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[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

George Soros-Tied Groups Pile On Lawsuits to Stop Trump’s Look at Election Discrepancies


President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commisson on Election Integrity is facing substantial legal challenge — but peel back the layers of the plaintiffs and there’s a common denominator that emerges, and it’s this: They’re heavily funded by groups tied to George Soros.

In fact, the more groups that pile on the suit, the more the dark hand of Soros emerges.

President Donald Trump is facing considerable legal pushback against his attempt to unveil election shenanigans.

These groups just don’t want Trump looking at problems and discrepancies with the ballot boxes. Why not?

The red flag that rises seems to say: Maybe they’re worried what will be found.

Read this, from Breitbart:

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed an amended complaint in their own lawsuit against the commission Monday alleging it has no authority to request voting records from the states as part of its mission. The commission halted such collection as a result.

Like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who are also suing the Advisory Commission, EPIC has in the past been a recipient of funds from Soros’s Open Societies Foundations, although, as EPIC Director Mark Rotenberg stressed to LifeZette Wednesday, the group, unlike the ACLU, has not received Soros money since 2005.

Nonetheless, attorneys with the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) — a conservative public interest law firm that has launched its own lawsuits trying to compel local election authorities to release their voter rolls and purge them of fraudulent registrants — say this does preclude collusion between the ideologically aligned groups.

Logan Churchwell, research director and spokesman for PILF discussed the lawsuits with LifeZette Monday. “They’re working in concert,” he said of EPIC, the ACLU, and other groups suing to keep voter rolls out of the hands of the Advisory Commission, “We know that, because we’re fighting them in concert.”

“There’s no question about the ideology this is coming from and what they’re trying to do,” Churchwell added.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was established by executive order this May to investigate and advise on voter fraud and vulnerabilities in our voting system. Its members are slated to include Vice President Mike Pence, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, former DOJ Civil Rights Division lawyer and PILF head J. Christian Adams, and former Cincinnati Mayor Ken Blackwell.

Honestly, as soon as a Soros link is uncovered, the reaction of the public should be this: Yep, it’s tainted all right.

  • rambler

    How many Soros links have to be exposed before that criminal is tried for treason and sedition, gets stripped of his US citizenship and his sentence given?

    • Stellawsmith

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    • movingwaters

      Hungary didn’t have any problem implementing the right course of action. America has way too many well funded leftist lawyers who know how to throw monkey wrenches into every good work.

      • aebe

        America has spent the past eight years working for soros , helping to subvert other governments . And the passed presidunce had no problem with using the military to do so .

        • movingwaters

          I know. There have been many things going on that citizens need(ed) to raise a stink about with their representatives in Congress. But few do. Even right now Christians in the ME are being tortured, sold, and butchered. Both the Democratic Party and some in the Republican Party, are doing everything possible to delay Trump’s appointments and keep his administration hamstrung.They are in the pockets of the New World Order of human slavery. As a born again Christian, I really believe American Christians should repent in tears of their passiveness. That is just my opinion.

  • Suresh

    Why not investigate soros gang for funding BLM and other rioters including Antifa gang. Pass a law that Penalizes those who fund, support such rioters who physically attack political opponents , destroy private/public properties will have 50% of their assets seized.

    watch how fast these gangs shutdown. Otherwise they will intimidate their opponents just like they do in Europe .

    Its sharia/Islam drip by drip . In America we have Islamonazi demanding we stop honoring American soldiers during Memorial day and instead honor Jihadis killed by American Soldiers just the way Palestine govt does to its jihadis !

    Hard to believe ? check

    And why are such scumbags who cannot even respect our soldiers deported after rescinding their citizenship rights & for supporting jihadi terrorists ?

    • crbynum

      I think we will continue with a do-nothing Congress and Department of Justice or else they would be investigating the Clintons and George Soros big time.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Elections are federal government business, no one has the right to interfere with the legitimate business of government. Especially when there are unanswered questions about possible criminal activity.

  • libertyneedsnosafespace

    Democrats: The Russians Did It, They Hacked The Election!!!!!
    DOJ: Ok, let’s investigate how we can secure US election integrity.

  • SchwienJagerHunt

    All the evil that gyorgy schwartz has committed
    yet he has not been taken out
    WHY ?
    How much more evil must he commit before

    • Midniterider

      64 dollar question there.
      WHAT seems to be the holdup when Vlad Putin holds a WARRANT for him and he is behind most of the evil shiite going on in the world today, seems is untouchable.

  • John D. Horton

    Can’t Soros and his organizations be declared subversive or a criminal enterprise under RICO?

    • fits

      It is a mystery after all his interference that Soros isn’t being investigated at the very least. Instead it is the witch hunt brigade; this all consuming lie propagated by the Democrats. The entire Mueller nvestigation stacked with donors to Hillary Clinton.

      • Most_vilified_one

        They would scapegoat a low level person in the organization.

  • Drew the Infidel

    You needn’t think that President Trump got caught with his balls in the sand while the blameless commiecrats are merely pointing out the obvious. Their level of corruption, mostly the order of the day under Obhammud, reaches far and wide. Whose DOJ let that female Russian lawyer who is the center of the phony “collusion delusion” into the country under special circumstances in the first place?

  • fits

    George Soros….the devil incarnate.

  • James Stamulis

    Democrats know if Trump stops the voting fraud their party is toast! How does anyone think Obama got elected at all?

  • Banjoboy

    Soros should be arrested and charged with treason , but of course funding Democrats campaigns would probably stop, ask Hillary and Barack

  • bannedquran20

    These scumbags, lower than sub-humans are gonna spin all the way to Eta Carinae neighbor. LOL!!

  • newsel

    Seems like Macedonia has had enough .. and using USAID funds in an effort to wreck havoc.

  • crbynum

    You mean this Soros guy still has money? Seems he would have run out of money by now. How many people has he destroyed yet?

  • msdlmoore

    I hope Trump burns his ass

  • Dorrie

    Why hasn’t Soros been arrested and tried for SEDITION?! That man is pure evil and is working hard to collapse the United States of America!

    • aebe

      Soros is bashing all of western civilisation , wants to see it fall .

  • ramrodd

    but these are Gellers heroes ——————

    Council On Foreign Relations

    In theory, America’s government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.” While this concept rang true in early America, and many individuals still trust in it, the last century has seen the reality of power increasingly shift from the people to an establishment rooted in banking, Wall Street, and powerful multinational corporations. Syndicated columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt, granddaughter of Teddy Roosevelt, explained:

  • Lawfare is the strategy being used by George Soros to stymy investigations into Democratic Party voter fraud and to hinder President Trump from investigating Obama.

    The defeated Democrats are colluding with the mainstream media to create an echo chamber of false accusations, fake news, and demands for groundless investigations and frivolous lawsuits to impede President Trump and sabotage his administration by preoccupying them in court. The Trump administration is under siege.

    The Democratic Party is not your mother’s Democratic Party. Today the party is composed of radical left-wing liberals and anarchists fully committed to destroying American democracy and replacing it with socialism. The Democrats today have no interest in making America strong and great again – they have the opposite agenda and intend to pursue Obama’s goal of weakening America toward socialism in preparation for Obama’s globalist ambition of one-world government.

    The “resistance” movement lead by lawless Obama is designed to topple constitutionally elected President Donald Trump and create social chaos.

    There are two tiers to the Democrats’ attack strategy. The blatant goal of toppling President Donald Trump disguises the primary objective of preventing Trump’s Department of Justice from investigating the criminal activities of the Obama administration. Investigations of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, John Brennan, James Comey and the corrupt Clinton Foundation would be devastating to the Democratic Party.

    America is no stranger to war – we are just not used to Americans waging war against a sitting president. It is an extremely unAmerican and treasonous strategy the Democrats have embraced. Instead of complying with the rules of law and fielding a stronger candidate for the 2020 elections they have adopted the tactics of revolution and anarchy – it is appalling. The Democratic party is fomenting anarchy and attempting to delegitimize, destabilize, and topple the government of our constitutionally elected President Donald Trump.

    The current strategy of the defeated Democrats still crying and trying to destroy American democracy is lawfare. Lawfare is a form of asymmetric warfare consisting of using the legal system against an enemy. Lawfare is designed to damage or delegitimize the enemy, tying up their time or winning a public relations victory by casting the pall of criminality and suspicion over them. The theory of lawfare against President Trump is that if the President and his administration are spending their time and resources defending themselves in court he will not be able to govern effectively, keep his promises to strengthen and make America great again, or investigate the criminal activities of Obama and his gang. The Democrats hope disappointment in President Trump will reward the Democrats with a gain of enough seats in the midterm election to impeach President Trump.

    Even if the Democrats are unsuccessful in their goal to reverse the balance of power in the midterm elections, their objective is to make it impossible for President Trump to govern effectively and investigate criminality in Obama’s term. Lawfare is the preferred method being used by the Democrats to protect their lord and master Barack Hussein Obama – the greatest threat to American sovereignty and democracy since 1776.

    First on the current list of lawfare activists is deceitful James Comey who deliberately leaked a memorandum of a conversation with President Trump saying he thought it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel to discover the truth about Russian interference in the 2016 election. Comey leaked the memo through Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman who took it to the NYT. Comey deviously made his case for a special counsel by manipulating the colluding media. Later Comey contradicted himself and exposed his actual motive saying he hoped for a special counsel to corroborate his claims that President Trump had asked for his loyalty. Comey implicated himself and revealed his deceit – he was not looking to find the truth about Russia he was looking to bring down President Trump.

    Comey was disingenuously presented to the American people by the colluding mainstream media as being bipartisan. In fact, Comey was the FBI director who replaced Mueller under Obama’s lawless presidency and with Lynch’s Justice Department refused to prosecute criminal acts of the Obama Administration. Obama was the King of of Lawlessness in America for eight years and Comey, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Brennan, and Rice were his vassals. Deliberate voter fraud must be added to the list of unprosecuted crimes that Comey ignored or supported provided by The Millennium Report.
    The infamous Iran deal
    Hillary Clinton Benghazi gun running
    Ambassador Steven’s death
    Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun running
    Hillary’s private server espionage and treason
    Bush and Clinton bank bailouts
    Bombing seven sovereign nations without congressional approval
    Obama’s IBM Eclipse Foundation’s social networking patent theft
    James Clapper’s illegal NSA/CIA/FBI surveillance and his perjury before Congress
    Obama’s energy company subsidies
    Obama’s misuse of banker fines to support liberal activist groups
    Obama’s theft of Fannie May and Freddie Mack
    Obama’s IRS targeting of conservatives
    Obama and Clinton’s confiscations from the Bureau of Land Management
    Planned Parenthood eugenics and baby parts trafficking
    Gold, silver, and LIBOR rate rigging
    Ignoring “missing person” reports and supporting human trafficking
    Clinton Foundation theft of $2 billion under the guise of a Presidential Library fund
    Hillary taking money from foreign nations while Secretary of State
    Maintaining open borders and Sanctuary Cities
    Refugee trafficking and fraud
    Allowing overstayed visas of more than one million people
    Non-enforcement of existing immigration laws

    James Comey has been the fixer for the Clinton crime family for decades beginning in the 1990’s with Whitewater and most famously making the strong case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her illegal unsecured private basement server and then stunningly recommending against prosecution. What the public did not realize is that prosecuting Clinton could expose Comey himself which is why he is actually part of the Clinton email coverup.

    Next on the lawfare list is Robert Mueller, James Comey’s mentor and predecessor. Instead of investigating the blatant crimes of Obama and his administration for which there is ample evidence, Robert Mueller is now empowered as special prosecutor to investigate the imaginary crimes of President Trump with a twin purpose. Mueller will keep President Trump bogged down for two years under a false veil of suspicion until the midterm elections in service of the defeated Democrats hoping to regain seats, and more importantly Mueller’s deceitful investigation will hinder any investigation into the Obama administration by President Trump’s Justice Department.

    It is incomprehensible why the Trump administration would ever have considered Clinton loyalist James Comey for FBI director or his equally biased mentor Robert Mueller for special prosecutor. Both are proven Obama/Clinton loyalists willing to sabotage President Trump’s presidency.

    Third on the lawfare list are Governors Brown, Cuomo, and Inslee. These men are not stupid – they know that what they are doing is not legal and they cannot possibly win – but they do not care. Their bluster narrative is pure political theater intended to tie Trump up in court – more lawfare. Governors do not have the Constitutional authority to make agreements with foreign countries. They cannot usurp the power of the presidency. This treasonous ploy of theirs is just another ignominious example of the Democratic Party’s tactic of lawfare against President Trump.

    The Climate Alliance of California, New York, Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia and Rhode Island has publicly declared on the New York State government website its intention to treasonously “convene U.S. states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.” Governor Jerry Brown pompously described President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord saying, “This is an insane move by this president – deviant behavior from the highest office in the land.”

    Really? Insane? Deviant?

    Let’s talk about the meaning of insanity and deviant behavior because words matter.

    Insanity is defined as unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand that prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or that releases one from criminal or civil responsibility. President Donald Trump was perfectly clear when he explained in a cogent argument that the Paris Accord was extremely harmful to America. So, by definition President Trump’s withdrawal from Obama’s unlawful ant-American agreement was not insane.

    The Governors Three by contrast all seem to have serious identity issues – they are out of touch with reality and do not seem to know who they are. They appear confused and without the soundness of mind to correctly identify themselves as governors and not the president of the United States. Perhaps they missed or slept through the civics class that taught that governors have zero authority to enter agreements or treaties with foreign nations and, in fact, such agreements are a criminal offense in strict violation of the Logan Act. The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

    Deviant is defined as departing from usual or accepted standards. If anyone’s behavior was deviant it was Obama’s when he made the unsanctioned Paris Agreement because he failed to protect the economic interests of the United States. The agreement itself was contemptuous of Congress and the democratic process. It was an example of Obama’s executive overreach and deeply divisive governance.

    President Donald Trump recognized the non-binding Paris Agreement made by Obama without Congressional approval to be harmful to the United States. So, by definition President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement followed the accepted standard of an American president protecting America and American interests.

    All three governors are public officers sworn to protect America and uphold the Constitution – by entering into agreements they are not authorized to make, particularly agreements that fail to protect American interest, they are derelict in their duties and have, like Obama, deviated from accepted norms. This left-wing liberal threesome are colluding with the international community to de-industrialize America by damaging our mining industries and redistributing our wealth to non-industrialized nations.

    It appears that if anyone is insane or deviant the award goes to Democratic Governors Brown, Cuomo, and Inslee.

    Perhaps California Governor Brown, New York Governor Cuomo, and Washington Governor Inslee will use an insanity defense to absolve themselves of treason charges for their U.S. Climate Alliance attempts to uphold the anti-American Paris Climate Agreement that President Donald Trump decisively rejected.

    Carolyn Glick summarized the path forward for President Trump succinctly saying, “It is time for Trump to delegate the dirty work of attacking his opponents to his attorneys, advisers and supporters. He must devote his public appearances entirely to advancing his own presidential agenda. By firing Mueller, appointing a special counsel to investigate the Obama administration, removing Obama’s political appointees from government and replacing them with his own hires, and concentrating on implementing his agenda, Trump will end the siege on his presidency. He will defeat the self-proclaimed “resistance” whose purpose is to defeat him politically through administrative and bureaucratic abuses.”

    It is also time for President Trump to renew an American tradition of speaking (not tweeting) directly to the American people in weekly televised broadcasts from the Oval Office that inform Americans about the efforts and accomplishments of his administration and their progress in making America great again. President Trump was elected by the people for the people and he must speak directly to the people because the mainstream media is colluding with the defeated Democrats to destroy him. President Trump can resist the resistance movement and expose the fabricated lawfare being waged against him by ignoring the media and speaking directly to the American public.

    • aebe

      Add , non enforcement of federal firearms law , to allow murderous boogers to commit more crimes .

  • Ed Maher

    Attorney Jeff Sessions should file corruption and collusion charges against George Soros, Hillary Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and the Clinton foundation.
    If he did, all these fake news investigations on the Trump Administration would disappear!!!

  • Craig

    Why is the anti-American communist scum, Soros in the United States?
    The POS Soros, has been funding every terrorist and anti-American group we see, yet this hideous creature is in the U.S.
    Hopefully, somebody will arrange to send Soros to meet the Jews he ratted out to the Soros buddies, the nazis.

  • Jack Thomas

    When will people understand that leftists never let fact, reason, logic, nor law interfere with ideology. In this instance, they are scraping the barrel in hopes of keeping secret the names of people who voted illegally. Leftists are never to be trusted with anything. This is a very good example of what they attempt to do in order to muzzle citizens’ knowledge of what their governments are doing behind the scenes, illegally.

  • aebe

    Worked well enough to drive Sarah Palin out of office . The issue needs to go to the Supreme Court , with federal marshals sent to secure ballot repositories until there is a decision .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights … Carry

  • JoeNormal

    WW2 War Criminal Gyorgy Schwartz, a.k.a. “George Soros”….is a wanted man in eastern Europe. Why else does the “left” fight so hard to keep the U.S. and Russia from having “normal” relations….including an Extradition Treaty. Really, perhaps the best solution to the world’s “Soros” problem… a midnight “rendition” of “Soros” to Russia…..where he will tenderly be tried and sent to a Gulag

  • Head Honcho

    What are the filthy democrats trying to hide?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Georgie boy needs more Po in his diet.

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