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European Court Rules EU Migrants Entitled to Tax-Paid Benefits


The European Court of Justice just ruled that non-EU nationals are just as entitled to receive social security benefits — paid by the taxpayer — as citizens, and that member nations can’t bar migrants from tapping into the money.

The court’s ruling focused on Italy. But its decision will reverberate throughout the European Union.

European Court of Justice, ECJ
The European Court of Justice has just ruled that non-European Union nationals can indeed tap into taxpayer-funded social security benefits — same as EU citizens.

In a statement, the court ruled: “A national on a non-EU country holding a single work permit in a member state enjoys, as a general rule, the social security benefits provided for nationals of that state.”

The Express gives specifics:

The court ruling initially was for the case of non-European Union citizen Kerly Del Rosario Martinez Silva, who was working in Italy with a permit but was not able to claim a benefit provided to households with incomes below a certain threshold and with more than three children.

The ECJ said that a single work permit entitled non-EU nationals to equal treatment and so national law could not exclude them from social security benefits.
In 2014, the mother’s claim was refused when she applied for a benefit provided by Italian law for households with at least three young children and with an income below a certain limit.

However, the ECJ has concluded that the benefit claimed by Mrs Martinez Silva is a social security benefit and should be allowed.

Prepare for the floodgates.

The ruling comes as President Donald Trump has pressed for a return to emphasis of an existing U.S. law that bars any individual entering America’s borders from tapping into taxpayer entitlements for a period of five years.

Trump’s been vilified by the left for pressing such a policy. But at least with Trump at the helm, America’s taxpayer won’t face what the European Union is demanding.

Again, from the Express:

The court said in a statement: “Nationals of non-EU countries who have been admitted to a member state for the purpose of work in accordance with EU or national law must in particular enjoy equal treatment with nationals of that state.”

In the UK, non-EU nationals including work permit holders, spouses and civil partners during the two-year probationary period generally won’t be able to receive any benefits.

The Home Office told that the ECJ ruling surrounded a specific EU directive 2011/98/EU, which the UK did not adopt.

A spokesman said: “Therefore the UK is not bound or subject to it’s application and has no application in the UK.

“It would not be for the Home Office to comment on its impact on other EU countries.”

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  • Why not even one single link?

  • Millionmileman

    Well I imagine unemployment bennies will be top of the hit parade!

  • Tatonka

    There you go,.. ,Dhimmitude at last, sanctioned by the apollogists

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is good, the sooner western europe runs out of money through a welfare system that is unsustainable, then and only then will they maybe think about that they are doing.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Similar to my thoughts, when I saw that, I thought, quick way to bankruptcy, or something like that.

    • Michael Buley

      It will be interesting when those who work are dead (at Muslims’ hands, or if they’re lucky, a ‘natural death’), or have left the country, and all you have are Muslims who don’t believe in work, are commanded that the only ‘work’ they have is advancing Islam. And there’s no money. No products. No nothing. That’ll be a beautiful thing to see as they get back to destroying each other.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It will be a reflection of the various muslum cesspool states that infest the globe today.

    • joanofark06

      I feel the same way…let the EU be floooded!!! Then maybe they’ll smarten up! Apparently they don’t have enough migrants yet!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Nothing exceeds like excess, fill western europe with muslims, that will put them out of our misery. Have had more than enough of western europe’s snivelling and boasting.

  • Michael Buley

    So a work permit gives you the rights of citizens. I’m not sure why they’re holding back. Anybody, anywhere, citizen or not, living there or not, is entitled — ENTITLED — to the money of those who actually work for a living.

    Isn’t that the real goal? Destroy sovereign nations — very quick way to do it; give the money to anyone who wants it; toe everyone! Socialism / communism at its best. Take from those who produce; give to those who do nothing.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Europe will collapse under the burden of welfare payments.

    There are already enough native welfare claimants in Europe. To add to the burden of welfare costs by mandating that any migrant who drops in to stay is eligible for welfare payments makes the European welfare state untenable.

    This court ruling is just another nail in Europe’s coffin. We are witnessing the collapse of a once great continent.

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