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FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home


FBI agents seized several hard computer drives that had been smashed from the home of former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology aide.

This aide, Pakistani-born Imran Awan, has since been trying to get the drives back, several sources told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

The news came by way of a high level congressional source.

From the Daily Caller:

The congressional source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, confirmed that the FBI has joined what Politico previously described as a Capitol Police criminal probe into “serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network” by Imran and three of his relatives, who had access to the emails and files of the more than two dozen House Democrats who employed them on a part-time basis.

Capitol Police have also seized computer equipment tied to the Florida lawmaker.

Awan’s younger brothers, Abid and Jamal, his wife, Hina Alvi, and Rao Abbas, Imran’s best friend, are also under investigation. There have been no arrests in the case.

There is also evidence of financial schemes that extend beyond the Capitol Police’s purview and may expand to Pakistan, where Imran spends significant portions of the year.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said in March that the Capitol Police are “getting the kind of technical assistance they need to do that. This is under an active criminal investigation, their capabilities are pretty strong but, they’re also able to go and get the kind of help they need from other sources.”

The brothers’ stepmother independently filed court documents in Virginia accusing the brothers of wiretapping and extorting her.

Soon after Imran began working for Wasserman Schultz in 2005, his two brothers and two of their wives — plus Abbas and another friend — began appearing as IT staffers on the payrolls of other House Democrats. Collectively, the Awan group has been paid $4 million since 2009.

Fellow IT staffers interviewed by TheDCNF said the Awans were often absent from weekly meetings and email exchanges. One of the fellow staffers said some of the computers the Awans managed were being used to transfer data to an off-site server.

Shortly after the criminal probe was revealed in February, Imran abruptly moved out of his longtime home on Hawkshead Drive in Lorton, Va., and listed it for rent on a website that connects landlords with military families.

One of new tenants — a Marine Corps veteran married to a female Navy Officer — said he found “wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner.”

The tenants called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and not long after, FBI agents arrived together with the Capitol Police to interview them and confiscate the equipment. The Marine spoke on condition of anonymity because of concerns for his wife’s naval career, saying she doesn’t want to be associated with a national security incident.

“It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said. “It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over.”

Wasserman Schultz stepped down from her DNC post in July 2016, shortly after it was learned the committee’s IT system had been hacked. She’s since refused to fire Awan, even after learning he was under investigation.

More, from the Daily Caller:

The Marine said Imran wanted the hard drives back so desperately that he threatened to sue the renter for stealing them.

“It was unbelievable. I don’t know where they get off thinking they’re going to sue us for items we have no obligation to hold onto,” he said.

Imran came to the house for the items “three to four times,” but the Marine wouldn’t let him enter.

“Their lawyer contacted us today via email and said we owed $350 in late charges and the items he left in the house,” the Marine said.

The Marine heard about the House investigation on the radio, and by that time, he had noticed other bizarre signs of desperation from his landlord.

“When we first moved in, a mailman came with certified mail from the House of Representatives. We were trying to be nice and signed for it. They lost their shit, saying ‘why did you sign for it, this is illegal!’ It was certified from the [Chief Administrative Officer of the House],” he said.

“The postman came a second time with a certified letter and I called Imran on the spot, asking ‘what do you want me to do.’” He said ‘just send him away, I’m homeless.’ They refused to forward their mail.”

Imran’s brother Abid has also been evasive about his location, failing to provide an accurate address for delivery of court materials in a lawsuit in which he is accused of defrauding the brothers’ stepmother. Imran’s wife, Hina, has traveled to Pakistan since the probe was revealed, according to neighbors.

Wasserman Schultz has demanded return of a laptop seized by the Capitol Police because it was purportedly used by Imran and was found hidden in a vacant office. The Florida Democrat used a Capitol Police budget hearing to threaten “consequences” for them if the laptop wasn’t returned.

On Thursday it was reported that police have not examined its contents because of the invocation of the Constitution’s “Speech and Debate clause,” and after months of refusal, her lawyer is now “negotiating” access to the data on yet-to-be-determined terms.

Members have been unusually mum about the apparent cybersecurity breach, especially given the pattern of cyberattacks on other government and political institutions.

The Marine expressed disgust with the muted reaction, saying “I served in the Marine Corps for 14 years; if I downloaded files to an offsite server, I’m going to prison for a lot of years.”

He implied he’s a Democrat but said when it comes to national security “political ideology doesn’t matter.”

He believes “there’s no way they could get this far without help” from some of the Democratic members of Congress for whom the brothers worked. Other Democrats have ignored a major security breach because it could look like a “black eye” in that they failed to vet the Pakistanis, he said.

“He’s dangerous. This is a crime syndicate that has successfully indicated Congress,” he said.

“If Donald Trump and the Republicans had hired foreign nationals to be their top IT guys and somehow their congressional files had been compromised, this would have been all over the news,” he continued.

A Bureau spokesman said the “FBI does not have anything to provide on this and I will still have to refer you to [Capitol Police] for any public comment.”

  • Blucross

    No arrest will be made on the big fish BECAUSE they in the club, and we ain’t.
    So gnash your teeth because that’s all you gettin when it comes to Justice.

    • victoryman

      The Obama-ites are still functioning in the Just-us department. Mr. Sessions….Clean house, ASAP.

  • Deon Joubert

    You only need to look at the south African Gupta / Zuma state capture saga , you have been infiltrated at top excutive level by these Muslim pakistani’s…bet you $1…this is just the tip of the ice berg…Qatar sanctions and HRC millions..there are some folks that want there money back…

    • Suresh

      Agree. Don’t we have Law against those who destroy evidence to be thrown in jail ?

      Most politicians are corrupt but Dems are worse as they sell the country’s security interest as long as they are paid few 10’s of thousands like they did in passing the Iran nuke deal

      They were paid by Iranian Lobbyists !

      • felix1999

        Yes, it used to be a crime to destroy evidence and you didn’t have to “negotiate” for it either.

      • PaulSevere

        The Clintons have been paid millions by the Communist Chinese military for several election cycles. It was on the cover of _Newsweek_ in 1996. Bribes extended to the DNC in 1998. Continued with Hillary’s Senate run in 2000. All a matter of public record. The DNC was forced to repay their bribes. But the MSM has long since stopped reporting on that.

  • Suresh

    Don’t we have Law against those who destroy evidence to be thrown in
    jail ?

    Most politicians are corrupt but Dems are worse as they sell the country’s security interest as long as they are paid few 10’s of thousands like they did in passing the Iran nuke deal

  • starmannate

    Don’t worry…….The FBI will finish destroying any evidence of crimes by Democrats…….

    • victoryman

      …….And the silence from the media is deafening. Ditto on Bernie Sander’s corrupt wife. I guess, like all good socialists, they are hiding out at their THIRD home recently purchased for a mere 600K……and all on a Senator’s salary. Must’ve saved lots on nickels and dimes brown bagging lunch?

      • freepetta

        It’s like world’s best kept secret is outrageous Democratic corruption. All those weak whining RINOS who side with the corrupt Dems are going to lose to primaries!

        • victoryman

          You are right on target.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    democrats, too big for jail.

  • Evil Liberal

    Russian hacking? Please. These guys would have gotten access to the DNC servers through Debbie WaWa.

  • Suresh

    dems are crooks.

  • Pray Hard

    It’s amazing what can be gleaned by digital forensics experts from a “smashed” hard drive. But, the Federal Bureau of Islamization is probably still complicit.

  • Christian Gains

    Just more CONCRETE EVIDENCE that Shultz is a CON-ARTIST! She’s PURELY CRIMINAL, (just as her mentor Hell-R-eeee!)…The ENTIRE DemonRATS cult needs CLEANING OUT! OUT of the District of “Dimwitted, Criminal, Corrupt, Communists”! AND! HOPEFULLY! OUT of the POLITICAL BUSINESS!!!

  • jobird

    Not just a swamp but a quagmire of human filth.I worry about the country I grew up in and what will be left for my grandchildren and great grand children.Please God help America rid it’s self of these evil doers.

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    I’m shocked to hear that a Russian employee of the RNC tries to get his smashed hard drives back from the FBI and hardly any news outlet is reporting on it.

    Oh my bad.

    It is a Muslim employee of the DNC. Sorry!

    • felix1999

      Muslims rule over Russians.

  • Jackie

    Hillary hired this Muzzie spook and his whole scummy family to SELL a SAP (Special Access Program) to the highest bidder. That’s what his tech experience was -treason.

  • felix1999

    “One of the fellow staffers said some of the computers the Awans managed were being used to transfer data to an off-site server.”

    So familiar!

  • felix1999

    That is EVIDENCE!
    There is on “negotiation” for evidence.
    It will come out in discovery anyway.

    On Thursday it was reported that police have not examined its contents because of the invocation of the Constitution’s “Speech and Debate clause,” and after months of refusal, her lawyer is now “negotiating” access to the data on yet-to-be-determined terms.

  • felix1999

    Imran came to the house for the items “three to four times,” but the Marine wouldn’t let him enter.

    Good thing he didn’t let him in. He might be dead. This guy has lots to hide and desperate.

  • felix1999

    Wake UP Jeff Sessions!
    You need to get past operating in SWAMP MODE or
    RESIGN. You are NOT aggressive and time is a wasting.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Tom Foolery
  • Public_Citizen

    How long before we have another report of Arkancide?

  • Alleged Comment

    WHAT is that stupid lady doing up there? Did Demoncraps really put this DELUDED lady in? She even LOOKS RETARDED! But looks like she committed a crime by smashing her hard drive up and that should mean an IMMEDIATE ARREST.

    How come they never arrest your pollyticians? You and I would be ARRESTED on the spot. And why do they get different healthcare then we do???

    Who the UCK do they think they are?

  • Steve

    The democrats have been having “adulterous” affairs with the muslims it seems for a long time now. Its probably one of the reasons hillary was as unnerved. What’s interesting now is the resurfacing about pedophile activity in the government and the news about comey and many others being brought up though not at the level of mainstream. Who knows how dirty the deeds and how deep the government really is.

  • John

    I am still waiting for the media to follow up on a story. Comey testified that in August he requested the server from the DNC to investigate the hack. Donna Brazille, head of the DNC after Wasserman Shultz “resigned”, publicly confirmed that the FBI made the request. Wasserman Shultz said that it never happened. So someone is not telling the truth. Where are you Breitbart ? It is obvious this and other revelations from Comey’s testimony, see Loretta Lynch, are being swept away in the 24 hour news cycle on purpose. If this occurred in August with the RNC, it would still be leading the evening news. The status of the above, and the status of testimony from Lynch,Susan Rice, and Wasserman Shultz should be followed up on a daily basis in the conservative media. This and other examples of corruption and illegality in the democratic party always seem to get dropped and then lost. Whats up with that?

    • PaulSevere

      The DNC refused to cooperate with the FBI, refused to hand over the server. Instead, they hired their own security company Crowdstrike to investigate and report. The “Russia hacking” story started immediately from the Clinton campaign as soon as the WikiLeaks were announced, and Crowdstrike gave legs to that narrative from their report on the server. Now the DNC server has just been handed over to the FBI by a company called Platte River, hired by the DNC to store and secure it. They say it never was a secure server, and never had any national security oversight.

      • John

        Crowdstrike is funded by George Soros through various cutouts along the way to hide the connection.

  • Sage Nighthawk

    Wasserman-Schultz is an American TRAITOR that needs to be in a Military prison!

  • JeromefromLayton

    Will the FBI recover data from the drives or continue the cover up? Unless those platters were actually destroyed (like torched), they may still have recoverable information on them. They could also be decoys; keep your eyes open FBI folks. Now, the real question: What in the world does Debbie (does Daytona) Washerwoman Shultz (I know nothing) have that is worth looking at???

  • Kathy Brown, Esq.

    “A Marine”, eh?

    Only one of those would have stood off the muzzrat “demanding” entry into somebody else’s domicile; then threatening a lawsuit because the new occupant didn’t safeguard abandoned items. Seriously?

    Newsflash muzzrat: This ain’t Sharia law. Yet. And you drew the short straw when the guy who opened the door to your demanding a_s was a member of the Corps. You know: Semper Fi?

  • freepetta

    Every and I mean every person responsible for this MAJOR BREACH needs to be fully investigated and indicted immediately!

    Can u imagine if that RINO Paul Ryan hired these Pakistani or similar IT people how the FAKE NEWS would have covered it for months and months?

    Thank God we have patriots like this anonymous Marine who deserves gratitude from the American people.

    These criminals and all their enablers need to be in jail for this outrageous BREACH!! That absolutely includes that corrupt Debbie W. Schultz and all the DEMOCRATIC help she had in continuing to conceal this BREACH of our government.

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