” Institute. Spencer is one of the prominent speakers of American Islamophobia propaganda.

Spencer’s field of work is different from that of Geller; in his books, lectures and articles, he always tries to describe Islam as a religious affair with violence, which describes terrorists and extremist groups as part of “pure Islam.”

Like Geller, his articles have been frequently referred to by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik. Robert Spencer and his blog were mentioned in Breivik’s goodbye letter over 162 times. The killer of 77 innocent teenagers was influenced by many of Spencer’s writings and articles.

Interestingly, in the past year, when Spencer and Pamela Geller intended to travel to Britain for an anti-Islamic conference, the British authorities prevented these two extremist from entering the country of England.

Parts of Spencer’s controversial talk:

“Islam is in its nature strange to peace, with Islam having a political character that immigrants bring to the West with their own resources, and will cause further problems in the future.”

“The radical groups have not hijacked Islam, but they are following Islam.”

“We have to prepare ourselves on the eve of the resumption of a 1400-year war, because this war will not end soon, we have to prepare ourselves militarily and intellectually.”

Spencer has earned his bachelor’s degree in art, and master’s degree in religious studies from North Carolina University. He has published more than 12 anti-Islamic books.

He is generally seen on the Fox [N[News]etwork and promotes his Islamophobia propaganda through that American podium. In July 2011, the Gawker analytical site published a report that two of Spencer’s books were taught in FBI training courses, and recommended FBI officers to study these books in order to better understand Islam.

Spencer claims that the interpretation by radical groups and people like Osama bin Laden of the Qur’an is perfectly correct.

How are Spencer and Geller Spending Funds funded?

Spending Resources for Spencer and Geller are funded mostly by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

According to a report published by the Politico web site in 2010, as the director of Jihad Watch, Spencer received about $140,000. Accordingly, in 2005 and 2006, the Fairbrook Foundation contributed more than $250,000 to this site.

The David Horowitz Freedom project is being run by someone named David Horowitz, a conservative writer born of a Jewish family in New York.

David Horowitz, who is considered the boss of Robert Spencer, is an extreme Jew, and the SPLC Institute has named his organization as a racist institution.

One of the controversial comments by David Horowitz is that the turban of Muslims, and especially those on the head of Yasser Arafat, is a symbol of terrorism.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is one of the most important anti-Islamic institutions in the United States, which creates propaganda against Muslim activists in the United States and is carrying out vast anti-Islamic propaganda advertisement campaigns with an enormous budget it has available.

In his speeches, he compares Muslims with the Nazis and claims that Muslims are always worse than the Nazis. He calls the Palestinians, whose innocent children are targeted by the Zionist bombs and bullets, Nazi, and describes the resistance forces as terrorists.

In 2011, The David Horowitz Freedom Center was named as one of the top 10 Islamophobia rings in the United States.

Spencer and the Geneva agreement

After the Geneva agreement, he perceived the agreement [t[to be]orse than the Munich agreement of 1938. (The Munich agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom in 1938 on the annexation of the German regions of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to Nazi Germany, in September 1938, in the city of Munich, Germany without the presence of the Czechoslovak representative.)

This extreme Zionist said: “This is a disaster. This was worse than Munich because, after the British prime minister sold Czech to Adolf Hitler, although they suffered a lot of difficulties, and many died, they did not disappear from the ground. The US agreement with Iran threatens the entire Israeli community.

The American Media Transparency Organization said The David Horowitz Freedom Center is funded by organizations such as the Bradley Foundation ($2 million), the Scaife Foundation ($5 million), and the Olin Foundation ($2 million). These foundations are all anti-Islamic organizations around the world, and all of which end in Israel.

According to the Center for American Progress [e[ed.: which has been much exposed as a biased, George Soros front group of the radical Left, so what you are witnessing right here is the Left-Islam alliance at work]the Bradley Foundation supports organizations and individuals working in the field of Islamophobia in the United States. Between 2001 and 2009, the organization paid more than $5.37 million to various Islamophobic groups, such as The David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The Scaife Foundation, like the Bradley Center, supports organizations and individuals who work in the field of Islamophobia in the United States. Between 2001 and 2009, the organization paid more than $875.5 million to various Islamophobic groups, such as The David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Richard Mellon Scaife was a famous American billionaire affiliated with the right-wing extremist thinkers and one of the most influential people behind the conservative American movement. Scaife [g[gives]rants [t[to]any of the US extreme institutions through the Scaife Foundation.

Foundations under the supervision of Richard Scaife run one of the largest Islamophobia networks in the United States.

3)Frank Gaffney

For many Americans, the HUAC [e[ed.: U.S. House of Representatives Un-American Activities]ommittee takes them to a dark period of American history. But Frank Gaffney, the paranoid propagandist of the anti-Islamic movement, does not think so. In 2011, Gaffney appealed to Congress to rebuild the HUAC, this time to defeat the Islamists who he claims intend to replace American democracy with Sharia.

Gaffney in the occupied territories

Gaffney considers Islam as a form of communism with a god and claims that Obama is a Muslim. He served in the Pentagon and was nominated as a deputy defense minister in 1987. In 2002, a well-known British newspaper named him the leader of the US invasion of Iraq.

Gaffney was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to a Jewish family.

Gaffney has always supported the policy of supportive groups and research institutes for neoconservatives and the right-wing. He was one of the founding members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), founded in 1997 by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, with the aim of supporting Reagan’s military and interventionist policies beyond the waters of the United States.

He also worked as an expert in the Ariel Center for Policy Research [e[ed.:]The Israeli center maintains close ties with Israeli right-wing groups in the United States, and he is a member of the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD). [e[ed.: relaunched on July 20, 2004, and appears to now be defunct. Former web site: (dead link as of 2017)]he CPD is the Cold War era radical group that was reinstated after the events of September 11th to defend the struggle against terrorism.

He also serves as a consultant at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies [e[ed.:]The foundation was founded after the September 11 attacks and is aimed at expanding coalition governments, defending human values and fighting ideologies that sponsor terrorism.

Gaffney’s views on American foreign policy began in the 1970s, when the neoconservative parties were formed. During this period, some dissatisfied liberals gathered around Senator Scoop Jackson. Jackson, a Democrat, is well-known for his controversial support for Israel and its anti-communist policies. When Jackson failed to gain [D[Democratic Party]upport during the presidential election race of the mid-seventies, many of his liberal supporters (whom left-wing politicians labelled as “neoconservatives”) joined the Republican Party.

When Gaffney becomes a nuclear talks expert on CNN

According to Progressive news and media web site, crooksandliars, the CNN news channel invited the famous American anti-Islamist to talk about Iran’s nuclear talks and the P5 + 1 coalition.

According to the report, he has always taken anti-Iranian positions and has consistently condemned the U.S. Obama administration on its diplomacy with Iran.

Fighting the construction of a mosque in America

One of the problems that Muslim Americans are struggling with is the existence of people like Frank Gaffney and their fight against building mosques.

Gaffney claims that mosques are equated with Muslims intending to establish Sharia in the United States. Together with people like Pamela Geller, Gaffney gathered hundreds of people in the streets with money from financial institutions and Zionist think tanks to prevent the construction of the Park1 mosque. Also in 2010, Gaffney testified in a Tennessee court as an expert in Islamic law, which stopped the creation of a mosque in the city [s[sic: near Murfreesboro]/p>

An interesting point about Gaffney’s supporters is the relationship between his organization “the Center for Security Policy” [e[ed.:]nd institutions sponsoring Geller and Spencer, as the Center for Security Policy has received funding from institutions such as the Bradley Foundation and Fairbrook Foundation.

The report will be followed by the rest of the American Anti-Islam propaganda groups.

End of part 1

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