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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 18, 2017 ]

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Defender of the Faith

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Verdict reached in Boston trial over plot to behead Pamela Geller

[ October 18, 2017 ]

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[ October 18, 2017 ]

New campaign on London buses and trains against “Islamophobia”

Rep. Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) Floats Revolutionary War Against Trump — Because Twitter Won’t Suspend POTUS


Congressmenman Hakim Muahmmad (or as the deceiving media likes to call him) is the face of the Democrats, party of treason.

Muhammad nee Ellison, a quasi co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, campaigned in 2009 for a Libya-born activist who called on Palestinians to embrace “the jihad way.” He has held Hamas rallies against the Jews, while blaming me for Islamophobia. Ellison’s trip to the hajj was paid for by a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Hakim Muhammad nee Keith Ellison:

–Supported Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam
–Says that Farrakhan “is a role model for black youth,” “is not an anti-Semite,” and “is a sincere, tireless, and uncompromising advocate of the black community and other oppressed people around the world”
–Spoke favorably of the high-profile murderers and leftist icons Mumia Abu Jamal, Assata Shakur, and Geronimo Pratt
–Former steering committee member of the National Lawyers Guild’s Minnesota chapter
–Publicly defended former Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist Kathleen Soliah

WAT? Rep. Ellison Floats Revolutionary War Against Trump — Because Twitter Won’t Suspend POTUS

Breitbart, July 27, 2017:

On Thursday’s broadcast of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” DNC Deputy Chair Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) argued that President Trump uses Twitter in a manner that is comparable to the behavior of England’s King George III.

Ellison argued that Twitter should block Trump from Twitter and that he “can’t think of anyone who’s been more abusive than Donald Trump.” He added that there should at least be a discussion about the president’s Twitter use and that if Twitter evaluates Trump’s account and concludes that he hasn’t violated any of Twitter’s terms of use, “I’d be satisfied with that.”

Ellison later argued that he generally sees Twitter “as a good thing to foster communication from your government, but I think it can be used in a very bad way. Because, what he’s doing, through his Twitter account and in other ways, is circumventing the whole system to intimidate people, to pack courts, to intimidate the press, all so that he can just sort of run everything himself. And we fought a war of independence against somebody, King George, who was trying to do that. So, this is really why I’m actually kind of concerned about his use of social media, not the fact that he uses it. That’s actually a good thing. But the way that he uses it, I think is damaging to representative democracy.”

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    It would be a good thing for twitter and face book to block the President of the United States, that would draw attention to their treasonous activities, forcing them to be broken up for sedition and as traitors to America. Good time to toss a few of their offices in jail as well.
    What would Muhammad nee Ellison and his diseased following of elderly bacha bazi boys expect to accomplish, other than giving everyone a laugh at how stupid democrats are.

    • Scott Wallace

      It would.

    • Craig

      Good firearms training for Americans.

  • taxpayer22

    Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) insisted on taking his oath with a Quran.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Which demands the overthrow of all forms of government other than shari’a.

      • Almacmccullough

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        • Mahou Shoujo

          Does it come with a passengers side douche’ bag?

        • TD

          “Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours…! ”
          Do you have to have a signed permission slip from your husband, if he’s sharia compliant?

          “On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover ”
          Can a woman sit in front?

      • Ludlow Porch

        That in itself should be Un-Constitutional!

        • John D. Horton

          The US Code already has anti-revolution and anti-sedition statutes outlawing the planning or overthrow of the US government. Unfortunately Jeff Sessions wants to spend all of his time trying to arrest you because a wild pot plant is accidentally growing in your alley.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Very sure every government. including islamic shari’a has provisions against over throw by outside influences.

    • Michael Buley

      that alone should have never been allowed, and he said directly to whom his allegiance lies. And the lies he will tell to overthrow this country.

      • TD

        “and he said directly to whom his allegiance lies.”
        Hopefully the travel ban will reduce the number of people like him moving to this country.
        Preaching Judeo-phobia, anti-westernism, and Jewish conspiracy theories. While Chuck Shumer and nancy Pelosi promote him to CO-Chair of the Democratic party.

        • Ludlow Porch

          Will Americans remember this come the mid-term elections? Probable NOT!

    • ohnofish

      Obviously the mark of a traitor to this country

    • AE3

      USING A BOOK that Condones and celebrates Pedophilia by its founder to swear in ANY Public Official is BEYOND RATIONALE!!!

  • taxpayer22

    Keith Ellison called for a separate country for black Americans . under the name Keith Hakim.

    • Beverly

      There are already separate countries for any black who wishes to live in a black only country; i.e., Somalia, Pakistan, etc.

    • Irwin Stolzenberg Dds

      Send him back to Africa and all his loyal supporters. Can you believe he is second in charge of democratic national party. The DNC should change its name to Muslim national party. This bastard worked for the monkey Louis POS Farrakahn for ten years and stated he did not know Louis was one of the worst racists in the United States.He was table to confer with obama in the white house. There is a lot of subversion and undermining going on right under noses.Send obama back to Kenya or Indonesia

    • John D. Horton

      If America is so bad, why doesn’t Ellison just move to the paradise of Africa?

    • AE3

      The quickest way to take him out, IS TO SHOW HIS SUPPORTERS why they should!!! He doesn’t represent anyone BUT HIMSELF!!!

  • Michael Buley

    they just rant, rave, use basic phrases over and over again, no substance, but they rail with fire and brimstone — and they do it because it’s effective. ignorant people — most are ignorant, by design — are incredibly easily swayed by emotion. substance is almost inconsequential. you rail, you rage, you get angry … you stomp, shout, argue, yell, attack … this is the Muslim way. It is very, very dangerous. He is very, very dangerous, and should never have been allowed to hold office in America, nor should he be in America.

    • Craig

      You are 100% correct.

      • Katrinacready

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    • Ludlow Porch

      We have the Democrats to thank for this intrusion in our peaceful way of life. Death to Islam!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    American Hamas Front-man Rep. Ellison has plenty of ‘friends’ in America !!!

    • Craig

      allah was the name of the male goat muhammad liked to rape.

    • Mahou Shoujo
      • Ludlow Porch

        Just look at all that Islamic Muslim Loving kindness all over their faces!

      • John D. Horton

        Are most of these women Pakistanis in Pakistan?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Yes, but disciplining wives is not confined to there only.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Some friends of mine used to know a Saudi guy and his mother. At some point the guy’s mother expressed an interest in divorcing his father, went back to Soddy Barbaria and never returned. When asked where his mother went the guy said his mother had died of an “aspirin overdose” back in Soddy Barbaria. Yeah, right.

  • Craig

    Anytime, muslim POS. I was (and thousands more Americans were) trained to kill anti-American scum, foreign and domestic. Kick it off, coward, kick it off.
    But, no, Ellison will rabble-rouse and some stupid welfare parasite will jump and be quickly turned to worn food.
    Ellison, just like the baby-eating hillary, the marxist rat obama and the certifiable insane Calypso Louis Farrakhan will demand others do the dirty work, while they wet their panties and hope no one sees them. Cowardice is a main theme with communist anti-American democrats.

    • TD

      Ah, Keith Ellison of Minnesota. The State with the highest ISIS recruitment rate in the US!

      • TD

        Keith is now the CO-Chair of the Democratic party.
        While Health Care reform is important, we can’t let it distract us from the real enemy which is Islamic Nationalism and open-borders.

        Trump is the only western leader it seems that has the courage to do what’s necessary.
        Who else is there?!

  • Rexxon

    Jack Dorsey realizes that having a searchable public database of Trump’s idiocy is very useful for America.

    • famouswolf

      LOL It’s not idiocy, it’s inspired. Proof is idiots like you don’t like it.

      • Rexxon

        That was deeeeeep

  • JayPee

    Hack’em Moe-He-Mad
    from the House of Representatives.
    The House has the authority to do that
    even for merely lending negative thought upon it.
    It should be exercised !
    It is CLEARLY called for !

    • Ludlow Porch

      The Demokrauts, would never approve of that! And the Republicans would never offend the Democrats!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “In three months, Twitter’s growth has remained flat, sitting at 328 million monthly active users, the company reported on Thursday as part of its quarterly earnings release.
    Even worse, the company also saw a decrease in revenue this quarter”. Twitter is for the most part useless, if anyone wants to be censored, have their comments removed and insulted by islam, then face book is far better. Originally twitter might have been a good idea, but its selling out to islam, liberal socialism and censorship has rendered it useless.

  • famouswolf

    Pretty much proof that DJT’s tweeting is highly effective and hurting the bad guys where they live, folks. Ellison doesn’t know much about the Revolution, Americans or the Freedom of Speech, does he? Seems to me that in the 1770’s old King George and his minions were the ones trying to stop free expression as they taxed the colonists…so if King Ellison wants to see the modern (wannabe) equivalent of Mad King George he should just LOOK IN A MIRROR. Dumb arse that he is.

  • Alleged Comment

    THESES Negroes are so FOOL of envy of the white man Anglo-Saxons sons of Isaac, whilst his brothers in arm, the sons of Ishmael, are driven with crazed hatred for the tribe of Judah.

    Welcome America and Israel, your enemies have returned from the grave. Now what kind of voodoo did you do?

    • John D. Horton

      End welfare after 5 years.

      80% of Africans in the USA are on welfare, both native and imported.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Ellison heaps all sorts of accolades on the muslime brotherhood but cannot bring himself to recognize the NRA as a civil rights organization. Incidentally, the Second Amendment protects all the others.

  • SteveB✅ Proud Deplorable

    He was almost elected to chair the DNC. The D’rats are evil and want to turn America into europe. Start Drafting Snowflakes it may improve the debate while their away.

    • TD

      He is now the Deputy Chair of the DNC.
      The Democratic Party: Make Iran Great Again!

    • Ludlow Porch

      The Democrats may want to turn the U.S. into Europe, but me and S&W, Colt, Ruger, Remington and my BAR’s know that that is not going to happen, without Muslim blood being bumper deep on them Toyota pickups, on mainstreet!

  • Robert Batchelor

    Hey, Ellison, there’s nothing stopping you from using Twitter. Maybe what the real issue is—people don’t want to read or hear what you have to say.

  • brian crawford

    another crazy nigga

  • Roodog

    Go ahead and revolt:
    You and you alone will put a target on every Muslim in this country.

  • Ludlow Porch

    Ellison, You are a Camel’s prick. You and your Muslim brothers are in for a Big Surprise! If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Now if you are the least bit curious, I suggest you keep a vigil over those that you so appreciate and revere.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Ellison is a muslim pig, whelped from a swine and worse than that he’s an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. My question is why would anyone vote for this pig?

  • ValH

    This fool had best be careful that he isn’t put on the block for full on Sedition and Treason.

  • John D. Horton

    Would Jeff Session please enforce the anti-sedition and anti-revolution laws which are on the books already?

  • Susan P

    Has every voter in the state of Minnesota lost their minds?

  • Ellison is a Pig of Islam and needs to be jerked from Congress! Islam is a Syphilis of the Soul and Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan, thus, all the atrocities and perversions within that sick Cult of Death! Liberalism is another Syphilis of the Soul and both are bound for the bowels of Hell, where their Allah/Satan awaits all his pet Pigs of Islam and Sinners! Ellison should be arrested and put on trial for treason, along with the entire godless Democratic Party and all RINO SOB’s like McCain, Graham, Murkowski, McConnell, Paul Ryan, and many, many more! They are Domestic Enemies of our Nation and need to be taken down hard and permanently!

  • Merchantseamen

    “representative democracy” he says. He needs to go and learn his history “Representative Republic” you dip wad.

  • MollyPitcher28

    Keith Ellison, the man who took his oath of office on the quran, is a subversive and MUST be removed from political office immediately! His loyalty is not with the Constitution but, with the teachings of the quaran and his objective is for sharia to be the law of our land. This makes him a traitor and not an individual who should hold ANY political office.
    AG Sessions needs to do a thorough investigation on Mr. Ellison immediately.

  • Meg

    I thought it was a crime for a congressman to accept gifts. So why has a paid trip to hajj by the brotherhood not been brought before congress?

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