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[ October 21, 2017 ]

British politicians OUTRAGED, accuse Trump of peddling “fake news’ after Trump points to“radical Islamic terror”...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Hizballah militants entered Germany among refugees

[ October 21, 2017 ]

South Dakota: Muslim who brandished guns at Christian event gets 7 months prison with served...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Daily Mail blames “Islamophobic” Pamela Geller for jihad plot to behead her over “offensive” free...

[ October 20, 2017 ]

CAIR’s Latest Propaganda Project: “Muslim Media”

[ October 20, 2017 ]

Why don’t you on an open thread

[ October 20, 2017 ]

Prominent Muslim propagandist Tariq Ramadan accused of rape

[ October 20, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: My take on Larry David’s fatwa

[ October 20, 2017 ]

UK: Outrage as Trump notes rise in crime amid spread of “Radical Islamic terror”

[ October 20, 2017 ]

UK: Anti-terror watchdog wants ‘naive’ young jihadis to not be prosecuted on their return from...

VIDEO: Pamela Geller Facebook LIVE on Facebook bans, jihad in Israel and Minneapolis Muslim Cop


In light of what’s happened in Israel, the crushing war on islamorealism speech, goosestepping sharia enforcers, and more, I took to Facebook. Watch.

Two days ago, Facebook blocked me from posting articles and links to my website on my profile page and the groups I admin and belong to. It had already blocked the feed from my one million followers. Google ads banned my site dangerous and derogatory. No google ad revenue. Google search has scrubbed my site – over 40K posts, 14 years of hard work, every single day, scrubbed from the interweb search engine. They never happened. YouTube has removed monetization from my videos and Twitter has shadow-banned my accounts. Meanwhile, the costs required to run the site are increasing: cyber security, IT services, bandwidth and a talented webmaster — costly necessities to keep Geller Report up to date and running. Not to mention the security costs attached to doing this anti-jihad work.

Fake news must be exposed. Jihad news must be reported. We must fight.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Suresh

    Did you know Like facebook , twitter, even Google has joined Islamofascist gang

    To censor conservative and Anti-jihadi news to push the islamisation agenda of the Left/Liberal/jihadis funded by saudi/qataris

  • Randy Zubeck

    We as all of North America need to stand together to Stop This Muslim Take Over. I have seen actual videos made by Muslims stating that they are going to take over north America & the rest of the world. Please Take Some Time & Check It Out Yourselves, check the news that’s coming out of Europe. They are having Riots & massive amounts of Raping the very young to older ladies, they don’t care. To them we are animals lower than pigs & snakes, I have watched a few videos of Muslims teaching in their churches & it’s sickening what they Teach Their Children. So You Had Better Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!!!

  • sportyone

    Zuckerberg is a disgusting lowlife. He with his facebook enforcers & the Google outfit are not worthy of the freedoms many died for so that they can exercise their liberties- one of those liberties being to excise ours from their websites. Fourteen years of putting the truth out there for us and these barbarians scuttle it all! You’ve had unlimited access to my twitter page to post all of your articles and I’ve put those articles on to my Facebook page and disseminated through various facebook groups in Australia who have an aversion for Islam and the Leftist idealogue. When the ship finally rights itself and telling the truth from the rooftops once again becomes the norm the brains of Zuckerberg and those other panderers to trash will be examined to see what flaw in nature drove them to ignore all of the warning signs and nearly drove us all to extinction at the hands of Muslim savages. I received a notification from facebook today banning me for 30 days. It’s the fourth time and the last lot of 30 days (like the preceding lot) ended up being more like 60 days. There would be so many people who have been partially or totally banned from Facebook and here would be a ready market for a parallel social media site that would end up knocking facebook to the shite house. A censorship free social media site where your posts will be allowed to stand without prejudice from the operators. Any creepy stuff would find the trash bin via the sanity of other users. It would become self-levelling.

    • Must let President Trump know. As there will no end to Censorship.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      HAVE MULTIPLE FB ACCOUNTS!! That’s what some who get put in jail do and they are still able to function until a better system takes place. Some are building a block-chain technology system that can’t be stifled, as the market place responds to this need. But for now, do what you got to do.

    • John Carson

      I got an account on ;)
      It is Free Speech friendly ;)
      I’m looking forward to my 4th ban on Facebook myself :)
      Should be any day now!!!

      Keep enlightening the populace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It is all I want to do,I never call for violence,folks will decide if that is needed on their own;)

      • sportyone

        Thanks John, I’ll check out Zuckerberg needs to be toppled off his pedestal and be financially unsustainable with advertisers finding that the ppl with financial means have departed FB and only the flea infested socialist dregs are left

        • crv547fv

 is undoubtedly the BEST platform for free speech at the moment. Definitely and very strongly recommended for everyone.

      • Dawnjsmith

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    • Trump can’t ban islam

      Zuckerberg is a genius. He is in the right side of history. An islamic era and islamic capitalism is coming upon the world. Every country in the world can trade if they don’t criticize mohammad and islam. It’s necessary coexistance. Islamophobic people will be prosecuted in their country

      • santashandler

        GFY with that sh*t

      • sportyone

        You’d be the kind of ingratiating slime who’d trade their grandma for a bushel of flour. A classic Benedict Arnold. Zuckerberg inhabits the same snake pit as you- morally bankrupt but politically adept. Islam doesn’t have to dominate our world. It’s being used by lunatic socialists as a battering ram to hasten the demise of Christianity, whose moral code has underpinned our laws and customs for nearly two millennia. It’s the laws which have enabled you the freedom of conscience to be able to post here. The socialists want to change all of that- they want a society where you’re told what you can & what you can’t do and say. They have a stranglehold on educational institutions and the media, so while they’re brainwashing our children they’re contriving the news to make people like Donald Trump & anyone in politics with integrity to look stupid. And if the day comes when muslims, thanks to the socialists, are calling the shots in our local communities, then you’d better also sell your soul to the devil and convert to their hideous Islam, or you’ll have your head removed. Judging from your rat-like post I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for you to be swayed on pain of death to do anything. You’re representative of the inwardly hollow materialistic millennial transients with the backbone of a jellyfish wilting at the thought of standing up for what is right and honourable. You’re just dog food.

      • Godzilla17

        Islam is not a religion. It is no better than a political ideology. How can you pray five times a day and then go out and chop off somebody’s head or hand, discriminate against women, agree with forced or child marriage and honour killings. Weird religion.

      • valeryane

        If this did happen you can be SURE that as soon as the Socialists, Communists no longer have a need for Islam they will be dispensed with.

      • BooBooBaby

        NOPE!! Muslimes are being taken down….especially for their Christian-phobia, Jew-phobia, Hindu-phobia, and etc….

        It will and is Not going to go well for these Violent Lying Lunatic Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob Welfare Leeching Mooching Scumbag Hypocrite Unhinged Uneducated Jealous Sinful Hateful Muslims!!

    • TXranger55

      I’ve been banned a few times myself, even though in reality I didn’t violate any terms. Gets very tiresome how Nazi-like FB is.

    • solange9

      Suckerberg, a disgrace to Jews and humans everywhere.

  • Dan Knight

    Well … truth is dangerous. If we had truth pushed 24/7 on everyone of the drones’ media outlets, the world would change in about 24 hours.

    • Dan Knight

      Noor shoots Damond … i.e. An actual cop shooting that fits the whole cops shooting unarmed citizens meme, and suddenly they go all Ministry of Truth … Sharia Compliance …

      Oh, wait … a Muslim, black cop shoots a woman in her pajamas, and it’s not the story they want.

      • Dan Knight

        In the end we win. And we go to Heaven. …

        We fight to reduce the number of lives lost, destroyed, and ruined. …

        Keep up the good fight.

  • bikerken

    Well, I can certainly sympathize with Pam. She’s being iced out because what she says so offends the globalist/muslim cabal that is quickly becoming a world power. I don’t facebook, tweet or Instagram or any other social media. We are most definitely in a war for our own survival so I will do what I can to help.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Neither do I.

  • J Ian

    Noor, is clearly not qualified to be a police officer. But, it’s not only Noor. The new generation is incompetent. Not a racist statement to say that a blond woman, in pajama’s, who called 911, is not a threat. If officer’s are really that stupid, to be unable to determine a threat, then we have a serious problem.

    And ? the officers drove up with lights off, vest cameras off, patrol car cameras OFF. This is very suspicious at best.
    Then, the woman approaches the car, and the police knew dam well, that the call to 911 came from a woman.
    And Noor’s decision is to shoot her from the passenger side of the car? Why? Answer is simple: Noor is a retard.
    Unqualified to hold any position higher than janitor at McDonalds.

    Him being Muslim, means nothing. Him being from Somalia means EVERYTHING. When you come from an Islamic / terrorist police state, you should never be allowed to be a police officer in this country

    • saftalily

      Janitors are hard working folks, doing their best while doing a necessary service and provide funds so their children will have a better life. It is Nazi-Islam

      • J Ian

        If someone is a Janitor, it does not automatically mean they are “Noble of Character”- and certainly, the qualifications to be a Janitor are much lower than being a Police Officer.

        Noor, being a muslim, might have effected is his decision to pull the trigger. But, it is obvious he is not qualified to be a police officer

        • spfg

          This action by this Muslim cop deserves jail time. This was intentional and a knee jerk reaction without any consideration of the value of life which is what Islam teaches. He does not have the common sense of when to shoot and not to shoot…This action was nothing short of outright cold blooded murder by someone with a badge…

          • Elliott Gold

            Noor was the person who was doing the raping, which is why it took so long for the response by officers, and why she was killed.

          • J Ian

            Interesting theory.

    • santashandler

      We DO have a serious problem. I’m not giving that Noor officer any credit but, I don’t think he’s a retard. I think he’s incredibly evil and crafty. After all, he was able to fool the entire top brass of the Minnapolis PD and the mayor.

      • spfg

        I do not believe he fooled anyone other than givin the red carpet because he was an immigrant and given special treatment to become a member of the Minneapolis PD. He was simply being used for political gain by the mayor to enhance her own career at the expense of the general public even more so Damond. This cop from what is known clearly possessed Islamic prejudices and considered Damond to living a life and displaying herself in a way threat violates Islamic or Sharia law. Did they teach him the rights of citizens in this country? It is doubtful shown by his extreme and unstable and unpredictible behavior…

    • Howard Hyman

      The muzzrat DID NOT turn off is Body camera, as an accident. The LESBIAN Minn Police chief is part of the plot. The Mayor of Minn is a LEftie graduate of a Leftist college in SOCIALOGY.


    • Goldfinger

      There is NOTHING suspicious about a police unit driving up with lights off. Commonly done on certain calls to not alert the suspects.

  • Ragnheidur

    Heard that Soros bought part of Google. FB has been weird .

  • Jeff Moffitt

    Screw Suckerberg!

  • Censorship

    Pamela Geller who tells the truth about Islam has been banned from Facebook and Google and so have Christian groups who post information of their Genocide in the Middle East. You might be next.

    If you don’t do something about this Islam will take over America despite all your efforts to stop it.

  • Oldsailor65

    There goes freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

  • felix1999

    Can’t this be challenged in court?
    Jihadists use the web, Facebook, Twitter all the time without trouble.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Is there any GOOD alternative to FaceBook, Twitter or Google?

    • santashandler

      Snail mail.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Not good. Far too slow.

        • santashandler

          Right but, at least nobody can shut you down, like on FB

  • Sunshine Kid

    I do not use FaceBook for the very reason of their snowflake sensitivity and demands to invade privacy. I wish to use my name “Sunshine Kid”, and FaceBook had the audacity to DEMAND a birth certificate or government document proving that was my name. I said then and I say now, I will NOT be on FaceBook.

  • Sunshine Kid

    send these articles out by email, as I don’t deal with “social media”

  • santashandler

    It’s as if all those ‘wonderful’ companies all got together in a board room and made the decision over halal bread and lamb to go to war on the truth and those who tell it.

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    Not one muslim should ever be outside of islamic nations. It’s political and physical suicide…not all commit acts of war but their belief system is universally dangerous to all people. Zero tolerance for islam needs to be implemented, not bogus UN laws making them a “protected group”. Heck, get rid of the UN. They are ruining the whole planet. Bunch of fascist dictators destroying democracy and all freedoms outside their “pet projects”. It’s too danged expensive at this rate to be any part of that crazy organization anymore.

  • There’s no audio, Pam.

    • DaveM12

      Undo the mute, right click.

  • pdxnag

    Candidate Zuckerberg is showing his contempt for free speech against the most evil ideology on the planet and illustrating how his administration will defy the First Amendment to silence opposition.

  • Howard Hyman

    THIS IS WHY Hussein O’muslim, the fascist, INSISTED ON MAKING “alliances” with these Cyber FASCISTS—-to shut us up and advance the DEATH CULTURE that is islam!! Also to attack Good Jews, Christians, Israel, and real Americans!!

    Thnak G-d that he gave us resident Trump. Hildebeest would have been CORRUPTOCRAP O’muslim Version 2.0

    • Howard Hyman

      Schmuckerberg is such a “WONDERFUL” and observant Jew, that he married a goy!


  • Howard Hyman

    I have been banned many times from FAKE-BOOK (Feces Book).It is a sign of honor.

    Pick on muzzrats and get tossed off FAKE BOOK.. Pick on Jews—even EXTREMELY, and Feces Book does NOTHING. Zuck is worse than a self-hating Jew. He even married a Goy!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Video unavailable.” How surprising! Gee, It’s almost as if someone doesn’t want me to watch it!

  • Pantalones

    Pamela is mucho sexy when she’s mad…👄

    Hey everyone let’s make some signs and let’s go to the Muslim neighborhoods and shout ”
    “Stop Chopping Our Heads Off!!!”

  • John Nosser

    I received no audio with the video. So I couldn’t hear what Pamela was saying. I don’t know why. Wasn’t it posted on her website?

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