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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Condemns ‘Israeli Colonialism’


This is rich. His country has been ruined by Muslim immigration, and he condemns Israel. The French Jewish population voted for this idiot en masse. Macron should have condemned Islamic colonialism of France instead.

This is obscene and absurd.

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Condemns ‘Israeli Colonialism’

Macron’s caustic comments mark the first time the new Prime Minister has made a public statement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

By Virtual Jerusalem, July 7, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

New French President Emmanuel Macron met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday, and the leader has strong words of criticism for “Israeli colonialism.” The two diplomats met in France where they signed an agreement to establish a French language high school in Ramallah, and agreed to organize a joint seminar over the next few months.

Macron had some scathing words for Israel, saying that France condemns [Israel’s] ongoing colonization process, which remains illegal with regards to international law.”

Yesterday’s press conference marked the first time that Macron has made a public statement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, although he has expressed opposition to a unilaterally recognized Palestinian state in the past. Macron is widely considered more pro-Israel than his predecessor, François Hollande, and has publicly taken a strong stance against BDS.

But France has also held a pro-Arab line since the 1960s, when then-leader Charles de Gaulle cancelled arms sales to Israel and imposed an embargo. In 2016, France voted in favor of the controversial UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements, including those in Jerusalem.

Macron is expected to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris on July 16th.


  • Suresh

    Macron is a dumb left/liberal pro-islam/jihadi loon.

    Recently Trump got conned by Al-taqiya from Abbas but once he learnt the truth, boy was he furious as hell

    He does not mince words unlike previous spineless Presidents and dumb EU leaders.

    • TD

      PARIS has been under a state of emergency for over a year and a half, because of ISLAMIC NATIONALISM!
      And this stupid SNAIL-EATING liberal thinks Zionists and Trump supporters are the problem?!

      (too much horsemeat and smoking grass is what dulls liberal brains)!

      • TD

        Weather it’s hatred of Jewish people, Zionists, or women. Or hatred of French Cartoons. or Dutch Cartoons.
        If it’s not one thing with these turds, it’s another.
        next thing you know, they will be blaming The Philippines because it too is having problems with it’s muslim population.

      • C.Martel

        I agree my friends, but we are in no better shape, what do you think Obama was ??? He was not Christian, he just said that to get voted in. Once in he went on a 8 year of aggressive Islamization in the US . It is a world wide epidemic. Even the limousine liberals have joined…. Clooney s of the world

    • Beverly

      I think Trump was following the “trust but verify” philosophy. Or maybe it was more like “trust but prove it”.

    • C.Martel

      Lol, exactly

  • rambler

    Trump’s French poodle needs a nap.

  • caliroxanne

    It’s fascinating that the more Muslims terrorize, destroy, maim, kill, etc., the more we (the collective we, not myself) side with the Muslims. Muslim kills young concert goers in Manchester, and shortly thereafter we see white and non-Muslim Brits marching with the Muslims on al quds day. Paris suffers attacks, and they bring Mahmoud Abbas to Paris. It’s not Stockholm syndrome, it’s something more bizarre.

    • old003

      That is how it works. The dhimmis ALWAYS want to be the last ones butchered by the filthy cult of islime.

    • Mark Steiner

      Al Quds (or Qods) is the Islamic designation for Jerusalem – a city Islam has declared is theirs …. ALTHOUGH . the Word of God makes it clear the enemies of Jerusalem will be destroyed when they try to retake it.

    • TD

      Macron needs to hold back on the HORSEMEAT that he and his countrymen love. It dulls their brains.

      His people are being run-down and shot; and he invites a terrorist into his country!
      When he orders from Dominos, he needs to tell them to hold the HORSEMEAT and hold the SNAILS!

      • harbidoll

        less soy products I’d advise

    • harbidoll

      & now they have “zillions” of petro-dollars at their command!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The french are acting precisely like the grovelling submissive slaves to islam that they aspire to be.

    • Mark Steiner

      Macron is as phony as a three-dollar bill – USA or Canadian dollar. A media darling obviously, and one who the Islamics will wrap around their little finger. Actions have consequences – including how you vote.

    • TD

      I’d like to invite everyone to follow the link to that youtube video of Marcon (posted in this article); so we can flame the hell out of that snail eater!

  • Maranatha

    So Macron,….what are you doing in St.Pierre y Miquelon in Canada on the the ST. Lawrence river???

    • ✝Styx 69✝

      Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon on the Saint Laurent river?
      Faut réviser votre géographie, ma petite dame!

      • Maranatha

        Bom, c’est a la sortie sur NFL.
        Bien dedans le Canada

  • Maranatha

    Micron: whatever France achieved in 100 yrs,….you gave it to the muslim invaders.

  • J Butterfield

    It would be very strange if Macron did not mention Israel’s illegal colonization when meeting the Palestinian President. You would expect him to do so.

  • Bill

    FUUCK Macaroni and France

    • TD

      Macron the Moron!
      It’s people like Abbas that are shooting his journalists and running his people down with trucks.
      And he invites him with open-arms!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Frick Fwance. Let them eat hummus. How long has Abbas been “president” of the PA now without the inconvenience of an election? Ten years?

    • TD

      Abbas is a grand master black belt of TAQIYA (religious deception).
      The Horsemeat eating French never stood a chance.

      (I say that, yet I am frustrated; because I want leaders of the western world to finally wake-up.
      It seems like Trump is the only one awake and the only one with the courage to do whats right.!

  • Dan Knight

    what a macaroon…

    h/t bugs

  • joelj31

    I’m pretty good with my history and think I’m up on current events. For the life of me, I couldn’t find any colonies that Israel has established.
    Now on the other hand, pretty darn big chunk of Israel that the Arabs have grabbed to call their own.

  • freebird

    Go to hell, Emmanuel Macron, Satans puppet.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    How about French colonialism? I still see Tahiti as dominated their colony (camouflaged officially as so called “overseas territory”). Increasingly, I see also even Corsica as their unlawful colony, too, particularly after overwhelmingly it voted against this impostor “Macro-president.”

  • Reality Check

    Israeli settlements are called “colonies” in French. Even YouTube’s automatic translation translates it as “settlements.”élienne

  • Ed Vakhler

    Jewish population in US voted Obama and Clinton, in France – Macron …. Jewish population around the world is selfdestructive … read IDIOTS (I am jewish, so don’t jump on me)

    • Robert

      Liberal Jews in the US are a lost cause, they will vanish in a generation due to interfaith marriages and disconnect/even outright hostility, to Zion and Zionism

      French Jews which are far less liberal then the US “Jews”, still fear the Nazi they think they see in Marine Le Pen and her party (and it’s wide and deep Antisemitic roots) more then they fear the hordes of Islmo-Nazi orcs roaming the streets of French cities for Jewish prey… Next election French Jews will either immigrate to Israel/Trump land or give Le-Pen her chance…

      • Ed Vakhler

        Dear Robert, you are too optimistic. With exception of Russian Jews, all other Jews are liberals. Even in Israel, surrounded and infiltrated by bloodthirsty enemies they are blind and self-distructive libtards. Just like in Germany in 30s they were saying that Germans are educated and civil and it won’t happen, today just like brainwashed zombies they keep saying it is not all Muslims, it is just some, the rest are good … they won’t wake up , they are braindead

  • roxy

    France is doomed as the “progressive” elites that “govern” it, continue to bow to Islam and PC

    – France is fast loosing it’s grip in city level politics (Marseilles is approaching 50% Muslim!!! many other french cities are not far behind!)
    – France indigenous population, has a negative demographic replacement rate while Arab/African immigrants flowing into France (for decades now) have a very high replacement rate while siphoning many billions of Euros of welfare funds from the poor, robbed french taxpayer…
    – France has extremely rigid work laws (Hours/holidays/wages/termination etc) favoring unionized workers and limiting any future prospects of business growth – any attempt to sufficiently change this state of affairs and create a more business friendly environment, will be confronted with vast “resistance” from the major left wing contingent of the french population that will not hesitate to stage sector wide/state wide strikes and violently riot in the streets, disrupting normal life in France
    – France has major problem of street crime emanating from growing unrest with in the disgruntled/non assimilated Arab/African migrant populations
    – France is suffering a major ‘white flight’ as droves of young, educated, native French, leave the home land (what remains of it…) to greener/safer pastures in an effort to dodge the Muslim/economic bullet and have a chance for happiness (career, family in a prosperous/safe environment)

    All of the above are realities that bode a very dark/depressing future to the fair country of France

    If I was macron, I would focus on my own Muslim problem rather than lick Muslim, terrorist ass, ass licking that will lead France no where

  • Alleged Comment

    HERE we go again…..another braindead Trudeau. Little men are ruling you. Women and children. This one is mommy’s little boy.

    Speaking of little boys, George Clowney is running away. He got his Barbie doll with him. Shiat Lebout is breaking down looking for his daddy.

    Madness all around…. they disarmed the entire continent of Europe. Stupid leftist thinking has overrun the country. Now they are sending in the KLOWNS. THE KILLER KLOWNS!!!

  • Stephen Honig

    It backfired on the liberal asshole Jews.


  • Pinchas Baram

    i wonder how Marine le Pen reacted to Macron’s kneejerk remark re israeli colonialism in Judea and samaria the jewish homeland. he reminds me of justin trudeau of canada, another young liberal fool who thinks he’s smart and virtuous.

  • C.Martel

    Macron is litle piss ant. He just like Merkel , Trudeau, Obama, May .. pro Islamic politicians paid to spread the Islamic virus

  • Dorrie

    And yet, Trump is flying to France next week to meet with Macron on Bastille Day.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Given Macron’s statements before the French election this was totally predictable.

    The Islamization of France will continue unabated.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • Reality Check

      It’s the old French phrase for Israeli settlements. Should Native Americans get their ancestral lands back? How about all the Midianites, Moabites, Amalekites, and Philistines who were butchered by the Israelites? Are there any of them left, or were they all butchered?

  • Maranatha

    How come in this 1972 Wikipedia flag list, Palestine is not listed as a country?

    By the way, no encyclopedia before 1976 shows a country named Palestine.

    If it does, is shown together with the Israel flag.

    • Reality Check

      The British didn’t colonize a country called America or a country called Australia or a country called Canada either. Colonizers typically colonize indigenous land, not fully formed countries with flags.

      • Reality Check

        For that matter, the British didn’t colonize a country called Israel, they just took over land from the Ottoman Empire.

        • Badger

          No. It was awarded to Britain under a League of Nations mandate.

          Which the British then used against the Jews.

          • Reality Check

            And there was no country called Israel at the time, but the Balfour Declaration called for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people… it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”

  • Reality Check

    You prefer Le Pen? Her PM pick supported a French parliamentary vote to recognize a Palestinian state in 2014, and blasted Israel during the Gaza war and equated Netanyahu with Hamas.

  • Badger

    It is very easy to become frustrated with French Jews that vote for left wing parties. Of course it is their choice, but for a people that tops the IQ tables they can be remarkably stupid. It is as if they are wilfully blind.

    200,000 German Jews were murdered because in the 30’s they refused to recognised the danger and continued to believe ‘things would get better.’ What justification for their lack of action then is surely absurd now that they do have a homeland of their own.

    • Reality Check

      Now they recognize the danger of antisemitic right wing parties.

  • katzkiner
  • joe1429

    Macron is delusional

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