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CNN Caught Hiring Al-Qaeda Propagandist Bilal Abdul Kareem to Cover Syria


CNN, already facing fire for skewed coverage of President Donald Trump and Russia — skewed coverage that led to the resignation of three of its news staffers — is now embroiled in a new biased media accusation.

This one?

It involves the contracted man CNN hired to help with the network’s Syrian coverage. Turns out, this individual, named Bilal Abdul Kareem, is a propagandist for al-Qaeda.

No joke.

Here’s the news, from the Political Insider:

As if things couldn’t get any worse for their image, would you believe CNN actually contracted an al-Qaeda propagandist to assist with their reporting? I can’t say I find it surprising, though what I do find surprising is that they thought they could get away with trying to cover up their tracks on this one, rather than acknowledging their mistake.

According to Salon, the news outlet hired al-Qaeda media correspondent Bilal Abdul Kareem to help CNN host Clarissa Ward as she navigated the treacherous towns and villages while filming Undercover in Syria.
In the documentary, Ward visits areas of eastern Syria currently under the control of al-Nusra, a group claiming to be the official representative of al-Qaeda in the region. According to Saudi Arabian news outlets, Abdul Kareem officially joined the terror network in 2012; years before the CNN documentary.

Speaking with reporters on June 16, Kareem vented his frustrations over the production, saying he was intentionally omitted from the film’s credits over his alleged connections with al-Nusra.

“This Undercover in Syria, you can Google it. It won the prestigious Peabody Award, and it won the prestigious Overseas Press Club Award, which are basically the highest awards in journalism for international reporting,” said Kareem. “Now, [CNN] barely mentioned my name. I’m telling you, somehow CNN must have forgotten that I was the one that filmed it, I guess they forgot that.”

Abul Kareem denies any connection with the terror organization, saying on social media, “I am not, nor have I ever been, nor do I need to be a part of al-Qaeda. I don’t have any need for that.”

Syrian rebels tell a different story, saying Kareem is the man behind a series of YouTube videos promoting al-Nusra and other terror organizations operating in Syria.

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  • Jan Morrissy

    CNN was not ready for Trump to win. They were in their happy-go-lucky, ‘Obama-to-Hillary’-mode of reportage. That guy who runs it (Zucker?) has no hard news experience (reality tv experience-look it up) and this is why they are floundering. This guy only looks at ratings as a guide.
    After 9/11, I watched CNN religiously. It was the first button I pushed to see what was going on in the world. It was the best and still produces great stories and coverage of middle east affairs and…anything not Trumpish. Now I can’t see how anyone can trust them for coverage on any issue. In many people’s books, it has become no more credible than the Weekly World News, or worse.

    • jewdog

      CNN uses the techniques of Goebbels. Zucker looks like Don Rickles’ son.

  • Mahou Shoujo To start with. cnn has the reputation of being liars at best, censors, bullies and phoneys as well. So, to have muslims reporting is not a surprise as islam’s foundation is lies, it is a fact of life that muslims lie very frequently, if not always, islam has categorized lies into six specific forms to facilitate their use by muslims.

    • Suresh

      This should not surprise anyone who knows these MSM are run by Left/liberal Pro -Islam corrupt Propaganda artists not real journalistic morals.

      They are either funded(muslims holding stake in their company) or paid Millions to shill for Islam and run down/smear those who oppose Islam.

      Like facebook , twitter, even Google has joined Islamofascist gang

      To censor conservative and Anti-jihadi news to push the islamisation agenda of the Left/Liberal/jihadis funded by saudi/qataris.

    • mztore

      There is no red face about it….they don’t care cause nobody in the group that still watches them will be told. They just keep on keeping on. Hope they leave soon. We need a better network to follow. I haven’t watched cnn for 13 years now.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The same brain dead people who mindlessly sit in front of the tv, will watch and believe anything, it is up to the rest of the country to counteract the brain dead culture that has developed.

        • AlgorithmicAnalyst

          That’s true, TV has made people brain dead. People used to interact with each other, before the TV age, since they had little else to entertain themselves with. Interaction made them smarter, TV made them dumber.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is a quiz somewhere on one of these sites about identifying tv series from still pictures. Not surprisingly I got an incredibly low score, but others could identify all of them.

  • peakpower

    Doesn’t have a CNN is ISIS contest? Maybe CNN needs the infowar contest money and are coming clean that they’ve been ISIS all along.

  • Nefarious420

    Wow, renowned antisemite and Israel Basher Max Blumenthal thinks CNN is shameless, LOL

  • justmewhoelse12

    Pamela Geller – you are an American Patriot (heck of a journalist)- and I thank you for what you do – and so many Americans I know join me in thanks.

    • WM1

      Pray for her, as I do daily. Do not take her for granted.

      • justmewhoelse12

        Yes I so. Pamela Geller – an extraordinary women.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    All is Fubar

  • burgansbar

    CNN is clearly mismanaged. Cannot take seriously any story telling they produce

  • felix1999

    I’d believe Syrian rebels over this Muslim any day. CNN purposely hid his name to fool viewers and not alert others.

  • kevin soares

    hopefully they bring fgm to the west soon.

  • Drew the Infidel

    What do you want to bet that CNN finds some pretty rough sledding before the FCC when their broadcast license next comes up for renewal. After all, there is no denying their incompetence and partisan willful distortion of the facts.

  • Felix Quigley


    The woman and Goldstone were offering information about Hillary Clinton. This is the done thing in every election in the world, in every state of America, in Ireland I know for a fact, in the UK etcetera. without fail. The Trump team had to follow it up. It is the done thing in elections everywhere. It is called vital information.

    The Trumps then acted totally nobly. They saw these two characters were false. They saw this within minutes. Politely ended the meeting and that was that. Note no made up stories as the Media like the BBC does all the time.

    The attacks on the Trumps are basically a repeat of McCarthyism and ordinary people see this and are fed up with it.
    (Kika and Joe this is Fascism in the making and is repeat of McCarthyism in America)

  • Pantalones

    Torture him with same sex kisses ?!

  • Rob Porter

    As someone who daily turns to CNN just see what line of garbage they’re selling that day, it’s evident that CNN has the base instincts of pure scum – with vacant-eyed Wilf Blitzer their leading light. I actually send them disparaging comments, none to subtly referring to Jim Schuito and Jim Schitto, and ridiculing the disgusting Jim Acosta as fake news specialist and both the fools, Alisyn Camerota and Chris Quomo, fit for some junk tabloid. What a disgusting show CNN has become, obsessed with a Trump Russia connection and no ‘news’ too insignificant to exaggerate through their bevvy of conceited ass young women who think that their backsides radiate sunlight.

  • freedomfrind

    Please get this article to BREITBART and DRUDGE so CNN will be exposed and have to fire this guy.

  • dad1927
  • Bruce Atchison

    I wish I was a cartoonist. I’d draw a fox with a CNN T shirt on in a yard filled with chickens. I’m sure we will get nothing from this fox but Islamic propaganda. Taqia is allowed because it furthers Islam. That’s one reason I slam Islam.

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