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A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

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In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Britain First leaders charged with harassing Muslim rapists

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Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Germany Expecting Hundreds of Thousands of Muslim Migrants Through Family Reunification Rules


The elites won’t tell you this, but I will: Europe will collapse.

The only thing more destructive and catastrophic than the hijrah, the Muslim invasion of Western Europe, is the deliberate denial of reality and the refusal to change course.

“Family reunification” is a farce. We know the large majority of “war refugees” are neither from war zones nor are they refugees. They have false papers, false ages, etc., so why would we expect that alleged family connection would  be legitimate? And even so, can Europe afford, can Germany afford, hundreds of thousands of more Muslim migrants now?

Germany Expecting up to 300,000 More Syrian, Iraqi Migrants in 2017 Through Family Reunification Rules

by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, July 12, 2017:

The German Federal Government has estimated that family reunion rules will see Germany receive hundreds of thousands more Syrian and Iraqi migrants this year.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that it granted asylum to 90,389 people in the first six months of 2017, and expects that Germany will receive a total of 180,000 migrants this year – a fraction of the influx of almost a million who the country admitted in 2015.
However, Die Welt reports the situation — with regards to housing, welfare, education, integration, and crime — will be far more demanding for taxpayers than official figures suggest, as they do not take into account the migrants who are flown into Germany as a result of family reunification rules.
Responding to a request by the German broadsheet, the Federal Foreign Office said it estimates the process will enable an additional 200,000 to 300,000 to travel to the European nation.
According to the Foreign Office, the calculation is based on the number of visas which have already been issued, and on how many applications the department expects based on patterns currently seen with regards to average family reunification numbers for Syrian refugees.
The German Federal Government has estimated that family reunion rules will see Germany receive hundreds of thousands more Syrian and Iraqi migrants this year.
The Ministry of the Interior announced that it granted asylum to 90,389 people in the first six months of 2017, and expects that Germany will receive a total of 180,000 migrants this year – a fraction of the influx of almost a million who the country admitted in 2015.
However, Die Welt reports the situation — with regards to housing, welfare, education, integration, and crime — will be far more demanding for taxpayers than official figures suggest, as they do not take into account the migrants who are flown into Germany as a result of family reunification rules.
Responding to a request by the German broadsheet, the Federal Foreign Office said it estimates the process will enable an additional 200,000 to 300,000 to travel to the European nation.
According to the Foreign Office, the calculation is based on the number of visas which have already been issued, and on how many applications the department expects based on patterns currently seen with regards to average family reunification numbers for Syrian refugees.
Though Germany has now suspended the possibility of family reunification for many newcomers until March 2018, authorities are still overwhelmed by the huge backlog of claims which come as a result of Angela Merkel’s move to open the country’s borders in 2015.
As a result of this, German embassies in Syria and its neighbouring countries reported a “dramatic increase in demand for appointments concerning people applying for family immigration visas”.
The news of further migration to Germany comes as local media reported a new study which warns that the country faces an education crisis, caused by a “boom in pupils that almost nobody predicted”.

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  • Suresh

    Germany is dying and if Germans don’t vote out these Left/Liberal Pro-islam Loons they deserve all the gang rape, murder the jihadis dish out.

    The Left/liberal Pro-islam Loons allow women/Girls to be assaulted, molested, gang raped , murdered

    ..and its all Halal (approved) as per Allah ! Of course reading about that article and the Islamic verses is putting extra scrutiny on that religion ! That is “racist” “islamophobic” !

  • gia

    Welcome to Germanstan, please feel free to take our money, molest and assault our women and children and blow up and destroy anything that offends you!
    We are looking forward to a new and improved Germany and that can only happen if we allow our country to be infested by Muslim filth! Idiots! Completely INSANE, what is wrong with these people! Haven’t they learned what happens when you lay out a welcome mat to these evil Satan worshipping freaks?
    Why are the German people holding up signs that say welcome it should be stay the f…out of our country and go back to your caves!

    • ⭐️ Orphan

      I assume paid propaganda, just like democrats that pay people to protest and bus them in to an area.

      • gia

        Probably, you just can’t trust anything anymore. Don’t see why you be holding out a welcome, after the turmoil the current refugees , have brought.

    • Hughspeaks

      Probably like the recent muslim “protest” here in the UK following the London Bridge atrocity, which was entirely staged by CNN.

      • gia

        It makes me sick what’s happening to your country. How could you feel safe even for a minute.

    • CreoleGumbo

      “Why are the German people holding up signs that say welcome it should be stay the f…out of our country and go back to your caves!”

      I think it is because post WWII the German people were brainwashed into a belief that “tolerance” of any differences in culture had to prevail over their society. It is the German form of White Guilt, comparable to the US guilt over slavery. This has gone on for 50 years or more and spanned 2 or even 3 generations. It is now so ingrained that they are incapable of not internalizing guilt over what they see as the social injustices suffered by Muslims and or American Blacks. I cannot help but thinking that many Germans somehow must feel that they deserve to suffer. I may be wrong about that but these are just some of my thoughts.

      • gia

        I completely agree with your theory, it makes perfect sense. We watch reparations constantly being given to African Americans , they demand it.
        It’s been about 150 years since slavery was abolished yet we are still apologising, and trying to right that wrong.
        It must be the same for Germany the Holocaust was such a horror , yet the majority of those who were active , are now dead or extremely old. As you said the imprint of guilt is clearly stamped into the minds of every generation since .
        So, that explains Germany being ultra tolerate to the point that their own anihlation, does not seem to faze them .
        How do we explain France, England Italy, etc.?
        I have always felt self preservation was much stronger then what we are seeing, does being civilized mean we just roll over and allow ourselves to be dominated by cultures who still have a primitive mindset?

        • CreoleGumbo

          I think it is the long history of antisemitism in all the European countries that explains France, England, etc. None of the European countries were exempt and this is why Hitler was able to succeed in killing people in broad daylight. All countries that had Concentration Camps and participated in killing the Jews had a long history of Jewish persecution. So when they were placed in the camps and the odor of death infiltrated the air no one saw it, no one smelled it and no one heard it. For France, Germany and England where there were no camps there was still sufficient anti Jewish sentiment to allow the population to turn a blind eye to what was happening. Also aiding and abetting a Jew was illegal and punishable by death.

          • gia

            Hatred or fear ? I wonder how much of turning a blind eye was truly out of fear of what would happen if they did not just ignore the horror.
            I suppose I would like to think I would be one of those people who protested and tried to aide perscutted Jewish, and others who were imprisoned .
            But how could we say what we would do if faced with the same set of circumstances . You really would have to be in the moment before you could answer that question.
            It boggles my mind the atrocities that took place , it’s so horrid and heartbreaking I can’t even imagine feeling terror every moment and knowing I am hated and there are those who would torture and kill me just because I was born Jewish or a gypsy or I had some sort physical limitations that made me a target for death.
            My mother was born in 1943, she contracted polio at age 2 had she been living in Germany under Nazi rule she would have been killed.

            Of all the books and movies I have seen and read some fictional others based on true stories, it never fails to shock me that these were human beings acting in pure evil against others , who were just innocent souls.

          • CreoleGumbo

            I can’t help thinking that for some it was dislike and for some it was fear.

            You seem as interested in this topic as I am. If you have not done so you may wish to read The Nazi Doctors by Jay Lifton, a book in which he interviews Nazi doctors and delves into the topic of how health care professionals who took an oath to protect life could convince themselves to take life. The book was incredible and exposed me to a fact that I did not know, which is that DOCTORS were the ones fully in charge of the camps as Hitler considered the “extermination” program to be a medical issue; and BTW any doctor who refused faced NO consequences at all – nada, none. The other great read is Constantine’s Sword by James Carroll, an ex-Catholic priest.

          • gia

            I do have an interest. I don’t know where it began, I suppose the diary of Ann Frank I read at a young age .
            Thanks for the book recommendations, I am always interested in reading.

            Your comment about the Nazi doctor’s made me think of a book I read awhile ago, I actually read it twice. “Stones from the river”
            Its fictional and some parts are a tiny bit drawn out, but it’s definitely worth reading.
            Here is a link to read a synopsis .

            You could probably find a link to read it free since it was published I think in 1984? Not sure.

          • CreoleGumbo


  • Michael Buley

    Good move by Merkel. On the one hand, ‘Okay, okay, we HAVE let too many in! There ARE problems! Maybe we should slow it down!’ … and on the other hand, ‘But FIRST, let’s let all the grandmas and babies and sisters and 14th cousins come in … Another 300,000, and Germany is TOAST!’ I’m sure there will be more than 300k.

    She’s such a puppet of the NWO. And somehow, the German people seem oblivious to it.

    • ncskeptic

      They might be waking up but it is too late.

  • taxpayer22

    Europe is being prepared for a Muslim-jihad version of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. A vast and concerted act of treason has been taking place across Europe since the creation of the European Union. Under the Schengen Agreement, Brussels promised to guard the outer frontiers of the EU, while abolishing internal border controls. The Eurocrat elites broke the first promise but kept the second, thus opening a wide path for the onrushing Muslim hijra immigration invasion.

    As Islamic attacks mount, the German police will – follow orders – on the side of the traitor-elite politicians who pay their salaries, and they will not come to the rescue of besieged ethnic Germans..

  • taxpayer22

    Former East German Communist functionary – Angela Merkel achieves high marks at both Muslim insertion and German repression.

  • taxpayer22

    Note what happened to the Jews of Medina in the 7th Century.

  • taxpayer22

    Islamic headscarf is a shroud of death for a free society, says former radical Feminist Zana Ramadani.

    Being born a Muslim herself, Ramadani is fearful of her life after receiving countless death threats from Muslims in Germany..

    • nm

      Very true.

      The threat of burqas is not a black and white deal. It is an entire spectrum, with multiple stages –

      – First burqas get the green signal
      – Then burqas get a toehold
      – Then burqas gain a stronghold
      – Then burqas are mainstreamed
      – Then burqas are worn by an ever increasing number of women, as muslims multiply much faster
      – Then burqas form a substantial proportion of the attire in the society, and thus they are now seen as an integral part of the fabric of the society
      – Then as the muslim population keeps rising, and more and more women keep wearing them, now the non-muslim women are stigmatized for not covering up.
      – Then non-muslim women are psychologically, culturally, and in some cases, directly pressured and coerced into covering up.
      – Then non-muslim women are psychologically, culturally, and in some cases, directly pressured and coerced into wearing hijabs, burqas, or some other attire that covers them almost entirely.
      – Finally, burqas, hijabs and modest clothing become the norm of the society, and are no longer optional.

      This last stage, is the final stage, which was enabled because of the first stage, of giving burqas the green signal. Folks think only of the last stage, and never take into account the entire process, with multiple stages.

      All this takes decades. Many, many years. It can take even up to 100 years. Since the average individual does not think that far, he or she only considers the final stage – Forcing non-muslims to wear burqas, and assumes that since this is never possible, it is completely fine to let muslim women wear burqas. And this is how we are sealing the doom for our future generations. Our posterity, our descendants tomorrow are the ones who would be paying for our tolerance of the burqas today. Non-muslim women then, would have no choice but to cover up, thanks to the women and men of today who are allowing, and even defending the muslim women’s ‘right’ to wear burqas.

    • Louisekmahon

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  • kostas.lacon


    • Nefarious420

      Germanistan first, then the Europistan will follow.

  • ncskeptic

    The saddest part is the American Left will watch it all happen and still bring it to our shores. This is like watching your demise happen 10-15 years in advance, and know there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. There aren’t enough Republicans in the Republican party anymore to prevent the Left taking over. They’re all closet Leftists and are as delusional as the German people. 2018 and 2020 will see new democrat majorities in congress, not because of Trump, but because non-Leftist voters will stay home. They’re weary of working to elect these people only to have them forget who put them there the moment they set foot in DC. When our president can’t implement a reasonable travel ban without some left wing loon Obama appointee judge in Hawaii successfully blocking it, we should know it’s over.

    • normie

      It isn’t over yet. You can’t throw in the towel that’s what they want you to do. The Democrats are the enemy. They are the ones that are blocking Trump at every turn. Can you imagine what will happen if Obama’s crowd gets in again. He might not be the president but he will call the shots. That’s why he has been running around showing up where Trump is. IE: Italy and France. Tearing down Trump at every chance. He is the guy that got the refugees flowing in and now Trump has been left to deal with the mess. But it your mess too and we have to do what we can to fix things

  • david1952000 .

    May we at least hope that the demented Marxist traitors who have engineered this destructive cultural scam will get their heads chopped off, too?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So what? Who cares? The average germanic the street finds this quite acceptable. germany is an islamic republic any way, the rot of islam will accelerate the ultimate destruction of what was one germany. No loss.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Tatiana Covington

    I say it’s all overcompensating for war and holocaust. Time to stop all that crap! Enough already! 72 yr!

  • Julian Farmer

    The Government in UK, is now telling children in schools to report their parents for “incorrect speech”. A neighbour was “reported” by her daughter for suing the term “Mummy”.This was too “gender specific”. The child cannot understand what that means, The Mother is now under investigation for “gender insensitivity”. Other case are being seen for “insensitive speech” regarding “New citizens”, This is now UK standard fare. Children are encouraged to talk to “Teacher” about home life as part of the “Prevent Strategy” and the hunting out of incorrect “Thought and speech”. One family had theor children taken into care, The father was a UKIP voter. These are our much vaunted “British Vakues” that have led to the closure of a decent Jewish school in London for failure to teach about LGBT ‘Lifestyles’. What next camerras and bugs in the home?

    • gia

      Wow, just wow I can’t believe it’s gone that far.


    The Leftist Democratic Party in America and the left-wing liberal parties in Europe have gone on the offensive and adopted the strategies of Jihad to overthrow American democracy and to create overwhelming social chaos in Europe. The left-wing liberals here and abroad are useful idiots of the globalist elite who fully intend to impose their own one-world government after the Leftists create enough chaos that an internationalized police force is activated to quell the mass disturbances.

    Former radical Muslima Isik Abla lists and describes the 8 types of jihad currently being waged against Western countries in their campaign to rule the world under Islam.

    1. Population jihad

    According to Abla “population jihad or cultural jihad” is the concept of populating the world with more Muslims than Christians, Jews or people of other religions or no religions. Abla said that this not only refers to the migration of Muslims and their invasion of foreign cultures, but it also is a call for Muslims already embedded in Western countries to have more children than non-Muslims.

    The Democratic Party and its new religion of Liberalism supports mass migration of Muslims with hostile cultural norms and illegal immigration to swell the numbers of their intersectional resistance movement against President Trump. The new Democratic Party of jihad is a supremacist culture that tolerates only those who adhere to their left-wing liberal narrative of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism. They suppress freedom of speech through censorship, physical intimidation, and by interrupting and obstructing the expression of opposing points of view particularly on college campuses.

    2. Media jihad

    One of the most influential forms of jihad is “media jihad” which Abla said allows Muslims to influence the way Westerners think or feel about Islam and particular political candidates. Abla asserted that Muslims spend billions of dollars building partnerships with major television networks and other major media outlets.

    “In the United States many media channels’ partnerships are bought by Muslims. There are so many Muslims behind the scenes in power because they invest money. They invest billions into the Western world’s media. You can take anything and make any person a monster or hero in the eyes of people through media. It is easy to manipulate and brainwash people through media. It is the easiest way and most powerful channel as a weapon. We saw it in the previous elections. We see it in the world. They can get you to believe anything about any candidate that they want you to believe.”

    She also said that one of the biggest media jihad initiatives is to promote the idea that “Islam is the religion of peace. Whoever says this is part of media jihad.”

    The globalists who own the mainstream media giants are all colluding in a very unAmerican attempt to overthrow the government of America-first President Trump and end American democracy. Their motive is the creation of an internationalized world which provides an unimpeded internationalized market for their products. Obama, the globalist elite’s puppet, was groomed to be the globalist prince and Hillary was his designated legacy. Obama and Clinton were Saul Alinsky’s most famous students. Their mission was to bring social chaos to America and transform our democracy into socialism. Socialism with its cradle-to-grave government control is the necessary condition before society can become part of an internationalized world and transformed into the globalist elite’s plan for one-world government. President Trump is the single greatest threat to globalism and one-world government.

    Globalism is the big lie of the 21st century. There is no social justice or income equality in one-world government only masters and slaves. The American people rejected Liberalism’s narrative and surprised the globalists by voting for American democracy, American sovereignty, and America-first domestic and foreign policies. So what do the swamp creature do? They double-down on reporting of false accusations, frivolous lawsuits, and fake news in an attempt to topple our constitutionally elected President and destroy American democracy.

    Media jihadis took a play from Obama’s mentor socialist Saul Alinsky’s 1971 manual Rules for Radicals. “Mock your opponent; there is little defense for mockery” — “Accuse them of doing what you do and of being who you are” — Rub raw the sores of discontent — “don’t worry about how big and outrageous your lies sound; just keep repeating it often enough and long enough and it will come to be believed.”

    The Democratic Party relied on their unaware, compliant, disinformed supporters to rally around them and join their growing “resistance” movement. Facts were never checked, it was a repeat of Ben Rhodes’ infamous Obama White House echo chamber that duped the public about the Iran deal. In a stunning admission of guilt Ben Rhodes admitted that the White House created an echo chamber of false information that was repeated incessantly by the mainstream media to elicit public support for the Iran deal.

    President Trump has exposed the anti-American Iran deal for what it is – an illegal transfer of 1.7 billion dollars of US taxpayer money to the biggest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. In that single deceitful move Obama resuscitated his beloved Iran’s failing economy.

    3. Education jihad

    Another way in which Islam is trying to gain influence in the cultures of the Western world, Abla said, is by devout Muslims paying tuition for other Muslims to attend prestigious Western universities like Harvard, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge. “These are going to be the people of the future to be in high positions,” she explained. “They pay their Harvard education, they pay Princeton, they pay Yale. We were shoveling money to this kind of educational Jihad so those people could be in high places in power to dictate what needs to happen in the Western world [and] to Islamize the Western world. This is an ideology type of Islam and I was part of that.

    Education jihad has two parts. One is very powerful countries like Saudi Arabia, they invest into these colleges. They give millions of dollars a year. … So they have a lot of saying into these colleges’ curriculums. The other way is by sending these Muslim youths into these colleges. What happens is when they graduate, they don’t have green cards but they have the highest chance of being hired by a company to get a green card.”

    The Democrat’s educational jihad in America begins in elementary school where students are indoctrinated into Liberalism’s tenets of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism. Instead of patriotism, honor, achievement, and self-determination their teachers inculcate them with the Leftist propaganda featuring American self-loathing and socialist ideology. Students are pressured toward conformity rather than creativity. They are taught that trying is the same as achieving and that all of them are butterflies. Group projects, group think, group assignments all in preparation of socialism.

    The three pillars of American society God, government, and family are under attack by Liberalism’s campaign of destruction. The hippies, socialists, and anarchists on campus in the 60s did not go quietly into the night. They graduated and reconstituted themselves as the parents, teachers, professors, administrators, politicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, script writers, media writers, computer data miners, and the heads of industries that are in positions of influence to implement their mission to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

    Liberalism’s anti-American curriculum is provided courtesy of Tavistock Institute’s network of foundations. Tavistock Institute for those who may not know began in England and was exported to the United States after WWII to destroy America from within. Tavistock turned the principles of Freudian psychology and the unconscious into instruments of mass psychology for mind control and propaganda. Tavistock is now a six billion dollar network of foundations whose goal is one-world government. The Tavistock formula includes deception, brainwashing, conditioning, peer pressure, revisionism, moral relativity, and echo chambers all designed for social engineering toward one-world government. The entire educational curriculum in the United States has been infected with Tavistock Institute indoctrination. The first priority for Education Secretary DeVos must be curriculum overhaul.

    4. Economic jihad

    Abla also discussed economic jihad or financial jihad. Much like media jihad, wealthy and influential radical Muslims are investing in various businesses, banks, stocks and properties in the Western world. The goal behind this kind of investing is to obtain power within the culture.

    “Anywhere that you invest money, you have cultural power. Anywhere you are a shareholder, you have cultural power. You have a voice when you invest your money. That voice is the voice of Islam. When you invest your money in any field, you are basically buying people, you are basically buying companies. They are going to sooner or later going to mold into your ideology.”

    Jihad has been an intrinsic part of Islam since the 7th century. Islam has waxed and waned in socio-political influence over the centuries but the discovery of oil in the Middle East reversed Islam’s decline and launched the modern extremely well funded campaign of jihad against the West. Jihadis went on a shopping spree buying Western politicians, university chairs (to establish Islamic studies departments), land for mosques (cultural centers), businesses, airlines, sophisticated weapons and expertise.

    Economic jihadis also took a play from Obama’s mentor socialist Saul Alinsky’s 1971 manual Rules for Radicals. Alinsky instructed his revolutionaries to, “Stop throwing bombs and demonstrating, clean yourself up, cut your hair and put on a suit and get into the system and change it from within.” The economic jihadis have cloaked themselves in Western garb and insinuated the Muslim Brotherhood operatives into every sphere of American life particularly where they have the most power and influence to do the greatest damage.

    Barack Obama, the most lawless anti-American president ever to hold office was an Alinsky follower. When he campaigned on “hope and change” most Americans had no idea his goal was to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. Saul Alinsky wrote, “Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.” Alinsky described what America has become after eight years of Obama’s anti-American, pro-Muslim, radical socialist policies. Obama supported all eight Islamic jihads as well as all eight Democratic Party jihads during his two terms and continues to publicly support them.

    5. Physical jihad

    Physical jihad, the war against infidels, is probably the most recognizable form of jihad because terrorist groups like the Islamic State, Boko Haram and others are constantly in the news as they continue to kill nonbelievers and dissenting Muslims in places like the Middle East and Africa and carry out attacks on soft targets in the West. Some Muslims are brainwashed into believing that Muslims are called to carry out wars against Christians, Jews and others until everyone dies or they become Muslims. Specifically, Abla pointed to Quran 2:171-173. They believe in ethnic cleansing. So when you ask about physical jihad, it is not only war and defense, it includes ethnic cleansing — genocide. Muslims are called to carry out jihad until everybody is either killed or recites the Muslim declaration of faith.

    The Democratic Party was guilty of fomenting violence against Trump supporters at campaign rallies and now that he is President Trump they foment violence over social media, in print media, in classrooms, and on mainstream news programming. In a shocking display of hypocrisy politicians and pundits expressed support for a play that dramatizes the stabbing murder of President Trump nightly. Some Democrats even expressed support of the shooting of Congressman Scalise at the Republican baseball team practice. It is monstrous! These sniveling hypocrites would need play-doh, safe spaces, and counseling if the Republicans had staged the nightly murder of Barack Obama on Broadway or if some comedian held up his severed head. It is unseemly and entirely unAmerican. In America we VOTE! We do not promote violence and incite anarchy – we field a better candidate for the next election – but the Democratic Party no longer plays by the rules of the Constitution – they play by the rules of Jihad and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    Democrats seem comfortable and even entertained by incitement to violence against Republicans:

    1. Tim Kaine specifically asked for blood in the streets.

    2. Loretta Lynch did the same.

    3. Obama asked for his supporters to rise up. “If Republicans bring a baseball bat, you bring a gun.”

    4. CNN announced who would take over the government if all elected Republicans were killed during Trump’s inauguration.

    5. A New York Shakespeare play dramatizes the killing of President Trump nightly.

    6. Snoop Dog kills President Trump in a video.

    7. Kathy Griffin decapitates President Trump in a photoshoot.

    8. Madonna: “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”

    9. Marilyn Manson kills President Trump in a music video.

    10. Larry Miller jokes about suffocating Trump with the pillow they used to kill Scalia.

    6. Legal jihad

    Abla warned against efforts to bring sharia courts or sharia councils to the United States like they have done in places in the United Kingdom. Abla accused those trying to set up “sharia courts” in the United States of using democracy to stop freedom. “They take an action [under the guise] of human rights and religious freedom. It is unbelievable. They use your law against you.”

    Sharia courts in the United States establish a two-tier system of justice – one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims. This is entirely unAmerican but the Democratic Party and its pro-Muslim narrative support sharia courts because ultimately they will create social chaos. It is counter-intuitive and difficult to embrace the fact that the Democratic Party seeks to destroy American democracy. Only if you are mindful of this goal can you understand the sinister destructive social policies they supoport.

    Legal jihad is another weapon being used against President Donald Trump. The defeated Democrats are colluding with the mainstream media to create an echo chamber of false accusations, fake news, and demands for groundless investigations and frivolous lawsuits to impede President Trump and sabotage his administration by preoccupying them in court. The theory of lawfare against President Trump is that if the President and his administration are spending their time and resources defending themselves in court he will not be able to govern effectively, keep his promises to strengthen and make America great again, or more importantly investigate the criminal activities of Obama and his gang. The unprecedented executive overreach and lawlessness of the Obama administration must be investigated. The Democrats hope that disappointment in President Trump will reward the Democrats with a gain of enough seats in the midterm election to impeach him.

    7. Humanitarian jihad

    Muslim humanitarian groups are using people’s desperation to get them to convert to Islam and say the Shahada, according to Abla. She warned that displaced non-Muslims in high-need countries in Africa and other places throughout the world are being denied food unless they convert to Islam.

    “If you want to get help, you register as a Muslim. Even nominal Christians, they may be in so much need and register as Muslims to receive aid. Then they say that if you want to continue to get this aid, you need to come to Quran course once a week, you need to come to Friday prayer meetings. They start luring you little by little. First, you just fill out a piece of paper to get food. After three months, they say ‘We change our rules, you need to come to prayer meeting.’ After that, you need to put your kids into Muslim school.”

    The deceitful “humanitarian” organizations of the Democratic Party financed by globalist elite war profiteer George Soros under the banner of his Open Society Foundations are particularly sinister. Under the guise of being a “humanitarian” grantmaking network, Soros funds and foments anarchy and the destabilization of economies all over the world. He is the puppet master pulling the strings of the useful idiots who have no idea that he is not a philanthropist – he is a carpetbagger who destroys economies through currency collapse and then buys the country’s assets on the cheap. He is a despicable plunderer who is using his enormous wealth and influence to advance his agenda of one-world government.

    George Soros is a currency speculator who redistributes wealth under the guise of “humanitarian” services. The 7 steps of his regime/currency collapse listed by keywiki are:

    Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

    Step Two: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets.

    Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.

    Step Four: Sow unrest.

    Step Five: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.

    Step Six: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.

    Step Seven: Outlast your opponent.[15]

    Currency/Financial Collapses

    Today Soros is setting the stage to benefit monetarily as well as politically through the death throes of the European Union and the euro. A European regulatory regime takes the world one step closer to Soros’ dreamed of open society with no borders. Once Europe is controlled totally by regulation, he simply waits for the United States to finish its regulatory capitulation and then combines the two. A New World Order will be all but complete at this point.

    8. Political jihad

    Muslims who hold power or public office in the West try to downplay the role of Islam when it comes to violence and terror, thus carrying out the “political jihad,” Abla said. As an example, she pointed to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to three bombings that injured over 30 people in New York City and New Jersey last September that was carried out by a man believed to be influenced by extremist ideology. Khan said that terrorist attacks like that are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” In March, an attack in London claimed by Islamic State killed three pedestrians and a police officer and injured over 50 people. “[He] said that this kind of attack should be expected,” Abla said of the mayor, who is Muslim. “So this is a good example of being Muslim and having political power and making it seem like it is normal and desensitizing people to terrorism to stop giving reactions to Muslim terrorists. They say, ‘We live in a big city and attacks like this are normal.’ I lived like terrorism is normal in the Middle East and a Muslim country. Politically bringing this to the Western world, with these people who are in power saying ‘Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism is going to happen.’ It becomes part of your life. When I was in the Muslim world, it was part of my life. I used to hear gunshots and machine guns. I grew up with PTSD. It became normal and it was part of my life but it was not part of my life when I came to America. Now, they are trying to make it part of your life.”

    The Leftist media fosters ignorance and complacency about the magnitude of the jihad threat because war makes strange bedfellows. The Leftists and the Islamists have common cause today to bring down America. Both parties seeking power and control of the societies they attack. The irony is that the globalist elites are using them both as useful idiots to create the social chaos the globalist elite require to impose their own dream of one-world government that they themselves will rule.

    Globalism is an old story described unapologetically in chilling detail 65 years ago by Lord Bertrand Russell in 1952 in his book The Impact of Science on Society. The anti-Trump movement thinks it is so original in its “resistance” but in fact its members were encouraged and manipulated to become exactly who they are by the pervasive Tavistock Institute indoctrination that disguised itself as education in America. Two generations of children are now Stepford adults – their “revolution” entirely scripted in 1952 when Bertrand Russell described the globalist elites one-world government as the self-serving answer to the Malthusian problem of the Earth’s resources being unable to sustain the population growth.

    The United States of America is the greatest experiment in individual freedom, upward mobility, and the rule of law that the world has ever known. It is what explains America, what made America great, and what defines the American dream. “Only in America” was not a slogan it was a reality for millions of people who came to America legally to make a better life for themselves and their families. The American dream is what incentivized innovation and small businesses that made America the powerhouse that it was after WWII – it is also what provoked the wrath of our enemies intent on destroying our democracy and American way of life.

    The sadness for America is that the Democratic Party no longer reflects the values of American democracy – they have been overtaken by radical socialists who have embraced intersectionality and the politics of victimhood. It will be the death of American democracy if the Democrats are successful in overthrowing the government of President Trump. Like witless adolescents the Democrats are intoxicated with the thrill of rebellion and the community of “resistance.” They are too arrogant to realize that they are useful idiots being manipulated by the globalist elites to create social chaos and replace President Trump’s America-first agenda with socialism. Socialism will then be replaced with one-world government where there is no place for anarchists, cry-bullies, or useless degrees in social justice. The globalist elites will exterminate the useful idiots as easily as Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews in Germany. Game over.

    • Ichabod Crain

      I actually read all of that. It was a very long read. Of course it is a mad conspiracy theory, but it does seem that much of what is happening today can be mapped on to it. This discourse supposes that the “globalist elite … intend to impose their own one-world government after the Leftists create enough chaos that an internationalized police force is activated to quell the mass disturbances”. Who are these supposed “globalist elite” who have found unity of purpose? The shadowy “Illuminati”? It is my impression that the higher up you go on the elite scale the more it is dog-eat-dog competitiveness. Elitists are constantly jockeying for power, and would stab their closest allies in the back without hesitation if it got them closer to the brass ring. For them to all agree of some long range plan to transform society as we know it is preposterous.

      • Not a mad conspiracy theory at all. Just read “The Impact of Science on Society” written by English aristocrat Lord Bertrand Russell in 1952. Americans have taken their freedom for granted for so long that they seem unable to embrace the fact that it is American democracy and its guaranteed freedoms that incentivized upward mobility that made America the most powerful country in the world and the existential enemy of globalist one-world government. Americans raised on egalitarianism and democracy have trouble acknowledging the aristocratic, imperial, supremacist mindset of others. The Leftist/Islamist axis that seeks the destruction of American democracy each believe they will prevail – but it is the globalist elite who control the oil, banking, drugs, and information that have the power and supremacist mindset to impose one-world government. They will eliminate the Leftist/Islamist axis as useful idiots because the globalist elite are megalomaniacs without conscience. Megalomania is not a new idea – it is an old script with a new life.

  • Guy Matthew

    George Soros with the help of the EU has destroyed European Civilization… …now it’s only a matter of time…

  • iprazhm

    This is exactly what U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii tried to make happen here,
    with his illegal/unconstitutional court opinion.
    On Thursday, he vastly expanded the list of U.S. family relationships that refugees and visitors from six Muslim-majority countries can use to get into the country, including grandparents and grandchildren. He did this in defiance of the supreme court’s opinion that part of President Trump’s travel ban was ‘now’ constitutional, and should go forward.
    The majority of courts in the U.S are operating outside their authority and outside the law. The ONLY way they’re able to do this is corrupt officials actually listen to them, instead of holding them accountable.
    They listen because they are ignorant of the very ruling documents that define all their boundaries.

  • Hughspeaks

    I have a feeling this is going to end even more badly than I’ve seen anyone anticipating. Sooner or later a tipping point is going to be reached in Western European countries, where the thin blue line that maintains law and order can no longer be maintained. When that happens, muslim gangs will be able to loot and destroy with impunity, and the result will be a catastrophe without historical precedent. Think about it. Our cities are only inhabitable because there’s mains water and electricity, and because food and goods are regularly trucked in. If law and order breaks down, highway gangs will rob the trucks, food deliveries will stop, and the people who maintain the electricity grid and the water pumping stations will either be killed or at least won’t be able get to their jobs any more. No electricity, no water, no food. People living in the cities will be forced to abandon their homes and spill out into the countryside in a desperate attempt to find supplies. Meanwhile, there will be muslim gangs roaming the countryside, robbing, raping and killing at will. Unless there’s massive outside intervention by someone (who?), it’ll very rapidly devolve into a situation where it becomes an all out fight for survival and large numbers of people start dying.

    I can easily see a domino effect coming into play where hordes of people (good and bad) escaping the devastation in one country, flee en masse across its borders into the neighbouring countries, leading to the breakdown of law and order and similar chaos developing in those countries too.

    Aside from everything else, in such a situation, Europe’s food production will inevitably nosedive, and suddenly there’ll be 600 million people made into refugees, and with nowhere near enough food available to feed them (world food supplies are tight as it is; there’s no spare capacity to suddenly supply 600 million people who were previously able to largely feed themselves).

    Most of Northern Europe has quite hard winters, which people currently live through without too much trouble because of their well insulated homes and mains gas and electricity. Take those things away, and what with the lack of food, there’s going to be very high mortality in quite a short period.

    There’s really no historical precedent in past civilization collapses for the situation we’re currently in, since in ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt etc, the population was far smaller, and agriculture prior to the collapse was already carried out using fairly primitive methods, so could continue to be sustained at similar levels during and after their civilization collapses (even so, I think Europe’s population as a whole fell by around a third when Rome fell). With us it’s different. Europe’s population is probably 20x greater than can be sustained using preindustrial agricultural techniques (which is where we’ll be if events continue to follow a similar trajectory to the decline and fall of the Roman empire, as they’re currently doing).

    • michaelofsydney

      I see it too. Europe may well be decimated.

    • gia

      It sounds similar to what a nuclear Holocaust would bring. We have been guessing for a long time on how humans life on Earth will come to an end.
      Perhaps your description is the first chapter of how we will be wiped out.

      I suggest people learn some self preservation methods.
      A start would be an end to this mass invasion of the enemy.
      Survival skills such as growing your own food and other back to basic skills should be something we all learn.
      I do grow some food but enough to can and place into storage . We need to start thinking about the what ifs were way to depended on technology in every form.

  • CreoleGumbo

    This has been going on for years now and I originally though that enough Germans would come to their senses and overthrow Merkel and expel the Muslim invaders. But it has not happened and so it seems that the majority of Germans must either agree or simply not strongly disagree with their own cultural and racial genocide. The lack of rebellion certainly gives me the impression that they just simply do not care enough. It is very sad but I am rapidly loosing any sympathy that I have had in the past for Germany, Sweden, France, etc.

  • Carl Otto

    I think you underestimate the number of “relatives”. Look it up, The average age in most Muslim countries is about 2 with 6% growth rate even with the wars. Even America will probably cave-in on the one wife, after all not all religions respect that including Mormons, So in a contest of government shall establish no one religion, Christians will loose. That will allow them to bring in there average other two wives and average 11.5 children per wife. You do the math.


    Merkle must be ousted asap or Germany’s own German citizens better learn how to kowtow to the savage inbred muslims and they better learn to accept “rape” and molestation (from these animals) as a natural part of their Islamic culture.
    Germany— Resist now or face total domination and subjugation while you still have time. Are there any men, men enough to stand up and be counted and fight for what’s left of your culture and people??!!

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