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France: Physicians regularly ASSAULTED by Muslims, attacks met with silence


More horror stories from France. Doctors are attacked daily, with impunity, in hospitals and in their offices. The news is suppressed, censored, scrubbed. But the daily terror of the Muslim invasion is very real.

Médecins régulièrement agressés par des musulmans : qui proteste ?
Publié le 10 juillet 2017 – par Sophie Durand – 45 commentaires – 3 630 vues

Rough translation (thanks to Alexandre)

Physicians regularly assaulted by Muslims: who protests?

 Here’s an email that I just received: “As you know, my mother has practiced as a liberal physician in the city of *** since 1972. She has seen several generations of immigrants pass, and is in the third generation, or even in a few families in the fourth. She is now one of the last doctors of “stock” still present in this city. All the others died, retired or deserted the city. They are replaced only by doctors from the Maghreb, good enough for the most part, but giving very widely in communitarianism [self-governing sharia communities] in order to be well seen by their clientele which is gradually becoming more radical.

Lately, my mother has had enormous mail problems. For several months, she no longer received anything in her office, nor the invoices, the charges, nor the reports of hospitalization of her patients.
 The situation quickly became critical, threatening the very survival of her cabinet. She has made numerous inquiries with the Post Office and the Town Hall, with no result. In desperation, she ended up addressing one of her clients (Maghreb) employed at the post office of ***. He telephoned his superior and the next day the courier was restored. But the one who had not succeeded was lost body and property, with all the inconveniences you imagine.
The last word of the story was given to my mother by another of her clients. ****
The Postal Service has recently recruited fundamentalists who have begun harassment strategies to drive out the remaining indigenous peoples on the ground. My mother was not targeted as a doctor (she is the last ***** specialist in a large perimeter around) but because of her French-sounding name … and as a woman because her older [Muslim] patients now refuse to shake hands.
In addition, Muslim high school students made a strategy to move away non-Muslim students.  Of course I believe this testimony trustworthy. Other identical and often even more serious testimonies circulate.
But everything has been erased so that we do not know where it comes from. While  correspondents should yell, yell, clamor the name of the city, the department, demand that these behaviors cease, demand sanctions. And of course, name the aggressors. Did the doctors and other members of the medical profession take to the streets on this occasion, followed by the victims of these crimes (because stealing mail is a crime)? Did the Minister of Health say anything? Postal management? It is true that this physician in her misfortune can esteem herself happy: her life itself has not been threatened.
Today doctors are attacked daily, with impunity, in hospitals and in their offices. Like this General Practioner in Dunkirk, which in May was beaten twice in succession by “youths” of the district, more here Or that one, doctor assaulted in the urgencies of Soissons: more here. It is true that, according to the National Observatory of Health Violence ONVS, (how was it necessary to create such an organization?) There was in 2014 in the hospitals an act of violence every thirty minutes: more here That was three years ago. And today ?… In September 2016, a patient broke the hands of a doctor in Saint-Denis. In Creteil, the emergencies were obliged to have a button alert. The emergencies are regularly the scene of aggressions: Lille, Tourcoing, Cognac …
Who protests? On the contrary, it is difficult to find witnesses and to make speak the video-surveillance, nevertheless indispensable to the rare trials that are held. This is the omerta. Soon no one will take care or be treated without trembling, and witnesses and victims are afraid to say what they have seen or experienced. Is this private mail doctor and his family afraid of retaliation? And from whom? … If that is the case, it proves how well we are indeed Islamized, unbeknownst to us. And that our country balkanise, is ready to ignite. Some prepare themselves in the shade to blow on the fire, when they judge the moment propitious.  Our rulers do not have this problem: they are treated in expensive private clinics and guarded. The aim is to expel the French from their homes. We are too gentle, too well bred, too nice, and the kindness, the padamalgam-fopastigmatize will kill us, slowly but surely.
  • shirley versace

    yeah, well… should have voted Le Pen, eh? But you were too ‘polite’ for that.

    • KitteeK

      Too scared to even when they wanted to. People-pleasers. Preferred emerging’Napoleon/Jupiter’ just to be hopefully, maybe ‘ on a safe side’. People who take the wrong side against their better inner instincts go down with it.

      • krinks

        It’s more being susceptible to media bias. Look at Trump. He’s been a darling of the Libs for 30 years. He runs and wins as a Republican, the media hates him, therefore the Libs that used to love him hate him.

        I’d bet those that hate him really can’t say why.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It could’ve been the election was fixed before anyone cast a single ballot.

      • KitteeK

        A good point, many in France think so.

  • Nefarious420

    France is lost, they have traded a thriving Jewish community who contributed greatly to France in exchange for a Muslim Replacement Ideology.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Elections have consequences, france voted for more of what they already had, quit complaining, physical heal thyself.

    • pandainc

      Rough translation (thanks to Alexandre)(as modified by the panda):
      Dude, your Mom has a BIG problem. She’s pretty stupid. Let the bastards die.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    Islam is a Mental disorder

  • KitteeK

    A tourist who had visited Israel told he was in hospital there for something minor, and the doctor was French-Jewish.He noticed many French doctors whizzing around and asked why. His doctor informed him they as Jews, were
    Leaving France because apart from rising anti-semitism, the ” Muslim doctors are the only ones who get promoted in France nowadays”
    Islamisation of France and Europe is almost complete. Insidious inside job.

    • Stellawsmith

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  • Teresa Scott Bolen

    An uprising was necessary years ago to stop this. Doctors who spent years studying and then helping sick people are getting their hands broken by thugs who need doctors’ care. I say the doctors need to abandon the hospitals and apply for refugee status in the U.S. Let the French who voted in Macron live with their despicable choice.

    • Florian75

      How do you know the French Doctors didn’t also vote for Macron? We don’t need Left-leaning socialist-minded French immigrants fleeing to the U.S. after ruining their own country. And let’s not label them refugees. A refugee flees danger to seek refuge in the nearest safe political/geographic unit. People who travel vast distances and across the world’s major oceans, ostensibly to seek “safety”, are really economic immigrants. That being said, if there were any intelligent and rationale thought behind United States immigration policy, we would accept non-muslim Doctors from Europe rather than illiterate Somalis. Unfortunately, we have been accepting most of the latter for decades.

  • felix1999

    Germany has been experiencing on a regular basis. Muslim refugees will come in for their FREE treatment. One had a son about 10 years old. He was very sick. The father and mother were present. The father DEMANDED that the doctor make him better. Well blood work was done as well as other testing. The blood work quickly revealed he was in the FINAL STAGES OF AIDS. There was nothing the doctor could do. Imagine a 10 year old with AIDS! When the father was told this he literally started beating the doctor and threatening others around him. Luckily the hospital staff was nearby and stepped up to STOP the beating.

    In Germany they are having trouble keeping doctors and nurses. There is a shortage of them so they outsource it to other EU countries. They pay well but you go through abuse and risk catching diseases from the Muslim and economic migrants. They lack ANY healthcare and there is no telling what they may have or if it is contagious. Countries are doing their best to HIDE this.

    • billdeserthills

      muslums can’t accept reality, so they try to make their own

      • Joe Blow

        They are delusional retards

  • Platopus

    I wonder if that election in France against La Pen was rigged?

    • billdeserthills

      I bet george soros knows
      I highly doubt obama won the second vote too

      • CHARLES S

        Obuma didn’t get re-elected cause people loved him; he got re-elected cause the illegals and the “dead” voted for him…….everyone knows that. In Chitcago the motto is ” vote early vote often.”

  • billdeserthills

    Good idea France, drive all the doctors out, that will really help

  • Mal

    These doctors and hospital authorities need to stand firm otherwise they will be punched with impunity. These people are exploiters.

  • msdlmoore

    Those who choose to ignore history are sure to repeat it

  • Joe Blow

    Let them croak, they should go to a vet instead

  • Bruce Atchison

    French doctors need to learn marshal arts or have a huge boxer present. Their wimpy government isn’t doing diddley squat about the safety of the French people. But then the whiny Muslims would sue those doctors and plunder more kuffar treasure. It’s time for a grass roots rebellion against Islam and the dopey liberals who enable it to inflict violence on innocent citizens.

  • Bless his heart

    Every Muslim is an invader come to conquer. that is Sharia Law.

    Throw out any elected official who supports Muslims.
    Then throw 99% of the Muslims out, or more.

    Any person who practices sharia law is an enemy of all others. They must be expelled.

    islam decided to creat their own problems in their own nations. They use the population to invade the rest of the world.

    Let Muslims take care of themselves in lands they have already conquered, and not turn the world into a Muslim Allahhole, a hellhole.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Very well— resort to self-care as much as possible. Let the Muslims get sick, refuse to treat them if that’s how they are.

    This has bizarre echoes!

  • karl59

    France needs a new hospital policy.
    Doctors get attacked, doctors give no medical treatment!

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