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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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Hamas Accidentally Admits Muslims Have Enjoyed ‘Complete’ Religious Freedom in Jerusalem


“Less expected, however, is the release’s stark admission that prior to Friday’s closure, Muslims had been able to practice their faith ‘in complete freedom for… half a century.’ Half a century ago is when Israel conquered the Temple Mount during the June, 1967 Six-Day War.”

This admission reveals all the Muslim rage over the metal detectors on the Temple Mount, which led to the riots there yesterday, and all their claims about being oppressed and prevented from exercising their religion at the Temple Mount have been false all along. Just like the “Palestinian” nationality itself, the whole basis of their claims against Israel is a lie.

“Oops! Hamas Accidentally Admits Muslims Enjoy ‘Complete’ Religious Freedom in Jerusalem,”, July 18, 2017:

An English-language press release issued on Tuesday by the Islamist terror organization Hamas to protest the temporary closing of the Temple Mount by Israeli authorities following an attack there on Friday contained an unexpected, and possibly unintended, revelation.

The Temple Mount was reopened Monday with additional security measures to prevent further violence, including metal detectors—a change that was protested by Palestinians. Hamas on Saturday called for a “religious war” against Israel following the brief closure.

Yet the press release issued by the group on Tuesday contained an unexpected admission. “The recent closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” it read, “and preventing Muslims from practing [sic] their faith in complete freedom for the first time in half a century, is a dangerous escalation of the Zionists’ plans to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque and seize full control of it.” [emphasis added]…

Less expected, however, is the release’s stark admission that prior to Friday’s closure, Muslims had been able to practice their faith “in complete freedom for… half a century.” Half a century ago is when Israel conquered the Temple Mount during the June, 1967 Six-Day War….

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  • nj

    Do not view this as a thing to be proud of

    Do not think that giving muslims religious freedom is a good thing. It is something to be ashamed of. To give our own saboteurs freedom to grow their belief system, that demands our destruction, is about as retarded as it gets. We should hang our heads in shame for reflexively granting religious freedom to anyone, without thinking about the consequences.

  • nj

    Israelis should be ashamed of this. Every non-muslim nation should be ashamed of giving religious freedom to muslims. Are we brain-dead? Have we completely lost our minds?

    Is our constitution the word of god? Could it not be that our constitution was written by – Human-freaking-beings?

    Why do we keep defending the constitution and never criticize it, just like muslims keep defending their quran and never criticize it?

    Could it not be that our constitution was written at a much different time, and with time things have changed, and thus, so should the constitution?

    Why do we worship our constitution and never demand that it be changed, just like muslims worship their quran and would never allow it be changed? How are we better than muslims if we can not bring ourselves up to evolve and alter the archaic principles that are leading us toward the precipice?

    Religious freedom must not be for every religion, willy-nilly. Besides, islam is not exactly a religion in the manner we understand religion. So it should not qualify for religious freedom to begin with. But then, the constitution also protects creed. And muslims can claim that islam is their creed, and therefore they must be allowed to practice it. And then we would still have to protect it.

  • Jeremy Steering

    “Preventing Muslims from practising their faith in complete freedom” – clearly they are too busy jumping up and down with rage to see the irony of these words, since one of the core principles of Islam and adhered to in every Muslim country is just that: preventing other faiths from practising, and in many cases, persecuting those who do, and in countries like Saudi Arabia not allowing them to practise their faith at all. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Covadonga

    They may have “complete religious freedom”, but, unfortunately, a big part of their religion is to murder Jews as a form of worship of Allah….

    …and they’ve had tragically too much freedom in Jerusalem to practice that aspect of their “religion.”

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims are senseless ingrates, not matter what they are given is never enough. When the have murdered every non muslim possible, they kill each other.

  • Alleged Comment

    SO that’s how you get pass TSA. Claim you are going to worship at your temple and how dare you X-ray or slap my balls and feel up my wife and children.

    Do what the Palestinians do and the TOUGHEST Government in the world will even back down.

  • marlene

    Proving once again that this is not a good thing. Israeli men, women, pregnant women, soldiers and CHILDREN have died for the ‘religious’ freedom of these vile, deranged and demonic muslims.

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