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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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France launches new, top-secret “deradicalization” project


We just reported here at the Geller Report about how France is closing its only deradicalization program, which was foredoomed since it was never going to deal with motive. It was a massive failure. But now the French are trying this new, “very discreet” program, since sending the jihadis to prison only makes for more jihadis. This is the new approach? It is the same as the old failed approach.

Why not deal with motive, end jihad recruitment and preaching in prisons, and demand that the mosques stop preaching jihad and submit to being monitored? This program is foredoomed as well.

“Terrorism RIVE, the new experimental project and ‘very discreet’ of de-radicalization,” translated from “#Terrorisme RIVE, le nouveau projet expérimental et «très discret» de déradicalisation,” ACTU17, July 29, 2017 (thanks to Alexandre):

The place is kept secret for security reasons.

Somewhere in Ile-de-France, persons under investigation or convicted for terrorism-related acts participate in a new project of reinforced care outside the prison reveals radio RMC.

To date, 12 people, both men and women, have been taken over by RIVE (for research and intervention on extremist violence), some for several months, others for only a few weeks. The stated goal is the disengagement of the ideology of violence and reintegration.

“It does not concern the hardest cases that are in prison, explains a source close to the project, but people involved in apologizing for terrorism or having tried unsuccessfully to go to Syria. But in these cases, everyone is considered potentially at risk.”

Until now, the RIVE system is mainly used by anti-terrorism judges as a compulsory follow-up for indicted persons. But it can also be pronounced by magistrates in the context of a conviction with probation.

The judges of the recent 16th Correctional Chamber of Paris have ventured three times already this year as an alternative to the prison. “Every time, it’s a gamble,” explains a magistrate involved in this device. “We do not have the right to error in terms of follow-up. But putting these people in jail means radicalizing them even more.”

At the heart of the scheme is a Parisian social reintegration association that won the call for tender from the Ministry of Justice last year: the Apcars. The association has been assisting people who have been under judicial supervision for 30 years.

In order to put this project into practice on sensitive issues, both politically and in the media, it was initially surrounded by a team of researchers to design the methodology and then recruited and trained a team of professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, educators and specialists Mainly beliefs.

“Pragmatic and lucid people,” said the magistrate, convinced of the merits of the project. No one is in the fantasy of de-radicalization here.”

Individual and compulsory follow-up The project seems to draw lessons from the failures of the dedicated units and the center of Pontourny.

The follow-up is 100% personalized and is compulsory, which is new and made possible by the Urvoas law of June 3, 2016. It all begins with a psycho-criminological evaluation phase of several weeks which allows to set precise and individualized objectives with each of these people.

The accompaniment then varies from 2 to 8 hours per week and is made to measure to promote insertion. On the program: accompanying work or vocational training, helping solve administrative, health or family problems, working in an individual session on the life course or sources of motivation, discussions about religions …

  • Poppey

    The French people have a degree of sympathy from me over their societal problems with immigration, because those who vote against the slow destruction of their homeland get blown up and shot alongside those who approve of it. The ones who escape of course are those leaders most to blame {as usual}.

    The French state is caught between a rock and a hard place today, they’re running a huge budget deficit, they’ve had to cut thousands of police posts to help balance the budget {as have the British} and they’re ordered about by Merkel and the EU Commission, in other words, others are masters in what’s supposed to be their house.

    Then you have the laws, and too many of those are slanted in favour of the vaunted “human rights” lobby.

    The truth is this, there has to be much more sustained violent destruction and loss of life over most of the country before the people with one voice say to the state, ” Enough, do what you have to do because we cannot and WILL not live like this “.

    I just hope those elsewhere in the West try and refrain from yelling unhelpful advice from the “safety” of the far side of the pond. We understand what the problems are, everything except the one thing which will work, will be tried first.

    • Craig

      If the Fwench are such wonderful folks, explain why muslim savages can get guns and explosives to kill the Fwench surrender monkeys, but the Fwench “fancy boys” cannot, or will not, acquire guns to defend themselves.

      • Poppey

        Craig, tell me more about how criminals obey laws. Possessing assault rifles and explosives when unauthorised is usually illegal in most countries.

        • Covadonga

          It is very difficult to get a weapons permit in France. But, nevertheless, the Muzz savage who crashed his car into police recently on the Champs Elysees was found to be carrying an arsenal, at least some of which he had a valid permit to own.

          This was revealed on this site at the time.

  • Scott Wallace

    Want to see an anti-terrorist program that works. Morocco. It’s still Islamic but they like their Monarch and western tourism dollars. They’ve got terrorists but watch and arrest them if they engage anywhere in the world. Young teenagers with suspect facebook postings- disappear. Their peers move quickly away. In the west it would take the UKs Royal family being assassinated.

  • Scott Wallace

    France- Rouseau at work. I prefer Hegel.

    • Benjamin Goldstein

      I’m not into wine at all.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Hegelian dialectic?

      • Craig

        That is the anti-American process from the Frankfort School.
        I am glad you know that.

  • Halal Bacon

    give em a lobotomy

  • Mahou Shoujo

    france. meh. who cares, the french don’t. All stories like this are space filler, in the absence of a comic section.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wonder if Trudeau will let the Fwench Surrender Monkeys immigrate to Canada?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The french in europe do not like their bumpkin cousins in quebec.

  • Armaros
    • Craig

      “do you have a license for ze minkey?”

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        How can a blind man be a lookout?
        How can an idiot be a police officer?

  • Bubbles

    Since the ones to leave are the most crucified in Islam – is it not obviously a cult?

    Our own Leftists need similar deprogramming – an eye opening video from Agustin Blazquez on the Trump Effect and Deprogramming the American Mind…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    But of course, monsieur and mesdames, ze launch was officially, how you say in your language… an hour after lunch when ze commissioner of deradicalization and public lavatories pushed the launch handle on ze toilette in his/her/its office’s french intelligence room.

  • Craig

    The only working ‘deradicalization’ project I have seen, was a 5.56 bullet in the brainbox of a muslim savage.
    Works every time!

  • sodacrackers2

    Deraticalize them all by declaring Islam to be what it is, a political system, and banning it. Can’t be learned and practiced in jail, then.

  • Simba

    The only deradicalization could be either convert to Christianity and practice it in private as well as in public or get deported.Anywhere on earth.

    But even this can fail since many convert to Christianity only to get citizenship,progress ahead in life,get a pretty white wife and then revert to Islam.When these creatures claim that we are all born Muslims–get waylaid and revert to Islam by converting-what can be more morbid? My comment might appear out of tune with this thread but just thinking aloud.

  • Simba

    Somehow,it’s exactly the kind of programs where native workers get involved romantically with these creatures.That’s what happened at the refugee camps with some woman aid worker getting involved with 3-4 men and later probably married one. who looked deceptively very young.Very risky indeed.Anything done even with good intentions,can backfire.

  • az

    It’s probably so secret that no french authority knows it’s content; (1) because they don’t know how to properly deal with terrorists in the first place and (2) because there’s no content in the first place.

  • stephencarter

    The only sensible deradicalization policy would be ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders issued to all cops seeing a Muslim assaulting or targeting citizens. There should be a zero-tolerance policy of Islamic radicals, period. There should also be regular raids involving hundreds of cops with dogs into Muslim no-go zones, at least once a week. Just make it non-stop relentless monitoring of hateful criminal Islamic activity. The state should make it as uncomfortable as possible for Muslims. Trials of Muslims should be fast-tracked and be finished within 7 days of arrest. Zero. Tolerance.

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